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Founder Chairman Mediitem.com

Dr. Shaokat Ali is the Pioneer of Modern Homeopathy. He started his clinical practice in 2011 in Dhaka. Dr. Shaokat Ali is the Founder and Chairman of Mediitem.com, He has devoted his existence to the unfolding of homeopathy and consciousness of the same. He has created this curative line of treatment. Dr. Shaokat ali has been practicing for the last 12+ years, treating diseases like Gynecology and Obstetrics, Child Health, Cancer, Liver Cirrhosis, Heart disease, Rheumatic arthritis, Diabetes, Skin Diseases, Neurological disorders,  Asthma, Gout, Gastroenterology, Blood disorders, General Weakness, Hair problems, and many more.

About Us Health Website

About us, Welcome to the health-related website, I hope you are healthy and this website will help you a lot to stay healthy or learn business issues and you will find all the information about medicine here.

Our Vision:
To generate the cognizance of Homeopathy in every human being in this world. To be diagnosed as pioneers in the Homeopathy device and furnish lifesaving remedies to the needy.

Our Mission
To elevate hope of existence in sufferers discouraged from utilizing the diseased condition.
To improve the belief of human beings in Homeopathy.
To attain every nook of the world with Homeopathy and deal with the needy patients.