Main belladonna 30 homeopathy uses Fever, Headache, which is essential in our First Aid Kit since it is one of the most used remedies for acute situations, whether it is otitis media, sore throat, sunstroke, or simply an episode of fever. It is also a great anti-inflammatory.

Nonsensical symptoms: Speaks incoherently, unintelligible, or obscene, or speaks too quickly or too loudly or jumps from one topic to another quickly, insults, and, because of the fear she has of his hallucinations, he wants to run away, or jumps out of the window or out of bed, or else hides.

Violent, raging, wild, manic delirium, usually accompanied by hallucinations and other mental symptoms. with a red face, hot head, mydriasis, bloodshot eyes, wild look, intense throbbing in the carotids, and general congestion, worse at night, during chill and fever, during seizures, with drowsiness or insomnia; sleeping or falling asleep.

Horrible delirium, which frightens him, murmuring, noisy, paroxysmal, loquacious or anxious, happy, with laughter; he laughs loudly and sardonically, spasmodically. Rage or violent, convulsive fury, which is renewed by touching it or seeing the water, with terrible and increased force, worse in the evening and at night; pulls the hair of those who are nearby or pulls his hair; he does not recognize his relatives, spits in the face, bites (even the spoon and, above all, in children). grinds teeth, barks or growls like a dog, kicks, wants to undress in delirium; hits imaginary objects, himself, his belly, his face, his head against the wall, pulls, tears, destroy their clothes and bed, shouts, sings (alternating with growls), whistles, dances (sometimes like a savage).

Fever symptoms for belladonna 30 homeopathy uses

Such as a pounding headache, The fever usually begins after 8 in the afternoon, with a very red face, which is aggravated by movement. there may be sweat on the head but the feet stay cool. spasms, convulsions, etc, and especially pain, appear and disappear abruptly. It is one of the most painful remedies, and its pains are usually pounding, throbbing, burning, cutting, stabbing, pressing, scraping, stabbing, or tearing, aggravated by shaking, movement, coughing, and light. touch and cold. They come in short, paroxysmal attacks, and are accompanied by reddening of the face and eyes.

Ears:- Noises in the ears, roaring, buzzing, ringing, especially in the right ear. Otitis and earaches on the right side.

Sleep symptoms of belladonna:

is very active during sleep, and this agrees with those who maintain that the dream content is similar to that of delusional states: talks, raves, sings, cries, complains, fights, is anxious, kicks, and startles when falling asleep.

Rheumatic symptoms belladonna 30 homeopathy uses

Rheumatic pain, arthritis of osteoarthritis, and gout, when they appear suddenly. The joint is red, hot, and extremely sensitive to touch, with a sensation of tingling or numbness, in dejected, fatigued patients who remain immobile.

Mental symptoms of belladonna

  • He is afraid:- Constant of everything; upon awakening, to dogs, it is the most outstanding remedy. to animals or imaginary things at night, to the darkness, in the crowd, to ghosts, to men, to noises, the water, to the gallows, of being poisoned, to die more if he is alone, to imminent death, wants the light; to be alone Fear with a desire to escape, or jumps out of bed. Fear alternates with manic states or with serenity or anger. The fear with startles or tremors.
  • Hallucinations, mostly visual and worse at night: see horrible animals (or black, on walls, or cockroaches), cats, black dogs, insects, bulls, mice and rats, snakes, wolves, he sees ghosts, ghosts, spirits, blacks, in the dark, that scare him, sees black objects or people, he sees horrible faces, when he closes his eyes, sees horrible visions or monsters when closing his eyes and in the dark; he sees people when he closes his eyes, he sees gallows and is afraid, feel like you’re floating in the air or flying, erotic or religious hallucinations; she thinks that he is going to be assassinated, that he is being persecuted by enemies or by the police, that cut it in two, believes he stabbed a person who passed him on the street, he imagines he is dreaming when he is awake, he feels like in a dream, sees cucumbers on the bed, has visions of fire, go hell, soldiers, thinks he visits a cemetery, hear voices of people already deceased or noises.
  • Very acute senses for belladonna 30 homeopathy uses:- Great hypersensitivity, to light, too strong odors; to noise (at the slightest noise); to shiny objects (they aggravate it); To pain; in children especially, and at puberty.
  • he Complains almost constantly; can’t hold back tears; cries easily, especially during chills, fever, and sweats, and before and during coughs, or with aches or seizures. Crying in children when reprimanded. Crying aggravates it, and it is worse from comfort.
  • Makes ridiculous or violent gestures, pinches the covers; chronological movements; claps or makes rapid, involuntary movements with the hands.
  • startles when falling asleep, when waking up; when they touch it; out of fright He gets scared easily; when waking up Fright disorders.
  • Anxious restlessness that takes you out of bed or makes you go from one to another, or turn in bed; worse during headaches and fever. Anxiety worse at night during menstruation.
  • Has forebodings of death; is tired of life, suicidal, drowning, hanging, jumping from a height or out of a window, or with a knife; for pains. 
  • Tendency to sit breaking pins; still, quiet; taciturn, with an aversion to company, and poor memory, to the point of imbecility. Or he is in a hurry, especially in movements, in speaking, with loquacity, great mental clarity, and active memory. Mode of being alternating or variable. 
  • Irritable, upon waking, in the morning; worse for consolation. Capricious, stubborn, quarrelsome, resentful, distrustful. Anger, anxiety, and fright disorders. 
  • More mental aspects:- Nymphomania Religious affections; he is always praying. Remorse Puerperal madness Unconsciousness during chill and fever (stupor in children with meningitis or cerebral congestion) Timidity.

General symptoms of belladonna

  • Seizures, especially in children, with high fever, during teething; during menstruation and the puerperium; by excitement, by shiny objects or by vexation or by seeing water; worse from light and when touched; predominating on the right side or on one side only; preceded by a curious aura: as if a mouse were running through his skin; starting in the arm; with fall, sometimes backward; with paralysis. Korea. Tetanus, from wounds on the soles of the feet and fingers.
  • The sensation of internal constriction and in the orifices; band feels. Wave sensations. Post-inflammatory strictures. Bone softening.
  • Effects or sequelae of scarlet fever. Belladonna is also its main preventative, since Hahnemann, in most epidemics, through two or three daily intakes at 30a. Thus, it is also one of the most commonly indicated medications in the already manifested disease.

Belladonna 30 homeopathy uses desires and dislikes

The desire for lemonade, beer, bread, bread and butter, cold drinks, and liquid food. Aversion: to water, to hot foods, to milk (to the smell), to meat, to coffee, to fats, to acids, to beer, to soup, to vegetables.

Growth symptoms of belladonna

At 3:00 p.m. or from 3:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m.; afternoon and in the evening; at 11 p.m.; after midnight; by shaking, movements, and coughing; lying down (more on the painful side [or better]). walking fast; when starting to sleep or during sleep; by air currents, by weather changes; from cold and after cooling a part of the body or from cold applications. tendency to colds; by cold baths; by exposing yourself to the sun (heatstroke, especially by sleeping in the sun) and in summer, in spring.
Better for Belladonna 30 homeopathy uses: standing; if the hand rests on the affected site or bending that part; lying on the belly, leaning your head against something. because of the heat, Right side.

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