Best automatic robot vacuum cleaner for floor

What are robot vacuum cleaners?

Best automatic robot vacuum cleaner for floor the house as easily as possible. Hoover robot vacuums carefully and precisely clean your floors, ridding you of dust, debris, and pet hair.

The robot vacuum cleaner, equipped with advanced gyroscopic navigation technology, performs a regular and precise path over each area, easily moving around obstacles and furniture, and avoiding stairs and steps. The Hoover robot vacuum is easily programmed from your smartphone with the hOn app.

You can activate and control it wherever you are, easily organizing cleaning, and customizing programs. Thanks to its powerful lithium battery, the Hoover robot vacuum cleaner guarantees up to 120 minutes of vacuuming without breaks. However, smart solutions for your home.

Benefits of best automatic robot vacuum cleaner for floor

The tedious work of vacuuming and cleaning the home can be quite heavy for some people, especially older people who can no longer exert themselves very much at these jobs. And that’s why science always accommodates people’s needs, they think more about you than you think about them.

Having a robot vacuum cleaner at home is a feasible option to have your hands free when cleaning. Without worries. No restrictions. A deep cleaning is within reach of a click that only you can decide to give. 

The ease and simplicity are the most notable in these products that will leave you more free time to spend with your loved ones.

Given the small size of these machines and their low working noise, you will hardly notice their presence, you just have to put it to work and let it do the work. A robot vacuum cleaner is your best option, and we have left dinner served for you to make your decision.

15 Best automatic robot vacuum cleaner for floor

(1)RoboVac 15C Eufy by Anker:

RoboVac has a fairly advanced navigation system, starting with its infrared anti-collision system and anti-fall detection. It has tremendous suction power complemented by a HEPA-type filter that retains even the smallest particles.

Its protection is covered with tempered glass. It is compatible with devices like Alexa and Google Voice Assistant through an application that you can download on your cell phone. It is equipped with a 3-point cleaning system to achieve a complete cleaning of floors and carpets.

It brings with it a 0.6 L dustbin, with which it can collect more dirt and dust. It is recommended to move the cables from the floor to avoid tangles, it is also worth noting that this Eufy RoboVac only connects to 2.4 GHz frequencies.


  • Weight: 2.27 kg.
  • Dimensions: 32.49 × 32.49 × 7.24 cm.
  • Cleaning programs: 3-point cleaning.
  • Autonomy: 100 minutes.
  • Assembly Required: No
  • Wi-Fi connectivity: Yes

(2) Hertekdo Z-139 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Hertekdo vacuum cleaners always give people something to talk about, mainly because of their great quality/price ratio. The Z-139 version has a tracking sensor capable of recreating movements creating a brilliant cleaning path that can be automatically set the moment it bumps into objects in its path.

It can pick up sizable hair, dirt, and debris and works with just one button, making it extremely simple. When it bumps into something, it does it smoothly to stay safe and reprogram its path. Although it doesn’t have advanced features, it’s a great choice as the first robot vacuum cleaner.


  • *Weight: 700g.
  • *Dimensions: 23.6 × 23.6 × 7.8 cm.
  • *Cleaning programs: Automatic vacuum
  • *Autonomy: 100 minutes.
  • *Wi-Fi connectivity: No
  • *Assembly Required: No

(3) Roborock E25 Robot Vacuum And Mop: Best Wet Dry Vacuum For Pets:

With its dual functionality, this robotic vacuum will work as both a vacuum and a mop. You can choose one of these options from within the app, or both to enjoy the best of both.

Principal functions

Here we have a pretty formidable smart vacuum for those tech-infused homes. Roborock has been in the aspiration of intelligent robots for some time now. They keep getting better.

If you are a college student living in a dorm and have no time to clean, you can go for this one. It’s smart, efficient, and can be controlled by voice through Alexa.

These devices are known for their random hits. Roborocks’ algorithm ensures that the vacuum does not hit any object during cleaning.

Its sensors successfully detect carpet surfaces and immediately go into carpet mode. To achieve the best performance, this mode activates the super suction mode.


  • *Comes with dual gyroscope motion tracking sensors
  • *Incredible suction power of 2000Pa
  • *Works as a mop and vacuum.
  • *Automatically detected surface types
  • *Features App Control and Voice Begins


  • *No room mapping

Best Wet Dry Vacuum robot vacuum cleaner

(4) Wet Dry Vacuum For Tile Floors: Eufy L70 Hybrid Robot Vacuum Mop Combo:

The laser navigation system of this device will make you fall in love. It’s called iPath Laser Navigation, and boy does it work like magic! It has a higher efficiency rating, so you can expect better performance.

Principal functions:

Let’s end this list on a high note with another smart robot vacuum. eufy is the smart robot vacuum this time. They are a fairly new company but are slowly making a name for themselves with their high-quality smart vacuums. And this one is no different.

You can also set the goals and limits for the app to clean from your smartphone. You can just open the app and continue. You will quickly get used to the intuitive interface of the application.

We can go on about features all day, but the hybrid system is a must today. This is not an exception. The hybrid vacuum mop system does both jobs simultaneously and works just like it says.

The device may seem like it’s just brains and brawn. However, the suction power of this baby is 2200Pa. This can drag even the most stubborn debris.

You can also use Alexa voice commands to control your vacuum and give instructions once it’s set up. It’s amazing to think how far vacuum technology has come.

But it doesn’t come without its complaints. At times, you may experience sensor blockage issues. You can simply reboot your device if you notice this, and it should work again.


  • *Includes a 2-in-1 hybrid cleaning system
  • *Ultraportable and lightweight
  • *Can you navigate accurately


  • *Sometimes it may be necessary to reboot.

(5) AIRROBO Robot Vacuum Cleaner, 2600Pa Robot Vacuum Cleaner, WiFi/Alexa/App, 5 Modes, 140Mins Autonomy, Automatic Charge, Thin, and Silent, Ideal for Pet Hair, Carpets and Hard Floors (P10-2600Pa) -Home and kitchen.

Being super slim (2.7 inches), the robot vacuum slips under and around the bed, sofa, and other furniture for a thorough clean.

Large dust container: 510ml super large dust container, that can be used for a week or more, freeing the user from worry.

The double-layer filter can prevent secondary pollution.

Remote control and voice control: easily create a home cleaning schedule, change the cleaning mode and control the cleaning direction using the AIRROBO app or remote control.

Deep Cleaning: Enhanced 2600 Pa powerful suction easily picks up debris, crumbs, and pet hair from floors and carpets.

Suction port design can clean hair without tangling

What’s in the box -1 x Robot Vacuum Cleaner, 1 x Adapter, 1 x Charging Base, 2 x Side Brushes, 1 x Main Brush, 1 x Remote Control, 1 x Cleaning Brush, 1 x User Manual.

The robot vacuum is also compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, allowing users to start and stop cleaning using voice commands.

140 Minutes Runtime & Self Recharging – With a large capacity 2600mAh rechargeable battery, the robot vacuum can work continuously for 140 minutes, which is suitable for whole house cleaning; when the battery is running low, the robot vacuum will return to the charging base automatically.

It is easy to use and clean

Strong suction with a cleaning volume of 65dB without interruptions.

(6) ZACO A9sPro – Robot vacuum cleaner with scrubbing function, application, and Alexa, Mapping, up to 2h of suction, for hard floors, carpets, animal hair, with charging station, anthracite gray color -Home and kitchen.

App and Alexa control: Smart Mapping stores up to 3 levels, No-Go zones, space recognition, carpet function, voice control via Alexa, Ota, note: supports only 2.4 GHz.

Cellular dust container: special design that prevents hair or dirt from sticking to the container.

For allergy sufferers: the fine dust filter filters out dust mite droppings and fine dust in addition to the dust particle filter and the primary filter, thus ensuring fresh air.

This guarantees optimal suction power and reduces the frequency of filter change.

Active cleaning function: the 300 ml water tank with pulsating cleaning plate actively moves the microfiber cloth over the floor to remove dirt.

In refined anthracite color / 2 main brushes: hybrid bristle brush – ideal for carpets/rubber slat brush – perfect for gentle cleaning of hard floors such as laminate, parquet/ideal for pet hair.

Best robot vacuum cleaner for floor

(7) Yeedi Vac Hybrid Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Floor Cleaner, Deep Cleaning with 2500 Pa of Suction, Smart Mapping, Carpet Detection, App Control/ Alexa/ Google Home, Ideal for Pet Family -Home and kitchen.

Deep Cleaning: Yeedivac hybrid can be scrubbed, vacuumed, and swept at the same time; dirt can’t escape this 3-stage cleaning system.

Real Smart Mapping: Unlike robots with random and gyroscopic mapping that throw you a map with no way out, needs to learn your home layout precisely, and create an interactive map for personalized cleaning.

Clean Faster and Better: Yeedi vac hybrid with real smart mapping technology learns your home layout faster and better than robots with random or gyro navigation.

Plus, its slim (7.7 cm) body allows it to get under beds and furniture to clean places you can’t see.

Contents: 1x need vac hybrid robot vacuum cleaner, 1x charging base with power adapter, 1x side brush, 1x washable mopping pad, 1x mopping pad tray, 1x instruction manual.

Heidi implements it with a floating main brush that firmly adheres to all surfaces, a side brush that agitates dirt even in corners, and a 2500 Pa suction that picks it up.

In addition to seeing your robot cleaning your floor in real time, you can tap on the room or draw an area on the map to clean or avoid.

Optional Self-Cleaning Station – Yeedi Vac Hybrid works with the Yeedi Self-Dumping Station (sold separately)

Alexa and Google Home compatibility let you clean with your voice.

Yeedi Vac Hybrid will automatically recharge and resume cleaning where it left off for a thorough, thorough clean.

Cleans on its own: Yeedi vac hybrid knows that stronger suction is usually needed to vacuum the carpet.

You can simply set no-go zones, clean a specific area, and schedule your cleaning with your smartphone even when you’re not around.

With an advanced carpet sensor, yeedi will automatically increase its suction power to maximum when on the carpet to sweep up hidden dirt, without any help from you.

Heidi offers a 2-year warranty and 24-hour professional customer service.

Auto Recharge & Resume Cleaning: Runs up to 110 minutes on a single full charge.

You can improve your Yeedi vac hybrid by transforming it into a robot vacuum cleaner that automatically empties its dust container and enjoys another level of cleanliness.

Clean in orderly rows to avoid contaminating the cleaned areas, missing points, or hitting.

Clean Anywhere, Anytime: Yeedi vac hybrid takes convenience to the next level with Yeedi APP.

(8) SEVERIN Chill robot vacuum cleaner, powerful portable vacuum cleaner for hard floors and short-haired carpets, an extra-flat smart robot with step detector, platinum grey, RB 7023 -Home and kitchen.

Details – SEVERIN Chill robot vacuum cleaner with lithium-ion technology for a thorough cleaning, with 3-step cleaning program and accessory set, German Quality; article number: 7023.

Detects steps – The modern sensor technology of the multifunction robot enables safe vacuuming even in places with steps or on landings.

Easy to use – When the Sensorclean LED indicator lights up, the dust container of the cordless robotic vacuum cleaner with the Easy Opening function is hygienically and easily emptied.

Particularly thorough – Thanks to the extra-long side brushes, these robot vacuum cleaners even clean corners and edges thoroughly

Also, this home robot fits under furniture.

No need to clean again.

Efficient cleaning – Hard floors and low-pile carpets are vacuumed quickly, accurately, and quietly.

(9) Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Floor Cleaner 3000pa Compatible with Alexa & Google Home for Pet Hair Carpets and Hard Floors -Home and Kitchen.

Includes English, German, Italian, French, etc.

APP language change: The APP language follows the phone and can be changed from Spanish to several languages.

Once it has left the surface of the carpet, it returns to normal suction power.

Automatic Carpet Detection: The robot cleaner easily transitions from hard surfaces to carpets, which are automatically recognized and set to maximum suction for a deeper clean.

The additional magnetic stripes can also establish virtual borders so that the M303 does not go into prohibited areas.

At the same time, you can use the mobile app or remote control to control the sweeper to clean your home.

Voice and app control: the robotic floor cleaner is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, allowing you to clean and more with voice commands.

Ideal for cleaning pet hair:

2-in-1 Vacuum & Mopping: If you accidentally spill coffee, milk, or jam on the floor or create other stains, it’s easy to switch the robot vacuum cleaner from vacuum mode to vacuum + mop mode for direct cleaning.

Beautifully packaged and easy to use, it’s the perfect gift for a friend or loved one.

Self-charging battery: The M303 robot vacuum cleaner automatically plans a route back to the charging stand to recharge when it runs out of battery or when cleaning is finished.

Obstacle fixation: A complete set of sensors enables the cleaning robot to avoid accidental falls and reduce collisions during cleaning.

(10) ZACO Robot vacuum cleaner and floor cleaner V5sPro with remote control, Smart 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner and scrubber for hard floors, wood, parquet, and carpets, Vacuum cleaners for dogs and pet hair -Home and kitchen.

With this specially designed anti-collision sensor, there is no risk of the robot damaging your furniture.

REMOTE CONTROL – Our cordless vacuum cleaner can be easily controlled with a remote control or by pressing a button on the robot.

This allows you to control the cleaning schedule, cleaning time, and many other functions easily and conveniently.

Can be controlled via app or remotely

From there, the ZACO V5sPro starts and ends its daily self-cleaning at pre-programmed times to vacuum or clean floors while you’re away.

ADDITIONAL BENEFITS OF OUR ROBOT – Equipped with a completely new motor, our robot vacuum has extra-powerful suction on floors and carpets, leaving an impeccable clean.

2-IN-1 FLOOR VACUUM AND CLEANING ROBOT – The ZACO V5sPro is a small 2-in-1 cleaning robot that vacuums and cleans hard floors and tiles.

In addition, our robot vacuum cleaner is ultra-thin (81 mm), which allows it to clean in hard-to-reach places, such as under cabinets or under beds.

AUTOMATIC CHARGING – When the battery is empty, our robot vacuum automatically charges at its charging station.

With the washing function and the 300 ml water container, our robot can automatically wash an area of ​​up to 180 m²

In addition, it has three levels of water flow.

INFRARED NAVIGATION SENSOR – A newly developed infrared sensor instantly detects objects to avoid, such as stairs, obstacles, and furniture.

Cleaning time: up to 120 minutes, depending on the environment.

Best automatic amarey robot vacuum cleaner for floo

(11) Amarey Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Floor Cleaner with Automatic Emptying Robot Vacuum Cleaner 3000Pa Intelligent Compatible with Alexa and App Robot Vacuum Cleaner to Clean Carpets Hard Floors Pet Hair -Home and kitchen.

When the garbage is collected 30 times, the APP will remind you to check if you need to replace the dust bag, which is very convenient and worry-free.

Amarey robot vacuum cleaner has a multi-directional sensor, which is highly sensitive to complex environments and can reduce the number of collisions.

Voice Control: Amarey robot vacuum cleaner is compatible with Alexa.

Amarey robot vacuum cleaner will bring you the perfect smart home life experience.

2 in 1 Vacuum and Mopping: Amarey A90 + robot vacuum cleaner and floor cleaner can vacuum and mop at the same time, provide 3000pa powerful suction and 2 levels of water flow speed, suitable for all types of floor cleaning, whether it is tiles, marble, wooden floor or terrace.

It is ideal for pet families.

The charging base is also a dustbin

The 3L dust bag can accumulate dust and pet hair for 45 days

Meet your family’s different cleaning needs and create a good smart home experience for you.

Smart Cleaning: Amarey robotic vacuum cleaner through the mobile application, you can customize different cleaning modes for your home: whole house cleaning, regional cleaning, scheduled cleaning, or setting cleaning restricted areas.

Package: Amarey A90+ robot vacuum cleaner x1, automatic emptying station x1, side brush x4, garbage bag x2, mop x2, instruction manual x1. We will provide 2 years warranty, please rest assured to buy.

Automatic Emptying: Amarey robot vacuum cleaner will automatically empty the garbage after each cleaning

In addition, you can also control the robot vacuum cleaner through the Amarey APP.

You can control the robot mop to start or stop cleaning by voice

18mm obstacle crossing ability can easily climb thresholds and cushions, with 78mm body height can easily walk to the bottom of the bed, closet, and sofa to clean dust, dander, and hair from pets

It can work continuously for up to 120 minutes, and the cleaning area can reach 150㎡, giving you a clean home.

OKP best automatic robot vacuum cleaner for floo

(12) OKP Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Floor Cleaner, 2000Pa, Automatic Charge, Compatible with App, Alexa and Google Home, Ideal for Pet Hair, Floor, Carpet, K3 -Home and kitchen

You can also use Alexa and Google Home to control the machine by voice and enjoy smart life.

Anti-fall detection technology: The K3 sweeper is equipped with a built-in anti-collision 6D infrared sensor to effectively avoid obstacles, as well as fall detection technology to prevent falls.

Ultra-thin body: The most suction electricity of the robotic vacuum cleaner can attain 2000 Pa, and the vacuum suction nozzle diagram can efficiently stop clogging.

2-in-1 Robot Vacuum: The robotic vacuum comes with a mop holder (no water tank) and a giant 500ml dirt field that can cope with many sorts of dirt, whether or not it is dust, hair, or debris, best for cleansing flooring and carpets.

It is the slimmest OKP robotic vacuum cleaner (7.6 cm) and can effortlessly get underneath beds, chairs, and different furniture.

Voice and APP control: The robotic vacuum cleaner helps with 2.4G WIFI, you can use the cell smartphone APP (OKP life) or far off manage to run the machine.

Automatic charging: OKP robot vacuum can work up to 100 minutes in the lowest suction mode, and when cleaning is complete, the robot vacuum will automatically return to the base to charge.

The double-sided brush design and multiple cleaning modes ensure that the robot vacuum cleaner can clean all corners and edges of the house.

iRobot Roomba 671 vacuum cleaner

(13) iRobot Roomba 671:

The Roomba robot has positioned itself at the forefront of the market thanks to its low prices and effective quality. It has a cleaning system that consists of 3 stages with which it is capable of trapping and cleaning all types of debris and residues on the floor, from small particles to large residues thanks to its multi-surface dual brushes.

This robot was built with a set of intelligent sensors that work as a guide to clean under and around furniture, thus achieving a deep cleaning of the house. It can climb obstacles up to 22mm and to prevent Roomba from falling down stairs, the sensor lets it know where the unevenness of the floor is. It should be noted that it has Wi-Fi and an application available for Android and iPhone.


  • *Weight: 3 kg.
  • *Dimensions: 34.4 × 34.04 × 8.99 cm.
  • *Cleaning programs: 3-point cleaning.
  • *Autonomy: 90 minutes.
  • *Wi-Fi connectivity: Yes
  • *Assembly Required: No
Xiaomi Mijia vacuum cleaner

(14) Xiaomi Mijia 1C:

The Xiaomi Mijia 1C is a 3-in-1 machine, its combination of vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping makes it a potential machine to climb the top. It automatically changes direction when encountering an obstacle thanks to its integrated sensor system, thus gaining anti-fall and anti-collision protection.

The robot is small enough to get under household real estate, and the caster wheels allow it to get up on uneven ground. You can choose between sweeping and mopping at the same time for a more thorough cleaning. While it is being cleaned, the intense suction is collecting dust and crumbs; and the water will be diluted by the mops.


  • *Weight: 3.6 kg.
  • *Dimensions: 35 x 35 x 8cm
  • *Cleaning programs: sweeping, suction, mopping.
  • *Autonomy: 100 minutes.
  • *Wi-Fi connectivity: Yes
  • *Assembly Required: No

(15) ILIFE V3s Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner:

iLife is a Chinese brand that has slowly made its way into the market, focused on more easily vacuuming up tangle-free pet hair, dirt, and even debris on hard floors. With its low profile it manages to enter and clean under furniture or beds. It is an ideal product for hardwood, tile, laminate, or stone.

It has quite an intuitive operation thanks to its remote control or automatic operation button. It comes with a 300ml dust cup with more capacity. It has a cleaning range of between 80 and 150 square meters, it also has LED indicators that allow the work status to be displayed on the LCD panel of its screen.


  • *Weight: 2.04 kg.
  • *Dimensions: 29.97 × 29.97 × 7.62 cm.
  • *Cleaning programs: Automatic mode, point mode, edge mode, programming mode.
  • *Autonomy: 100 minutes.
  • *Wi-Fi connectivity: Yes
  • *Assembly Required: No

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