Best bedroom blackout curtain for hospital noise reduction

Everything you need to know about the best bedroom blackout curtain for hospital noise reduction and more information. The main aspect that must be taken into account when choosing the curtain fabric is its durability.

The fabrics that are less damaged by the sun are linen, cotton, or brocades. 

If you are looking for an elegant style, silk is a good option, while if you want something simpler and more natural, you can opt for linen or cotton.

Types of making curtains:

We find different types of curtains such as classic fabric, vertical, and blinds. In the case of classic curtains, there are different types depending on their preparation. 

Although a priori it may seem that all the curtains are the same, the details in their preparation make the difference and will provide a different style when decorating a room or room.


It gets its name because its folds are very similar to a board. They can be more or less together, although usually, the folds are small and separated by a few centimeters.

Perfect wave:

It is a modern and minimalist style that consists of creating a wave with the fabric. The result is similar to the garment with eyelets but it does not have the buttonholes, making it more elegant and clean.


The plain confection is the simplest and hardly requires elaboration. It gives absolute prominence to the curtain and can be used with rails and bars.


Its simplicity and simplicity make it one of the most common curtain confections. It is formed by continuous folds at the top. It is used in curtains and decorative curtains. The rail is hidden with this type of clothing.

Grommet drapery:

This type of curtain has a circular cut where the ring or eyelet is inserted, which later slides over the bar to hang it.


It is a style of clothing widely used in children’s rooms. It is simple and informal and leaves the bar in sight. The bartack is the shape that the fabric makes to be attached to the bar instead of using hooks.


It is carried out by making folds that are repeated throughout the curtain. It is also known as a French fold and although there are usually three folds, they can also be one, two, or several.

Decoration of the best bedroom blackout curtain for hospital

Choosing the decorative curtains in the living room will vary depending on the light in the room and its interior decoration, the style that we adapt to the space will make it have more light. Currently, patterned tones are a trend along with wallpaper on the walls.

At Cortinarte, our Thor model in vertical stripes will be perfect in any room in the home, combining the stripes in white-Navajo, sand-white, white-lilac, white-blue, and white-light blue.

This range offers you 10 different combinations and is distinguished by being an excellent decorative option for those looking to combine different elements in a room. With a consistency weight (340 gr/m²) made to measure 100% polyester, THOR is an ideal collection for any room in your home.

If you are more daring in decoration, the POSEIDON model vertical fine striped curtain option on a cream background, made to measure 100% polyester, becomes the right combination. Ideal for combining different elements in your home.

Opt for natural fabrics, such as cotton or linen, so soft that they are a pleasure to caress.

A variety of colors from white-blue through white-lavender and white-turquoise.

When making your purchase online on the web you will get a 25% discount on the original price and calculating the budget according to your color and material preferences could not be easier.


Curtains do not go out of style and there are countless possible combinations on the market for each different style. The custom-made curtains par excellence, their infinity of colors, designs, and textures, allow us to create and decorate an endless variety of environments.


When buying curtains, it is important to be clear about the window or space where we want to install them to order the correct size. There are different mechanisms for installing the curtain such as decorative bars and rails.


If we already have the bar or rail installed, we will only have to measure it, from end to end. But if nothing is installed yet, we’ll measure the width of the window and add 15-20 centimeters on each side of the frame for a standard 1-meter 60-centimeter gap.


Here the way of measuring also changes depending on whether or not we have a bar or rail installed. In the case of having a rod, we will measure from the hole in the ring where the curtain hook is inserted to where we want the curtain to end. 

In the case of having a rail or wanting to install a rail, we will measure from the top of the rail to where we want the curtain to end.

The best bedroom blackout curtain for hospital separation

The use of curtains allows you to create different environments that can be changed or decorated very easily and act as thermal insulators. 

For this, at Cortinarte we offer a wide variety of styles and decorative curtains to create a personalized environment according to the tastes of each person.

Cheap curtains:

The fashion that is prevailing is that of individual creativity, that is to say, everyone is autonomous in designing, improving, and composing their curtains.

For this, buying curtains and blinds online is a great alternative, since it allows the user himself to decide all the elements to add to the product. At very competitive prices and without rushing. Step by step in a very intuitive and easy way.

Curtains and thermal insulators a double combination, fulfill several functions, including decorating spaces and windows, creating personalized environments, and according to the style: modern, rustic, bohemian, classic, etc.

Very useful in winter:

The curtains act as window trims and thermal insulators, a double combination, which is one of the characteristics that makes them very useful in winter.

Studies show that windows account for approximately 30% of all heat loss in a building. Therefore, improving the energy efficiency of windows can reduce fuel use, lower utility bills, and improve indoor comfort.

Thermal curtains are a relatively inexpensive way to control drafts, reduce heat loss by up to 25% in winter, and reduce solar gain by 33% in summer.

The best bedroom blackout curtain for summer

The curtains that are worn this summer of 2023 aim to create comfortable spaces at home, with light entering from the outside.

Color and joy return to the windows with the 2023 summer style in screen curtains, decorative curtains, and for youth and children’s rooms. 

Flowery prints and natural colors bring us back to nature. Cortinarte decorative curtains with 30% savings if you buy them now in the online store.

Natural fibers and organic fabrics:

Natural fibers such as linen and cotton have become the allies of curtains and window decoration this season, offering a fresh sensation and a soft and light touch. The quality of the patterned tiles made of cotton and polyester and high grammage is currently in high demand.

Blackout curtain:

The curtain with the print opens new paths of transformation in interior decoration, at Cortinarte we know that current trends are a combination of fabrics to give depth, color, and showiness to the room, do not miss our collection of curtains.

Sheer curtains with their airy and light fabrics are the perfect solution to let in sunlight and give a decorative touch to your home.

Sheer curtains and much more:

With their airy and light fabrics, they are the perfect solution to let in sunlight and give a decorative touch to your home.

The current trend is to create natural and contemporary urban environments, which is why at Cortinarte we have selected a collection of high-quality fabrics (thread, voile, open-weave linen) that allows us to custom-make the ideal sheer curtain.

New ways to place the curtains:

The classic combination of curtain and curtain is a safe bet defended by both brands. However, there are more current ways to style it, like the perfect wave, which “achieves a simple and modern style.

Placing the curtains as space dividers is a way to take advantage of the rooms to use them as multifunction spaces.

Screen-printed and digital technique:

Fabrics compatible with digital printing are the most compact, such as screen fabric or resin-coated technical fabric. the tighter the fabric, the better the pattern will be. If it were done on a very open fabric, like a 5% screen, 

it would look good at night, but during the day, when there was a lot of light, the image would be lost, so we advise you to do the digital printing on curtains on a more consistent tissue.

The best bedroom blackout curtain for against the sun and heat

If the window space has a lot of light, opt for an opaque curtain, which allows you to block the rays of light, it is the best measure for those corners where the incidence of light is greater, especially in summer and warm areas.

At Cortinarte we have custom-made curtains to protect you from the sun and strong heat, we offer you the following items.

*Curtains made with screen fabric.

*Curtains made of opaque fabric.

Screen fabric curtains:

The screen fabric has the property of rejecting (Reflection, RS) and absorbing heat, preventing it from entering the room.

Depending on the degree of opening of the screen fabric (1, 3, 5), we will be able to filter the ultraviolet ray (UV) to a greater or lesser extent. The lower the degree of opening we will get more protection against UV rays and less visibility.

We offer you a range of screen fabrics with different degrees of opening:

*5% Screen: 3500, 5000 fabrics, Crystal, Diamond, Two-tone Medium sun protection, medium transparency.

*3% Screen: 6000, 7000 fabrics. Medium-high sun protection, medium-low transparency.

*1% Screen: 4000 fabrics. High solar protection, low transparency.

All these fabrics can be applied to the following types of curtains.

*roller blinds

*Vertical blinds

*Japanese panels

All of them are made to measure and with the ease of buying your curtains online.

Blackout fabric curtains:

Blackout 100% opaque curtains, being waterproof fabrics that do not penetrate light or UV rays, are ideal for sun protection from both cold and heat with the drawback of zero transparency.

How to choose blackout curtains for the bedroom

You Need To Know The Difference Between These 6 Types Of Blackout Curtains.

Rigid Blackout Shades – Venetian Blinds:

It is a inflexible kind of blackout curtain, which can be roughly divided into aluminum alloy Venetian blinds and open-factor blinds. Among them, the aluminum alloy Venetian blinds will be waterproofed on the higher deck sheets and hardware to meet the wishes of the bathroom, so as to reap whole features of waterproofing and anti-corrosion protection.

The bamboo and timber blind is a sort of blackout curtain with a cutting-edge and retro style. It can be manufactured in slats of one of a kind widths according to the needs. Common widths are 25mm, 35m, and 50mm.

Variety of blackout curtains – curtains:

Blackout curtain fabrics are roughly divided into sandwich fabrics, jacquard fabrics, and light-proof fabrics. Common sorts consist of material fabric that typically uses S-hooks, snake-shaped drapes with the great drape, and neat pleated drapes (often referred to as Roman blinds) Etc. Shade kinds range the most and are greatly used in distinctive Windows.

Sheer Romantic Misty Beauty – Sheer Curtain:

The distinction between voile curtains and blackout curtains lies in the weave and the density of the fibers. It has a simple defensive impact however does now not have the feature of defending privacy or keeping apart the indoors and exterior. 

Most of them are used to reconcile the ornament surroundings and soften the bloodless and difficult ornament style.

Ordered Blackout Shades – Roller Shades:

Roller blinds are curtains made of PVC or bamboo wooden fiber fabric as the essential physique of fabric, with metallic crossbars as the axis, and the whole floor can be opened and closed.

There are semi-shade roller shutters and full-shade open-factor shutters. Easier to clean.

Complete Brands For Fashion – Blackout Blinds:

As the name suggests, dimming curtains can adjust the degree of incoming light according to your own needs. Dimming shades are like an advanced version of roller blinds. Due to the design of one layer of PVC cloth and one layer of mesh, some people call it [zebra blinds]. 

In addition to the neat feeling of the whole chip up and down switch, you can also control the light source and line-of-sight range according to needs, which is the first choice of many designers in recent years.

Full Of Functionality – Honeycomb Curtain:

The honeycomb blind is a hollow hexagonal column roller blind, which looks like an accordion on one side, but gets its name because the hexagonal shape looks like a honeycomb. 

The origin is to slow down the conduction of hot and cold air. In the United States Great Lakes region in winter, because window glass conducts temperature quickly, even if there is a heater, it is often very cold inside. 

Therefore, the honeycomb shade was invented, which uses a hollow structural layer to curb heat and cold. The conduction or loss of air to maintain the temperature of the indoor air conditioner and achieve the effect of energy saving.

And because the hollow structure can allow sound waves to bounce back, it can also slow down the transmission of noise into the room. There are three types of honeycomb blinds: top opening, bottom opening, and circulation.

The best bedroom blackout curtain to help you sleep better

Tired of not sleeping? Maybe it’s the street lights. Or the crows at dawn. Or the neighbor’s barking dog. Whatever it is, Cortinarte has come up with the best solution for shutting out lights coming through windows: our new window inserts tone-darken the room and drastically reduce noise. Get to know the collection of blackout curtains for sleeping by Cortinarte.


Blackout window shades or sleep panels have the potential to improve the lives of millions of USA who suffer from sleep deprivation and chronic health problems and are told by the us Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to get enough sleep. 

it’s a big problem. And they have all the energy-efficient properties of the original acrylic glazing window inserts. 

In order for people to get a good night’s sleep and improve the comfort and energy efficiency of their home, blackout curtains for sleeping are the best solution.

Have you ever tried to put a blanket over your blinds to make your room super dark? Or a leaf? Or paper? Or fruitlessly searched for better blackout curtains? We have heard it all.

We’ve proven that when it comes to making a room dark and whisper quiet, it’s not about finding better blackout curtains. 

Night shift workers such as nurses and sleep technicians, police, and firefighters will appreciate coming home in the morning to a bedroom that is completely dark and quiet. As the rest of the world wakes up, they can get that deep, uninterrupted rest they need to stay alert and healthy.

These new blackout curtains are also a godsend for parents of newborns, Street lights around the curtains and traffic noise coming through the windows can make it difficult for parents to sleep after spending the night with a tired and cranky baby, making for a tired and grumpy parent. bad mood (we know this from experience).

Blackout curtains for windows without blinds

Blinds for windows without blinds are an ideal solution if what you are looking for is to be able to control the entry of light without the need for a cumbersome installation.

Being able to have different curtains for windows without blinds is a real luxury because it saves you from having to make a new hole to put in a complete blind, as well as being much more practical and aesthetic.

Choose a curtain or a blind: the ideal solution for a window without a blind

If in your house you have windows without blinds and you do not want to complicate yourself, the easiest option is to put a curtain or a blind.

At Cortinarte we have all the blinds for windows without blinds that you may need, with different models in our catalog to choose from.

In addition, among our selection of curtains for windows without blinds, you can choose different types of fabric, functionality, and even size, and everything is completely personalized.

Types of curtains and blinds for windows without blinds:

Do you need custom-made curtains or personalized and practical blinds to control the entry of light? Whether it’s for bedrooms, living rooms, or kitchens, at Cortinarte we have different types of curtains for windows without blinds that you can combine to achieve the home you’ve always wanted.

Curtains and blinds are much more practical than blinds on many occasions, not only because they are more aesthetic, but also because they are easier to install and more customizable, and you can also choose different models depending on the room where you are going to place them.

*blackout curtains

Among the solutions for the darkness of a room without a blind that we offer you, blackout curtains are surely the best known.

Blackout curtains for windows without blinds are able to completely hide sunlight in your living room or bedroom. In addition, being thicker, they also help regulate temperature and save energy.

The good thing about these blackout curtains is that you can also customize them to a great extent, being able to make the fabrics and colors blend with the decoration of your house to achieve perfect harmony.

*Venetian blinds:

Another option that you can opt for if you are looking for a window curtain without a blind is the Venetian style.

The so-called Venetian blinds are made up of various slats that allow you to let in the light to your liking, simply turning their inclination or raising them to where you want. They are an option where practicality and comfort prevail.

*Roller blinds with the screen fabric

If you are not a big fan of curtains, or if you need another type of solution, you may be interested in a window blind without a blind.

Screen roller blinds are ideal for achieving a light passage of light without direct light entering. In addition, being rollable, they are very easy to fold and unfold, and they allow you to save a lot of space.

*Blackout roller blinds:

For windows without blinds, the most practical and comfortable solutions you can find are those that allow you to achieve a complete reduction of light, since you can regulate them to your liking.

In this sense, in addition to blackout curtains, there is also the option of buying blackout roller blinds for your rooms.

They have the best of both worlds: the comfort and practicality of a roller blind and the complete elimination of light, similar to the thickest curtains.

*Roller blinds for night and day:

If you are looking to darken a room without blinds, but you also do not want very heavy curtains or blinds that are too opaque, what you need is a roller blind for night and day.

Roller blinds for night and day are an excellent solution for a window without a blind since they are very easy to install and use, and they will allow you to perfectly regulate the entry of light both at night and during the day, being able to control the lighting your house both from inside and outside.

Get now at Cortinarte the best solutions for windows without blinds with our blinds and curtains.

Advantages of the best bedroom blackout curtain for hospital

Blackout curtains are an excellent option for decorating your home. For various aesthetic and functional reasons, this type of curtain has unique characteristics that we are going to break down in this post, which provide unmatched advantages. 

Surely after reading us, you think about placing opaque curtains on the windows of your house, you’ll see.

Benefits of blackout curtains:

Undoubtedly, this type of curtain has multiple advantages that we are going to break down below.


The main advantage of this type of curtain is privacy. The best thing is not to prevent the passage of light, although it is also recommended in some cases. The most positive thing is that you can’t see the inside of your house from the outside. 

Therefore, they are perfect for those homes whose windows are close to neighbors or houses that are on the ground floor and are used by many people. In this way, you will be much more comfortable in your home, as it should always be.

Graduation of the passage of light:

Especially in cases where the house is very bright throughout the day, blackout fabric curtains are an excellent layer of protection against UVA rays. 

Thus, on days with the highest solar intensity, if it enters very strongly and for a long time it can damage, for example, the plants in our living room, which obviously need light to survive, but not excessively,  

And be careful, not only the plants, long exposure to the sun, in the long term, also wears out the furniture in our house more quickly, especially wooden furniture or carpets.

Greater rest and relaxation:

In principle, light brings more vitality to a home, but if it is in excess it can be a problem and it prevents us from being relaxed and rested. If what you like is to sit down and read quietly, for example, the opaque curtains give it a relaxed atmosphere. And what about sleep? If you have nearby lights outside, such as those from the streetlights themselves, and even if you work at night and have to sleep during the day, these curtains allow you to sleep soundly.


Unlike other types of blinds, those with blackout fabric are made of a highly resistant fiber and PVC mixture, something key in a blind, since it is exposed to hours and hours of sun throughout the day. 

What does this mean? It does not discolor or alter after many years, so if you do not intend to change the decorative style of your living room or room, it is a very profitable purchase in the long term.

Possible disadvantages of blackout curtains:

Many times, it can be thought that in this way a gloomy environment is created in our home, but it does not have to, as long as we know how to play with the different light bulbs and the distribution of the furniture in our house. 

It may also be that, for some, these types of curtains give a cold touch to our home. Again, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Bedroom curtain interiors

Wooden Venetian:

If we talk about blinds, it is impossible not to comment on the new fabrics and their properties, as in the case of the screen, it is a state-of-the-art technical fabric, which we can find with two different.

compositions: PVC – fiberglass or polyester – fiberglass, its composition as well as the manufacturing process make it a textile with exceptional properties.

Buy blinds and curtains online:

Any of the options that you put to dress the windows, will be perfect if you take into account the incidence of light, the style of the furniture, and the colors of the walls. At Cortinarte we offer many options for any style of decoration that is your favorite.

Buy online blinds and blinds made by hand by us.

Placing a photographic roller blind in a youth or children’s room is the option that parents like the most. You can choose any of the models available on the web or create your own.

Water-based printing technology is unique in offering high image quality and high productivity in addition to a sustainable approach.

Photographic roller blind:

Another very good option is to use the slat system, since in addition to being able to regulate the entry of light according to needs, it also allows us to create separations or more intimate environments at any given time.

interior decoration in slats:

Being able to have colors in any of the variants, allows us the possibility of easily incorporating them into any decoration, although years ago the curtains with slats and Venetian blinds in aluminum or PVC were more suitable for workspaces, nowadays and given the wide range of possibilities as I mentioned before, they make it very wearable in any field.

Vertical in red:

If you want to know everything about verticals, here is a link: verticals

Another option for those who love classic curtains is to include the blind as a curtain, taking advantage of all the decorative properties of the blind (for example, 

in the bottom photo,  the console would have had to be separated from the wall), and creating a combination that gives a lot of play.

Best Japanese room divider curtain

The opaque Japanese panel to separate rooms is a perfect solution if we want to create two types of rooms in the same room. The most common thing is to find Japanese panels to cover large surfaces such as windows or access doors to terraces. 

But in this post, we will give you reasons to take them into account when separating environments.

The Japanese room divider curtain is a system of panels attached to a rail that allows you to move them horizontally.  the classic sliding paper doors with wooden panels typical of Japanese homes.

Over time, these types of panels have gained a prominent role in homes. Thanks to this type of curtain system we obtain a minimalist, modern, relaxed, and oriental atmosphere at home.

This type of panel curtains can be made with different types of fabrics: technical fabrics such as screen, translucent fabrics, sheer or decorative fabrics, and opaque fabrics. 

We are going to focus on the opaque Japanese panels to separate environments. A practical solution that provides a unique decorative touch.

Japanese screen dividers room examples

Opaque Japanese panels are a practical solution to separate different environments in the same room. For example, a dining room where we want to separate the dining room table from the living room. 

This would be a practical option if we want to separate the dining room table from the part where the television, sofa, etc. will go. Thanks to the practicality of the Japanese panel, if we want the room to be the same, we will open it.

While if we want to create two different environments we have the opportunity to close it.

Another solution could be to separate the kitchenette from the dining room. This option is one of the most used since it allows to visually separate the dining room from the kitchen. A practical solution is that we want diners to not see us prepare our favorite dishes while they wait for their food.

Another quite frequent use is to separate a work or meeting table from the rest of the room. This enhances the concentration of those attending the meeting or the workers who are at that moment developing their work.

These are just a few practical examples but the possibilities are endless. Do not be afraid, if you have a great stay and would like to create two environments, dare. Other practical examples of using an opaque Japanese panel to separate environments:

  • *Create a small relaxation space for reading or listening to music
  • *Separate the study area from the rest of the room
  • *Create a dressing room within a room or different areas within the dressing room.
  • *Separate a part of the terrace. If you have a part of the terrace with a roof, an option instead of a door can be an opaque Japanese panel.


We are going to list a series of advantages for which an opaque Japanese panel  to separate rooms can be a perfect solution to separate rooms:

*Custom manufacturing. No matter what environment you want to separate. The possibility of manufacturing to measure allows it to be done, whatever the dimensions.

*Full privacy. By keeping it closed, the opaque fabric prevents visibility, which for aesthetic purposes would be like a wall, but with a more prominent decorative touch.

*Easy cleaning and maintenance: The panels are attached to the rail by means of the velcro, which makes it easy to remove and clean them comfortably with a damp cloth or spot remover.

*Does not absorb odors: Unlike other types of fabrics or fabrics, opaque technical polyester, PVC, or fiberglass fabrics do not absorb odors. Thanks to this, for example, such as separating American kitchens from the dining room, it will not be a problem for the panel to absorb the odors of what we are cooking.

*Energy saving: Thanks to its high grammage, it provides good thermal insulation and significant energy savings.

As you have seen, the opaque Japanese panel to separate rooms is a practical and aesthetic solution. Do you have doubts? Leave us a comment or contact us for free and be delighted, we will solve your doubts totally free.

Best blackout curtain liner idea

Available for pleat or grommet shades, the blackout fabric is easily adapted to your existing drapes to stop outside lights before they disturb your peace, or can be added to new drapes as part of a new look. These thick, tightly woven curtain linings are ideal if you love the look of your window displays but want to enhance their performance during the summer.

If you feel like a change but can’t find the new look you want, or your window dimensions are unusual, we also offer blackout curtain linings as part of our bespoke curtain service, the blackout curtain, blackout curtain.

With a host of qualities to enhance your sleep, treating your room to a stylish pair of blackout curtains or investing in a smart blind could go a long way when it comes to getting your forty winks.

We tend to associate sleeping comfort with warmth, support, and softness, but opaque products bring something unique to the table. Its key purpose is to provide an efficient and effective barrier to prevent external light sources from disturbing your sleep, in addition to a range of other benefits.

Blackout Roller Blinds the bedroom:

where being able to control light and temperature levels is essential for quality sleep, but blackout fabrics are also excellent for the living room if street lights or the headlights of vehicles shine persistently through your window.

Blackout Shades In the Roman or roller blind:

Blackout roller shades are treated with a unique backing to prevent light from penetrating the fabric. Place your blackout shade inside a window alcove and you can combine them with curtains to create a layered look with a shade fabric of your choice or install outside the window alcove so the blind edge is wider than the window, thus providing full-width coverage.

Best office windows curtains idea

10 tips for choosing the perfect office curtains:

1. Harmony with the furniture

To create a pleasant workplace we must choose some office curtains that are in accordance with the rest of the furniture.

It is necessary no longer to lose the frequent thread of the ornament and continually observe the identical ornamental line.

If, for example, our workspace has very ornate furniture, softening the room with some workplace curtains in mild tones would be one of the options.

2. Color of the walls

In the identical way as the furniture, the partitions play a very vital function in the desire of one mannequin of workplace curtain or another. Our cause is to obtain chromatic balance, making sure that all the factors of the workplace shape section of a whole.

On white partitions or in mild tones we can have the funds for to put a curtain with some coloration that offers lifestyles to the space.

3. Office design:

Continuing with the concord of the layout in furnishings and walls, one greater component to take into account is the fashion of the office. We ought to hold in thinking about the current ornament when selecting the curtains, whether or not it is modern, conservative, minimalist, sober, or urban.

4. Space dimension

The size of the space where we are going to place the office curtains must be taken into account so as not to break the balance.  If the space is very small, we should not choose curtains that are very ornate, since they could be oppressive and overloaded, for that situation it is better to resort to simplicity, “less is more”. However, large and clear spaces allow a more colorful type of curtain or even prints.

5. Proper lighting

One of the things that most favor work productivity is having adequate lighting. The solution for many would be to turn on as many lights as possible and problem solved. The truth is that there is nothing like enjoying a large amount of natural light in a space.

The idea is to choose office curtains that allow sunlight to be filtered in its proper measure.  In this way, a warm and comfortable working climate is created.

6. Materials:

It is true that we do not always renew both the decoration of our work and that of the house and that the type of curtain to use is very different in one area than in another.

Therefore, selecting a  material that is resistant to the passage of time and that protects against wear and tear from sunlight is essential. Materials such as  PVC or fiberglass would have these qualities and would be a good choice for office curtains.

7. Cleaning and maintenance:

It is in line with the type of material of the curtain. We need some  “all-terrain” office curtains, which will hold up intact over time. They can be cleaned with a damp cloth, without the need for complicated maintenance processes.

A high volume of people passes through our office throughout the day. The pace of work is hectic. Choosing a type of curtain that is delicate or requires too much care could be a bad choice.

8. Transmits through colors

Convey all kinds of emotions through the use of different shades in your office curtains. Use a  white color to emit tranquility and purity. The purple tone activates creativity. And the blue color encourages worker productivity.

9. Humanize the space

Give life to your office by incorporating some decorative elements such as plants. Plants like bamboo can complete the interior design of the room. It also serves to renew the air in the office. 

It has been shown that the use of aromatherapy in oils, candles, or incense can activate or relax when working. Combining these elements with office curtains will help well-being in the workplace.

10. Preserve the identity of your company

Making a  good impression, at first sight, is essential. Your office should convey the core values ​​of the company. For this, you should not neglect any decoration detail. 

Integrate office curtains as one more piece of that personality that you want to transmit to others.

Since imagining it is not the same as seeing it, we recommend four different models of office curtains. They will surely fit perfectly in your company. 

Among the most commonly used types of office blinds are roller blind models, both translucent and opaque, vertical slat blinds, and aluminum Venetian blinds. 

These models stand out for their ease of cleaning and maintenance and for their high durability over time.

Perfect curtain rods for the bedroom

Different types of curtain rods in our online store:

And after this little introduction, how many models of curtain rods are there on the market? Let’s do a little review:

1. Steel

Steel does not lag behind in terms of beauty to wood and you have a lot of colors and shapes at your disposal. 

You will surely find the one that best matches your decorative style, which, by the way, we believe is fantastic to combine this material with industrial and minimalist environments. They always offer a very modern and elegant look. rental conditions.

As for designs, you will see a wide range of possibilities. You will always have the curtain rod that best suits your tastes. 

But in case you have any questions in this section, you just have to pick up the phone and call us. We will be happy to advise you on everything you need. 

You can also contact us by phone or through was that we have installed in our online curtain store.

2. Wood

Wood for curtain rods is a safe bet. It is a noble material that gives many decorative variants and all of them are very elegant. 

Always get a very interesting harmony not only with your curtain but with the rest of the decoration. 

It is fantastic if you have decorated your house in a rustic atmosphere or if you have a country house or chalet. 

The wood we use in Cortina Ideal is treated and you will see how durable and resistant it is.

Very easy-to-install curtain rods:

We have already seen the two types of materials that are most frequently placed, that is, wood and steel. And one question that we wanted to answer in this post was whether installing curtain rods is a simple process. It is. That you have no doubt.

As soon as you receive your package with the curtain you have chosen, check first that all the elements you have purchased are there. 

Specifically, you must check that the bar, the supports, the terminals, the screws to fix it to the wall, and the plugs and screws for fixing parts are there.

Everything is very simple. In our online store, we have a complete installation guide that you can find at this link. Take a look and you will see how it will not cost you any work to install it yourself.

We don’t need to tell you that if you place your bars yourself, you will save good money because you will not need outside labor. So all your decoration projects will come out for a good price.

Modern curtain rods

One of the secrets of good home decoration is that all its components are made to measure. And you will also find that in Cortina Ideal. When you decide which curtain you want for any of your rooms, you just have to give us the measurements and the type of clothing you want.

As soon as we see your order, what we do is manufacture it according to your instructions. That is why you can be sure that a personalized product will always arrive at your home. An exclusive product that will enhance the decoration of your home.

As you can see in this post we have given you some tips so that you have the best curtain rods in your home. 

You should not see the bars as a simple support element, but they are also elements to enhance the decoration of your home. 

We have told you about the different materials with which they are made and we have given you some ideas of which are the best bars depending on the decorative style that you have chosen for your home.

What kind of curtain rods have you chosen why? Tell us in the comments. Also, tell us how you have decided to decorate your house.

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FAQ of the best bedroom blackout curtain for hospital

What is a blackout curtain?

Blackout curtain or blackout curtain is available with pencil pleats or grommet headings, blackout curtains are complete with thick blackout liners to block light. These blackout roller shades easily attach to a curtain track or curtain pole just as you would expect, and can be used in any room.

What is this season?

Summer is synonymous with color and joy, blue and white tones are the ones that govern the summer period, tropical prints, and neutral and light colors that will help combat high temperatures, combined with green tones.

Stripes are also a trend and marine motifs in the furniture will add style to the room.

If you don’t feel like changing the furniture or repainting the walls of the house, changing decorative curtains for the living room will give it that special touch to make it look different: A small change that will be a general success.

How long should the curtain be?

Depending on the style and clothing you want for your curtain, you will need more or less meters of fabric. Normally they tend to be around 15 cm but if you want it to drag around 25 cm is a good measure.

What does “blackout” mean?

Blackout drapes, blackout drapes, blackout drapes, and blackout liners perform the same task – they prevent light from passing through special treatments and extra-tight weaves to help you control light levels in your room.

They can be used in exactly the same way as standard curtains, blackout curtains, blackout curtains, and liners, but are designed to prevent external light from entering your living space, making them ideal for use in the bedroom.

Available with pencil pleats or grommet headings, blackout curtains are complete with thick blackout linings to block out light. These curtains easily attach to a curtain track or curtain pole just as you would expect, and can be used in any room.

How to hang the curtains?

You can opt for rails if you are looking for an efficient way to manage the curtains or opt for rods, a simpler and more aesthetic option that allows you to hang the curtains with rings or loops.

What style of curtain is better?

Patterned curtains are an excellent option in large rooms, while in small spaces it is better to opt for mono-color curtains. In the same way, if the room is small, light colors such as white or beige and semitransparent instead of opaque provide spaciousness and light.

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