Best budget windows laptop | Affordable Laptops

Best budget Windows laptop | Affordable Laptops Apple MacBook Air:

Logically, we had to include Apple’s flagship product, the 13-inch Macbook Air.

A total success from every point of view, and probably the best laptop on this list at a price a little bit higher than some of the other computers in its competition. 

It is perfect to take on a trip and work on the road, it is very powerful and with a beautiful design. It comes with the Macintosh operating system and the security of an Apple product, which will probably last you twice as long as any other computer. 

For me, personally, it is one of the best laptops in terms of value for money,

although of course, you are paying a large part of it to the brand. And yes, even today in 2019 it is still the best laptop in general terms. 

Let’s see its features: It has a  1.8 GHz Intel Core i5 processor (Turbo Boost up to 2.9 GHz) with 3 MB L3 cache, a 13.3-inch display with  1440 x 900 pixels (one pass), 128GB SSD hard drive weighing Unless it’s stupid, you can expand it to 256GBs in the top model. Or you can buy an external hard drive.

I would recommend the MacBook for all those who want to give it a more intermediate use, who care about design and power, as well as the security of having an Apple product. 

Basically, it is a guarantee for a few euros more than I am willing to pay (and I have done it several times).


With this ENVY 13, HP proposes a very flexible device, perfect for sharing work and all types of content with our tablemates or managing the operating system directly with your fingers, just as we would do with a tablet. 

In addition, it has very capable hardware thanks to its Ryzen 7 processor, so its longevity is assured.

What we like best: Powerful hardware and a 360-degree rotating touchscreen.

Recommended for: students and professionals who regularly share the screen with their colleagues or make touch use of it.

HP Affordable Laptops

HP ENVY 13-ay1000ns x360 2-in-1 Convertible Ryzen 7 16GB 512GB SSD 13.3″ W11

The X Best Quality-Price Laptops for traveling:

Lenovo is a brand of laptops that I have always trusted, and this Ideapad 710S brings the perfect features to place it well at the top of our ranking of the best quality-price laptops perfect for traveling. 

It has a beautiful design, is light and powerful, everything you will need if you want to use more than Word during your trip. 1.8 GHz processor model i5-6260 from Intel. 

Yes, enough to put chicha in daily use, although do not expect hard gaming because it is not for that. It also has two cores and 4MBs of processor cache with a maximum internal memory of 8GBs for a total storage of 256GBs. 

If you don’t want to hit the movies, you’ll have more than enough, and if you need to put more chicha in it, you can always buy an external hard drive like the Lacie Rugged, which is really amazing. It gives you an extra 1TB and is mini, so easy to take with you. 

The screen is 13.3 inches, just enough to fit well in a travel backpack, and can be enjoyed to the fullest. I always thought larger 15.6″ laptops were too clunky to carry around, but this one is perfect. 

Logically it is Full HD with an  Iris Graphics 540 graphics card. We find this laptop at a brutal value for money since it offers us a lot for very little.

ASUS ZenBook 14 UX431FA

This is my laptop for a while now, and the one I’ve used on my South American adventure. 

So I have to recommend it over and over again. I spent a long time looking for a cheap, powerful laptop that would give me all the main features for someone looking to write, freak out on YouTube and use various audio and video programs at will. 

But nothing hyper-specialized or professional in cameras and videos, of course. 

It is light since it barely exceeds a kilo in weight. I can take it anywhere, its 13-inch size is ideal, and it also has a design that I love. 

It has an  Intel Core i5-8250U processor (4 Cores, 6M Cache, 1.6GHz up to 3.4GHz), 8GB RAM, and 256 GB SSD storage. 

The graphics card is an Intel UHD Graphics 620, which will not allow you to play FIFA 2019 but it will allow you to edit videos and intermediate/advanced use.

It is a laptop that I recommend to both travelers and students, but not to programmers or video game lovers. It perfectly meets all needs and at a very competitive price. For everyday use, the best on the market.

Best budget windows laptop dell

Affordable Laptops Dell XPS 13

One of the best-selling ultrabook computers on Amazon since it has beautiful aesthetic and outstanding specifications at a very low price for its power. 

Eighth generation Intel Core i5 processor, 3840 x 2160 pixel screen resolution, 8 GB of RAM, and 256 GB SSD are its characteristics.

The smallest 13-inch laptop 

The most innovative HD webcam in the world.

state-of-the-art Dell Cinema.

Beautiful from every angle, the screen.

90% of laptop parts can be.


Microsoft’s Laptop Studio is not a laptop like the rest. Its depth-adjustable base makes it ideal for drawing or photo retouching with the built-in stylus without the need for an external pen tablet, 

while its super-powerful hardware, with i7 CPU and GeForce RTX 3050Ti graphics, can handle it all.

This is the lightest piece of equipment on the list, but also an incredibly capable option designed for very demanding professionals.

What we like best: Highly adjustable screen and top-notch hardware.

Recommended for: creative professionals who need a very powerful computer.


Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio, i7, 16GB, 512GB SSD, GeForce RTX 3050Ti 4GB, 14.4″, W11, Platinum



Of course, there are users who are simply looking for the best possible balance. Or functions specially designed to meet very specific needs, such as those that students and professionals who frequently undertake collaborative work may have. In this section, we remember them with three models with which we want to cover the maximum possible number of use cases.


Equipped with a next-generation ARM chip, the MacBook Air is a benchmark among ultraportables. Its performance is brilliant, its battery stellar and the quality of the finishes is up to what is expected of Apple. All a success.

What we like the most: state-of-the-art processor, excellent finishes.

Apple MacBook Air 13 (2020), M1, 8 GB, 256 GB, 13.3″, MacOS.

Affordable Laptops HP Notebook 15

With this HP laptop we move into a different category, that of cheap laptops with good performance. It is important that a cheap laptop has good performance so as not to have wasted money foolishly. 

This mid-range laptop is exceptionally well-priced and is perfect for light/medium use. As long as you don’t want advanced video games or hardcore gaming, dedicating yourself to graphic design or video editing will be fine. 

It has a slightly lower processor than the previous models we have seen in this ranking, an  Intel Core i3-6006U with 8GB RAM and a 256GB SSD hard drive. But it was almost half the price.

For those who are not going to give intensive use to their graphics card or video games. Recommended for students looking for a cheap mid-range laptop to use the Office package, surf the internet, etc. 

If you’re not a computer fanatic or use it for more than an hour every day, you won’t need another more expensive laptop. This has a spectacular value for money for what it offers, something unthinkable not many years ago.


The star of this 13-inch computer is its screen. Thanks to OLED technology, this Zenbook offers the purest black and the most striking colors, 

Making it an interesting option for video and photography professionals who need a very small team with which to do the first touch-ups anywhere.

What we like best: Extraordinary OLED screen, the numeric keypad on the trackpad.


ASUS ZenBook 13 OLED UX325EA-KG336T Laptop i5 16GB 512GB SSD 13.3″ W10

Best ASUS laptops that are really worth having:

Laptops produced by Asus are always suitable for anyone. Mentioned among the best cheap laptops for students, best laptops for college, laptops for offices, laptops for graphic design, and among the best laptops for gaming, and many more you can do your daily activities well with Asus laptops.

Best ASUS Laptops Overview

This list of the best Asus laptops is really helpful for your choice. Known as one of the best laptop manufacturers in the world, 

Asus is always innovative and creative in designing and producing amazing laptops. The features of Asus laptops are really amazing and mentally impressive.

ASUS has long been around as the best laptop brand, as it has gained the status of leading edge and best performer among people and organizations around the world. 

ASUS is known for consolidating cutting-edge development in lightweight, streamlined, portable laptops and upcoming applications, making it energizing and easy to influence the best that today’s innovation brings to the table.

Another advantage of ASUS laptops is their portability. ASUS laptops are understated and therefore dynamic, plus they come in a series with long-lasting batteries.

So whether you’re taking a trip to another state or just to the coffee shop, ASUS will give you complete confidence, staying powered up for long hours of activity. 

See why technicians and people, in general, choose ASUS for use at home and in companies and, in addition, it is selected as the best laptop and entertainment application.

From doing homework to monitoring the family’s spending plan, ASUS is perfect for everyone. Check below for a quick review based on categories. What model are you looking for?


Best Budget Windows Laptop ASUS Chromebook Z1400CN-BV0306

With a sleek and classic design, the ASUS Chromebook Z1400CN-BV0306 laptop has a polished finish and is slim and easy to carry. 

It weighs 1.2 kg and can even be used on your lap, which will have no problem warming up your legs. 

It has 10 hours of autonomy and includes a 14-inch Nanoedge screen. It has 107 opinions in Spain with a score of 62% valuation out of 5.

Praised by many consumers, this model does well with basic tasks. And it comes with a ton of software included, like ASUS Live Update for driver updates. 

the ASUS Chromebook keeps your PC safe from danger without you having to worry about a thing.

2. Best mid-range: ASUS VivoBook S14

Slim and weighing 1.80 kg, this laptop is ideal for students and others who need to carry their devices frequently. Visually beautiful, it also has a fast-charging lithium-polymer battery.

The 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB SSD storage are more than enough. And the price is another interesting factor since it is within the average of the competitors in its segment.

3. Best high-end: ASUS ZenBook 14

The ASUS ZenBook 14 UX431FA-AM132T laptop does not have very advanced features, but it does very well at the most basic tasks. Writing, browsing the Internet, and viewing photos and movies are in good order this computer has a large 14-inch screen with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

The design of this device is beautiful and helps in the choice. This equipment comes with the Windows 10 operating system and 8 GB RAM, and 512 GB storage space.


Best cheap ASUS laptop EeeBook X205TA

Find the lowest price in:

Amazon, Aliexpress, eBay

If you want to buy the best Asus laptop under $300 then you have come to the right place. This ASUS laptop has an 11.6-inch Full HD display. The screen resolution is 1366 × 768 pixels.

For the processor, the notebook uses Intel 1.33 GHz Atom Z3735F. The RAM is a 2 GB DDR3. The storage of this laptop is 32 GB of flash memory. The operating system of this laptop is Windows 8.1 and it has a battery life of up to 12 hours.

5. Best ASUS Gaming Laptop: ASUS ROG G751JY-VS71

Find the lowest price in:

Aliexpress, Amazon, eBay  

Why are you looking for a laptop? Surely, people have their own reason for purchasing a certain product. 

Well, speaking of laptop apps, there are several things that they should offer us. One of them would be storage. Let’s see how much storage the ASUS ROG G751JY-VS71 (WX) 17-Inch Gaming Laptop offers.

There’s no need to doubt the ASUS notebook, indeed. The portable model we are talking about here is the proof of this. When it comes to your storage, you can be sure to get more than enough of it. Because?

This laptop can offer up to 1TB 7200RPM hard drive. With that large space, it is possible to save many types of important files on it. Of course, it includes the applications that you will install.

You will see that many people look for laptops where they can install all their applications and usually their prices are high because they can use heavy applications with them.

Large programs use more memory, so you’ll need enough space to hold them. 

Surely there’s more than one app you’re going to keep and use on your laptop, right? This is all the more reason for you to look for a laptop that allows you ample storage.

Best budget Windows laptop | Affordable Laptops Price

6. Best ASUS 2-in-1 Laptop: Asus 11-inch Flip

Find the lowest price in:

Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress

ASUS has always been one of the popular manufacturers to produce reliable laptops to choose from. Among the good ASUS laptops, there is one that should interest you. This is the ASUS Flip 11.6 » High-Performance laptop. We believe that this laptop has all the features to stand out as one of the best ASUS laptops.

Something that you will definitely fall in love with and will surely make you choose this laptop as your first option is its speakers. Because? Because this laptop can deliver studio-quality sound.

No matter what you’re doing, whether you’re producing a mix or enjoying your favorite music, the sound you’ll get from this laptop will be deep, offering clear highs, enhanced bass, and increased volume, giving you a unique sound experience.

All this is possible thanks to the fact that the speakers have Waves MaxxAudio integrated into them to achieve quality sound. Watching movies or just listening to your favorite music will be something that will make you focus on them.

They’re so satisfying to listen to, you won’t want to put this 15-inch laptop down. That is why we recommend it as one of the best ASUS laptops you should buy.

7. Best ASUS Chromebook 13

Find the lowest price in:

Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress

This Chromebook laptop is very elegant and refined in its light blue frame. The power that this laptop includes is a 2.16 GHz dual-core Intel processor. As for the RAM memory of this laptop, it is 4 GB of DDR3 RAM.

Storage is 16 GB with SSD solid-state hard drive technology. As for the screen of this incredible laptop, it is a 13.3-inch LED illuminated screen with a resolution of 1366 × 768 pixels.

The operating system is Chrome and the laptop comes complete with Bluetooth 4.0, USB 3.0 ports, and many more.


Best ASUS Laptop Transformer Book

Find the lowest price in:

Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress

This detachable 2-in-1 from Asus is complemented by Intel with a 64-Bit Quad Core 1.59GHz processor. It uses 4 GB of RAM to prevent the laptop from slowing down. The storage capacity of this laptop is 64 GB solid-state in the tablet.

The laptop includes a keyboard dock complete with an Ethernet port, USB 3.0 port, and USB 2.0 port. The screen is 11.6 inches with a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels and Intel HD graphics. The laptop has a dual webcam. The front camera is 2MP and the rear camera is 5MP.

The operating system of the laptop is Windows 8.1 and its battery life is 9 hours.

9. Best Laptops ASUS X751

Find the lowest price in:

Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress

If you want the best 17-inch laptop from Asus, look no further, this is the one for you. It has a 17.3-inch Full HD touch screen. The screen resolution is 1600 × 900 pixels.

The display is completed by the Intel HD graphic. 

The processor used in this laptop is Intel Pentium Quad-Core N3540 2.16 GHz. As for the RAM, it is 8GB DDR3 RAM.

The storage of this laptop is 1000 GB 5400 rpm hard drive, so storing a lot of files will not become a problem. 

The operating system of this laptop is Windows and to complete it includes features such as Bluetooth, USB 2.0, and 3.0 ports.

Best budget windows laptop Asus Zenbook UX305UA

10. Best ASUS-branded laptops

Find the lowest price in:

Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress

The Best ASUS Zenbook UX305UA laptop is one of the most popular laptop brands in the world. One of the best products is ASUS Zenbook UX305UA. As their new product, this laptop becomes one of the most popular laptops for their customers.

Coming with 13.3 inches of screen size, it is very ideal for anyone. One of the reasons people love this laptop is because it satisfies performance. It is due to its Intel Core i5 processor and 2.4 GHz processor speed.

This laptop also comes with built-in 802.11ac networking support and Bluetooth 4.0. In addition, it is also offered with 1 AC adapter, 1 micro HDMI, 1 USB 2.0 port, 2 USB 3.0 ports, and 1 COMBO audio port.

In addition, it also offers a large RAM memory with a capacity of 8 GB, while the offered hard drive has a capacity of 256 GB.

It is also to be thanked for its long-lasting battery that can last around 10 hours, and high-definition Webcam with 1.2 MP. The design is also slim to make it very portable to take anywhere.

This laptop uses Windows as the operating system. Other great features offered are the ultra-wide viewing angle and anti-glare (anti-glare) display of matter, which keep your eyes safe to look at this screen.

11. Best cheap ASUS 2-in-1 laptop: ASUS Transformer Book T100HA-C4-GR

Find the lowest price in:

Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress

This Asus has a 10.1-inch touchscreen. The screen resolution is 1280X800 pixels. The processor used in this laptop is the 1.44 GHz Intel Atom processor. As for the RAM, it is 4 GB of DDR3 memory.

Storage is 64 GB SSD. Furthermore, Windows 10 operating system is used in this laptop and it also has a micro SD card reader, Bluetooth 4.0, USB 3.0 port, USB 2.0 ports, and fast Wi-Fi. Battery life is up to 12 hours.

Best cheap ASUS laptop

Get an impressive laptop with great features, like a piercing 1080-pixel display, for less than $400. Many people can’t go for a high-end laptop, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a good laptop with quality features.

It is always convenient to buy a laptop that suits your needs. These budget laptops are not made with great power, however, these laptops can deal with a mixture of using applications quickly, browsing the web, and checking mail efficiently without any problem.

Best ASUS 2-in-1 laptop:

For the best convertible laptop, you should look for one with long battery life, outstanding configuration, free from possible heating, and if possible a detachable console with Bluetooth connection.

Try to get the one that will replace your laptop while offering the ease of a Notebook. Regarding the screen, look for a 12-inch screen. Get a laptop that attaches to your keyboard dock using magnets to hold the pieces together no matter how you’re holding them.

Locate a detachable Bluetooth console, may the elements have power, a mini USB port, a comfortable keyboard, and a basic but useful touchpad.

Best laptop with ASUS apps

Having a laptop with ASUS apps means having an attractive and advanced layout, powerful graphics and overall energy; fast speed, and vibrant and accurate presentation.

A cool and quiet machine to use the applications whenever you want. Be that as it may, in the event that you get one with Nvidia, it would be a great option. The latest applications notebook with Nvidia’s G-Sync innovation typically delivers smooth rendering with virtually no lag.

Best ASUS Chromebook:

Find your best Chromebook that offers features like a sharp and accurate touchscreen, long battery life, and stunning design. Like all Chromebooks, this one will be restricted by Chrome OS’s online dependency.

In the event that you need the ability to download more projects, and you need a lot more battery life, the Windows-driven Asus is a superior option. In any case, for people who need a portable mix that can last for hours of online work and gaming, the Asus Chromebook is an amazing alternative.

Best Asus Ultrabook Laptops:

Remember this, the best Ultrabook needs to display three things: long battery life, slim appearance, easy setup, and enough power to handle your home and business needs.

The Asus Ultrabook has an anti-glare screen (also known as an anti-glare screen ) that gives a nice view. You can also get one with more pixels and density.

Try to get the best high-performance laptop, in any case, you can choose the laptop that includes the Intel Core M, 8GB RAM, and 128 or even 256GB solid-state drive.

How to choose the best ASUS laptop

There are many models of ASUS laptops! Processor, memory and storage capacity, video card, and screen resolution are important features when choosing.

ASUS Vivobook: To surf the Internet

This series has very light models available in various colors. Its 15-inch screen has an ultra-thin frame, only 5.7 mm. Models available with Celeron processor, Intel i5 and i7, and an excellent sound system. Ideal for browsing the Internet, and watching videos, movies, and series.

The laptop’s keyboard has a slight inclination, which makes it more ergonomic. The prices are more affordable than the models of other ASUS series, and they are still easy-to-carry equipment, super suitable for everyday life.

ASUS Zenbook: Focused on work

The Zenbook series is sold all over the world. Zenbook is a laptop with an Intel i7 processor, very thin (only 15 mm), very light (only 1 kg), compact (14-inch screen), and elegant, with a metallic finish. Ideal to carry in the backpack for work.

There’s also the Zenbook Pro, with a 14-inch or 15-inch screen and large multi-featured notebooks. The Zenbook Pro has even better processors than the Zenbook, intel i7, or i9. In addition to browsing the Internet, it supports online games and image and video editors.

ASUS Gaming: High performance and beautiful design

ASUS notebooks are slimmer and have a unique beautiful design, with a light bar and backlit keyboard. In addition, they have intelligent cooling and are very resistant. ASUS Gaming Series offers 3 models to choose from.

For those who play light games, the recommendation is the “FX Series”, cheaper and with lower graphic resolution. There is also the “TUF Gaming Series”, of medium performance, and the “ROG Series”, the most powerful, suitable for those who are going to play heavy games.

Summary Best ASUS Laptops

We hope our guide to the best ASUS laptops will help you find the best ASUS laptop for your needs. Remember that if you have any doubts or questions, you can leave us a comment and we will help you solve your concern.

What are the best ASUS laptops? What are the best ASUS brand laptops? We want to know your opinion. If you have had any experience (good or bad) with our list of ASUS laptops or would like to add others, leave us a comment below and tell us your story.

The best MSI laptop on the market 2023

1. Best Budget Range: MSI Alpha 15

Screen:  15.6 inches  Processor:  AMD Ryzen 5 3550H  RAM:  16GB  Storage:  512 SSD  Card:  AMD Radeon RX 5500M-4GB GDDR6 Weight:  3 kg  Dimensions:  52.6 x 34.8 x 9.4 cm  Resolution:  3840× 2160   OS:  No OS  USB:  4  HDMI:  1

The next generation of 1080p gaming is everywhere With the Alpha 15, MSI introduces a completely new product line and offers a powerful mobile platform for stunning 1080p gaming. 

The new Radeon RX 5500M graphics, in combination with the Ryzen 5 processor, enables triple-digit frame rates in today’s AAA games. 

The snappy 120Hz display and Radeon FreeSync technology ensure razor-sharp images and unhindered response in even the fastest action.

BUILT FOR 1080P GAMING The AMD Radeon RX 5500M graphics card provides the platform for the most technically advanced 1080p gaming laptop. 

With its revolutionary 7nm RDNA architecture, the Radeon RX 5500M delivers the full spectrum of exceptional gaming performance on the go.

120HZ GAMING MONITOR: The brilliant image quality of the nearly frameless 120Hz display with Radeon FreeSync technology isn’t just impressive for fast FPS shooters. The absolutely smooth display, even with hectic movements, provides the decisive advantage in the game.

POWERFUL AND SILENT COOLING: For a cooling system, even when the game heats up: The “Cool Boost 5” cooling system works with separate cooling systems for the processor and graphics chip, whirling blade fans, and seven heat pipes copper made. Strong cooling power increases performance with reduced noise emission.

SteelSeries GAMING KEYBOARD: The SteelSeries Gaming Keyboard is optimized for the high demands of gamers. The gaming key layout, anti-ghosting technology for up to 14 simultaneous keystrokes, and individually controllable single-key lighting are unique for a laptop.

GAMING NETWORK: To ensure you don’t miss a millisecond of reaction time in online battles, the Killer Gaming network card optimizes game transmission rates and shortens Internet connection reaction times.

POWERFUL SOUND: The sound system with brilliant stereo speakers sets the stage for a powerful performance: Whether for games, videos, or music – convincing sound accompaniment is guaranteed. With extra-large speakers and resonance bodies, the “Giant Speakers” impress with their low volume, maximum volume, and purity of sound.

2. Best Midrange MSI GE75 Raider

Screen:  17.3 inches  Processor:  Intel Core i7-9750H  RAM:  32GB  Storage:  2TB SSD  Card:  Nvidia RTX 2070-8GB  Weight:  2.64 kg  Dimensions:  51.5 x 34 x 11 cm  Resolution:  1920 x 1080   Operating system:  No OS USB:  4  HDMI:  1

The new GE75 Raider is a stylish racing machine among gaming laptops. Points are scored in games and multimedia applications when the highest performance is required. The new 17.3″ model of the GE Raider series is immediately recognizable by the two characteristic grooves on the aluminum cover, imprinted by the claws of the dragons from MSI games.

Intel’s new 8th generation six-core processor: More processor cores for up to 40% performance gains over the previous generation.

Single-Key RGB Illuminated Gaming Keyboard: Adjust the RGB LEDs of individual keys for maximum control over keyboard lighting. Program the keyboard to your liking and choose cool lighting effects.

NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics: NVIDIA delivers the ultimate gaming performance with GeForce RTX GPUs for laptops. Featuring the new NVIDIA Turing architecture and revolutionary RTX features like real-time ray tracing, AI, and programmable shaders.

Giant Speakers – Bigger, Louder, Clearer: Feel every note with upgraded giant speakers and a high-quality Dynaudio sound system. The innovative speaker design is now 500% larger than before, providing a superior listening experience.

Revolutionary Cooling: A dedicated cooling solution for each processor and GPU with a total of seven heat pipes ensures maximum performance even under extreme long-term conditions.

KILLER DOUBLESHOT PRO – Protect the PING: Don’t lose another game of lag. DoubleShot Pro killer protects and prioritizes your game’s internet connection and prevents lag spikes. Killer Control Center is easy to use and allows bandwidth allocation for each program.

Best Affordable Laptops Price Idea

3. Best High MSI GT76 Titan

Screen:  17.3 inches  Processor:  Intel Core i9-9980HK  RAM:  64GB  Storage:  2 TB SSD  Card:  Nvidia RTX 2080-8GB  Weight:  4.56 kg  Dimensions:  55.6 x 44.8 x 18.8 cm  Resolution:  1920 x 1080   OS:  Windows 10  USB:  3  HDMI:  1

The most powerful gaming laptop MSI has ever built: Whether for the latest games or extremely compute-intensive applications, the GT76 Titan DT makes even powerful desktops look old. 

The powerful new eight-core 9th generation Intel Core processor and high-end GeForce RTX graphics deliver unbeatable performance for notebooks.

Eight-core Intel processor: The 9th generation Intel Core i9 processor is the latest in technology and performance. With 8 cores, clocked at up to 5GHz, and no multiplier lockup, the desktop processor handles all tasks with ease.

NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics: NVIDIA GeForce RTX GPUs deliver the ultimate gaming experience. Based on the new architecture of NVIDIA Turing GPUs, the RTX platform combines real-time ray tracing, artificial intelligence, and programmable shading to deliver unprecedented levels of realism.

240 Hz gaming screen: Not only with fast FPS shooting, but the brilliant image quality of the almost frameless 240 Hz screen with a response time of only 3 ms is also impressive. The absolutely smooth display, even with hectic movements, allows unbridled reaction and gives you a decisive advantage in the game.

The ship of light: The GT76 Titan also sets optical accents: The gaming keyboard from SteelSeries is optimized for the high demands of gamers and impresses with one-key controllable lighting. The Mystic Light box lighting also provides a strong look.

Powerful cooling: The basis of raw performance: The cooling of the MSI “Cool Boost Titan” works with four fans and eleven heat pipes. The CNC-milled copper cooling head also ensures that residual heat is reliably dissipated, so that the notebook’s high-end components can get the most out of their performance.

First-class sound: The Dynaudio sound system sets standards. The headphone output with the ESS SABER digital-to-analog converter is also designed for high-fidelity sound: With a sampling rate of up to 32-bit/384 kHz and a signal-to-noise ratio of 126 dBA, audio quality is achieved. high resolution.

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