What is the best cat food for indoor cats?

This question cannot be answered definitively; The best feed for your cat should contain a balanced diet rich in nutrients, including protein and fat, and with the least possible amount of cereals and artificial ingredients. in this comparative table, you will see the best cat food on the market.

What is the best natural cat food?

Natural feeds are those that are composed only of natural ingredients, they do not contain preservatives, dyes, or additional additives. They are fresh feed with a high volume of protein and usually do not contain cereals either. I don’t think you can choose a single feed as the best natural cat feed, but for example, two very good natural feed brands are Orijen and True Instinct.

The best brands of cat food

When it comes to the best cat food and feed brands, I think we could group them into 3 categories:

Low-end: in general, these are low-quality feeds, since they are made with animal by-products, which are the remains of meat factories that are discarded for human consumption, they usually have a high content of additives and artificial ingredients, and many bowls of cereal, which can cause allergies and intolerances.

These feeds are the ones you can find in supermarkets or department stores, such as the famous Mercadona cat feed, which of course I do not recommend.

Medium range: although they do not normally contain animal by-products, they do include cereals, additives, and artificial ingredients. Here we can mention brands like Royal Canin or Ultima.

High or premium range: they are the most expensive feed but also the most recommended since you make sure to give your cat an optimal and balanced diet. They carry a minimal or non-existent amount of cereals and are made with real and fresh ingredients, many of them 100% natural. 

It costs a little more to get them, so I recommend you buy them at veterinarians or specialized online stores. Acana, Orijen, and True Instinct are among the best cat food brands.

What types of the best cat food for indoor cats?

The next aspect that you should know about cat food is the different formats in which it is marketed. It is available in dry or wet food, the first being the bags of feed, such as the 15 kg cat feed, and the wet one, the typical cans that cats like so much and that are easy to chew.

Both types of food can be combined and it is even recommended. Dry food is the basis of any diet and the food that will make your cat excited every time you fill his plate. you must select a quality feed that provides your cat with what he needs. 

If you have a deficiency, such as a lack of protein, I consider it essential that you regulate your deficiency through food. You can combine it with wet food over several feedings a week, but it is recommended that you do not mix the two foods at the same time. Wet food is very tasty cans with a wide variety of flavors and a high amount of water, which is why they are beneficial for your pet. 

Your cat will love its flavor and, at the same time, you will be giving a very positive injection to its health and body.

Feed composition:

Finally, never forget to check the list of ingredients of the feed that you are going to buy. You have to make sure that they meet the right levels of protein and vitamins, that they have only the right amount of cereals, and that they do not incorporate harmful elements, such as dyes or additives of different types. It is also convenient that the ingredients are of natural origin since in this way you will ensure that your cat’s diet is as pure as possible.

Wet cat food: As we have previously mentioned in the buying guide, wet food is also an excellent option to feed your cat, ideally giving it both wet food and dry food. The only drawback they have is that they are not valid for most automatic cat feeders. Here are some of the best wet cat foods on the market:

Why buy quality feed for your cat?

Before telling you what cat food is like, you must understand the reasons why your pet’s diet is so important in the animal’s life: Cats live longer if they have a good diet: their immune system is strengthened and they are better able to deal with any virus or possible disease. Greater longevity: Being healthier, well-fed cats will live longer. They improve digestion:  the high amount of fiber helps make the digestion process easier.

Shinier hair: the cat’s hair will look silkier, shiny, and beautiful. More pleasant breath: quality cat food also takes care of improving the oral health of the animal.

How to choose the best cat food for indoor cats?

The quality of the feed directly affects the health of your cat. If your cat is fed a low-quality feed, health problems such as dermatitis, dry hair, allergies, low vital energy, etc. may arise in the long run. It is important to know that there are three categories of feed on the market :

*Low range: poor quality feed. They are the ones you find in the supermarket, made with by-products (animal remains), with a small amount of protein, chemical additives, and high concentrations of cereals that can cause intolerances and allergies.

*Medium range: they do not contain animal by-products but they can contain a large amount of cereals and some chemical additives.

*High or Premium range: they are the most natural feeds and the most recommended for your cat since you make sure that their diet is nutritious and healthy. High-end cat food is available at veterinarians and especially in online stores. 

They are made with real and fresh ingredients, grain-free (or less) so that your cat’s digestibility is better. As a result of this comparison, where I show the best brands of cat food,  you will be able to choose the best feed for your kitty and meet its specific needs. 

However, if your cat has special needs, consult your veterinarian to find out what type of food helps improve its health and well-being. Your kitten must be well-fed and hydrated, so make sure that he eats the food that best suits him since you will be providing him with health and well-being.

12 Best cat food for indoor cats


A very palatable feed, making it ideal for demanding palates. Another high-quality feed is the Taste of the Wild. Its products are made with 100% natural ingredients, free of cereals, and high in protein. Both the meat and the fish used are fresh, free of hormones and antibiotics, and are made under strict quality control.

In its composition, they also incorporate vegetables and vegetables necessary for the health of your cat and its correct development. It constitutes a complete and holistic food, so do not be afraid that it provides and supplies the nutritional needs of your pet. It is enhanced with purified water, which is appreciated because the company takes care of the details of the water with which it is made.

It is ideal for demanding palettes, because not only the size of the croquettes are small and ideal for consumption, but it smells good and its ingredients are completely natural, giving the feed a good flavor. Taste of the Wild has different types of feed according to your cat’s tastes: venison, trout, salmon, etc.


  • High-quality natural cat food.
  • I think ideal for demanding palates.
  • Grain and gluten-free.


  • Little variety for special needs that your cat may have.

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(2) Brit Care GF Cat Sterilized Urinary Health

It is made specifically for cats that have been neutered or have kidney and urinary tract problems. It is made from sparkling chicken, which is exceedingly digestible helps digestive tract health, improves pores and skin, and coats pleasant in sterilized cats.

(3) Hills SD Feline Kitten

It is clinically proven to provide precisely balanced nutrition. It is an easy-to-digest food for growing kittens. It has no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives and makes a completely healthy development for the brain and eyes. It is the ideal food for a new kitten at home.

(4) Taste of the wild feline canyon river

It is a food for cats of all sizes and breeds. It is based on trout and smoked salmon, which are a source of protein and healthy fats that cats need to replenish their energy. Because grains in food can cause health problems in cats, Feline Canyon River is grain-free. It also strengthens the immune system and creates impeccable digestion as it protects the intestinal flora.

APPLAWS Best cat food for indoor cats


One of the best natural hypoallergenic wet foods for cats, ideal for sensitive cats with intolerances and allergies. The Applaws brand also offers a high-quality low-carbohydrate feed.

It has a high meat content, 80% fresh meat, and is free of grains and gluten. Its remaining 20% ​​of the content is chicken broth and other vegetables. It is a hypoallergenic feed, which means that it is recommended for those sensitive cats, with intolerances and allergies.

It is also free of additives, preservatives, and dyes, which can be very harmful to the health of your cat. So we are talking about a holistic feed that complements and supplies all the nutritional needs for the correct development of your cat.


  • Prebiotics in their composition.
  • I think hypoallergenic.
  • High protein content.
  • Grain and gluten-free.


  • Little variety for special needs that your cat may have.
  • Strong smell.

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(6) ACANA:

One of the best cat foods currently on the market, ideal if you want to give it a 100% natural and balanced diet. The Acana brand is one of the best cat foods on the market today. Its product is of the highest quality, even suitable for human consumption. It contains a high amount of protein, as well as natural and fresh ingredients from Canada. It is also free of cereals, antibiotics, and hormones.

The meat they use comes from farms where the animals are raised in semi-freedom, and the fish is from the sustainable fishing of their lakes and rivers. The composition of this feed is designed to provide your cat with a complete diet, based on what wild cats eat, so that they can have the vitamins and nutrients they need. Indeed, it is not very cheap, but its quality is excellent. We would place it in the Premium Range of cat food. Currently, Acana is the best feed for cats.


  • I think natural for cats of very high quality. Premium range.
  • Meat from animals raised in freedom.
  • Fish from sustainable fishing.
  • High protein percentage.
  • Grain and gluten-free.


  • Little variety for special needs that your cat may have.
  • Not very cheap.

(7) Hills SD Feline Adult:

This food provides the same benefits as the previous one, the difference is that this is only for adult cats from 1 to 6 years old. It is guaranteed to improve the coat and skin in just 30 days, has antioxidant benefits, and has no artificial preservatives.

(8) I think ORIJEN

It is an ideal feed for demanding palates as it offers a flavor enhanced by the freshness of its meat and fish. The Orijen cat food brand has nothing to envy Acana food. Orijen is also a very high-quality feed, with completely natural ingredients from Canada.

The composition it uses resembles what animals would consume in the wild. Not only is it produced grain-free, but it also contains a high content of animal proteins that naturally supply the nutritional needs of cats. It is also free of all chemical additives that can harm the health of our pets. Orijen’s feed contains fresh and dehydrated meat as the first ingredients and vegetables are added for the proper development of your cat.


  • I think natural for cats of very high quality. Premium range.
  • A high percentage of proteins.
  • natural ingredients.
  • Grain and gluten-free.


  • Little variety for special needs that your cat may have.
  • Not very cheap.

(9) Brit Care GF Cat Kitten Healthy Growth & Development:

It is specifically made for pregnant or lactating cats. It is anti-allergic and rich in essential nutrients for the lactation and gestation stages. It is the best food option for healthy kittens to be born and to prevent rickets in cats after pregnancy.


A high-quality cat food that allows you to choose between different products according to the tastes and needs of your cat. Nature’s Variety Selected is also part of the  High Range, so its feed is of high quality. They use natural ingredients and have a high percentage of meat and are free of gluten and cereals, to avoid intolerances and poor digestion. They also use natural ingredients made by steam.

Its feed is free of artificial preservatives, colorings, and flavors, providing a natural diet that favors exceptional nutrition for your pet so that it enjoys good health and has optimal physical condition.

It incorporates 60% animal protein, among which turkey and chicken stand out, while the rest of the composition is fruits, vegetables, and legumes. The Nature’s Variety brand would be part of the high range, so its feed is of high quality.

Take fresh and dehydrated meat as the main ingredients to provide a complete food that covers all your cat’s protein needs. The meat they use is from animals raised in semi-freedom, which guarantees absolute respect for the animals. In addition, it also incorporates essential vegetables and greens that provide the necessary vitamins and nutrients.


  • High-quality natural cat food.
  • Different products of the same brand.
  • Grain and gluten-free.


  • Little variety for special needs.

Best cat food for indoor cats with ROYAL CANIN

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One of the best feeds for cats is if they have special needs that you must cover. The Royal Canin brand is in the mid-range of cat food. This brand has a historical trajectory in our country and is well-known among cat and dog lovers. The good thing about Royal Canin is that it has an infinite number of specialized feeds according to the characteristics of your cat: sterilized, intolerances, digestive, breeds, etc. What we would not find in the higher categories.

Therefore, although it is categorized as a medium range, many of its products are high-end since they are so specialized that they are ideal for the needs that your cats may present.

For example, if your cat suffers from some type of intolerance or is sterilized and is gaining a lot of weight, it is ideal to have a feed like Royal Canin on hand, which, thanks to its specialization, supplies your cat nutritionally, keeping it in very good health. Depending on the feed you choose, you can find more or less cereal. As well as the amounts of fresh and dehydrated meat as well as vegetables and vegetables will vary.


  • I think it belongs to the best in the upper-middle range.
  • Large repertoire of specialties according to the needs of your cat.
  • Very good value for money for some of their products.


  • It does not specify the amount of protein in its products.
  • Presence of cereals.


This an ideal feed if you are looking for specialized feed for the special needs that your cat presents. The Advance brand would be like the Royal Canin. Indeed, it is not a very high-quality feed, but it is ideal if your cat has special needs such as intolerances, excess hairballs, sterilization, etc.

So within Advance, you can find many specializations, maybe not as many as Royal Canin, but they are ideal depending on what happens to your cat. It is not the most recommended feed that you can give it, but its products are of much better quality than those sold in supermarkets. Its protein concentration is a little lower and there is also a presence of cereals. But even so, it is a necessary feed if your cat has specific needs.


  • I think it belongs to the best mid-range.
  • The repertoire of specialties according to the needs of your cat.


  • Low protein content.
  • Presence of cereals.

(13) Cat Food Advance

One of the advantages of this advanced feed is that it has a multitude of variants to cover the widest possible range of cat types. It is a food prepared in Spain and is available in many varieties, such as baby cat food, small cat food, sterilized cats or cats with weight problems, or even wet cat food. All the options meet the dietary needs of cats, providing nutrients and a composition full of vitamins. It stands out for the following:

High level of Omega 3 and taurine for vision and brain. Many beneficial nutrients, such as Omega 3, and Omega 6, vitamins, proteins, and minerals. It positively influences the pH of the urine. Facilitates digestion thanks to the use of chicken. As a negative aspect, I think that it is not always specified from which part of the animal each component of the feed comes.

  • Strengths
  • Many different varieties  
  • Contributions of Omega 3
  • Mid-range with good value for money
  • Weak points
  • You could specify your composition better

Who should buy this feed?

Advanced feed is perfect for cat owners who want to have specific varieties of feed, to be able to choose the most suitable for your cat. I leave you the varieties of Advance for small and adult kittens:

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(14) I think for cats Acana Wild Prairie:

Acana is Orijen’s sister brand, so you can imagine what their level of quality is. It is classified within the group of premium type natural feed for cats due to the excellent selection of ingredients that the food has. The Acana Wild Prairie variant for cats is the most natural of the entire range, being inspired by the foods enjoyed by animals in the prairies and Canadian wilderness.

Animals that eat this cat food can replicate the benefits that wildlife derives, getting the healthy type of diet they enjoy. It is 75% meat, including free-range chicken, eggs, and turkey, as well as wild-caught trout and walleye.

This combination of natural ingredients provides 37% protein and this cereal-free cat food also includes vegetables, such as carrots, pumpkin, and lentil fiber, Its negative aspect is that the croquettes are quite large, so they are not recommended for cats with chewing problems.


  • High-end natural feed
  • High meat and protein content
  • no grains

Weak points

  • Large size croquettes 
  • Who should buy this cat food?

I think this Acana feed is ideal for anyone looking for a high-end healthy natural feed with high meat and protein content.

(15) Food for cats Amazon Lifelong and Solimo

To offer cheap cat food, Amazon has recently started offering its pet food. It is a mid-range product, but it has surprised everyone because it has a higher quality than expected. This has led to both Lifelong Feed and Solimo beginning to sell significantly, reaching high levels of popularity.

The Lifelong has fresh salmon, natural probiotics, taurine, chondroitin, and glucosamine, substances that improve aspects of the animal’s health such as digestion, heart, eyesight, and joints. For its part, the Solimo feed is a combination of turkey, chicken, and vegetables, providing a high level of vitamin D to strengthen the bones, zinc, and biotin.

This feed has no barley, soy, wheat, preservatives, or dyes, and is the best-selling cat feed. On the downside, it seems to me that these feeds are still very new, so they lack a run and popularity, although their level of sales is spectacular.


  • Excellent medium-range feed
  • Variety of flavors
  • Nutritionally balanced

Weak points:

Brand new 

Who should buy this cat food?

This Amazon feed is ideal for those looking to pay a reduced price for cat feed and be sure that it will be a quality product.

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(16) True Instinct for cats

True Instinct is one of the best high-end brands of cat food, of North American origin. It is characterized by having a recipe of natural ingredients which there is 45% from selected animals, 35% from whole grains, and 20% from fruits and vegetables.

In its composition, it has fresh salmon, which benefits the muscle, Omega 3 and Omega 6 to improve the appearance of the hair, and a large number of antioxidants, with which the immune system is strengthened.

It is a recipe with a low level of fat, dietary fiber, and a high amount of protein. This will allow the animals to control their weight level and have a better state of health. The downside of this quality cat food is that it is not exactly the cheapest on the market.


  • 100% natural ingredients 
  • Prestigious brand
  • Low level of fat

Weak points:

could be cheaper

Includes cereals

Who should buy this cat food?

I think True Instinct is ideal to ensure that your pet is fed with healthy, natural food that benefits their digestion. I think it is without a doubt one of the best brands of cat food.

(17) I think of cats Royal Canin:

Despite the passage of time, Royal Canin continues to be one of the brands that are always in all the recommendations, although it should not be forgotten that its feed is only mid-range. This has advantages, such as being able to acquire it at a more affordable price and being at a level similar to feed such as Ultima or Advance.

It should also be noted that this French brand has many varieties available, so it is easy to find one that exactly fits the needs of your pet. For example, they have food for small cats and wet food for cats and they sell them in different formats, even in bags of cheap 20 kg food for cats.

It is a feed specifically manufactured in Spain, although the brand is not Spanish, which helps to have better control of its ingredients. Its quality level is not as high as that of other recommendations that we have made and it can be difficult to choose the exact model that suits your cat.


  • Many varieties
  • balanced composition
  • Good price

Weak points:

It is not a natural feed 

Who should buy this cat food?

It is perfect for those who need a very specific feed at an affordable price, such as feed for Persian cats.

Best kittens cat foods

(18) Best kittens cat foods with ROYAL Brand

For this article to be complete, I also had to talk about kitten food.

As you know, in their first month of life, kittens only feed on their mother’s milk, and it is from 4 weeks on when weaning begins and we can choose to either start introducing wet food for kittens into their diet. or feed or kitten food mixed with milk. We will gradually increase the proportion of feed, until the end of weaning once we reach 8 weeks, since after 2 months your kitten should only feed on kitten food.

You must feed him specific food for kittens since it is appropriate for his age. Commercial brands are perfectly aware of this process, so there is a wide range of both wet food for kittens and food for small or baby cats, and in fact,

I recommend that you buy this type of specific food for your cat from the age of 2. months, extending its use at least until its first year of life. This type of food is called kitten food or kitten food. Here are two highly recommended wet food options for kittens and three alternatives to the best food for kittens: Royal Canin Feline Babycat Instinctive – 12 Units of 195 g, Total-

*Royal Feline Mother Babycat Box 12X195Gr

*Product to take care of your pet’s diet

*ROYAL brand product

The best gastrointestinal feed for cats

Some cats may suffer digestive problems more easily than other cats, either due to the characteristics of the breed or the specific characteristics of the cat. To solve this type of problem, in recent years a type of feed that is increasingly in demand has appeared, the so-called gastrointestinal feed: they are feeds valid for all breeds of cats and ages, which fundamentally seek to facilitate and improve digestion of your cat, they are feeds created with ingredients and nutrients that minimize gastric problems and help in the digestion of fats in your cat. Here are some of the best:

The best hypoallergenic feed for cats

It is increasingly common to find cats with some type of allergy. The origins are varied, but food allergies are one of the main causes of allergic reactions in cats. If yours has allergies, I think you should resort to a hypoallergenic feed: they are feeds that use only natural products, without resorting to artificial ingredients or additives.

Some of the best hypoallergenic cat foods are:

The best feed for diabetic cats

Cats with diabetes problems need to take a special feed since their body does not regulate sugar correctly and everything they eat must be controlled to avoid problems, so I consider that looking for a feed for diabetic cats is essential. They are not particularly cheap feeds, but they contain ingredients that help control blood glucose and have a low-fat content. Here are some of the most interesting options on the market:

The best light feed for cats

Some breeds of cats are more prone to being overweight, either for genetic reasons or because they move less and exercise less. I think it is important to watch your cat’s excess weight, to prevent it from causing greater evils. There are many light feeds for cats that help regulate their weight, normally being fed with low carbohydrate and sugar content and high in protein. You can see some of the best feed for overweight cats below:

More idea

*Purina Cat Food Beef and Liver Feast in Wet Cat… (Amazon)

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