How to choose the best puppy dog food for large breeds:

Protein is vital for puppies. Choose a puppy food with a good dosage: Proteins are essential for the body of pets because they have two fundamental functions for them to grow strong and healthy, structural and metabolic function. But what does that mean? Well, structural function protein acts on the structure of the body, ensuring the support of tissues, for example, muscles, skin, nails, etc.

The metabolic function is related to the chemical reactions that occur in the body, in this case, it is the catalytic proteins that come into action, accelerating and facilitating these reactions that occur within the cells. 

There are also carrier proteins such as hemoglobin, which carries oxygen from the lungs to the cells. In other words, proteins are essential in the diet of our little friends. Good fats provide energy, bet on food with this ingredient

Good fats like fish oils and poultry fats are excellent sources of energy. However, its benefits go beyond that! Omega 3 and 6, for example, the oils found in fish, flaxseed, and algae, also control inflammatory reactions, regulate the immune system, prevent cancer, and improve heart, kidney, and cognitive function. In addition, they reduce the risk of inflammatory diseases in the intestine and kidney stones. 

It is worth mentioning that omegas are essential for the development of puppies as a whole, especially for the functions of the retina and the brain. Therefore, make sure that by choosing a ration with these ingredients your dog will grow up with less risk of developing diseases.

Check the breed and age on the food label:

Even if the food is for puppies, some brands list the maximum age for which the food is listed. This indication is made based on the nutrients that your puppy should receive at each age. Therefore, it is good to keep an eye on it. Also, some rations may have larger and harder grains and, therefore, be indicated only for large or medium-breed dogs. 

Bigger dogs, even when puppies have more strength to bite and don’t hurt themselves by eating a little more food. So especially if your dog is a small breed, check this out. Rations free of harsh additives, organic and natural, are the best options Many companies include food additives such as preservatives and antioxidants to preserve food and prevent oxidation. In addition, they also use dyes to make the beans more colorful and “pretty.” However, these additives may not be so interesting. Check why below

Preservatives can cause health problems:

It is common to find ingredients such as BHA and BHT in foods, and antioxidant-type preservatives. They prevent the oxidation of food substances, that is, they prevent food oils from becoming rancid or changing the flavor of the food. 

However, research shows that the use of these preservatives can cause damage to the animal’s health. BHA, for example, can cause cancer, because it causes DNA modifications that initiate mutagenesis, thus generating cancer DNA.

When the subject is BHT we do not have enough studies that indicate the same result, but everything leads us to believe that it acts in the same way as BHA. Also, both can cause allergic reactions. Not to mention that they can cause kidney problems and decrease the absorption of important vitamins such as A and D. 

Therefore, in order not to run the risk of buying a feed with these additives, we indicate that preference is given to natural feeds because are used in conservation technologies through vitamins C and E and extracts of green tea, rosemary, and oregano.

The use of dyes is associated with allergies

For owners to associate colored food grains with foods like meat and vegetables, many companies insert synthetic pigmentation into the product, made through a chemical process. This pigmentation, that is, colorings, are used to give food a more attractive appearance, but their use can cause the same problems as preservatives.

Allergies are the most common reactions, even more so when it comes to puppies, which still do not have such a strong body and are prepared to receive this type of additive. So, as above, the best way to steer clear of these harmful ingredients is to choose foods made with organic ingredients.

Choose according to the type of food:

There are several types of food, which differ in the quality of the ingredients present in the composition. Check below what they are:

Economy portions have more affordable prices:

These rations are the most common, being used by the majority of people who have a pet at home since it has a more affordable price. However, because they are cheaper, they have reduced nutritional quality. Therefore, if you are going to buy this type of food, keep in mind that in the future your dog may need a nutritional supplement.

Premium rations best puppy dog food for large breed

Premium foods are considered intermediate in terms of prices and nutritional values. So you can expect higher quality ingredients compared to the economy and standard servings, but the cost will also be a bit higher. 

However, the ingredients are focused only on the health of the pet, there are no promises of improvement of the coat or skin. In addition to high nutritional value, premium pet foods offer additional benefits.

Super Premium portions offer high nutritional value:

Super Premium foods have a high level of nutritional quality and, consequently, price. In addition to being excellent for the puppy’s health, they are enriched with nutrients that benefit the coat, teeth, and skin, and also reduce the odor of feces. They also improve digestibility, increase nutrient absorption, and promote satiety.

General tips: To ensure the health and satisfaction of your pup. It is very important to change the diet from time to time. Either because of the arrival of adulthood, because you need to vary the nutrients, or because your puppy got tired of food.

However, this ration change must be done little by little, to prevent the pet from having diarrhea. Change the mix of rations to 25% of the new version and 75% of the old one for two days, from the third day onwards put half of the old ration and half of the new one.

On the fifth day, the pet will get more used to the new food, so put 75% of it and only 25% of the old one. Only on the seventh day does he use 100% of the new feed. And don’t forget, by the time your puppy is one year old, he’ll be close to switching from dog food to adult dog food. See the vet and make that swap.

What is the best puppy food?

The best food for puppies is one that meets their basic nutritional needs. Thus, its main ingredient must be the protein of animal origin, which can come from both meat and fish. Later, to a lesser extent, it can contain other complementary ingredients, such as legumes, fruits, or vegetables. The set must provide:

  • Proteins
  • Carbohydrates
  • Fats
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals

All this in optimal quantities, hence the importance of choosing quality food. It must be taken into account that puppies are in a stage of rapid growth, which means that they will have different nutritional needs than they will as adults, hence the importance of always looking for specifically prepared food. Puppies are going to need a higher percentage of nutrients such as protein for this reason, as well as a higher energy intake. These needs are usually maintained until one year of age, although large or giant breed dogs will continue to grow until 18-24 months.

Always read the label to ensure that we choose the best food. We must give it several times a day, according to the amounts indicated by the manufacturer/nutritionist, and not add any type of supplement (such as calcium) without consulting the veterinarian, as it could be counterproductive, unbalancing the diet.

Types of best puppy dog food for large breed

In general, for puppies, we will find the same types of food that are marketed for adult dogs. It must be remembered that they should be fed breast milk until at least eight weeks of life. Approximately from the month, they can begin to try solid foods. We can opt for these formats, remembering that we must always choose an option specifically formulated for puppies:

*I think dry food: is possibly the most widespread option thanks to its comfort, price, and storage. They are small hard balls that can be offered directly or soaked.

*Cans or wet food: in this case, the food is presented in pieces, usually with sauce, or in pate, with a soft texture, which makes it easier for puppies to ingest.

*Dehydrated food: this meal is bought dehydrated. At home, you simply have to add water earlier than presenting it to the puppy.

*Personalized food: agencies like Barkyn put together individualized menus, that is, they adapt flawlessly to the dietary wants of every dog. You simply have to ship your information so that the meals made for him arrive at home, taking into account his breed, weight, and lifestyle. We are speaking about dry food, however, at Barkyn they additionally have moist meals perfect for pups made with clean poultry and sparkling salmon as predominant ingredients.

Likewise, they provide a liquid complement that is brought to their common meals to fortify joint health, making it best specifically for pups of giant and large breeds.

*Homemade food: pups can be fed with meals that we make ourselves at home. It is now not about giving them the leftovers of our dishes, but about deciding on and cooking ingredients, following the menus formulated through a vitamin professional so that they do now not have any deficiencies.

*BARF diet: consists of imparting uncooked or gently cooked food. It is primarily based on meat, meaty bones, and offal. Like homemade food, we want the recommendation of a dog’s vitamin expert to make sure that the menus are balanced. There can also be transmission of parasites and pathogens in uncooked foods.

7 Best puppy food for large breeds

The best puppy dog food for large breed the market

(1) Acana Puppy & Junior:

One of the best natural feeds for small dogs and puppies. 

  • Age: Young dogs
  • Type: Small and medium breeds
  • Flavor: Chicken
  • Weight: 11.4 kg

If you are looking for a feed that is completely free of cereals in its components, you are facing the best option. And it is that the Puppy & Junior feed of the well-known brand Acana contains chicken and free-range eggs in 70% of its ingredients. 

The remaining 30% is made up of vegetables so that, as a whole, they improve the health and well-being of your canine. This product is made for puppies and small breeds up to a weight of 25 kilograms in adulthood.

The fact of not having cereals and being composed mainly of proteins will favor your pet to have excellent growth in the case of being a young dog. As the only drawback, it is noteworthy that the container does not include a hermetic seal, as is often the case with other feeds.


  •    Effective on puppies and small dogs.
  •    Lots of protein.
  •    It is grain-free.
  •    Its composition is 100% natural.


  •    It does not include a hermetic closure.

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(2) Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream Puppy

As one of the best feeds for puppies, we bring you the Pacific Stream Puppy model from the famous brand already mentioned Taste of the Wild. Thanks to the fruits and vegetables it contains, your dog will get natural antioxidants and will be able to maintain a healthy life. In addition, its formula is monoprotic. This means that the entire protein source comes from a single element. In this case, like its flavor, it is salmon.

As it is a wet feed, your puppy will not have any difficulty eating it as it is very soft. As for its disadvantages, it should be noted that it does not have a hermetic seal. Nothing can be solved using a rubber band to replace this closure.


  •    High in protein.
  •    It doesn’t have cereal.
  •    Skin changes are noticeable.
  •    It is mannoprotein.


  •    It does not have a hermetic seal.

Best dry dog food for puppies

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(3) Acana Puppy & Junior

If you are looking for a feed for your puppy that has 0% cereal in its components, surely this product is ideal for you. And it is that the Puppy & Junior feed of the well-known brand Acana is made up of chicken and free-range eggs in 70% of its ingredients.

In addition, the remaining 30% is made up of vegetables that will improve the health of your pet. By having 70% fresh meat, it will have the necessary nutrients that your puppy needs to develop its body and have excellent growth. 

Also, the fact that it does not have any type of cereal will prevent your puppy from having skin problems. These problems are usually frequent in puppies when it is still unknown if they have any type of allergy. As for its drawbacks, like the previous I think, the container does not include a hermetic closure.


  •    Effective on puppies and small dogs.
  •    Lots of protein.
  •    It is grain free.
  •    It’s 100% natural composition.


  •    It does not include a hermetic closure.

(4) Eukanuba Puppy S:

Ideal for maintaining muscles and strengthening bones.

  • Age: 1-12 months
  • Type: Small breeds
  • Taste: Variety
  • Weight: 15 kg

In the case of having a puppy between 1-12 months of age of a small breed, this feed from the famous Eukanuba brand is your ideal purchase. And, the Puppy S model has a high fat and protein content to help develop and maintain your puppy’s muscle mass. Also, it can be useful for getting stronger bones thanks to the amount of calcium it contains.

This feed is specialized in small breed animals such as Yorkshire Terriers, Carlino, Chihuahuas, and Maltese Bichons. That is why the grain particles have a small size so that you can eat them without any problem.

In addition, thanks to the antioxidants it includes, you will be able to have a better immune system in the face of new infections.It should be noted that, as the only drawback, it contains a large percentage of cereals such as corn or rice. Therefore, we do not recommend its use if you have previously shown some type of intolerance to these ingredients.


  •    High protein and fat content.
  •    It’s value for money.
  •    How tasty it is.
  •    Ideal for small breeds.


  •    It does not have any closure.
  •    It is not grain-free.

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(5) Eukanuba Puppy M:

I think with a high amount of protein, Omega 6 and 3. Also, it is one of the cheapest.

  • Age: 1-12 months
  • Type: Medium breeds
  • Taste: Variety
  • Weight: 15 kg

If you are looking for the best value-for-money food for medium-sized puppies, I have to say that you are facing your best option. And it is that the Eukanuba Puppy M is specialized in breeds of this type such as Golden Retriever, Siberian Husky, and German Shepherd among many others. Like the previous one, it contains a high level of protein of animal origin from chicken (33%) to promote proper growth.

Thanks to its natural sources of Omega 6 and 3, you will be able to observe noticeable changes in the skin and coat of your pet. Its only disadvantage is the proportion of its particles. Being a medium size, its use is recommended for medium and large breeds.


  •    Optimal results in the hair.
  •    How cheap it is.
  •    Very tasty.
  •    The quality of the ingredients.


  •    The grain is of medium size.

Purina ProPlan best puppy dog food

(6) Purina ProPlan:

I think made up of top-quality chicken, colostrum, and a multitude of essential nutrients.

  • Age: 1-12 months
  • Type: Medium and large breeds
  • Flavor: Chicken
  • Weight: 12 kg

If you are one of those people who want to take the best so as not to surprise you, in this position we bring you the best feed for puppies that will satisfy all your pet’s needs at a good price.

In addition, this product from the economic brand Purina has two styles (Athletic and Robust) so that you can choose the one that best suits your pet, taking into account its weight and height. In the event that your dog is a Labrador, we recommend that you use Athletic. On the other hand, if you have a Mastiff, or Saint Bernard. among other large breeds, it will be better to buy Robust feed.

Also, the fact that it has large particles will help you taste the food better because you will not be able to ingest them without chewing them first. Regardless of your model, these feeds are made with high-quality chicken, colostrum, and all the essential nutrients you need to support your body’s natural defenses when you are still a puppy.


  •    Large croquettes.
  •    It’s value for money.
  •    The results in your dog.
  •    Contains all the essential nutrients.


  •    It is not grain free.

(7) The best natural food for dogs: Acana Prairie Poultry:

If we were given to choose only one feed from this guide, it would be Prairie Poultry from the prestigious Acana brand. This feed is suitable for both small and large breeds as it has well-balanced nutrients and does not contain any type of cereal with a high glycemic level. And it is that in addition to promoting a balanced diet, it ensures that it is made up of natural ingredients. 

Being 50% of its nutrients obtained thanks to chicken and free-range eggs, while the other half are vegetables for your pet to lead a healthier life. From our point of view, it is a good feed if you want it to eat natural foods, be more balanced, improve digestion, and strengthen hair, regardless of the budget allocated. The relationship between the quality and price of this feed does not give rise to doubts.

The best snacks for puppies:

Puppy treats are a way to show your four-legged friend affection or even encourage good behavior or reward him for something. Today, the market offers a wide variety of snacks, such as dog biscuits.

In addition to pleasing the palate, the snacks are sources of calcium, phosphorus, and other nutrients that help the pet’s health. Consult our advice and discover how to choose the ideal one for your dog. Also check out the 10 best dog snacks from brands like Pedigree, Purina, and Baw Waw, among others.

How to choose the best snack for puppies

To ensure the best dog snack, you must pay attention to some details such as its presentation and whether it provides more advantages, the size of the product, the flavor, and if it has beneficial nutrients, among others. Consult our advice and understand it better. Snack, stick, or cookie for the puppy? Choose according to the format and presentation.

You can find dog treats in various forms, but the two main ones are still the snack and the cookie. They have some differences, and these details can help you when choosing. Look a little more about each one.

Puppy Snack: It has a more pronounced flavor and can be divided to give the pet one piece at a time, ideal for training sessions. Puppy Biscuit – This is smaller and easier to administer, and usually also helps detartar and mechanically clean the pet’s teeth. The sticks can have different presentations, both the most common, the flattened, and others in the shape of a rope. 

Therefore, consider the benefits of each snack and when you will reward your pet with them and choose the ideal version. Always give preference to snacks that have nutritional quality. It is important to note that pet food is already complete food, so snacks should not be substituted for balanced food.

Check the indications of age, weight, or breed of the snack:

Most of the treats are released for dogs of all ages and breeds. However, some products may be breed-specific, or have a minimum use age and ideal weight range. Therefore, it is good to take this detail into account when choosing a treat for your pet. Virtually all dog treats, even those released for different ages, sizes, and breeds, list the maximum number of treats per day that you can offer your dog. 

The rations vary according to the weight of the pet and it is important to respect them to avoid overweight dogs. This is because the snack often has a differentiated formula. Puppy snacks, for example, may have adequate protein and ingredients for growing dogs and, if eaten by adult dogs, can lead to weight gain and excess nutrients.

The size, shape, and nutritional properties of each treatment are adapted to each type of dog. This can vary from brand to brand. However, try to always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and those of your trusted veterinarian.

The puppy snacks important nutrients

In addition to being a treat for puppies, snacks can also provide some health benefits for the animal. In its formula, you can count on important substances for the development of the dog or that help to maintain hygiene and health always up to date. Check some of them:

*Calcium: substance present in almost all snacks that helps keep the dog’s bones and teeth stronger.

*Phosphorus: like calcium, it is important for the puppy’s metabolism, especially to avoid kidney and joint problems.

*Omega 3 and/or 6: Helps to have healthier skin and coat, in addition to fighting inflammation, helping to reduce itching, absorbing vitamins, and even supporting heart and brain health.

*Protein: Protein is a nutrient made up of amino acids and is responsible for stimulating growth, muscle strengthening, and energy in dogs. Snacks contain between 9 and 40% protein in their composition.

*Vitamin E: helps in the formation of red blood cells and is also a great oxidant. It also helps in the cell defense of dogs, keeping them healthier.Some dog treats free of artificial colors, GMO foods, and other preservatives are healthier options. Although there is no consensus that these additives are bad for pets, it is always good to offer dogs a more natural diet.

Choose the flavor of the snack that your puppy likes

Dogs are not usually picky about the taste of food, but nowadays you can choose from a good variety of them and who knows if you won’t find your favorite? Pet snacks can now emulate chicken, beef, and vegetable flavors, and some are even specific, such as Angus flavor. Stuffed dog snacks offer a union of flavors, so it is worth taking turns to prevent the animal from getting sick or even to realize which ones it likes the most. 

Once you know that, you can invest more in snacks of that specific flavor. Your dog will surely love it. It is important that your dog is always interested in consuming snacks, especially if they are used to positively reinforce good behavior. Therefore, it is interesting to have several snack options and always please him with a different one to increase interest.

Choose the size based on the routine

You can find packages of treats for dogs of various sizes, which can range from 70 g to 1 kg. Choose the container according to your routine with the pet. For people who give occasional snacks to reward good behavior every day, a pack of less than 500g is sufficient. For those who do the training with the dog and use the snack more often, it is worth investing in larger packages, like 500 g or more, to avoid having to buy all the time and it can even be cheaper. This advice also applies to those who have many dogs at home.

Summary of the best food for puppies

Puppy feeds are specialized for their age. They must also be free of gluten, dyes, and additives. We have an article dedicated to the best puppy food on the market.

How to choose: Starting from the simple premises that we have uncovered in the preceding section, we can pick out exceptional meals for our domestic dog taking into account its traits and possibilities. Thus, if we have a recently weaned dog, it is higher than we lean toward the smooth options, which will be greater handy to chunk and swallow.

We refer to wet, dehydrated, or homemade food. It may additionally be a proper choice to soak the feed with heated water till the pellets soften. It can additionally be made with milk specially formulated for doggies or with some homemade broth besides fats or salt. The perfect would be to cook dinner each day for our puppy, averting the possible transmission of pathogens with cooking, following the guidelines of a dog’s nutritionist.

But it is no longer a choice reachable to each and everyone because it implies time that is no longer constantly available. For this reason, customized diets are a true option, as they permit us to adapt to the particular desires of the doggy and pick between the feed or moist meals format.

An older puppy, already accustomed to chewing, can be properly fed with food, as long as we figure out a correct excellent one (you have to examine the label with the elements carefully) or a personalized choice due to the fact it will go away. adapting to their wants in the course of growth. If you favor studying extra articles comparable to What is the nice domestic dog food? we advise that you enter our area on balanced diets.

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