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What is AMP? And Best WordPress amp themes idea.

AMP, an acronym for “Accelerated Mobile Pages”, emerges as an open source project, led by Google, 

with the aim of creating websites that will download very quickly, regardless of the device the user is using.

To do this, the website must follow a series of guidelines and recommendations regarding both the style and structure of the web pages and their code,

which they seek to reduce to the essential minimum so that the relevant content of the page reaches the user completely, quickly, and clearly, the user.

To achieve this, AMP removes or restricts various additional elements of a web page, 

such as script execution, CSS style sheets, images not relevant to the content, comments, sharing buttons, or sidebars, among others.

Following these guidelines, a “complete” web page (understood as the one we would see without any application of the AMP conditions) becomes a simplified web page,

 in which all those elements that contribute nothing or very little to the website have been eliminated. the actual content of this page.

In this way, its display on small screens will be much easier to read, as there are few distracting elements that overload a compact design, and its download speed, 

which will be reduced mainly to the text of the content and some images, will increase considerably.

Google considers it so important that a website has AMP support that, in mobile searches, it identifies those results that correspond to AMP pages with the following symbol:

Click on the image to enlarge it:

From the SEO positioning point of view, this is an incentive for the user to click on that AMP result, 

because they know that they will be able to read that page better and faster from their mobile device.

How to choose the best WordPress amp themes

If we browse through various theme repositories, we will find many that are AMP-ready. 

This article offers a selection of the best themes, but given this wide offer, what criteria should we evaluate to choose one theme over another?

*Plugin compatibility. Normally, especially when the theme is paid, the themes do not present incompatibilities with the most popular plugins (such as Contacts Form 7, JetPack, or Yoast SEO). 

However, before downloading or purchasing a theme, we must make sure (either in its specifications or by asking the provider) that it is compatible with the plugins that we are going to use.

*Gutenberg Compatibility. Since WordPress introduced Gutenberg as the new content editor for web pages, many themes and plugins have had compatibility issues. 

If we use version 5.0 or higher of WordPress, we must make sure that the theme is compatible with Gutenberg.

*customizable. We have already seen that AMP offers many customization options, especially the design and display of information. 

We must check that the theme we choose has enough of these options to cover our purposes.

*Responsive. An AMP page is designed for a very specific purpose: to be displayed efficiently and quickly on a mobile device. 

For its part, a responsive design makes it possible for a web page to be seen perfectly on various screen sizes, not just mobile phones. Therefore, they are not exclusive technologies, but complementary.

*Speed. Not in what refers to the AMP page itself, which, by definition, will be very fast, but to the proper functioning and execution of the theme. 

What is the use of having an AMP page if the theme takes a long time to generate it or consumes a lot of server resources?

*Price. Should it really be a criterion? Most of the themes prepared for AMP are paid, although for quite low amounts. 

However, the benefit of using AMP (for example, by increasing traffic or CTR in searches) compensates this initial investment in a short time.

Best AMP WordPress theme

Such as

AMP Ready Onfleek Responsive Magazine Theme


  • *The vanilla version of WP Bakery Page Builder
  • *MailChimp Integration
  • *Beautiful Gallery Lightbox with Advertising Area
  • *Multiple Advertising Areas
  • *Advertising region on the header
  • *Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Support Out of the Box
  • *Easy-to-use Theme option
  • *Listicle, Review, and Video Post with Unique Layout
  • *Built-in Social Media OAuth for Auto Post and Share Count
  • *One-click Demo Install
  •  *Advertising placed earlier than the page/post title
  • *Ads are earlier than you might also additionally like
  • *Live Preview Customizer for visible options
  • *The very famous Revolution Slider
  • *Ads are on Lightbox
  • *300×300 and 125×125 px advertisements widget
  • *Additional Ads are powered with the aid of WP QUADS

Other Features:

  • *Retina Ready
  • *Clean Coded
  • *Fully examined for Google Rich Snippets for Article and AMP
  • *8 Header styles
  • *Advanced Sidebar and Footer option
  • *Unlimited Colour
  • *Multiple Video Post Layouts
  • *Adaptive Web Design
  • *Boxed, Framed, and Full Width Layout
  • *Post Slider on Your Menu
  • *Unlimited Sidebar
  • *Sticky Sidebar
  • *Powerful Custom Widgets & Metabox
  • *Multiple Post Layouts
  • *Proven 5-Star Customer Support
  • *Guaranteed Updates from ThemeForest’s Elite Author

Why use AMP?

Using AMP is an essential task and although Google still does not give you the value they have, it is a system that sooner or later you will have to use and if in the end, you decide to change your mind, you will be able to benefit from a significant increase in speed on your website. as long as you use it.

How AMP for Google Works

Google says that AMP pages load from 15% to 85% faster, this all depends on many factors, 

All this is what produces this minimalist design effect on the blog, with the inclusion of AMPs it is intended that the user focuses on the content, which is what Google considers valuable information.

if your website is not well optimized and weighs a lot, do not expect it to go lightning fast just by having this installed new version.

The AMP version removes everything that is JavaScript, forms, widgets, etc, that is, everything that makes it go slower; your website will continue to use its HTML code but with an amp html version.

If you are wondering if it causes duplicate content, don’t worry because Amp pages carry the corresponding rel=” canonical” link to tell Google which Html page they come from.

One very important thing is that AMP behaves like a CDN, that is, it is Google itself that acts as the server for your AMP pages, Google will be the hosting for this type of page, with which you will save on the use of bandwidth of your server.

In addition, Google will also pre-cache your site for these pages serving it faster.

Initially, Google raises the Amp for entries, although in the future it will probably take them into account for the entire web, although we still do not know what Google will do.

Advantages and disadvantages of AMP WordPress theme

Let’s summarize below the advantages and disadvantages (which it also has, and it is necessary to be aware of them to get the most out of it) that AMP technology has.

AMP Advantages:

*(Almost) instant loading of the web page. By being reduced to practically text-based information, loading is so fast that the user will perceive it as instantaneous even at the slowest speeds.

*Improved CTR in Google searches. Since AMP pages appear with a distinctive symbol, the probability that the user will click on them increases.

*Improved user experience. Greater readability of the information and greater browsing speed make up two factors of great weight that intervene in the user experience.

*Higher number of organic visits. A direct consequence of the increase in CTR and of achieving better positioning in searches carried out from mobile phones.

*Less use of hosting server resources. Since less information is downloaded from the web page (fewer images, scripts, CSS, etc.), 

the server is freed from delivering that information and, therefore, is available to attend to other requests and more visits.

Disadvantages of AMP

*Limit the functionality of the website. Some common and usually useful features of web pages, such as sharing buttons, comments, 

or widgets, cannot be used, or with considerable restrictions, with AMP.

*Restricted execution of external scripts, which must be executed inside

*Limited ad support. Although AMP supports Google AdSense ads, it does not support all other ad providers. 

*Little control over design. AMP greatly restricts what information should be displayed and how it should be displayed, which limits our ability to customize the design of web pages.

If a significant percentage of our revenue comes from advertising, we should ask if AMP recognizes our providers.

*Limited web analytics support. Google Analytics integrates perfectly with AMP and recognizes visits made from mobile phones to AMP pages,

 but if we use another web analytics tool, we must ensure that it is compatible.

Best AMP plugins

But what if we already have a website with a theme that isn’t AMP-ready? Should we rebuild it from scratch with a new theme?

Although the recommendation is to use an AMP-ready theme when the website already exists and has a high number of customizations, 

migrating to an AMP theme can be too expensive or time-consuming.

In these cases, without being the ideal solution, you can use plugins that are responsible for 

“building” AMP pages from existing web pages almost automatically and with some configuration and customization options:

*AMP. The official plugin of the AMP project for WordPress was developed by WordPress, Google, and other contributors. 

As it is the official plugin, we make sure that it adapts to the AMP standard defined by Google; 

However, its configuration and customization capacity is very limited, so it may be insufficient for many websites.

*AMP for WP. Built by an independent developer, this plugin offers a large number of AMP page configuration and customization options, 

many of them free (such as AMP page structure and design), while others require purchasing paid extensions.

Best WordPress amp themes ready

Now that we know everything we need to successfully face the challenge of implementing AMP technology on a WordPress website,

we are going to see a selection of the 10 best AMP themes for WordPress, with a list of their most outstanding features.

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