Best WordPress Plugins for Medical Professionals

Essential List Of The Best WordPress Plugins for Medical Professionals:

  • Affiliate Booster
  • Async JavaScript
  • Broken Link Checker
  • Essential Blocks
  • Headers Security Advanced & HSTS WP
  • LiteSpeed Cache
  • WPS Hide Login
  • Nofollow for external link
  • SEOPress/ Rank Math/Yoast SEO
  • Simple Social Buttons
  • Site Kit by Google
  • Sitemap Generator
  • Visual Footer Credit Remover
  • WC Captcha
  • Wordfence Security
  • WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click
  • WPCode Lite
  • Gravity Forms
  • Create a ticket system in WordPress
  • Image Gallery Plugin
  • Portfolio in WordPress
  • Breadcrumbs in WordPress
  • WordPress Gutenberg Editor
  • WooCommerce plugins
  • File Manager (Just One Time)
  • Team Showcase 
  • KiviCare
  • Appointment Booking plugin

Appointment Booking plugin:

Bookly is a famous appointment scheduling plugin that accepts online bookings on your internet site and automates your reservation system. The plugin is on hand in each free and top-rate version.

Without any coding expertise, you can personalize the plugin primarily based on your interests. It has an intuitive reserving interface that permits your sufferers to without delay time table the appointment except by contacting your staff.

Features in the Free Version:

*Responsive on all devices.

*Allows to ship emails and SMS for reserving confirmation and reminding about upcoming appointments.

*Easy to alternate the graph and look at the reserving form

Supports the WPML plugin.

*Easy to create a limitless range of reserving forms.

*Allows to navigate the reserving admin panel for approving, adjusting, and automating the online schedules.

Features in Pro Version:

*Integrates with Google Calendar.

*Compatible with WooCommerce.

*Has in-built analytics.

*Integrates with PayPal Express Checkout.

*Easy to get hold of impervious and bendy on-line payments.

*Has templates for electronic mail notifications.

Image Gallery Plugin

Create an image gallery for your website2 best plugins to create an image gallery in WordPress

  • Envira Gallery
  • NextGEN

If you need to display multiple images on your web page, a photo gallery is generally the best option.

Creating an image gallery will allow you to familiarize your customers with your products or services. In addition, being such a visual resource, it will allow them to better understand the quality of your product, learn more about your services or learn more about your company or business.

There are many options to create an image gallery for your website and the choice of one or the other will depend to a large extent on the platform on which your page works and the functionalities you need.

Main 3 Best WordPress Plugins for Medical Professionals

  • Team Showcase – WordPress Plugin
  • KiviCare Free WordPress Plugin: Clinic & Patient Management System
  • Appointment Booking plugin

Elementor Plugin

What is Elementor?

To know what Elementor is, I first have to clarify another concept: that of a web developer. And I don’t mean it as a profession, but as software.

A web designer (also called “constructor” or “page builder”) is a tool that allows you to build a website quickly and easily (usually through a drag-and-drop system), improving the visualization of the contents and expanding the functionalities of the website. theme installed.

Let’s say that before these types of tools appeared, visual changes in WordPress were.  more complex to make. Even in the beginning they didn’t make it easy and added a lot of junk code to your websites.

Come on, it wasn’t a drag-and-drop. That is now. Also, to make it more exciting, they worked mostly with shortcodes. The parts of the design that you couldn’t reproduce with the tools provided by the software had to be done “manually”.

In my opinion, one of the objectives of installing a CMS is to optimize many of the tasks that have to be carried out on a custom-made website and that take a long time. The tool has to save you time.

If a professional designer or developer had to make new changes to a WordPress environment, it became “tedious”.

I am not going to tell you that web developers are the best solution to build pages because it is not like that. Like everything, they have their advantages and disadvantages, but they successfully meet several of their objectives:

*They optimize the process of building a web page.

*They give you more flexibility.

*They allow other not-so-advanced users to make small changes without relying on a professional. That is, you do not have to know how to program to work with them. You can use them as “software no code”, even though they allow you to add code.

And I can assure you that this is true and that is exactly what this plugin does.

So what exactly is Elementor? Elementor is a visual web builder or “visual page builder” for WordPress. It is installed as another plugin or extension of the CMS and allows you to create the appearance of the pages, posts, or custom post types of your website in a very visual way with a direct and drag-and-drop system.

When I say “live”, I mean that you can see how your page layout is turning out without having to press a “preview” button. In real. While you are building it, you are visualizing it. You may find some small differences, but nothing serious.

It was created by Pojo. me and first appeared on the market in 2016. Nothing ago, two newscasts.

It is developed under an open-source GPLv3 license. If you are a developer and want to extend the capabilities of this plugin, you can do so.

It can be used by experts and not so experts. Although, in my opinion, you can achieve amazing things beyond what the theme builder allows you if you know CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. So the reality is that you will be able to create very professional websites with it.

It is free but also paid. It has a free version that offers you a couple of basic features. In any case, if you want to have access to the full power of the software and you are also a beginner, my advice is to purchase the pro version.

Elementor Best WordPress Plugins for Medical Professionals with theme: Hello Elementor:

Hello, Elementor is a free WordPress theme developed by Pojo. You can find it in the official WordPress repository or on the theme landing page.

The Hello Elementor child theme is available on the official Elementor Github (in case you don’t want to create it manually).

It’s very minimalistic and in my opinion ideal for working with Elementor (as you’d expect).

It is not an essential requirement to install Hello Elementor to work with the page builder. The plugin is compatible with most WordPress themes. I say “most” because not everyone follows the official CMS guidelines for their development.

If you’re a developer and want to know if your theme will work with Elementor, follow the official WordPress guidelines or talk to the plugin team for special assistance.

Before using Hello Elementor, we at Raiola loved to use this plugin with Generate Press. It is another great theme that offers many possibilities and that I personally recommend if you do not want to opt for the official theme of the plugin.

But what does Hello Elementor offer you? I’ll summarize it briefly:

*It is always up to date. Something very important both for compatibility and performance and for the security of your page.

*It is fast and light. It requires only 6KB of resources (at least today) and hardly makes any queries to the server.

*It is “good” for the SEO of your website. I say “good” because obviously installing it will not improve the SEO of your website, that depends on how you work on it. But with what you have already seen in the previous points, together with good web optimization, you will not have problems with it as it does with other WordPress themes.

Broken Link Checker  Plugin

Something I want to clarify is that I am not an SEO, but I do implementations in WordPress for many SEO professionals. but we are very close to the sector and we are in charge of many WordPress implementations for many SEO professionals.

I have been using the Broken Link Checker for years as a tool to detect broken internal links in WordPress. Saying this, some will tell me that Broken Link Checker consumes a lot of resources in WordPress, which is true. 

For this reason, the correct way to use Broken Link Checker is to install it, use it, and uninstall it.

But before we get into it, let’s introduce Broken Link Checker: https://wordpress.org/plugins/broken-link-checker/

LiteSpeed Cache the best WordPress plugins for medical professionals

Advantages of LiteSpeed ​​Web Server plugin:

This part of the post is quite personal since the advantages of LiteSpeed ​​as a web server are many, but I am only going to tell you (in detail) those that I consider essential.

*Compatibility with Apache: For me, it is the strong point. People are very used to Apache and its .htaccess and with LiteSpeed, ​​we won’t have a problem with this, since there is full compatibility.

*Integration with cPanel and CloudLinux: At Raiola Networks we use cPanel and CloudLinux for approximately 60% of our platform, so I think full compatibility with these two services is essential.

*HTTP3 + QUIC: This is essential in a high-performance web server since it is about serving the content in the most optimized way possible.

*ModSecurity and Web Application Firewall: LiteSpeed’s WAF works very well and detects in a way that doesn’t impact performance, so we don’t need any extra security software to block intrusions.

*Efficiency and resources: Although Nginx can match LiteSpeed ​​in terms of resource consumption, LiteSpeed ​​is usually more stable in high-traffic situations.

If we want to go a little further, LiteSpeed’s LSCache has a built-in system called ESI that allows individual pieces of a page to be omitted or cached, without applying the page cache to its entirety.

This can be seen in others, such as W3 Total Cache (Fragment Cache), but in the case of LiteSpeed ​​Web Server, it is at the server level.

This image is taken from LiteSpeed’s own website. It may seem like an exaggeration, but it is close to reality.

LiteSpeed ​​cache and LiteSpeed ​​Web Server:

In this post, we are going to talk about both LiteSpeed ​​Web Server and LiteSpeed ​​Cache.

For those who don’t know, LiteSpeed ​​Web Server is the high-performance web server that we use in all of our cPanel hosting plans. This includes everything from SSD hosting to CMS hosting (such as WordPress web hosting ) and also reseller hosting and SEO hosting.

Currently, LiteSpeed ​​Web Server is the most powerful web server out there, the most efficient, and also one of the most compatible.

The plugin or module for different CMS allows us to use LiteSpeed ​​Web Server’s LSCache in an optimized and compatible way since we can manage the cache and apply some more WPO techniques directly from the dashboard of our CMS.

LiteSpeed ​​Cache goes much further than just being a WordPress cache plugin or a compatibility plugin, as it also allows us to optimize JS and CSS, optimize image loading and apply some more interesting WPO techniques.

LiteSpeed ​​is constantly developing all of its software components, and they are often the first to implement most new technologies.

Rank Math plugin for medical

Rank Math is the Best WordPress Plugins for Medical Professionals on the SEO

What is Rank Math?

The brief reply is that Rank Math is a web optimization plugin for WordPress, however in reality, it is a great deal greater than that and for the duration of this article, I will provide an explanation for it to you in depth.

Rank Math helps you manage the most simple elements of your website’s on-page SEO, such as the use and density of keywords, the customization of meta titles and meta descriptions, and metadata tagging or indexing, amongst many others.

It has 15 modules that you can spark off or deactivate and configure personally relying on the wishes of your internet page.

Since its launch, MyThemeShop has by no means hidden that its purpose is to launch in the future (it looks now not too distant) a paid model of the plugin with superior features. On the different hand, they have additionally actively and passively promised that the free model of the plugin will be free forever.

Main elements of Rank Math and functionalities:

The fact is that the listing of Rank Math facets is immense, so I am going to focal point on the most tremendous or most beneficial ones in my opinion so as no longer to extend this article excessively.

Main facets of Rank Math:

*Configuration wizard: The plugin has an easy wizard that lets you configure the most fundamental elements in a few clicks.

*Clean and easy person interface: Its effective interface indicates you the most essential facts in a smooth and easy way, making it convenient to use in your publications.

*Integration with Google Search Console: Through an easy connection with your Google account, you will be in a position to see the most vital records from Google Search Console barring leaving the WordPress administrator.

*Error monitor: It approves you to screen the 404 blunders on your internet site and see special information to be capable to resolve this kind of error.

*Automated Image SEO: Rank Math can auto-populate the ALT and Title fields based totally on the photo name.

*XML Sitemap: Automatically create the sitemap of your internet site with a very easy configuration. You will be in a position to manipulate what is protected and what is not.

*Structured data: Easily configure the schema marking of your content.

*Automatic Ping: With this option, you can make Rank Math ping each time you create new content so that search engines index it more quickly.

*SEO Analysis: This module performs an SEO analysis of your website based on 40 points to return a report with an assessment of the current status of your project.

*Individual SEO customization: Overwrites the default settings for all types of content. Easily define if that URL should be indexed or not, if it is canonical, if it should be included in the sitemap, etc.

*Redirects: Rank Math’s redirects module allows you to create and manage all kinds of redirects on your website without the need to install other plugins.

*Automatic importer: If you are already using another SEO plugin, Rank Math allows you to import settings in one click from plugins like Yoast or All in One SEO.

WooCommerce Plugin list

is one of the most used WordPress plugins since WordPress + WooCommerce? we can have an alternative to shop perfectly in most cases where we have to install an online store.

WooCommerce has become something else, even having its own plugins to increase its functionalities that are added to a normal WordPress installation and allow you to create online stores with interesting and varied functionalities.

In this article we are going to try to list some interesting plugins that can exponentially expand the functionalities of your WooCommerce online store, allowing you to implement any functionality that may occur to you.

As in last week’s article on WordPress tricks, you don’t need to install all the plugins mentioned here at the same time, you just have to make sure that they exist in case you ever need them for a new web project or to expand the limits of your web project.

We are going to begin to list the plugins one by one and explain in a little detail their functionalities or what they can contribute to our WordPress installation.

18 WooCommerce plugins:

WooCommerce Multilingual

Booster for WooCommerce

WooCommerce Stock Manager

WooCommerce Product Details

WooCommerce Video Product Tab

WooCommerce APG Weight and Postcode/State/Country Shipping

WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips

WooCommerce EU VAT Compliance

WooCommerce Dynamic Gallery

WooCommerce XML/CSV Product Import

WooCommerce Store Exporter

Smart Reporter for eCommerce

Offers for WooCommerce

WooCommerce Discounts Plus

WooCommerce Customizer

WC Marketplace

YITH WooCommerce Affiliates

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