Biochemic tablet calcarea fluorica details

What Is biochemic tablet calcarea fluorica?

Prepared by crushing pure fluoride of lime. Its common name is a fluoride of lime, different names are calcium fluoride and calcium Florida. Chemical signal – CaF2. This drug is used in homeo dilution like 30, 200, 1m, and biochemical 3x, 6x,12x,30x, etc.

Biochemic tablet calcarea fluorica benefits

The biggest advantage is that hernias, tumors, varicose veins, etc. are completely cured without surgery and the medicines are generally available everywhere and can be consumed by everyone including children.

Symptoms of biochemic tablet calcarea fluorica

Hernia manifests in various symptoms – solid hernia C.F is the best medicine

Strong tissue remedy for hard tumors, goiter, varicose veins, hard lumps in female breasts, enlarged veins, and bone malnutrition. Congenital Hereditary Syphilis. Ulcers, caries, necrosis in mouth and throat with dull pain. Feelings of extreme depression, unfounded fear, or fear of loss.

***Cataracts in old age, flickering and sparking in front of eyes, spots on the cornea, conjunctivitis, a subcutaneous palpebral cyst.

***Hard swelling of bones, hard swelling of cheeks, pain in teeth.

Abscesses of the mouth and gums, severe swelling pain in the jaw, fissure of the tongue, restlessness of the tongue, abnormal looseness of the teeth, hardness after inflammation, loosening of the teeth, and pain when any food touches the teeth.

Vomiting in children, indigestion, regurgitation of food, hiccups, empty stomach, weakness after eating in young children, hunger, nausea and distress, fatigue and severe indigestion from brain-fag,

Fissures of the anus, itching of the anus, acutely sore fissures. Bleeding hemorrhoids. Itching of the anus from worms, frequent piles, back pain, and constipation.

Male hydrocele.

Respiratory organs, croup, cough, expectoration of small lumps of yellow mucus.

Tickling and burning while lying down. Calc Fluor removes fibroid deposits of the endocardium and restores normal endocardial structure.

Neck and Back — Chronic lumbago; Movement is excited when starting and improves with continued movement.

Osseous tumor, Rachitic growth of femur in children. Pain in the lower back, with burning.

Extremities –Ganglia or encysted tumor on the back of the wrist. Gouty growth in the joints of the fingers. Exostoses on fingers. Chronic synovitis of the knee joint.

Cutaneous symptoms- Cracked palms, hard skin, anal fissures, fistulous ulcers, discharge of thick yellow pus. The surrounding skin is purple and swollen. Lumpy, hard glands in female breasts.

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