Bryonia alba 200 homeopathic medicine uses such as inflammatory disorders, Arthritis,  Chills-cough-sneezing-fever, Rheumatic-fever, And More Symptoms.

What is Bryonia?

The plant is native to central and eastern Europe, particularly the Scandinavian and Balkan regions. Its white flowers turn into poisonous red berries during the summer. The Bryonia root extract has been used in folk medicine for thousands of years. However, it is less popular as a medicinal remedy today than it was in the past, and its value as a medicinal plant appears to be declining.

Mental symptoms of bryonia

Bryonia alba 200 homeopathic medicine uses to know the before symptoms

Fear: Anxiety about the future, about business. poverty, of going hungry, of failing in business. that she is busy or doing business, that she works hard, and she cannot do her job.

Dreams: of business or occupations of the day, anxious about business, with difficulties in their daily work, excelling in their mental work. Sleepwalking to do everyday work. Miser, because of anxiety about the future, wants more than she needs or unattainable things, haggles, is busy, industrious Etc.

He is impetuous, rushed, impatient, and very irritable, especially if he is contradicted; he doesn’t want to be talked to or touched; he wants to be alone, and quiet; does not tolerate the presence of strangers, which aggravates it.

Bad-tempered, argumentative, capricious, violent, distrustful. He wants things instantly, that he can’t get, refuses when offered, or doesn’t know what he wants. Children don’t want to be carried or picked up.

Delirium: in the morning at dawn, or at night, when closing the eyes, during fever, when falling asleep or with drowsiness, murmuring, quiet or restless.

Talking about business, anxious (about the future, about business) busy, suddenly jumping out of bed and running away, wanting to go home, picking my nose or lips, during fever, during sleep, in the morning at dawn, closing my eyes.

Language, delusional, business, incoherent, chatty Etc.

The child cries before coughing; during fever and sweating; and sleeping. Disorders for feeling unappreciated; by mortification; by sorrows, excitement, fright, trouble; out of anger Mental confusion, morning on waking or walking; as after intoxication; better yawning. He understands with difficulty.

Mental characteristics: cowardly easily frightened, sighs during sweating, startled screams sleeping Etc. Anxiety in the evening, in bed, or before midnight, with a restlessness that takes him from one place to another; with fever; no apparent cause; with a feeling of guilt; for his health; for the future, fearing poverty; In the House; hypochondriac; better outdoors. Fear of dying, despair of being cured; fear of diseases. He is restless, needs to be busy, and tosses and turns in bed. He complains he complains, he is discontented; there is a lack of self-confidence.

General symptoms of bryonia alba 200 homeopathic medicine uses

Worse by movement: everything in Bryonia is aggravated by everything that means the slightest movement and, in contrast, improves by everything that diminishes or suppresses it.

It is worse by the movement of the affected parts, by shaking, coughing, or sneezing, by respiratory movements, physical exertion, running or walking (even worse if it is fast), ascending, getting up, and touching it; He has an aversion to movement. on the contrary, it is better for everything that annuls the movement: at rest, physical or mental; lying in bed, lying on the back and after lying down and, above all, lying on the painful side (and worse lying on the painless side); because of the pressure.

These modalities are especially highlighted in the pains, which are very frequent in Bryonia, and which can be of any kind, but preferably stabbing, in stitches, which predominate on the right side and in any organ or tissue, and are taxed with the movement, improving with rest and pressure or lying on the painful side.

Right laterality: there is a marked predominance of symptoms on the right side of the body.

Worst: at 9:00 p.m.; morning and evening; by changes from cold to heat; from the heat in every way (from the room, from the bed, from the stove, from the clothes), except locally in the head; from overheating outdoors; after the cold, By the cold wind, by the dry cold; the tendency to take cold; by eating bread, beans or peas, cabbage, flatulent foods, fruit, hot foods.

Better: from the warmth of the bed; for cold drinks; from sweating. It affects the serous membranes, especially in the exudative period, as well as the mucous membranes being predominantly dry (see Particulars) (it dries the mucous membranes and moistens the serous membranes).

Weakness: getting out of bed in the morning; before noon; for the least effort; from walking, from sweating; during fever. Fainting in the morning when getting out of bed.

Bryonia alba 200 homeopathic medicine uses for desires and dislikes

The desire for beer, wine, coffee, cold drinks, who knows what, hot milk, oysters, sweets, hot or acid drinks. Aversion to coffee, milk, fats, and meat.

Particular symptoms of bryonia alba

Bryonia alba 200 or other homeopathic medicine uses in Vertigo: on rising in the morning; when lying down, as if sinking into the bed; moving the head; when bending over; by movement; raising head; when getting up from a chair; turning head; as if he were spinning in a circle. He clutches his head in his hands as he coughs.

Heat in the head during chills. Head congestion with heat in the brain; hot head with a dark red face and a cold body, intense thirst and pain in the limbs when moved. Fullness and heaviness in the head. Frontal heaviness, as if everything were going to come out through the forehead when bending down. Painful sensitivity of the scalp, as excoriated. Pulsations in the occipital region when moving.

Violent headaches: in the morning in bed, with the first movement, or when getting up or waking up, or as soon as he opens his eyes, it stops in the evening; when climbing stairs, by taking a cold, or during the chill; when you are constipated; after eating; with coryza; by coughing or touching it; for ironing. By any shaking; by movement; by moving the eyes or the head; by bending over, exposing yourself to the sun; because of the heat; by walking fast or heavily; in cold and wet weather, better by external pressure and rest. Attacks of headaches with nausea.

Vomiting:- Frontal headache when coughing or moving or bending over or walking; better by pressure; over the left eye. Occipital headache from the heat of the sun. Tearing pain on one side of the head, plus the right, extended to the malar bone and jaw.

Drawing headache, better at noon; in the zygoma. Pressive headache, worse when coughing or moving; on the forehead when bending over; over the eyes; as if my brain was tied up; at the temples, extended to the cheekbones. oily, greasy, in the head, sleeping, worse at dawn. Cold front sweat. Oily hair.

Pain in the eyes: for visual efforts, when moving or touching them; burning in the corners, at night; pressure when moved, soreness when you move your eyelids or eyes as if they were going to come out; as if it had sand; stabbing, drawing pains.

Inflammation of the eyes, worse from heat, with redness. Conjunctiva swollen and red, with suppuration. Swollen and red upper eyelids; itchy rashes Styes. The eyelids stick at night, with daytime tears. Presbyopia. See flames or sparks, Photophobia.

Coryza: With fever, with laryngitis, suppressed, or dry, hard, crusty nasal discharge,

Pain in the chest:   Pain in the middle of the chest, chills, cough, during inspiration; worse movement, sneezing, and deep breathing; better lying on the painful side and from the pressure. better from the pressure of the hand, on the sides during coughing, when inhaling, when laughing, when moving, when breathing deeply; in the sternum, and behind, when coughing.

Burning pain in the right side cutting when inhaling or moving. Soreness from coughing; grabs chest when coughing; when inhaling; better sitting upright.

Stitches during chills and fever, when coughing, inhaling, moving, and breathing deeply, better lying on the painful side and pressure; stitches in the right side when breathing, on the sides, when coughing or inhaling. Sensation in the chest as if everything were detached there and fell into the belly.

Greenish, watery. epistaxis on rising in the morning; for blowing your nose; during suppressed menses; vicariance; sleeping; premenstrual or in pregnancy. Dry and stuffy nose; swollen, sensitive to touch. Ulcerations in the nostrils. Face pale, yellowish, earthy; or red (during chills); with red spots; or cyanotic or dark red.

Hot, bluish, or brown swelling; or on one side, under the eyes, or at the root of the nose. Nodules and induration on the face. Greasy face. Chewing movements, as if chewing the cud. Swollen, cracked, dry lips; the child picks off scabs or skins and pinches his lips, which bleed and burn. Facial pain is worse on exertion and movement. Eruptions on the lower lip, with burning.

Tongue dry and hard, with deep cracks; dark and wrinkled; blisters on the edges. Brown, yellowish, or white tongue, more in the center. Dry mouth with burning thirst or no thirst. The bitter taste of all foods, more in the morning; bitter taste, better after drinking; sweetish Putrid breath. Sialorrhea.

Bryonia alba 200 homeopathic medicine uses for stomach symptoms – Painful distension of the belly. Appendicitis (one of the most important remedies); peritonitis; Hepatitis. Liver affections. Belly pains: during the cough, when moving; while defecating; when uncovering; in the ileocecal and inguinal region.

Soreness in the right hypochondrium, worse by jerks and movements. Hepatic colic (one of the best medicines). Pain in the liver, worse when touched, breathing or coughing, better lying on the right side; extended to the stomach and back. Pains in the spleen. Stitches in the right groin, when inhaling deeply; in the liver, by coughing or deep breathing.

Hard swelling in the hypochondria and navel. Distended belly, with gurgling and flatus. Pain in the teeth: worse lying on the side that does not hurt, smoking, hot food, at night; better by cold water and lying on the painful side; with swelling of the cheek, Stitches. A sensation of elongated or loose teeth. Spongy, painful gums.

Throat very dry and sore, as excoriated, worse when swallowing; difficult swallowing. The sensation of swelling and constriction in the esophagus. The sensation of a hard and pointed body in the pharynx. Tenacious mucus, torn with effort. Stiffness on the sides of the neck. Burning thirst, extreme, during fever, chills, and sweating; large amounts at a time, often, or especially at long intervals. Capricious appetite; absent or excessive; or food aversion. My stomach is upset by excitement. Eructations with a taste of food; regurgitation after each meal.

Waves of heat in the epigastrium. Gastritis. Nausea: when standing up in bed; after eating something you liked; in the morning; seated; better to drink Gastralgias: after eating bread; for coughing; during fever; for moving; walking. Gastralgia like cramps or stabs, excoriating, burning; does not tolerate the slightest pressure. The sensation of stone after eating waking or moving.

Vomits on coughing, immediately after drinking, even the smallest quantity (Phosphorus); after eating (immediately). Bitter, bilious, food (cough), watery vomiting, only solid, blood, fecal.

Constipation Symptoms of Bryonia

Very large and difficult stools and rectal inactivity. Diarrhea: in the morning, after getting up and moving; in hot weather; by fruit or by the slightest eating disorder; worse from moving; with colic; alternating with constipation. Burning pain in rectum after stool. Dry, scant, hard, burnt stools, large, lienterics, yellow and it can increase urination.

Urge to urinate; when you sweat; involuntary urination, worse when moving or coughing. Cloudy urine, when resting; brown, dark, or red, with pinkish sediment; sparse, hot Urethral burning before urination; cutting pain or constriction urinating. Red rash, military, itchy, on the glans. Stitches in the testicles while sitting.

Menses brown, frequent, offensive, vicarious, profuse, with dark red blood. metrorrhagia is Pain in the ovaries and uterus, worse from movement or walking; stitches in the ovaries when moving. Inflammation of the left labia majora.

Cough Symptoms: Pain in the trachea, when coughing.

Hoarseness. Desire to breathe deeply. Dyspnea is worse when moving. The pain in general, and the stitches in his chest in particular, take his breath away. Rough, rough, sighing breathing.

Cough: when taking a deep breath or entering a hot room; dry, during fever, as if from the stomach; must grasp the chest with both.

Breasts Disease Bryonia: Mastitis, heavy breasts, hard as stone and pale, hot and painful.

Rheumatic symptoms of bryonia alba

Joint conditions –  swelling, tension, throbbing pain, inflammation. Pain in the joints of the extremities: stabbing, rheumatic, gouty, aggravated by movement.

Arthritis with pain, redness, and swelling, especially in the knee and foot, elbows, hands, and fingers. Pains in the limbs during fever, during flu, when moving; acute rheumatic pain, in cold weather. Joint pain is worse from movement. rheumatic pain in the upper limbs and the lower limbs. Sciatica, worse from movement. Stitches in the joints, on the arm, when moving.

Stiffness in the elbow, with rheumatic swelling and pain worse on movement. Painful rheumatic stiffness in the knee. Rheumatic joint swelling in the knees or edematous of the foot.

Tension in the ankle, worse from movement, on the foot, while sitting or walking. Knee weakness, better at rest. Constant tremors in arms and fingers.

The sensation of the dislocated wrist when moving it, dislocated ankle and foot when walking. Lumbar pain when turning over in bed, is almost impossible for him. Sacral pain with stiffness, which does not allow him to walk upright.

Pain under the left shoulder blade, extended to the heart, worse from coughing and breathing. Stitches in the back when coughing or moving. Painful stiffness in the neck. Red spots on the sides of the neck, itching Etc.

Bryonia alba 200 homeopathic medicine uses with dreams: that you are busy; with events from the day before. Sleep on your back.

Insomnia before midnight. Constant yawning. Drowsiness after lunch. He sleeps with his eyes half open. It takes time to fall asleep. Sleep does not rest him. Startles, with fright, falling asleep or asleep. Delirium and screams as soon as he closes his eyes to sleep, or when waking up.

Delirium: which is found especially in fevers, he talks about his daily business and wants to get out of bed to attend to his work” (Pierce).

In typhoid fever, at the end of the second week, the patient’s delirium is characterized by the constant desire to “go home”. He imagines not being in his own house, asking to be taken to her, to be attended to (Farrington).

Chills of bryonia alba 200

in the morning, in the evening, or at night, before midnight; after a fit of anger, better outdoors; in autumn; they start on the tips of the fingers and toes or the lips; when moving; on one side, especially the right; not better from the heat in room or stove, with a cold body Tertian fever.

Fever: in the evening after lying down; at night, dry and burning heat, at 9:00 p.m.; Before midnight; catarrhal; sender; in autumn; one-sided; with no sweat. Measles (one of the main remedies). Sweats: cold air, walking outdoors; after eating; when moving; acid smell; oily.

Symptoms improve with sweats.

Suppressed sweating disorders. Burning, dry skin; moist; yellowish; cold Burning itching. Measles, Petechiae. The rash regresses in eruptive fevers or evolves slowly. Suppressed eruptions. Skin swelling: burning, edematous, hard, inflammatory; pale; sparkly, with punctures.

Ulcers: with the sensation of cold, fistulous. Erysipelas in the joints. chilblains Calluses are painful when touched. According to the symptoms of Bryonia alba 200 homeopathic medicine uses – and other potencies 30,1m,10m, cm, mm Etc.

Dosage: – As with any other homeopathic remedy. It dissolves under the tongue, but it is the doctor who is an expert in homeopathy who determines the indication of the medication and its dosage depending on each patient.

Complementary:- Alumina, Rhus Tox.

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