Essential the health benefits of rowing machine exercise and more information.

What is a rowing machine?

The rowing machine, or dry rowing, is a device that simulates the action of rowing. This combines the movements of pulling and pushing, which corresponds to the resistance that the water would offer.

 This is possible thanks to the friction that exists between the gears of the machine. Today, it is very common to find these devices for training with a rowing machine in gyms, it is usually found, above all, in the cardio area; although we can also find them in many homes and personal gyms.

How to use a rowing machine?

One of the possible reasons rowing machines aren’t as popular as others is that their use may seem less obvious when compared to a treadmill or stationary bike.

Regarding the operation of the machine, it is as simple as any other fitness machine, where you only have to manually adjust the resistance with which you will row through a manual wheel or a screen reader, and that is counting on the fact that it has levels of resistance. 

Beyond that, all that remains is to put your feet on the support and fix them with their corresponding fixing system (usually they are straps). What is really important to know in a rowing machine is the correct movement of the stroke, not only to exercise better but to avoid injuries from prolonged bad posture.

The main health benefits of rowing machine exercise

The rowing machine benefits and advantages for our health and body have an impact, above all, on lung capacity, as well as on muscular resistance. In addition, it does not imply any impact, as occurs with other activities such as running. We see it in more detail.

Rowing machine exercise

Rowing machines are very easy to use, it is not necessary to have previous knowledge of them. This is the rowing cycle that we must follow to work with this machine.

Rowing machine exercises (The Catch): We must keep our legs bent in the starting position and our arms fully extended in front of us. The back should remain straight and not force the kyphotic or lordotic curvature.

Fast caloric expenditure:

One of the main advantages of the rowing machine for home or the gym is the rapid caloric consumption that is generated with it. it is very useful for losing weight. While the action of rowing is simulated, it is possible to generate excellent work that involves almost 85% of the muscles of the human body. This results in higher calorie consumption, especially since it works at a muscular and cardiovascular level. 

Rowing machine exercise to boost your cardio

As we said, the cardiovascular system is involved in training with a rowing machine. That is why it is so beneficial for the heart, and that is that the rowing machine allows us to work with a medium intensity from the heart muscle itself to the blood oxygen transport system.

Resistance exercise improves the function of the heart which uses carbohydrates to provide energy, in turn, this aerobic exercise improves the lung and circulation systems.

Minimizes injury risks:

This machine minimizes the risk of injury because when using it there is no impact like, for example, we can have when running on the sidewalk or the road. On the other hand, the knees do not have to maintain a load as high as in other machines, so it is an excellent option for people who are overweight.

Can be used by most:

They are very easy to use and comfortable, so anyone can use them without the need for a professional to explain how they work. No specific preparation is needed to start using a home rowing machine.

Aids recovery:

On the other hand, when talking about the rowing machine, its benefits, and advantages, it must be taken into account that it can be used to combine with any other sports discipline – for example, as a passive element focused on muscle recovery, although it can also be used as an active element to complement the exercise.

Muscle stress:

The rowing machine, exercises, and training plans with this device allow you to tone your muscles. This is so because most of them are compromised. The rowing machine can be adjusted creating stronger resistance to build and train muscle groups.

Reduces duces stress:

The home rowing machine is also very useful to reduce stress. This is so because cardiovascular training increases the number of endorphins released in the body and this helps reduce anxiety and nervousness levels caused by stress.

The main 4 types of rowing machines

*Magnetic resistance: they are usually the cheapest models. They have powerful and large images that move closer to or further away from the steering wheel to regulate the resistance, which will be constant and fixed. This will prevent it from increasing, even if we begin to row harder. In addition, since it works with images they do not make noise and are silent.

*Water Endurance – On this type of machine, an attempt is made to replicate the sensation of rowing on water. They provide a total body workout, but may not be suitable for beginners or people with back muscle pain.

*Air oars: they are in charge of offering progressive resistance by means of a turbine. This means that the greater the resistance, the more force we exert when rowing. They are specially designed for intense exercises since they have a higher resistance level than magnetic ones.

*Hydraulic resistance: this type of machine combines the silence of magnetic resistance for low intensities, as well as the unlimited performance of air rowers.

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How to use the rowing machine to lose weight

Rowing machines are excellent for exercising, helping us to lose weight, and keeping us healthy. They may seem easy to use, but you must use the correct technique and accompany frequent training with an appropriate diet to obtain good results. 

To make proper use of any rowing machine, keep the following in mind:  

*Straighten your legs by pushing into your lower body, and at the same time, using your back, pull the rower toward your lower chest by bending your elbows out to the sides. Return to the starting position by extending your arms and repeating. 

*Keep your arms extended holding onto the handlebars/oar, your legs bent throughout the machine, and your weight on the balls of your feet, positioned on the pedals. With your arms extended at all times, keep your back straight and your abdomen tense.

*Remember that to use the rowing machine to lose weight without hurting yourself, your back must remain straight throughout the exercise. Push your shoulders back, opening your chest, and down so you don’t strain your neck. At the same time, take a deep breath. 

*Hands are located at the ends of the handlebars/oar, little fingers should be on the outside and thumbs should be on top, not wrapped around. When you pull up to your chest, don’t push your shoulders or biceps. Use your back muscles. In this way, you will not put pressure on your hands and the movement will be more fluid.

*Another common mistake is to raise your arms to your chin. If you do this you are likely using more force than required. You should direct the paddle toward the lower part of your chest. 

*Although maintaining a relaxed position is part of the correct exercise, you should not let your knees drop to the sides. Keep your legs firm but not too tight and at the height of your hips. 

*A common mistake when using these machines is to bend your knees before extending your arms. This can cause you to hit your knees if you don’t make a scooping movement to avoid it and, in addition to hurting yourself, you would not be exercising your muscles correctly. You must first extend your arms and then bend your knees.

Rowing machine size:

The most important thing to consider when purchasing a rowing machine is the space you have available for the equipment. Most of the machines are quite large, so it is important to check that they will fit in your house.

Measure the area where you plan to keep the machine and consider the dimensions of any model you’re considering to make sure it can accommodate it. It’s a good idea to check the weight as well. A machine can weigh anywhere from 30 to 110 pounds.

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The 5 best rowing machines for home

***ISE SY-1750 Static Rowing Machine:

The ISE SY-1750 is a static rowing machine whose dimensions and functionalities make it one of the favorite options today for exercising at home. 

It can be adapted to the training needs of each user thanks to the fact that it has 8 intensity levels, so you can enjoy a more challenging or gentle routine according to your preferences. 

In addition, it includes a small box in front of the structure in which you can support your mobile phone or tablet, or even put a drink. This is very useful to make the exercise more entertaining and enjoyable.

Its structure is made of stainless steel and is suitable for people measuring between 1.5 and 1.9 meters. The saddle is comfortable and favors the correct body posture. It also has an LCD screen where you can check session data such as calories or time. Another aspect that makes the ISE SY-1750 an ideal cheap rowing machine is that it can be picked up very easily if you put it upright. 

The base is very stable, and it has wheels that make it easy to transport. Its value for money is great, and it also has very good opinions.

***HOMCOM Adjustable Rowing Machine:

The HOMCOM Adjustable Rowing Machine is simple, economical, and practical to do a global exercise at home. It has a built-in monitor where you can see the basic data of each training session, such as the time or calories consumed. A very favorable feature of this HOMCOM rowing machine is that, although it is a simple machine, the intensity of the exercise is adjustable, so it can be adapted to the objectives of each user. It is recommended for people weighing up to 100 kg.

It has a firm and stable structure. It includes non-slip rubber on the base, its seat is large and soft, and the pedals have fastening straps. All this allows you to enjoy a pleasant experience and obtain good performance. If what you want is to do a basic and efficient exercise to improve your physical condition in general, in which you work both the upper and lower parts of the body, this HOMCOM rowing machine is one of the most recommended cheap rowing machines for home. It cannot be folded, but it has an optimized size to occupy only what is necessary.

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***CAPITAL SPORTS The Skyf Rowing Machine:

The CAPITAL SPORTS The Skyf Rowing Machine is very complete, robust, and silent. If you are looking for a sophisticated rowing device that allows you to do a comfortable and challenging workout at home, this machine can be a great fit for you. The grips can be used independently for a more adaptable, precise, and effective movement, even in reverse if desired. 

In this way, it offers more dynamic and entertaining exercise sessions. In addition, thanks to its 16 levels of magnetic resistance, this rowing machine can meet the needs of each user. It is designed to be low noise and provide a comfortable yet rewarding exercise experience. It is capable of supporting up to 120 kg of weight maximum. 

It has a monitor to be able to keep track of the performance of the routine and support to be able to put a tablet or mobile phone. It is also important to note that this Capital Sports The Skyf device is a folding rowing machine that also has wheels for easy transport.

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The best folding home rowing machine

What most distinguishes the SportPlus Rowing Machine for Home from the rest is, mainly, its robust and resistant construction, in addition to its clear and elegant aesthetics. It is made of high-quality aluminum and is capable of supporting up to 150 kg of maximum user weight. The seat is designed to be very comfortable and contribute to the effectiveness of the routine. It has up to 8 levels of resistance so you can regulate the hardness of the training as it suits you.

It is one of the best intermediate home rowing machines. That is to say, it is more complete and solid than the rest of the cheap rowing machines, but it does not include some of the more sophisticated features that other higher-cost models have. 

Therefore, it can be a great option if you are looking for something durable and utilitarian for a more affordable price. This Sportplus folding rowing machine measures about 190 x 51 x 77 centimeters and can be easily stowed away. It has very positive reviews.

***Sportstech RSX500 Rowing Machine:

The Sportstech RSX500 is highly recommended if you have enough space and want an exceptional home rowing machine that allows you to do more advanced and rewarding routines. It is characterized by its solid structure that can support a maximum user weight of 120 kg, by its 16 adjustable intensity levels, and by its 7 kg flywheel. 

It has a very nice padded seat and 12 training programs to start exercising easily and quickly. In addition to having an integrated control panel, it also includes support to place a tablet.

It has overall dimensions of 201.5 x 57 x 83 centimeters. Its structure is foldable and can be easily collected by placing it vertically in practically any room in the home. It hardly makes any noise during use, so it is designed not to disturb other people around it. It is also important to highlight its good non-slip pedals that increase protection by making it easier for the feet to stay in place.


At a glance the health benefits of rowing machine exercise

Low-impact exercise: Unlike the use of treadmills or exercise bikes, in the use of rowing there is no impact on the joints, so the risk of injury is greatly reduced.

*The whole body works.

They are more efficient than other devices in terms of burning calories: Although you exercise with the same intensity as in other devices, the calorie burn is higher in rowing since more joints are used in its movement.

The rowing machine is one of the best options to take into account if you want to improve your physical tone or fitness, and such is its success that it is one of the machines that has the most acceptance among fitness enthusiasts.

The fault of this is that it allows you to work almost all muscles without exerting hardly any impact, making it a safe and ideal cardiovascular activity for all audiences and levels of physical condition. You will be able to exercise your back, arms, abs, and legs, so it is very complete.

It is one of the cardio machines that can give you better results than a treadmill or an elliptical bike in less time, which is why it is one of our preferred options.

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