Homeopathic first aid kit

Basic homeopathic first aid kit

So we wanted to give you some tips so you can put together your remedy kit to use in first-aid situations for yourself, your friends, and your family. This would be a great start if you want to start building your team. These remedies would be ideal in the 30c potency for daily use. If you have a chronic or complicated illness it is better to see a qualified homeopath rather than treat it yourself.

Homeopathic first aid kit and more information

Homeopathic first aid kit is the most important for the treatment

Arnica 30: Any pain, toothache, as long as there is no wound) It is the classic remedy for trauma, injuries, and bruises. The typical Arnica patient will tell you that he is fine and is avoiding attention but may be in shock. This is also a good one for jet lag.

Calendula-Q: *10% aqueous solution for wound washing. Calendula can be taken in pill form or as a solution to bathe wounds. This drug can be used for cold sores, mouth problems, cuts or burns, etc.

Nux vomica-Q: *It is the main cause of digestive disorders, indigestion, or heaviness of the stomach. This remedy can be a lifesaver in the case of a hangover! It also works well for upset stomachs and headaches that were caused by overindulgence in food and alcohol. A keynote of this remedy is irritability.

Belladonna-30: Fever, inflammation, or pain) Belle’s symptoms are red, hot, and swollen for this remedy. This is a great remedy for fever, heat stroke, and skin conditions like boils.

Arsenic-200: This is your remedy for food poisoning. A keynote of this remedy is anxiety, and the patient is likely to be very cold. The pain can be described as burning. Hepar Sulfur 30:–  the boil, herpetic affections of the face, inflammations and inflammatory tumors, wounds, inflamed and phlegmonous tonsils, etc.

Rhus Tox-30: This is a versatile remedy that can be used to treat bruises and muscle and joint pain. It is sometimes used to relieve arthritis pain. It is also sometimes used to treat skin rashes such as chicken pox and shingles.

Sulfur- 200: Skin problems often respond well to this remedy. The skin may be red and unhealthy looking, and the patient may have scratched a lot. Oscillococcinum: chills, beginning of flu.

Apis-30: You’ll want Apis in your medicine cabinet when you go on vacation! This remedy is used to treat insect bites or stings and the allergic reactions that can be caused by them. The affected areas will be red, hot, and swollen, and the pain will be described as itchy. Podophyllum: for diarrhea

Aconitum 30: Fever, chills, dry skin, and restlessness; this remedy is very good for Shock, such as bad news or having a fall. It is also very effective in treating conditions that come on suddenly, such as a sudden sore throat or headache.

Cocculus 30: indicated for travel sickness.

Glonoinum 30: for sunstroke, sunburn, and heat stroke.

15. Drosera 30: coughing fits.

16. Eupatorium perfoliatum 30: colds, muscle or joint pain.

17. Gelsemium 30:-  Flu, chills, tremors, frights, and nerves, etc.

18. Allium Cepa 30:- Colds that make the eyes water, epiphora with burning conjunctiva.

19. Mercury 30:-  Angina with pus.

20.RhusTox 30:- dizziness in general, joint pain, inflammation of the skin with burning vesicular eruptions, etc.

21. Antrim. Tart. 30:- Agitation with shortness of breath, asthma, dyspnea, cyanosis.

22. Bryonia 30:- cold fever, dry and irritating cough with chest pain, great thirst, Pneumonia, etc.

23. Carbo vegetal 30:- swollen abdomen, abdominal distension, flatulence, general weakness, hot head, cold body.

24. Chamomilla 30:- Fever with a red cheek.In alternate earache with (Ferrum Phosphoricum 12x)

25. Crude Coffee 30:- best for Insomnia.

26. Colocynthis-Q:- Colic with flatulence, stomach pain, spasms, doubles over from pain, neuralgia with muscular contractions.

27. China Q. Watery diarrhea with great weakness, Abdominal distension.

28. Ipecac 30:- with nausea. dry cough, vomiting with a clean tongue.

29. Dulcamara 30:- Polyarticular pains that are aggravated by humidity.

Application : (external healing) Homeo ointments spread evenly over the affected area.

  • Arnica ointment: In case of pain and blows as long as there is no injury.
  • Calendula ointment: inflammatory processes.
  • Hamamelis ointment: In cases of poor peripheral circulation such as varicose veins and hemorrhoids.

What are homeopathic kits?

It is convenient to have emergency homeopathic medicines at home and when traveling that you can use when an illness strikes you suddenly and at a time when medical attention is not possible. You can take it until you contact your homeopathic doctor. such as – Flatulence, insect bite, acidity, bruises, burns,  acne, colic pain, constipation, cough, common cold,  cuts, earache, diarrhea, indigestion, etc for disease.

First aid homeopathy

Homeopathy has a large number of effective medications that can be applied in cases of first aid in the event of an unexpected muscle injury, discomfort, sudden pain, or domestic accidents. Preparing a medicine cabinet with these products has a double advantage: it can complement conventional treatments and they are harmless.

Where can it be found?

It is also possible to purchase a first aid kit from any best homeopathic shops. 

Warning of homeopathic first aid kit

For the medication to work properly, follow these tips:

 *Take them on an empty stomach or space them from meals for at least 30/40 min.

 *Let the granules dissolve under the tongue.

 *Space the shots as symptoms improve.

 *Try to avoid tobacco, coffee, and infusions.

*If symptoms continue, contact your homeopathy medical practitioner. To know the details of medicine food rules and side effects mentioned here –

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