The symptoms of homeopathic Nuphar luteum for erectile dysfunction is one of the important medicines for male sexual impotence, with a total absence of sexual desire and erections, despite the erotic fantasies that fill his imagination; with a retracted penis and relaxed scrotum. Spermatorrhea or loss of senility while sleeping or when defecating or urinating, with a total absence of erections, weakness, and paleness. Punctures in the testicles extend to the tip of the penis. Loss of pubic hair. 

Mental symptoms of homeopathic nuphar luteum for erectile dysfunction

Does not tolerate the slightest contradiction. He is very compassionate, and it pains him to see the suffering of animals.

Benefits of Homeopathy Nuphar Luteum

Nuphar luteum is used for the treatment of diarrhea and sexual disorders in men Helpful in treating diarrhea that causes severe weakness in the body Nuphar is also used to reduce the appearance of heat boils on the skin and relieve inflamed and red skin. It is useful to restore energy and reduce fatigue. Treatment for skin conditions such as psoriasis. Helps in reducing painful sensation in the stomach caused due to severe diarrhea It helps in strengthening the male generative system

General symptoms of homeopathy nuphar luteum

Worse:- the day after intercourse. in the evening (weakness and itching). Particular symptoms of  Nuphar luteum for erectile dysfunction And others

Head heaviness: Frontal headaches, as if in the frontal lobes of the brain. Pityriasis on the scalp, with intense itching and hair loss.

See bright sparks in the sun, which converge towards the center, worse when coughing.

Sweet taste: White tongue. Pasty mouth. Languor in the epigastrium, with gastralgias and slow digestion.

Diarrhea that appears early and gets him out of bed, from 4 to 6 in the morning, usually preceded by colic, with copious, yellow, watery, foul-smelling stools, followed by marked exhaustion and burning in the anus. Punctures like needles in the rectum. Reddish grit in the urine, sticky and hard. Dull pain in the left lumbar area. Stitches in the flanks when walking. Sensitivity of the renal region. Weakness in the limbs in the evening.

Lupus in the arms. Punctures on the back of the left thigh. Restlessness and tiredness in the legs. Sharp pains in the plantar aspect of the right big toe.

Prominent red plaques, covered with silver scales, with violent itching worse at night. When they disappear, pale reddish or yellowish spots remain. Psoriasis. Rhus Tox poisoning. Retrosternal pain when running.

Summary of Nuphar luteum for erectile dysfunction 

Mother tincture Nuphar Lut helps in the treatment of general weakness and fatigue in the body. It helps in allergy conditions, such as – psoriasis and the problem of sexual disorders in men. Nuphar lutea is best for treating nervous weakness and enhancing fertility in males.

DosageQ (10+10+10) 6, 30C, 200C,1M, 10M Etc.

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