No side effects of homeopathic pain killer medicine name such as

Top homeopathic pain killer medicine name in Arnica Montana

Arnica has analgesic and antiseptic action and is also used to improve conditions such as rheumatism, bruises, sprains, edema, fractures, joint diseases, boils, insect bites, and phlebitis. It is a very beneficial plant in the treatment of pain due to trauma. It is used for pain in the muscles or soft tissues, with bruising and tenderness, and that worsens with movement. pain after a contusion in the extremities, with bruises, venous inflammation, and sensitivity to touch. Like the common daisy, it is beneficial for treating symptoms of joint diseases, such as osteoarthritis or arthritis.

Chamomilla and best for child stomach pain

It is a medicinal plant widely used in the treatment of anxiety. its benefits go far beyond that. it is used as an aid in the treatment of skin irritations, it also has an antibacterial, antispasmodic, and soothing action. It has anti-inflammatory effects and is used in cases of stomach pain, bladder inflammation, wounds, menstrual pain, bruises, joint pain Etc. 

Magnesia phosphorica for any pain

Mag phos is commonly taken for minor aches and pains. Its most important function is to reduce pain. It is made from a mixture of magnesium sulfate and sodium phosphate, diluted in water. There is magnesium in our bodies. The number of responsibilities it has is enormous, and the chemical element Biochemic used for is closely connected to the muscles & nerves.

Mercurius Solubilis

It is indicated for local inflammation. It is an excellent medicine to treat pain. It is especially indicated for sore throats, toothaches, and chronic suppurative otitis.

Belladonna is the best for headache

The belladonna, whose scientific name is Atropa belladonna, is an extremely toxic plant, but it can be used in the preparation of some natural medicines. The most common uses are to relieve pain such as gastric cramps. It is used for the treatment of dental pain, swelling, gum pain, menstrual and digestive pain, and joint and neuropathic pain (as in the case of sciatica).

Calendula officinalis

Calendula is a medicinal plant widely used in popular especially cuts, burns, and inflammation treatment. It increases blood circulation at the wound site and stimulates collagen formation. This effect seems to be related to its anti-inflammatory, soothing, and antimicrobial properties, which in addition to reducing pain and swelling at the site, also prevent the development of microorganisms. it is the best and can also be used to complement the homeopathy treatment of infected wounds, Calendula has a strong antimicrobial action, and is capable of eliminating fungi, bacteria, parasites & more.

Hamamelis virginiana is the best for hemorrhoids

Witch hazel is a medicinal plant that has anti-inflammatory, anti-hemorrhagic, slightly laxative, and astringent action, and can therefore be used as an aid in the treatment of superficial skin wounds, such as cuts and bruises; burns, hemorrhoids; varicose veins, or poor circulation among others.

Bellis perennis

It is used in traumatisms in muscles or swollen glands, with great venous circulation, and soft tissues, in low back pain, dislocations, and joint inflammation.

Homeopathic Pain Killer Medicine Name ( Hypericum )

This plant also has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. It is used to treat headaches, and muscle, joint, and neuropathic pain. It should be noted that it is very important to always have the help and guidance of a professional.

Beyond the fact that if you act on your own, treatments can be carried out incorrectly, some plants and elements can have serious side effects that are misused.

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