Learn now how to choose the best baby toothpaste. Issues such as the presence of fluoride and a pleasant taste are important to make brushing more effective, pleasant, and attractive.

Children’s toothpaste with fluoride is the most suitable:

There are several fluoride-free children’s toothpaste options on the market.

This is because in the past fluoride was believed to do more harm than good for children, due to the risk of young children ingesting too much of the product.

However, after various investigations, non-fluoride products are ineffective in preventing cavities.

For this reason, the World Health Organization began recommending that children’s toothpaste contain approximately  1,100 ppm fluoride. The information should appear on the product label, so be sure to confirm before purchasing.

Choose kid-friendly flavors

Children tend to repel very striking flavors, so the idea is that the pasta has a mild and sweet flavor.

There is a wide range of options in the market, from the most traditional, such as strawberries, chewing gum, and tutti frutti, to more exotic flavors, such as pear, licorice, and apple.

It is important that brushing time be pleasant for the child.

Therefore, it is worth offering toothpastes of various flavors, until you find the most appealing to your child.

Having products of various flavors at home is also a valid strategy so that brushing is always interesting and fun.

How to choose the best baby toothpaste according to dentists

We explain what type of toothbrush and what toothpaste are appropriate according to age: 

*Babies: Oral hygiene should start even before milk teeth appear.

It is necessary to wash the mouths of babies to avoid leaving traces of milk from the bottle or baby food.

Thus, oral cleaning is performed by passing a gauze soaked with water rolled around a finger through the baby’s mouth.

*From 1-2 years: as soon as the first milk teeth appear, we can begin to incorporate a children’s toothbrush into the daily oral routine.

As it should be? Children’s brushes must have a small, rounded head and very soft filaments.

It must be dry, that is, do not wet it with water before! At this stage of childhood, we can also start using children’s toothpaste.

In this case, the amount of half a grain of rice. Likewise, the ideal is that after brushing only the paste should be spat out, and not rinsed with water.

Between 3-6 years: the toothbrush should still be very soft in this case and the amount of paste should be like a grain of rice.

Here we can already add children’s toothpaste with a mild strawberry or banana flavor.

It must also contain fluoride (in an amount of 1,000 ppm) to prevent children from cavities and other oral diseases.

At the moment in which the child already knows how to rinse and spit well (it depends on his maturity), we can incorporate a mouthwash that protects his teeth and gums.

It is good to rinse with a 0.05% fluoride mouthwash once a day (preferably at night).

As the little one grows, so will the length of the handle of his toothbrush (although the head should remain small).

Children 6 years and older: when the child begins to grow the toothbrush must adapt to his mouth.

Therefore with a larger handle so that the child can handle it well. In this case, we must always supervise children’s brushing so that they learn to do it correctly.

As for toothpaste, it must contain 1,450 ppm of fluoride in the amount of a pea. And remember: in all cases, it must always be children’s pasta.

It is important to use the appropriate toothbrush and toothpaste according to the age of the little ones.

Best brands of baby and toddler toothpaste according to dentists

  • Colgate Kids has a fantastic strawberry flavor.
  • Oral-B Kid’s Disney Princess (Bella), bubble gum flavor.
  • Oral-B Kid’s Disney Princess (Jasmine), bubble gum flavor.
  • Pro Disney, bubble gum flavor.
  • Oral-B Kid’s Disney Junior (Mimi), bubble gum flavor.
  • Oral-B Stages Disney Pixar Toy Story, wild fruit flavor.
  • Colgate Batman, fruit gum sabot.
  • Colgate Justice League, strawberry flavor.
  • Colgate Kids, Grape Venture flavor.
  • Colgate Despicable Me , fruit gum flavor.
  • Oral-B Stages Star Wars, wild berry flavor.
  • Oral-B Stages Disney Frozen, wild berry flavor
  • Colgate , fruit gum flavor.
  • Colgate My First, mild fruit flavor.

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When to start using baby toothpaste?

What is indicated is that children’s toothpaste should be used as soon as the first teeth appear.

What differentiates the use in babies and older children is the amount: babies weighing less than 10 kilos and with up to 8 teeth in their mouths should use an amount equivalent to half a grain of raw rice.

Babies who weigh more than 10 kilos and who still do not know how to spit should use the equivalent of a grain of raw rice, or 0.1 g.

From the moment the child learns to spit, the amount can be increased to the equivalent of one pea kernel, or 0.3 g.

It is important to write down the correct amount for your child’s stage.

In this way, you guarantee that your teeth will be protected and at the same time, you will avoid white spots on the dental enamel, caused by an excessive intake of fluoride.

Recommended product

1) Burt’s Bees Toothpaste, Natural Flavor, Fluoride-Free

2) Colgate Kids Unicorn Toothpaste Pump

3) Weleda Oral Care Children’s Tooth Gel, 1.7 Fluid Ounce, Fluoride Free

4) Colgate Kids Toothpaste Pump with Fluoride, Anticavity & Cavity Protection Toothpaste

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