How to choose the best feed brands for dogs

How to choose the best feed brands for dogs? the veterinarian recommended information with

What is the best dog food?

Feed that can offer a diet rich in nutrients and vitamins free of gluten, dyes, flavorings, and additives. Enter the article to learn about the best high-quality premium feed for your dog.

What is the best food for sterilized dogs?

There are special feeds for sterilized dogs that prevent them from gaining weight. Premium brands have some ideal ranges for sterilized ones. In the article, you will find a selection of special feeds for the needs that your pet may present.

Where to buy cheap and good dog food

If what you are looking for is quality feed and as natural as possible for your dog, forget about cheap feed, which is full of cereals, additives, and chemicals that will worsen your pet’s health. Quality feeds are not cheap, but you make sure that their diet is healthy and will have a direct impact on their health and well-being. Even so, by buying through our Mediitem website, you can find I think of a lot of quality reduced and with discounts. 

These feeds, especially the Premium ones, are not normally found in physical stores, but are sold online, The marketing strategy of these products is not to reach all supermarkets or make television advertisements, but rather they focus on making high-quality feed. range and of the highest quality, This is why many times they can only be purchased in online stores, such as ours.

20 best feed brands for dogs

Best dog food brands veterinarian recommended The best feed for your dog –


The Advance brand would be in the Medium Range of dog food. Perhaps it is not the most recommended food for your dog, but its product is of better quality compared to those sold in supermarkets. They have specialized feeds depending on whether your dog has allergies, is a puppy, is a specific breed, has health problems, etc. A suitable feed if your dog has special needs that must be covered. open approximate ingredients


  • It belongs to the best of the mid-range.
  • Large repertoire of specialties according to the needs of your dog.


  • Low protein content.
  • The high percentage of cereals.


Royal Canin is among the best food for dogs in the  Medium Range. It is a well-known brand with a long history in the manufacture of animal feed. They have several specialized products, including feed adapted to each breed of dog. Royal Canin dog food provides energy so that your pet is vital and active. It contains ingredients that considerably satisfy the dog’s appetite, satiating it and preventing it from going hungry. A feed for dogs that adapts to the special needs that they may approximate ingredients.


  • It belongs to the best of the mid-range.
  • Large repertoire of specialties according to the needs of your dog.


  • It does not specify the amount of protein, so they must be low.
  • The high percentage of cereals.


Alpha Spirit is a  High-End feed with 100% natural and high-quality products. It is a  Spanish dog food brand that manufactures grain-free food with a high percentage of meat and/or fresh fish. It is also a hypoallergenic feed, so it is the best feed for allergic dogs and those with digestive problems since they tolerate this type of food very well. 

Alpha Spirit food contains 85% different types of meat and fish and other vitamin nutritional components that make this food an ideal food for a good diet for your dog. They make dog food with ingredients that provide great palatability, which helps dogs with demanding palates. In their production process, they use state-of-the-art technology such as “Tenderize Technology” that facilitates the assimilation of food by subjecting the feed to a pre-digestion process.


  • I think of very high quality.
  • Free of cereals and high protein percentage.
  • 100% natural ingredients.
  • Hypoallergenic.


  • Little variety for special needs that your dog may have.

The best feed brands for dogs of originals


Nature’s Variety Original is also part of the  High Range, so its feed is of high quality. It has a high percentage of meat and is free of gluten and cereals, ideal for avoiding intolerances and poor digestion. They use natural ingredients steamed. Its feed is free of artificial preservatives, colorings, and flavors, providing a natural diet that favors exceptional nutrition for your pet so that it enjoys good health and has optimal physical condition.

It incorporates 60% animal protein, among which turkey and chicken stand out, while the rest of the composition is fruits, vegetables, and legumes. This dog food will provide a  balanced and healthy diet for your dog.


  • I think of high quality. High-end.
  • With natural ingredients.
  • High protein percentage.
  • Grain and gluten-free.


  • Little variety for special needs that your dog may have.
  • Some products in its range do contain cereals.


Taste of the Wild is a  High-End food for dogs, it is also one of the best dog food on the market.  They do not contain cereals, the protein percentage is high, the meat and fish they use are fresh, free of hormones and antibiotics, and are made under strict quality control. They include natural ingredients from fruits and vegetables, thus providing the necessary nutrients and vitamins that your dog needs for its growth.

It is an ideal feed to provide a healthy and balanced diet for your pet, a clean and healthy natural food for dogs thanks to the fact that the water used in its composition goes through an osmotic process that frees it from microorganisms or chemical products, making this food, a very high-quality feed. A feed made with natural and fresh ingredients,  so that your dog grows in optimal conditions. open approximate ingredients.


  • I think of high quality.
  • A high percentage of proteins.
  • natural ingredients.
  • Grain and gluten-free.


  • Little variety for special needs that your dog may have.

How to choose The best feed brands for dogs with ORIGIN


Orijen supplies the nutritional needs of dogs naturally. It is a high-quality feed, Premium Range, therefore one of the best feeds for dogs that offers natural products with a high amount of protein, promoting the healthy development of your dog. All of their ingredients come from Canada and are shipped fresh to Orijen’s kitchens. It is also grain-free.

This brand of dog food produces food with 70% protein from meat and 30% from vegetables, fruits, and vegetables,  providing dogs with the energy they need. It contains a  large amount of wild boar, lamb, pork, and bison meat, raised naturally for the quality and freshness of its meats, which are not subjected to freezing.

One of the best feeds for dogs, especially for the most demanding palates, since it offers a highly enhanced flavor thanks to the fresh meats used in its manufacture.


  • I think of very high quality. Premium range.
  • A high percentage of proteins.
  • natural ingredients.
  • Grain and gluten-free.


  • Little range for extraordinary desires that your canine can also have.

(7) ACANA:

Acana is one of the nice canine meals on the market today. It is a phase of the Premium Range due to the fact all its substances are herbal and are even appropriate for human consumption, which ensures their quality. It gives an excessive protein consumption and is free of cereals and gluten, though Prairie Poultry does comprise 23% rolled oats. All different Acana sequences like Pacifica, Wild Prairie, etc.

Yes, they are grain-free. The meat used comes from free-range farms and ranches, and the fish from sustainable fisheries. They are also free of antibiotics and hormones. The composition of this food is adapted to the nutritional needs of dogs, according to the diets of their wild ancestors. 

This feed is made with raw materials delivered daily directly from the farmers, farmers, and fishermen of Western Canada. One of the best dog foods currently on the market, ideal to keep it strong, healthy, and happy with a  100% natural and balanced diet.


  • I think of very high quality. Premium range.
  • Meat from animals raised in freedom.
  • Fish from sustainable fishing.
  • High protein percentage.
  • All Acana are grain and gluten-free (except Prairie Poultry with 23% oats).


  • Little variety for special needs that your dog may have.

The best feed brands for dogs with Solimo

(8) Solimo Adult:

I think very tasty and of good quality at a good price.  

  • Age: Adults
  • Type: Medium and large breeds
  • Flavor: Lamb, turkey, chicken, or beef
  • Weight: 20 kg

If you are looking for a tasty mid-range feed that is cheap at the same time, this is the best solution. And it is that the Adult feed of the Solimo brand has numerous flavors so that you can choose between lamb and rice, turkey with peas, chicken with peas, and beef with peas. By containing Vitamin D, Biotin, and Zinc among other nutrients, your dog will be able to improve its skin tone and have stronger bones.

The fact that it is manufactured by Amazon will assure you that the feed will not be of low quality and, to prevent this from happening, the brand itself is constantly supervised and approved by numerous veterinarians. However, it should be noted that its composition of ingredients contains a lot of cereal, which will only be a determining factor if your dog is allergic. You can see more opinions of users who have already purchased this feed at this link.

The best:

  • How tasty it is.
  • It favors the musculature.
  • Its price.
  • Good quality.


   It is not grain-free.

(9) Ultima Medium Maxi

Good feed for elderly dogs. 

Age: From 2 years

Type: Any size

Flavor: Chicken

Weight: 7.5 kg

In the sixth place of this guide, we bring you the Medium Maxi model from the Ultima brand, a perfect feed for elderly dogs. It is composed mainly of chicken and carbohydrates (rice and whole grains). In addition, each ingredient is steam-cooked to maintain the flavors and nutritional properties of the food, which will help your dog to have good digestion and to continue maintaining its muscle mass.

All Ultima feeds offer minimal benefits for your pet. That’s why you can see for yourself a better coat, healthier skin, and stronger joints. Also, it has a hermetic seal to better preserve the moisture and flavor of the grains. All in all, Ultima Medium Maxi is a good feed if you have an older dog who doesn’t get much exercise daily and is picky about most feeds. This one will eat it without complaining!

The best: The variety of nutrients, Helps the good development of the dog and maintains muscle mass.

Worst: It has a high cereal content (12%).

(10) Ultima Golden & Labrador

I think recommended for medium breeds. 

  • Age: From 12 months
  • Type: Medium breeds
  • Flavor: Chicken
  • Weight: 7.5 kg

If you are one of those people who seek to take care of the joints of your Golden, Labrador, or medium-breed dog, this I think may be your best choice. Thanks to its high content of chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine (substances involved in the formation of tendons and ligaments), Ultima Golden & Labrador helps maintain movement and joint cartilage in your pet.

In addition, it turns out to be very good to be able to regulate the weight of breeds with a tendency to eat too much. My travel companion (a Labrador retriever of almost 10 years) finds this food very tasty and when she finishes eating, she always feels satiated. 

Therefore, it is a great advantage for these types of dogs that never get tired of eating and tend to gain weight with some frequency. Being medium kibbles, it makes my dog ​​have to eat slower and can (at least) taste the food.


  •   How tasty it is.
  •    Good quality/price.
  •    It is very useful for regulating weight.


  • The size of the grain, for certain breeds, can be very large.

Best cheap feed brands

(11) Ama Lifelong Complete:

  • Age: Any
  • Type: Medium breeds
  • Flavor: Salmon or Chicken
  • Weight: 15 kg

Fourth, we bring you this product made by Amazon that, if you have medium-sized dogs, will more than satisfy their needs. The Lifelong range seeks to provide the best ingredients at an affordable price so that you can enjoy balanced health in your dog. You will get rid of spending a large amount of money.

Likewise, this feed does not present any type of coloring, flavoring, preservatives, soy, barley, or dairy products to be able to eliminate any type of additive that is toxic and harmful to dogs. Each ingredient used for this feed was prepared and supervised by nutritionists and veterinarians, so it will exceed all quality standards.

Apart from including numerous flavors so that you can choose the one that best suits your pet’s taste, it contains high levels of Omega 3, Zinc, and Biotin to promote a healthier life by helping to combat digestive sensitivity and generate better skin. We cannot affirm that it is free of cereal since rice is present with 18% in any flavor of the Lifelong range. Another point to take into account is that it does not contain a hermetic closure, so you will have to place a rubber band on the closure to better preserve the grains.

The best:

  Free of dyes, flavorings, and preservatives.

The ingredients have been supervised by professionals.

Nutrient diversity.

Benefit in the growth and well-being of your pet.

Worst: It lacks hermetic closure, It is not grain free.

(12) Taste of the Wild Canine High Prairie Bison

One of the best natural feeds at a good price. 

  • Age: Any
  • Type: Any Size
  • Taste: Veal
  • Weight: 6 kg

If you are looking for a natural feed but, at the same time, it is not very expensive, the Canine High Prairie Bison model is surely your perfect purchase. This feed is made up of 100% natural ingredients such as fruits, vegetables, and meat, providing all the vitamins and proteins necessary for the development of your dog.

Thanks to its components, this product is loaded with antioxidants and a high protein content that will improve your health and also help maintain your vitality and energy while your coat will become increasingly shiny.

It should be noted that this product is free of cereals and gluten, which means that it is totally safe for your pet. Likewise, if you suffer from digestive problems, skin problems, or intolerances, Taste of the Wild will help keep you healthy.


  • Made with fresh and natural ingredients.
  •    High protein content.
  •    It does not contain grains or gluten.
  •    Presents all the ideal vitamins and nutrients for your pet.


  •  It cannot be closed hermetically.

(13) Advance Medium

A feed with few cereals and a high percentage of protein (chicken).

  • Age: From 14 months
  • Type: Medium breeds
  • Taste: Variety
  • Weight: 14 kg

Advance Medium is one of the best feeds for young and adult dogs, thanks to its high content of chicken and rice. This product has very beneficial components such as pyrophosphates, which maintain your dog’s dental health; Omega 3 and 6, which favor the proper functioning of the nervous, immune, and cardiovascular systems. Therefore, it is a good option to include in your diet.

In the same way, Advance Adult Medium was carefully designed to meet the needs of your adult dog, since the croquettes have a perfect size so that they can be digested by any breed. Likewise, each ingredient helps to reinforce the defenses and maintain a good body mass, healthy skin, and silky fur.


  •  Ideal for older dogs.
  • Contains a hermetic closure.
  • How complete it is.
  • High protein content.
  • Helps dental health, coat, and easy digestion of your pet.


  •    Unique flavor.
  •    It is not grain free.

How to choose acana prairie poultry

(14) Acana Prairie Poultry

I think 100% natural with a lot of protein and that usually does not hurt in its first intakes. 

  • Age: Any
  • Type: Any Size
  • Taste: Chicken
  • Weight: 6 kg

As the best food for dogs based on our experience, we bring you this high-end food known for having a high protein content and for not containing any type of cereal with a high glycemic level. Acana is a brand that offers feed with 100% natural components at a more than affordable price. 

The ingredients of this product do not contain hyperglycemic cereals or gluten, which is ideal if you have an allergic dog or simply want to control your pet’s diet more thoroughly. Regarding its composition, 50% of its nutrients are obtained thanks to chicken and free-range eggs, while the other remaining half are vegetables so that your dog can lead a healthier life. 

Thus, obtaining a large amount of animal protein, Omega 3, and fatty acids order to help you be in top shape. On the other hand, this feed was not designed for any specific breed, so it can be consumed by any dog ​​regardless of its size. According to several customers, the Prairie Poultry range improves digestion and strengthens your pet’s coat after two weeks of use.

The best: High protein level (50%), Its ingredients are supervised by specialists, Suitable for any dog, It does not contain cereals with a high glycemic level. Without gluten.

Worst: It does not have a hermetic seal.

(15) Orijen Original:

For many, the best food for dogs. It is 100% natural.

  • Age: Any
  • Type: Any Size
  • Flavor: Chicken
  • Weight: 11.4 kg

As the best feed for dogs, we bring you a product made with natural foods so that your pet can grow healthily taking care of its digestive system. And it is that the Original model of Orijen offers you a reduction in carbohydrates and a large amount of protein (38%), made up of top-quality meats with the aim of making your dog grow healthy and strong.

In addition, since it does not contain any type of cereal, you will be reducing the risk of obesity and diabetes (diseases that usually appear over time due to not taking care of their diet).

After testing it on my 10-year-old Labrador, we have not been able to find any negative aspects to contribute. In fact, we have even noticed how her hair shines more (weeks after changing her feed).

The best: The quality of its ingredients, It is 100% natural, Without any type of cereal, Noticeable changes in the hair,

Worst: There are no negative reviews.

(16) NFNatcane Beef and Vegetables:

Recommended by Veterinarians.

  • Age: Adults
  • Type: Any size
  • Flavor: Ox
  • Weight: 15 kg

If you are looking for good feed for your dog that is very tasty and also of high quality, Beef & Vegetables from NFNatcane is surely the best option. It is made with 100% natural ingredients, including hydrolyzed beef (to improve absorption and minimize intolerances), fruits and vegetables, sweet potatoes, probiotics, and prebiotics.

It is also moderate in calories, to avoid being overweight, it is hypoallergenic and contains chondroprotective to take care of your dog’s joints. Beef & Vegetable feed is a super premium range recommended by veterinarians.

The best: Recommended by veterinarians, Moderate in calories, Hypoallergenic, Great value for the price.

Worst: We have not found any drawbacks.

(17) Lenda Senior Mobility

Designed for older dogs or adults with joint pain.

Age: From 4-5 years.

Type: Any race

Taste: Turkey

Weight: 3 – 12 kg

Fourthly, we bring you a feed that is easy to digest and recommended for adult dogs that have pain in their joints or others related to their age or pathology, including allergies and intolerances. In addition to having a high content of turkey meat, they supplement it with fish oil to increase the levels of Omega 3 and Omega 6. 

Thus, you can prevent cardiovascular diseases and provide numerous benefits to your nervous system thanks to the antioxidant and anticoagulant effects. of these Omega levels. Most of its ingredients are low in calories and fat because, being designed for older dogs, weight gain can increase the risk of diabetes or aggravate arthritis problems. 

And, as we mentioned at the beginning, this feed helps prevent wear and tear and alleviates joint pain (by containing collagen, glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM), improving the life of your pet.

The best:

  • It is very good for dogs with arthritis.
  • Low in calories, for older dogs.
  • Shipping is very fast.
  • Its composition is 100% natural.

Worst: Does not include a good hermetic seal.

18. Eukanuba Active Adult

Better I think for small dogs.

  • Age: 1-8 years
  • Type: Small breeds
  • Taste: Variety
  • Weight: 15 kg

If you are looking for a protein feed for small breeds, the Eukanuba Adult model will be great for your pet. This feed contains high levels of protein from chicken, its main source, to help maintain your dog’s muscles. In addition, it has grains small enough (about 10 millimeters) to adapt to the jaw of any dog.

The fact that it is manufactured by Eukanuba will give you the assurance that the feed will not be of low quality and, to avoid mistrust, it is constantly supervised by veterinarians.


  •    Excellent quality.
  •    Noticeable improvements in the skin and muscles.
  •    How tasty it is.
  •    Approved by numerous vets.


  •  It is not intended for puppies.

The best feed brands for dogs with Acana Light & Fit

(19) Acana Light & Fit

Ideal for dogs with digestive problems.

  • Age: Any
  • Type: Medium and large breeds
  • Flavor: Chicken
  • Weight: 11.4 kg

We bring you the Light & Fit model from the prestigious Acana brand, ideal for dogs that have digestive problems due to the cereal since it does not contain any type of seeds in its ingredients.

And it is that the Acana brand is characterized by making fresh meat and vegetable feed (100% natural foods), without hyperglycemic ingredients that can make you feel bad, such as rice or potatoes. This product is designed to control the weight of any dog, but we recommend that it be used for medium and large breeds due to the size of its particles.

If we had to put some but it would be that, to certain customers, this feed does not seem cheap according to the kilos that the bag brings (11 kilograms).


  •   It is one of the most protein feeds.
  •    Ideal for losing weight.
  •    It works great for older dogs.
  •    Grain-free.


  •   Its price is a well-known brand.

(20) Yerbero Nature:

I think designed for celiac dogs, with high protein content.

  • Age: Adult
  • Type: Medium and large breeds
  • Taste: Many flavors
  • Weight: 12 kg

With a more than reasonable price, this product created by Amazon stands up to better-known and prestigious brands such as Royal Canin, Última… Yerbero Nature contains a high content of turkey protein, one of the best protein sources.

From my point of view, it is a feed that can be recommended for any breed unless they are very small dogs because they cannot eat the grains due to their size. And, since it does not contain gluten, it is also suitable for coeliacs. Fact not having any type of cereal in its ingredients, you will be able to better regulate the weight of your pet.

Although it contains a good amount of protein from meat, these are complemented with tubers such as sweet potatoes and potatoes, making it possible for your dog to have a varied and complete diet. If you want a balanced feed, with a large amount of protein and vegetables, it is a good option at a good price.


  •    It is tasty for any dog.
  •    The quality of your proteins.
  •    Ideal for celiac or overweight dogs.


  •    Not valid for very small dogs.

Best natural food for adult dogs

(21) Natural food for adult dogs

True Instinct No Grain – Nature’s Variety – is a natural food for adult dogs, it is a grain-free feed for adult dogs, its flavor is turkey and it is sold in 2 kg packages. This natural meal offers a balanced level of protein and calories from high-quality fresh turkey. It allows the animal to develop strong muscles and a healthier skeletal structure.True Instinct I think for dogs:

Natural for adult dogs:

Omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids and zinc improve the quality and health of your adult dog’s coat and skin. A balanced level of protein and calories from high-quality fresh turkey. Improves skeletal muscles.

Among its main ingredients, we find chickpeas, peas, and potatoes; Ideal as a source of easy-to-digest carbohydrates. It also guarantees a healthier coat, since the ingredients that provide omega-3 and omega-6 will improve the quality and health of the dog’s coat and skin. 

Best natural wet food for dogs

(22) Natural wet food for dogs:

As for natural wet food for dogs, we also find many options, that are just as tasty and healthy as the previous ones. This type of feeding is a way to hydrate the animal, in case it does not usually drink a lot of water. Also, you have to know that by giving him one serving a day, you will be providing enough calories to make him feel satisfied. 

Natural wet food for dogs Nature’s Variety Pate. Natural Greatness is Nature’s Variety of wet food for dogs in the form of a pate. Contains papaya, blueberries, and rosemary. You can find it in a pack of 8 units and 300gr each ball. This is a very complete food, it does not contain preservatives or flavorings, since its only nutritional source is chicken meat. 

Nature’s Variety Pate for Dogs

Grain-free wet food: Complete and balanced food for adult dogs. Steamed in its own juice and at optimum temperature for nutrient preservation. No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Pack of 8 bags of 300 gr.

(23) Natural fish wet food

Natural Greatness is a wet food for dogs, sea fish flavor with Kelp. You can find it in a pack of 24 units, 156 gr each can. This complementary food for dogs is formulated without artificial preservatives, flavors, or colors. 100% Natural and only contains mackerel, tuna fillet, fish stock, kelp, and rice. 

Natural Greatness Dog Food:

Rich fish flavor: Formulated without artificial preservatives, flavors, or colors. The can contains 40% Mackerel, 30% Tuna Fillet, 20% Fish Stock, 5% Kelp Seaweed, and 5% Rice. 100% natural food. Super for your big dog. price not available.

(24) The best feed for dogs with liver problems:

It is important to modify your dog’s diet if he suffers from liver problems. On the market, different brands of dog food help provide a good diet for dogs with these special needs:

(25) The best feed for dogs with bone problems or arthritis

When your dog gets older it is normal for some problems such as arthritis to arise. If you notice that he is more tired, that he no longer runs, that it is difficult for him to jump or get on and off the sofa, or that he complains about one of his legs, perhaps he is suffering from bone problems or arthritis. On the market, there are some brands that manufacture specific feed for this condition and improve their well-being.

(26) Natural Probiotic for Dogs:

A good natural probiotic for dogs will be the ideal support so that their health continues to be the best. Remember that a probiotic is a combination of microorganisms that aim to strengthen the functioning of the small intestine, especially the colon. Therefore, you should know the best options to keep your pet’s intestinal flora in perfect balance.

Natural probiotic for dogs with gastritis:

Probiotics and digestive enzymes are all your dog needs to maintain good health and relax his tummy on occasions of gastritis. This natural dog food not only calms the stomach, but also improves digestion, strengthens immunity, and reduces bowel movements and flatulence. This is a natural supplement that is very easy to administer since you only have to add one or two tablespoons to the dog’s food. 

The Healthy Probiotic for Dogs

Natural for gastritis: Made with top-class nice psyllium husk, calcium carbonate, floor flaxseed, prebiotics, and probiotics. Improves digestion and immunity. Regulates the anal glands. Improves intestine health.

What is the best dog food in the world?

This question cannot be answered outright; The best feed for your dog will be one that contains a balanced diet rich in nutrients, including proteins and fats, and that has the least possible amount of artificial ingredients. In this comparative table, you will see the best dog food on the market.

What is the best natural dog food?

A natural feed is one that is only made up of natural ingredients, does not include preservatives or dyes, and also the origin of its components comes from local suppliers.

They are fresh feed with a high volume of protein, without cereals, and do not use any ingredient that does not come from sustainable sources. We cannot select a feed as the best natural dog food outright, but for example, two very good natural feed brands are Acana or True Instinct.

Why buy a quality feed for your dog?

Some people wonder if it is necessary to buy quality dog ​​food or not. I would like to make a quick reflection about

what are the benefits of buying this type of food: They help to increase the defenses: thanks to the quality feed for puppies, as well as that needed by adult dogs, what we are doing is improving the health of the pet and strengthening its body. This will make it able to better resist disease and have a more effective autoimmune system.

They satiate with better capacity: quality dog ​​food is equivalent to the best human food and the difference exists concerning junk food. When you eat bad food, the body burns everything that doesn’t serve it and is left only with what is useful, which is a very small part. That leads to us being hungry sooner. The same thing happens to dogs.

With good food, they will eat less than with poor-quality dog ​​food. They provide more energy: When you give your pet quality dog ​​food, you will appreciate that its energy level is much higher than when it is fed with a reduced quality dog ​​food.

The best-wet dog food

It is good to combine wet dog food with feed, although you always have to control the amount of wet food as it has many more calories than dry food and your pet could gain weight. It has some advantages, such as that it is nutritionally richer and more complete than feed since it is closer to the concept of natural food, but it also has drawbacks such as its higher caloric intake or its price, which is significantly higher than that of feed. Here are some of the best-wet dog foods on the market:

The best gastrointestinal feed for dogs

Some dogs are more prone to digestive problems than others, either because of the peculiarities of the breed or because of the specific characteristics of the dog. For this type of situation, in recent years a type of feed that is increasingly in demand has appeared, the so-called gastrointestinal feed: these are feeds suitable for all breeds and ages of dogs,

Which seek to facilitate and improve digestion. of your pet, and are composed of components and nutrients that minimize gastric problems and help in the digestion of fats. The most valued by users are the following.

The best hypoallergenic feed for dogs

There are certain breeds of dogs that are more prone to developing some type of allergy. Bearing in mind that food allergies are one of the main causes of allergic reactions in dogs,

if your dog suffers from allergies I consider that it is advisable to feed him a specific hypoallergenic feed: these are feeds that use only natural products, without resorting to artificial additives. Some of the best values are the following:

The best light feed for dogs

Some breeds of dogs are more prone to being overweight or exercising less for genetic reasons, so it is important to watch overweight, to prevent it from causing more serious ailments or illnesses.

There are many light feeds for dogs that will help you regulate your dog’s weight, being fed low in carbohydrates and sugars and high in protein, will help your pet lose any extra kilos. You can see some of the best feed for overweight dogs below:

The best feed for diabetic dogs

In the case of diabetic dogs, it is necessary to give your pet a specific feed, since their body has problems regulating sugar and you must control everything they eat to avoid scares, so looking for a feed for diabetic dogs is totally necessary.

They are not especially cheap feed, but they contain ingredients that help control blood glucose and are low in fat. I leave you some of the most interesting food or feed options for diabetic dogs:

The best premium dog food

This is a wet food option to help your puppy grow strong and healthy. This formula is made with high-quality ingredients and no artificial preservatives, as well as containing calcium for strong teeth. Wet food is ideal to help maintain the correct hydration of the dog, and thanks to its consistency and its high-quality ingredients, this food has an excellent texture and flavor that your pup will surely love.

The best feed for dogs with kidney problems or kidney feed for dogs

If your dog is suffering from kidney failure, it means that his kidneys are not working properly and he is probably urinating and drinking water more often than usual. In this case, I think it is best to find a specific feed, called kidney feed for dogs, which has a lower amount of salt and phosphorus, as well as vitamins A, B, C and D. Here are some of the best feeds for dogs with kidney problems:

The best feed for sterilized dogs

Spaying or neutering a dog basically has two consequences :

*Decreases the level of physical activity.

*Your appetite increases.

At first, it may not be necessary for you to specifically look for a feed for sterilized dogs since any of the feeds analyzed above should work for you, but if you notice that your dog is gradually gaining weight after having been sterilized, then it seems to me that you should Look for a specific feed with a higher fiber composition and less fat, that is, with a lower caloric intake. Here you have some of the best food for sterilized dogs that you can find:

The best food for small dogs

This is the ideal food for adult and small-sized dogs, aged between 8 weeks and 10 months. On its label it mentions the weight that your weight must have to give this feed, the weight is from 4 kg to 10 kg since it is a feed made to maintain weight. In addition, it has a rich flavor, so your dog will accept it. Due to its formula, it helps to keep your pet’s hair and teeth in good condition.

The best dog food with vitamins

This food contains the necessary vitamins to maintain the health of your dog. It is made with ingredients of natural origin, so do not worry if they are toxic or not for your dog. In addition, it has been enriched and fortified with extra high-quality vitamins and minerals. The sack contains 8 kg, ideal for several days of meals.

It is famous for its rich flavor. Its formula generates ideal digestion in your dog, as it helps a good intestinal transit. Your dog will be able to deposit his feces without any difficulty, in addition, lifting complete feces will be very easy, since they will be firm. It provides your dog with prebiotics and omegas, this ensures a high-quality meal in one.

Best dog food brands

Choosing the best dog food brands veterinarian recommended: *ACANA:  The feed of this well-known brand is characterized by combining meat and fresh vegetables in such a way that no type of cereal is necessary to complement the canine diet.

*EUKANUBA: Eukanuba is characterized by the quality of its ingredients and the guaranteed results in those dogs that eat its feed. It is a brand that is focused solely on the development of dog food.

*ROYAL CANINE: Possibly Royal Canin is the brand that sounds the most familiar to you of these three due to its popularity. This brand is classified as high-end and has great respect for animals, reflected in the ingredients of each product it makes.

What should you take into account before buying dog food?

The quality of the feed directly affects the health of your dog. If your dog is fed low-quality feed, health problems such as dermatitis, dry hair, allergies, low vital energy, etc. may arise in the long run. It is important to know that there are three categories of feed on the market:

*Low range: Poor quality feed. They are the ones you find especially in the supermarket, made with animal by-products (everything left over from meat factories for human consumption, Such as cartilage, feathers, and beaks… all crushed.), full of cereals (which causes intolerances and low digestibility ), and loaded with chemical additives such as dyes, flavorings, etc.

*Medium range: These feeds do not contain animal by-products, although they can be made with a high percentage of cereals and also with chemical additives.

*High and Premium range: They are the most recommended feed for your dog since you make sure that their diet is nutritious and healthy. High-end dog food is available at veterinarians and especially in online stores. 

They are made with real and fresh ingredients, free of cereals (or in smaller quantities) so that the dog’s digestibility is better. In addition, they are free of additives and contain a high percentage of animal protein. Although its price is higher, the necessary quantity that your dog needs to eat is less due to the high quality of its nutrients, since your dog will need less quantity than with the other ranges of feed.

It is important to note that any dietary changes to your dog’s diet should be made gradually. If you change the feed from one day to the next, it can feel bad and cause diarrhea.

What do we take into account for the analysis of the best feed for dogs?

  • *Does not contain dyes.
  • *A high percentage of protein (30-35%).
  • *Grain-free.
  • *Use of meat (not derivatives).
  • *Containing more than 35% dried meat.
  • *Calcium-phosphorus ratio.
  • *That it could even be food suitable for humans.

One of the best feeds that you can give your dog is Acana and Orijen (Premium range), but feeds such as Taste Of the Wild, True Instinct, and Alpha Spirit are also of high quality, which will provide a healthy and nutritious diet favoring your well being.

Age: One of the classic and effective ways! is to choose the best food for dogs. In the same way as humans, dogs have different needs at every moment of their lives.

The daily life of a puppy has nothing to do with that of a senior dog. And, in the same way, neither are their food needs. For this reason, we must adapt the diet to each moment of our life knowing, above all, the nutrients we need

Puppy’s diet: Its development, growth, and correct health will depend on the first months of a dog’s life. Therefore, it is important to provide them with the nutrients that their small and active bodies demand. In addition, the best food for puppy dogs is always one that helps stimulate their defenses. Just like babies, puppies have to create their immune system. And, since vaccines have the guidelines they have, nothing like promoting their protection through diet.

I think for puppies Verdecora Choosing the best diet for puppies is essential for their development. Learn about the characteristics of this feed here

It is essential that the puppy’s diet is varied and has a good number of proteins. The puppy’s energy needs are high, so it is essential that he have a diet that helps him replenish these levels. 

In addition, it must always be considered that his diet has a fiber intake. It not only facilitates intestinal transit. It also helps kill off any bacteria or parasites you may have contracted while breastfeeding.

How to choose the best feed for dogs?

Choosing the best adult dog food

Although at one year our dog still looks like a puppy to us, he is heading towards his adult stage. 

A change that also forces him to modify his diet. The best food for adult dogs should always have a high percentage of meat and fish and a lower percentage of vegetables or fruits, always avoiding excess cereals. Carbohydrates are indeed necessary in your diet. But it is also true that there must always be a minority percentage of it.

I think ver-decora for adult dogs Our natural Verdecora feed has all the extra contributions that your dog needs. Know its composition In addition to these nutrients, the feed must have vital contributions. We refer to vitamins E and C, and fatty acids such as Omega 3 and 6.

Feeding a senior dog:

And we come to our beloved senior dogs. Some, from the age of seven, are considered seniors and, for this very reason, have a specific demand for food. In your diet, we will not only have to contemplate that there is a lower presence of fat and a higher percentage of protein, which help maintain your muscles. It is also essential that they have a good intake of fiber vitamin C and antioxidants, which help take care of their neuronal wear.

Size: Another ideal guideline when choosing the best dog food. And it is that, logically, a small dog does not have the same nutrient demand as a large furry one. In the case of small dogs, their diet must contain as little fat as possible since they tend to be obese. 

It is also important that they have fiber, fruits, and even oats. In this same preventive line, it is also important to opt for chewy croquettes. The reason, again, is a matter of the physical tendencies of these animals: they tend to accumulate more tartar than large dogs.

Verdecora for mini adult dog: Choosing the best food for mini dogs requires that it be digestive and good for their teeth. Discover this diet proposal for mini dogs. For those wonderful large dogs, the feed must be very digestive and with good protein content. Again, vitamins E and C are vital. And be careful: if you share your life with a big furry, their diet must have the lowest possible percentage of phosphorus.

Activity: Another extremely logical way to choose the best dog food. A dog with a more sedentary life does not demand the same as one subjected to a good exercise pattern. And not so much because we make him exercise, but even because his physical characteristics define him as a nervous, energetic, or active dog I think Verdecora for medium-breed dogs

For dogs with medium or high physical activity, this salmon feed is ideal. Buy it in our online store For this type of dog, their diet must have a high percentage of protein. The best way to respond to your wear.

Texture: It is the eternal question among those who have a dog but also among cat owners: the best food for cats, I think, or wet food? A question that is repeated, also, in regards to dogs. And again, there is no universal answer to this decision. Rather, nothing like knowing the advantages and disadvantages of each type to choose the best dog food.

Best wet food for dogs

Verdecora: This a delicious recipe for lovers of wet food! get it here Dog food offers a substantial advantage. Being a concentrated food, the animal receives all the nutrients it needs in a small quantity. Furthermore, on a hygienic level, it is much cleaner, especially in the hot months.

For its part, wet dog food also has an important advantage: it has a high percentage of water. An important aspect of our dog is not a drinker. But it is not the only one. Additionally, its aroma and flavor are more intense than in the case of feed. Something fundamental, for example, in older dogs that have little appetite.

Choosing the health:

And we come to a delicate point because, for dogs with chronic ailments, food is even more important. For them, veterinary diets for dogs are a perfect alternative to feed them while ensuring their health. I think Verdecora for dogs without gluten Feeds like this are ideal for dogs with gluten intolerances. Take a look at its composition

Like humans, dogs can also suffer from ailments such as diabetes, kidney problems, or gluten intolerance. Some particularities that we can only take care of with specific diets. Of course: always recommended and prescribed by a veterinarian.


Buying dog food correctly is not a game. Although many supermarkets want to sell you any product and we, moved by economic interests, give in to temptation, we may not be doing the pet any favors. That is why you should be interested in knowing about animal feed. By following our food and nutrition guidelines, you can be sure to make the best purchase.

We know that a pet needs time, so your job as an owner is not only to take it for a walk, caress it, and give it water and food but also to ensure its health. Remember, health always begins “by the mouth”. We have reached the end of the complete guide on dog food. We hope you liked it and, if so, remember to share it on your social networks.

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