How to choose the best WordPress theme for website create

What is a WordPress template? And How to choose the best WordPress theme for website create,

A WordPress template (theme, theme, or template) is a design tool that you will need to capture the drawing, structure, and customization of your web project. 

There are several ways to work with templates.

You can buy pre-designed themes and replace the texts, fonts, or images at will or you can create the design from scratch.

In any case, it is important to keep in mind that (although a priori it may seem like the best option) choosing a pre-designed template may not be the best option.

As a general rule, if you want to create a quality project and achieve a fully customizable design, it is best to opt for paid templates.

In the case of Divi, it has a Theme that is installed by default when you purchase the product and this incorporates more than 2000 ready-to-use layouts, 

which are predesigned templates, with demo content, that once you install on a page of your Theme, you can customize to very professional levels.

If you want more information on how to build a website, including a store, using Divi and one of its layouts, check out this Blog article that may interest you.

Why are WordPress themes important?

There are several ways that search engines rank your web page. There is an SEO on-page and SEO Off page.

As a website owner, you need to do your part to make your on-page SEO great.

The first step is to use the keywords in the title, meta description, and content correctly. You can use plugins like Yoast to give the final SEO touches to your content.

With some of these Ahrefs alternatives, you can perform your keyword research.

Most WordPress themes are compatible with most plugins and have a faster loading time.

So, there are many reasons to use SEO-optimized WordPress themes, because they have features that make your site search engine ready.

First of all, the optimized code of SEO-friendly WordPress themes helps search engines better explore your website.

Secondly, the first-class WordPress issues are designed to have tremendous web page load velocity which helps increase your website’s SEO.

Also, these themes have better compatibility with the best WordPress SEO plugins.

Therefore, today you will be able to choose the best, absolutely SEO-friendly WordPress themes, to get better rankings in search engines.

With WordPress Version:

Not all themes or plugins are compatible with the same versions of WordPress. 

First, we recommend that you verify that the theme you chose is compatible with your current version of WordPress, as well as the version of PHP your site is running on. 

Generally speaking, if you come across a theme that hasn’t received recent updates, it’s likely to cause errors on your website.

All WordPress theme repositories include theme compatibility information. 

You can usually find this information near the theme’s version and the most recent update data appears on the theme developer’s site or the page you purchased the theme from.

If you are downloading a theme from a web page that does not show you this information, we recommend that you avoid it. 

Using outdated WordPress themes can not only cause technical problems but can also introduce vulnerabilities to your website.

Finally, if you’re not sure which version of WordPress you’re using, head over to the WordPress dashboard. 

There, you can confirm the version of WordPress you are using by navigating to ‘ Dashboard > Updates ‘.

If you’re not using the latest version of WordPress, it’s a good idea to update as soon as possible. 

However, before making this update or any drastic changes to your site, we recommend creating a backup in case something goes wrong. 

From this screen, you can also see if there are any updates available for your WordPress plugins or themes.

Advantages of free WordPress themes

  1. They are very easy to install

It is a great advantage for those of you who are starting out in web design and do not yet have too much knowledge.

From the Appearance> Themes> Install option you will have your free WordPress template installed and ready to configure its main options.

2. Professional appearance

If you have already installed a free template on your website or if you plan to do so, 

You will notice that its appearance is very professional and, at least apparently, they have nothing to envy to paid WordPress templates.

3. Feeling of simplicity and minimalism

Perhaps you already know that in web design many times the ‘less is more’ thing is fulfilled and especially in recent years minimalism and websites that are not too overloaded have already triumphed.

Therefore, with a free WordPress template you will achieve this effect of simplicity for your online business, since being free they are usually very basic and without many frills.

4. We can change the template from time to time:

As you will see later, if there is something good about free WordPress themes, it is their variety. 

Due to a large number of free templates out there, you can switch from one to another without spending a penny.

Of course, be careful when changing the template, as surely many of the elements that you already had (icons, images, texts, etc.) will be changed or will not appear.

Disadvantages of free templates for WordPress

  1. They are very vulnerable

Regarding security, it seems important to me that you know that there is a big difference between the WordPress templates that you download for free and the paid ones.

If you opt for the latter, you will be ensuring the possibility of periodically downloading the updates that the developer/author of these themes implements. 

Remember that, among other things, these new updated versions bring improvements in terms of improving security.

  1. They are not optimized for SEO

I am sure that if you are starting with a personal project, you will be putting all the enthusiasm and desire in the world into it so that it succeeds, just like it happened to me with my Marketing and Web school.

Therefore, you will want that, after a while, it begins to rank and position itself in Google for the most important keywords in your sector.

By buying a more professional and paid template you will always be making sure that the programming of the theme at the code level does not have blunders that end up penalizing you.

  1. Documentation and support

In the event that you have been with the website of your own online business or your blog for some time, 

You will have been tempted to ‘tinker’ with some options or functionalities that you do not fully master.

The result? You have just misplaced or misconfigured one of the most important options for the proper functioning of your website.

It is therefore time to seek help in blogs or forums specialized in the subject. 

Surely, if your WordPress template is paid, the developer or another professional specialist in the field will have already solved this problem for someone else who has experienced something similar.

In this way, you can be calmer and fix the problem that you have caused.

Also, when it comes to updates to free WordPress templates, you can never be sure that the creator will bother to generate an update that corrects certain ‘gaps’ in the template in the short or medium term.

If you rush me, since it is free, the theme developers do not have to worry about improving or optimizing it,

so they will not have to answer questions or problems from users who implement their template on their website.

  1. Visual finish in the design

Despite the fact that among the advantages that I will tell you about below is the fact that the free themes for WordPress have a fairly careful and professional appearance, 

with paid templates, this concept reaches much higher levels.

Logically you can imagine that free will always has certain limitations, 

so if you are currently using a free template, your business prospers and you need extra features, you will have a problem

In my opinion, it would not be worth ‘cutting your wings’ yourself for this reason, 

and I would recommend you invest between 30 and 60 euros, which is what a paid template will cost you.

WordPress free theme for personal medical business

01. Hestia:

Hestia is one of the best free WordPress themes from Themeisle, mainly for professionals.

It is fully customizable, and of course SEO friendly, as well as being a free multipurpose WordPress theme.

You can use this theme for websites that have to do with creativity, small businesses, online agencies, and e-commerce. 

You can also use Elementor visual editor with this free theme.

02. Astra:

Astra is one of the best WordPress themes if you want to start a blog, for its unmatched speed and UX design.

It’s fast, fully customizable, and also has Woocommerce support.

The source is available on GitHub and you can access it and make any changes if you wish.

It has schema.org code built in and is native AMP ready, which makes this theme very search engine friendly.

Also, Astra works perfectly with visual editors like Elementor, DIVI, etc.

03. Neve:

Neve is a free AMP theme, compatible with modern versions of WordPress, including Gutenberg and Elementor. 

Its versatility and simplicity make it suitable for small and medium-sized corporate websites.

From the customization point of view, in addition to multiple configuration options, 

it includes a large number of website templates that we can use as a base to start without having to build from scratch.

Main features:

*Responsive design and SEO friendly.

*Configurable content blocks.

*Compatible with Page Builders with drag-and-drop.

*Demo gallery and site templates.

*Lazy loading of images.

*Parallax effect (page bottom scroll)

Top 7 Tips on How to choose the best WordPress theme for website create

There are many things to consider when choosing a theme. Still, most of these tips are easy to follow, so don’t worry if you’re a WordPress beginner.

1. Responsive Design:

It’s important to understand that the majority of your website users are likely to visit it from their mobile devices.

 In fact, mobile traffic exceeds that of users who browse using laptops or desktop computers. For many people, their mobile devices are the main way they interact with the web.

Not all WordPress themes are properly adaptable or responsive. Those are terms that refer to how well a design fits the smaller screens of mobile devices.

Each WordPress theme has a different mobile design. Many users focus only on how templates look on big screens, forgetting about their mobile users or vice versa, 

which at the end of the day can impact your performance metrics and even your sales. 

If you are looking for a new theme, we recommend checking out its demo or test web pages and checking how it looks on mobile devices. 

Ideally, the theme should be mobile-friendly right out of the box.

Keep in mind that you can always adjust a theme to your needs. Even so, it is preferable to use one that is already adaptable by design.

2. Design According to Your Niche:

Another advantage of WordPress themes is that you can go for a multipurpose option or for something more specialized. 

Multipurpose themes are those that are designed to be used in various types of projects. 

A great example is Hello Elementor. It is a basic template designed to be compatible with the Elementor page builder plugin. 

Its design itself is pretty basic, allowing you to tweak every element of its look to suit your needs.

On the other side of the equation, you have themes that are designed for specific niches. 

You can find themes for almost any niche, from blogs to cooking websites to photography portfolios and much more:

To make your decision easier, we recommend starting with options that are designed for your niche. 

These themes generally use designs that are suitable for your industry and in some cases offer extra functionality to make your life easier. 

For example, it’s common for restaurant themes to offer tools for creating digital menus.

3. Ease of Editing

All WordPress themes can be edited. You always have access to the source code, both of the CMS itself and of the plugins and themes you install.

The difference is that not all themes are equally easy to edit. When we talk about the ‘editability’ of a theme, we can divide it into three different categories:

*Edit the code: If you’re comfortable editing a theme’s code, it’s important that the theme is easy to understand and offers some level of documentation. 

If theme developers don’t follow good programming practices, it can be difficult to edit their code.

*Use full-site editing: This is a relatively new tool in WordPress. 

Full-site editing allows you to edit page templates using the Blocks Editor. 

Before, the only way to modify these templates was to get your hands on the code. Only “block” themes have access to this tool.

*Use a page builder: Page builders are plugins that allow you to edit pages and posts in WordPress using visual tools. 

These plugins offer a different experience than the Classic Editor or the Blocks Editor.

If you plan to use a page builder plugin, we recommend looking for a theme that is compatible with it. 

There are many page builders out there, including popular options like Divi, Elementor, and Beaver Builder :

Many page builders offer their own WordPress themes (like the Hello Elementor example above). 

If you are determined to use a particular page builder, we recommend that you try the themes that they recommend.

4. Budget (Free vs. Premium Themes)

There are many free WordPress themes. What’s more, as far as themes are concerned, you shouldn’t have any prejudice against these free themes. 

Many of them can be perfect for your website and that way you save paying for a premium license.

Having said that, there are premium themes that are worth every penny. The largest premium theme marketplace out there is called ThemeForest. 

Here you can find thousands of payment options and each theme includes information about its design and the tools it includes:

When it comes to premium themes, it’s important that you understand how licenses work. 

When you buy a theme, you are paying for a license that includes updates and technical support for a period of time (usually six months or one year). 

After that period expires, you can continue using the theme, but you lose access to updates if you don’t renew your license.

Other popular premium theme marketplaces include ThemeGrill, StudioPress, and ThemeIsle. Keep in mind, 

Most premium themes have their own web pages where you can purchase them and read more about what they offer.

When it comes to free themes, all of the most popular options are on WordPress.org. Here you will also find free or lite versions of many premium themes:

If you are interested in a premium theme that offers a lite version, we recommend trying it out before paying for a license. 

Although the lite version does not include all the features of the paid version, it can give you an idea of ​​how the theme works before you pay for it.

5. Template Design

When choosing the WordPress template, you should consider its design. The type of design has to be like you, but it also has to look modern. 

This point can be quite subjective.On the other hand, you must take into account the flexibility of the theme with respect to typography, 

color scheme, navigation, and other design elements that you consider important for your web project. 

Beyond personal taste, a template must be practical. That is, easy to navigate and use for your visitors. 

If possible, it’s a good idea to get a second opinion on the template you choose. 

That way you can tell if the WordPress theme contains bugs or usability issues that you may not have noticed.

6. Loading speed

It is important to understand that not all WordPress themes offer the same loading speed. 

As far as speed is concerned, the values ​​depend a lot on the way in which you create and design pages and articles.

If you create a page with dozens of HD images, it will probably take a long time to load.

Even so, many WordPress themes can slow down your site without you making any changes. This usually happens because these themes are not well-optimized. 

This issue can be difficult to detect without you testing a theme yourself.

Every time you activate a new theme in WordPress, we recommend using a tool like PageSpeed ​​Insights. 

With this tool, you can monitor how well-optimized your WordPress site is just by entering your domain :

Once you analyze the site, PageSpeed ​​Insights will tell you which aspects of your website you should optimize :

Many of the recommendations returned by PageSpeed ​​Insights may not have to do with what theme you use. 

Still, the tool is useful if you want to get an idea of ​​your site’s load time.

Another way to gauge the optimization of a theme is by reading reviews about it. 

In most cases, if you come across a theme that is slow, you will find that many of its users have been reviewing it. 

7. WordPress Theme Demo

One of the best ways to choose a WordPress theme is by looking at their demos. Most theme developers include demo web pages with their themes. 

This way, you can see the theme in action before you download or buy it:

Even if you want to use a free theme, we recommend checking its demo before installing it. 

Visiting a test page will only take seconds while installing and then deleting a theme can be a cumbersome process.

If you are using WordPress.org to get a free theme, you can access the demo of any template by clicking on the option that says Preview :

Other pages with theme collections also often include an option to view demos. 

If you come across a theme that catches your eye but doesn’t offer a demo, we recommend avoiding it (particularly if it’s paid!).

After you’ve researched a WordPress theme demo, you may want to know more about it before taking the plunge and installing it. 

In that case, you can take a closer look at it by setting up a staging site.

Best WordPress theme for website create

01/  The Retailer:

The Retailer is a very well-optimized template for online commerce. It offers great versatility for creating various page styles and works great with plugins like Visual Composer.

Price: $58

View the template on  Themeforest

02/ Neighborhood

The neighborhood is a responsive theme that comes perfectly optimized for retina screens. It has a practical visual editor that works by dragging elements. 

It also includes the possibility of loading an advanced MegaMenu.

Price:  $63

View the template on Themeforest

03. Bazaar Shop:

Bazar Shop is a very well-structured responsive theme that includes its own functionality to optimize SEO. 

It also comes with a plugin to put a subscription pop-up. Compatible with Visual Composer.

Price:  $63

View the template on  Themeforest

Royal is the best WordPress theme for website create

4/ Royal:

The main advantage of the  Royal theme is that it offers more than 60 predefined page styles that you install very easily. 

It includes Visual Composer and Revolution Slider, as well as the Essential Grid plugin, which is used to create various styles of blogs, portfolios, etc.

Price:  $58

5/ Marketify:

Marketify is a responsive template with a minimalist appearance with which you can easily create an online commerce platform where you can sell all kinds of products, 

including the sale of digital products. Allows you to add extensions.

Price:  $63

View the template on Themeforest

6/  ShopKeeper:

ShopKeeper is a responsive and graphically spectacular template with a very interesting way of structuring, 

the content that also offers you extensive customization options. Includes Visual Composer and Revolution Slider plugins.

Price:  $58

View the template on  Themeforest

Shopping is the best WordPress theme for website create

7/ The shopper

is a responsive theme adapted to retina screens that include a customizable product showcase. 

It also has an integrated Revolution Slider, giving a lot of presence to the upper sliders. Allows you to design advanced menus.

Price:  $89

View the template on  Themeforest

8/ SimpleGreat:

SimpleGreat is a modern and minimalist responsive template, with very careful graphic elements available in different colors. 

Advanced menus and lots of customization options, plus a Revolution Slider and a blog manager.

Price:  $48

View the template on  Themeforest

9/ Hello Elementor:

This template is ideal for working with the Elementor web builder. Although the features it brings are basic ones,

 it is very intuitive and practical, so it can be an ideal theme to start with.

It could be said that when you install Hello Theme or Hello Elementor, as it is more commonly known, 

you will have a blank canvas on which to put everything you need to make your site look exactly the way you want it to. 

This means that you can combine it with other themes and achieve an authentic style.

Among its main features, it should be mentioned that it is a lightweight and flexible theme; 

This will allow you not only to get a site adjusted to your needs but to ensure that it will load quickly on any device, without having to deal with weight and speed problems.

Another advantage of Hello Elementor is that it is a multipurpose template, so you can use it for any site or blog. 

It is even suitable for virtual stores; in fact, it is fully compatible with woocommerce.

Among the features that could represent a problem for the user, it should be mentioned that it is not a template for everyone, because it requires certain knowledge of CSS. 

Also, as we have already mentioned, being a template designed to work with a web developer,

 it requires a bit of dedication to adapt it to your needs: practically, what it offers you is a blank template, 

on which you can go incorporate the direction of design and functionality that interests you, through specific plugins.

Broadly speaking, it could be said that it is a good template for someone who wants to get fully involved in a web project. 

It requires a basic knowledge of CSS to customize it and a willingness to learn.

WoodMart Responsive WooCommerce WordPress Theme

10/ WoodMart

is a responsive WordPress design template that might be perfect for you if you want to set up an online store. 

As it has been developed with AJAX technology, it offers a fully versatile interface that is easy to understand for the user and without constant page reloads and checks, like other mechanisms.

It should be mentioned that it has a flexible control panel from which you can customize your template graphically, 

without having to resort to code. In addition, the customization is absolute, being able to adjust the appearance of the site to the image of your brand.

The design system is through commands such as drag and drop, so it will be very easy for you to organize the elements of your page. 

The entire appearance can be modified in a few steps, being able to add plugins or elements according to your tastes.

It is compatible with Slider Revolution, and WooCommerce. WPBakery Page Builder, MailChimp, and WPML.

11/ Uncode:

Uncode is a fairly new template with a modern style that has been hitting a lot graphically, with 32 very powerful demos to design anything you can think of. 

It includes Visual Composer so you can design your sections in a really simple way Brutal.

Price:  $59

Get Template

12/ Jupiter is a best WordPress theme for website create

One of the templates for WordPress that have surprised me the most when working with it. If it stands out for something,

 it is because of its gigantic amount of demos or templates from which to design your website.

Professional, modern, and visually amazing, with advanced plugins like Visual Composer. Excellent support.

Price:  $59

Get Template

13/ BeTheme:

BeTheme is undoubtedly one of the great templates of all time, on a very similar level to Bridge. 

A huge number of demo pages, almost endless advanced configuration options, different styles, premium plugins, and its own builder for easy design. Essential.

Price:  $59

Get Template

14/ The7

I have to confess that The7 is a template that I love, for several reasons: very careful graphically, a huge number of demos,

and ease when it comes to customizing its styles thanks to a wide section of options and the inclusion of Visual Composer. 

The7 is another classic and a safe bet.

Price:  $39

Get Template

15/ Brick

A really superior template at a graphic level, with spectacular styles focused on portfolios and pages where the visual takes center stage. 

It includes a Visual Composer for easy layout and plugins like LayerSlider to make your galleries animated. Spectacular.

Price:  $59

Get Template

16/ Total:

A classic without a doubt. You rarely find a template so balanced between visual quality, customization, 

premium plugins like Visual Composer, a variety of demos, loading speed, and support. 

I especially recommend it to start a project from scratch and customize it to whatever you want.

Price:  $59

Get Template

17/ Angle:

Angle is a multipurpose theme with which you can create almost any type of web project due to 

its wide section of customization options, demo content, graphic effects, icon and font libraries, mega menus, etc.

 And, of course, it includes Visual Composer to design with creativity and style.

Price:  $59

Get Template

18/ oshine

Another WordPress template of an excellent level stands out above all for its high graphic 

quality and its number of different layouts to create your pages and portfolio, and blog sections, which you can install in one click.

 All this is accompanied by Visual Composer so that designing is very easy and has a wide section of options.

Price:  $59

Get Template

19/ Zoner:

Zoner is a template for real estate that offers practically everything that this type of business needs. 

Property search engine, files for each property with detailed data and map, Visual Composer, 

social login and user profile, many demo pages, mailing templates. A very complete theme.

Price:  $59

Get Template

20/ Hometown

Another very complete WordPress template for real estate with a really careful design, 

a main slider with featured properties and an advanced search engine, tabs for each property with detailed data, 

a geolocation map, a contact form with the salesperson, a home comparator, etc.

Price:  $59

Get Template

21/ Real WP

Another WordPress theme for real estate services that stands out for its elegant style and minimalist design, 

and above all, spectacular listings for each property in full-screen size with a large map and all kinds of details of the home, images, sliders, plans, 

widgets social, comments, etc. Excellent topic.

Price:  $54

Get Template

22/ Star hotel:

Starhotel is a template for hotels, spas, and resorts that shows a really neat and modern appearance, main slider, and search engine, 

with room tabs that show an animated effect to see the info and reservation, gallery, testimonials, etc. And with Visual Composer included. A more than interesting topic.

Price:  $29

Get Template

23/ Bellevue

Bellevue is an ideal template for managing a hotel or any accommodation reservation service, 

with a featured search engine on full-width images, 

parallax effects, accommodation sheets with seasonal price tables, testimonials, payments with WooCommerce, a builder to design, and 7 demos.

Price:  $59

Get Template

24/ Grand Restaurant

A perfect WordPress theme to create a restaurant website, with spectacular parallax effects when scrolling, 

beautiful menu templates, 6 high-quality demos, the possibility of placing reservation forms, and a visual layout that allows you to edit your designs directly on the Web.  

Price:  64$

Get Template

Summary of the best WordPress theme for website create

Google, in its desire to achieve the best user experience in all scenarios, including mobile devices,

has developed the AMP project (“Accelerated Mobile Pages”), aimed at users who browse through mobile phones.

AMP technology simplifies web pages so that they mainly display content in text format, excluding additional elements that do not provide relevant information, such as sidebars, non-informative images, CSS style sheets, or scripts.

Thanks to this simplification, AMP pages are very easy to read on small mobile screens and, due to their small size, download quickly.

The use of AMP in WordPress is possible if you install a plugin that is responsible for automatically generating the AMP pages for each of your web pages. 

For best results, the ideal and recommended solution is to use an AMP-ready theme.

Many AMP-ready themes are paid; however, this should not be a determining factor, since its price is quite low (between 20 and 50 dollars),

which pays for itself quickly with the increase in CTR and organic visits that the use of AMP usually produces on a website, especially if they have a high percentage of visits from mobile phones.

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