How to reduce blood sugar level immediately and more information

It is not only perfect for treating a large number of diseases, but it is also tremendously useful for controlling blood sugar levels. It has been shown that the consumption of homeopathic medicines has led to many people who have lowered their blood glucose levels. homeopathy information that is given to the patient, we are using a natural method of treating the disease, because we cause the correction of the problem through the stimulation of the organism itself, which is why this therapy has been spreading more and more.

To control diabetes, you also have to help the pancreas. The malfunction of this organ uncontrols the levels of insulin in the blood. And to help him you have to intervene in the type of diet.

Therefore, from homeopathy, the first thing to do to control diabetes is to adjust the body again, eliminating eating disorders and improving symptoms that can be corrected. A key factor will be controlling the food you eat by increasing vegetables and natural foods with a low glycemic index, following a healthy diet, and exercising.

How to reduce blood sugar level immediately with homeopathy

Most commonly used in homeopathy such as –

Gymnema Sylvestre – Q

Sezium Jambo – Q ( Read more: Syzygium Jambolanum dosage for diabetes)

Cephalandre indica – Q

Equisetum hymale – Q

Hydrocotyle As – Q

Uranium Nitricum:

According to Dr. Shaokat, there is no homeopathic remedy with such good results since it decreases sugar and the amount of urine. The symptoms that fit for its prescription are intense thirst and appetite, frequent urination, faulty digestion, the sensation of dryness in the tongue and skin, general tiredness, languor, weakness Etc. Read more: Uranium Nitricum used for diabetes

Lactic acid: When there is a presence of sugar in the blood there may be symptoms of thirst and ravenous hunger, the urine may be abundant, stomach or liver shunts of diabetes, copious and uncontrolled urination, nausea, weakness, voracious appetite, dry skin, dry tongue, and gastralgia. For these cases, it is recommended.

Acid phos: It corresponds to diabetes symptoms of nervous origin, The patient presents fatigue, especially at the mental level with depression. There will be a loss of appetite, sometimes with insatiable thirst. The high volume of urine with a milky color and containing a lot of sugar Along with sexual weakness Etc.

Also how to reduce blood sugar levels immediately his homeopathic medicine:- 

  • insulin,
  • Taraxacum,
  • Argi met, 
  • Helonias, 
  • Damiana
  • Abroma Augusta 
  • Abroma Augusta

Arsenicum album: It mainly helps the liver. It is prescribed in patients with intense thirst, Burning in the body, fear of death, anemia, tiredness, thinness, and a tendency to cold. It is also very useful when there is numbness in the extremities.  

Silicea 12x, 200x or 1m: Mentally weakly and when acute infections occur in patients with diabetes, this also helps alleviate the fear of needles during treatment. Read more: Silicea homeopathy uses dosage side effects Biochemic

Calcarea Carbonica:- Homeopathy medicine for obese diabetics, it is very helpful if you have low thyroid function and are tired from moving or exercising.

Secale Cornutum: Diabetics with gangrene complications, it is because diabetes has advanced substantially in the body. varicose ulcers are present and accompanied by hypertension.

Aceticum Acidum 200 or Phosphoricum Acidum 200: Homeopathic is recommended in weak and thin patients. 

Nitricum Acidum 200

It is ideal for very thin patients who have a strong urine odor.

(Argentum Nitricum – 30 ) is recommended for people who have lost weight very quickly to the point that they have a dry appearance due to excessive urination or the progression of the disease. Diabetes is not a disease for homeopathic, it is a symptom that the pancreas is not working properly, possibly due to the diet that is maintained.

Therefore, homeopathic treatment for diabetes is considered comprehensive, starting with changing the diet and helping symptoms with exercises and homeopathic remedies.

2 main types of diabetes

How reducing blood sugar level immediately helps in Type 1 diabetes mellitus:- it develops when the pancreas is unable to produce insulin, which is necessary for the body to convert sugar from food into an energy source.

It occurs more frequently in children and young adults, accounting for approximately 10% of all diabetes cases. sometimes called juvenile diabetes or insulin-dependent diabetes.

Diabetes mellitus type 2: It occurs when tissue resistance to insulin develops, mainly in their cell receptors, so that even if insulin is produced, the process is not effective and there is an increase in blood glucose. It can cause the so-called metabolic syndrome, which increases cardiovascular risk and is a cause of death. If treated early, daily insulin supplementation is not necessary.

This disease is treated by making moderate changes in diet and exercise. Typically 80 to 90% of people have it, of whom about a third don’t know they have the disease. When sugar levels reach certain levels, the kidneys try to eliminate it through urine, so you will need to urinate more frequently.

The sensations will be tired, thirsty, and hungry, you can also start losing weight. The result in both is the maintenance of high blood sugar levels for months or years, often the person is not aware of it. People with diabetes can suffer from truly fatal health complications such as the aforementioned metabolic syndrome, circulatory problems, neuropathy, retinopathy, renal dysfunction, or diabetic foot, among others.

Homeopathic remedies for diabetes do not distinguish between type 1 and type 2, since medications are prescribed according to the particular symptoms of the patient.

The insulin deficiency that occurs is due to an excess of acidification in the pancreas that destroys the insulin receptor organs; An immediate process of alkalinization is necessary for our body and that is where homeopathy comes in to help us.

How to reduce blood sugar level immediately with a summary

Homeopathy is the first thing to purify the body so that the degree of acidification drops and the pancreas begins to work again effortlessly to neutralize acids. Therefore, a purifying diet is the first step to counteract diabetes. On the other hand, homeopathy for type 2 diabetes can have very good results, it is even considered that it can reverse this condition.

In the case of applying homeopathy treatments for type 1 diabetes, it is necessary to consider that it can drastically help reduce this type of diabetes, however, in this case, insulin replacement therapy is also required. A holistic diagnosis and treatment are recommended.

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