First aid box medicine list & kit Accurate idea: The most advisable thing is to take a first aid and resuscitation course. Finding a course is not difficult at all since they are frequently organized by volunteers from the Red Cross or the hospital, even by firefighters on some occasions.

Even the youngest can easily find first aid courses appropriate to their age; in fact, sometimes schools have specific programs for this or are interested in organizing courses if the opportunity arises.

Choose a well-stocked first aid kit with a variety of items:

This is also a profitable business and therefore coveted, hence the price fight is fierce, causing many first aid kits to have a captivating presentation but have very little material inside.

A fundamental step before making a decision is to carefully review all the products included in the first aid kit and verify the quantity of each of them.

What type of wounds can be treated?

Does it adapt to the context in which we are going to store it and the number of people who might need to treat it?

We must ensure that it includes products that can be truly useful in real life, even adding extra accessories that adapt to our needs such as syringes, surgical masks, pill boxes, and even protective glasses why not? Even an inhaler.

Include all basic categories for first aid

The best first aid kits should include at least some type of antibacterial disinfectant, dressings, and bandages of various sizes as well as tweezers, gloves, and scissors in addition to some essential medications such as aspirin, paracetamol and anti-inflammatories.

First aid kit organization

First aid kits are used exclusively in case of need, whether for ourselves or someone close to us.

We should always opt for a first aid kit that has several compartments and that at the same time allows us to have everything at hand since this will make it much easier to add or replace different elements.

Quality Products

We must always test all the elements of the first aid kit to verify its quality. There’s nothing worse than being faced with an emergency with scissors that won’t cut or a dressing that won’t stick just when you need it most. If the quality of the contents of the first aid kit does not satisfy us, we will have time to replace them with better quality items from brands we trust, so we will not have to open everything first to try it.

Table of Contents

What should a first aid kit contain?

Antihistamine for bites:

If the time of year in which we go camping coincides with the summer period, the proliferation of mosquitoes is much more abundant. To prevent their bites, we can use a “roll-on” type cream, which we will apply to the area where the reaction has occurred (at the skin level), which will help us alleviate this discomfort so well known to everyone.

Immobilizing adhesive bandage:

They have good adhesion and are mainly used to: Make a compression bandage if we have suffered a muscle fiber tear; limit movements against breaks, dislocations, or sprains and allow us to continue our progression up the mountain; hold or protect dressings and/or immobilize joints, among others.

Sterile gloves:

Sterile gloves serve as a bidirectional barrier to prevent microorganisms and infectious agents from the environment where we are carrying out our mountain activity from coming into contact with the skin. They are especially indicated for treating wounds, cuts, or skin lesions.


Including an anti-chafing cream in our survival kit can provide a lot of relief, especially if our skin is sensitive to contact and continued friction with clothing or excess sweat. They are perfect for a long day of hiking.


Very important! Although it is recommended before taking them with us in our first aid kit, we can include some type of mild and light analgesic such as ibuprofen®️, paracetamol®️ or aspirin®️ (with the latter we must be careful because it is contraindicated for internal bleeding ).

At Acampada Perfecta we always recommend carrying Urbasón for allergies in your first aid kit, since the only situation in which, even if you are not allergic, it could cause a problem of rapid death, would be a bite from an insect or reptile the tongue or throat and thus contracting a serious respiratory condition.


Another important element is that it will make it easier for us to make a sling in case of fissure or dislocation, or even immobilize bone if we have some type of break.


Tweezers can be very useful, for example, to remove small splinters or remove a spike or insect that has become embedded in our nails, ears, nose… Ideally, they should have a fine tip as they are much more effective.


The classic betadine®️ of a lifetime. Its active ingredient is povidone-iodine, and it acts efficiently against germs and infections. It is especially indicated for treating small wounds, superficial cuts, and minor burns. There is even the possibility of disinfecting water with it


It must be made of hard and strong fabric. It will help us provide protection and support in the healing phase of a wound. It will also help us to immobilize the damaged area or put pressure on a bleeding wound.

Physiological serum:

Physiological saline allows you to clean a wound well before using an iodine solution such as betadine®️. We can include a few single-dose bottles in our first aid kit, which have the advantage that when you press on them, they come out with good pressure. Perfect for cleaning wounds, and specks of dust in the eyes. etc…


Scissors are an item that always has to be in a medicine cabinet. Ideally, they should be small and have a fine tip, as this will allow us to be more precise if we have to make any stitches, and of course, to cut the bandages well.

Sterile gauze:

Essential. Among his functions, in terms of first aid, we have:

*Exercise compression and help stop small bleeding.

*Protective barrier against wounds or injuries.

*Absorption of liquids or secretions.

*Promote healing and maintain skin temperature.

*To impregnate with physiological saline, povidone, or hydrogen peroxide.

*Adhesive stitches: We can easily find them at the pharmacy. They are in the form of strips and will help us close small clean cuts without having to resort to stitching the wound, which is already a more complex and hospital-level issue.

And this would be all we would need as essential material in our first aid kits, for a day of hiking in the mountains. We hope it has been of great help to you!

Below we are going to see some guidelines for action in emergencies in the mountains, which will be very useful if we want everything to go well if there is some type of accident.

How to organize a first aid kit?

It is recommended to always have the first aid kit organized in a box or case, preferably with handles, to be able to transport it easily.

Once you have chosen the medicine cabinet box, it is important to make a list (and leave it stored in the medicine cabinet) to periodically check that no important item is missing, and if you have used up a basic product, to be able to replace it quickly.

Another trick to organize the first aid kit is to separate it by the type of product:

*Protective materials before healing wounds: since these will possibly be one of the first elements you need, it is recommended that they be placed in a very easily accessible place.

*Dressing materials: most gauze, compresses and dressings are hermetically sealed to ensure their sterility, so it is recommended to keep them together and away from liquid products that could spoil them.

*Other materials and medications: such as antiseptics and other healing materials or medications, you can group them on one side of the first aid kit.

*Medications and dressings for children: the little ones are usually more exposed to falls and need quick cures and the use of protective material for these wounds. Thus, strips or dressings for children are essential in the medicine cabinet of any home with children. At Salvelox we have a collection of dressings for children, specially designed to protect the wounds of the little ones, as they are resistant to water and dirt, in addition to being hypoallergenic. Also, make sure that children’s medicines are placed next to children’s dressings in the same place in the medicine cabinet, this will allow you to offer a quick and effective solution to any small cure that children need.

Where to keep a first aid kit?

Although having a first aid kit at home is not mandatory, it is highly recommended. In the same way, there is no obligation to carry a first aid kit in the car, however, it can be of great help when treating in case of small accidents outside the home.

Whether at home, in the car, or in other locations, these are some general recommendations for storing a first aid kit:

*Store it in a closet or drawer that is out of the reach of children or pets.

*Make sure you leave it in a place where it is not exposed to direct sunlight and is away from heat sources.

*Remember to check your medicine cabinet periodically to avoid storing expired products.

Who can use a first aid kit?

A first-aid kit is designed to be used by people with basic first-aid knowledge. In general, anyone who has proper training or sufficient experience in first aid can make use of a first aid kit.

People who can make use of a first aid kit include, but are not limited to:

*First Aiders and Emergency Medical Personnel: These professionals are trained in first aid and emergency medical care, so they can use the kit to provide initial medical care until additional help arrives.

*Healthcare Personnel: Doctors, nurses, and medical or paramedical staff can use the first aid kit to provide basic care in emergencies.

*Security and Surveillance Personnel: Security officers, security guards, and other security professionals may need to use a first aid kit in case of workplace injuries or emergencies.

*Sports coaches and physical education teachers: These professionals are often trained in first aid and can use a first aid kit to treat minor injuries during sports activities.

Parents and Caregivers: At home, parents, family members, and caregivers can make use of a first aid kit to treat minor injuries or provide initial care before seeking medical help.

How do you use a first aid kit?

If a simple wound has to be treated, it is important to be clear about the action. Always clean a wound first (with saline solution or soap and water) and then disinfect it with an antiseptic. Which is the best antiseptic to use is an open debate, chlorhexidine, and povidone-iodine are the best options.

Before proceeding to carry out a care protocol, the person providing help must first wash their hands and then use disposable gloves. If the antiseptic to be used is open, it is advisable to discard the first jet, since this carries with it possible microorganisms that have been generated in the area of ​​the opening.

As for sterile gauze, if a package is opened and not all of them are used, this package must also be discarded, since if it is left open inside the medicine cabinet for future use, sterility has already been lost at the time of use. the opening. Therefore, they are no longer sterile gauze, resulting in care being provided that would not be completely correct in the next use, the date of which is not known.

All these basic principles on the conservation of medical products and the use of a first aid kit can be learned in the Degree in Auxiliary Nursing Care remotely or in person, training based on basic knowledge about this type of materials and good status thereof.

The importance of having a first aid kit at home

Having a first aid kit at home will help you react quickly to any injury or small accident that may happen in your home. From cuts, and burns to small falls, first aid kits are essential when applying the first treatments to a wound.

In most cases, quick action in the face of different types of small domestic accidents can make a big difference in the healing and healing process, which is why it is highly recommended to always have a well-equipped first aid kit on hand.

In the case of deep wounds, it is advisable to call the emergency services immediately.

Why is it important to have a first aid kit?

The first aid kit is made up of a series of items that are used to provide immediate medical assistance. It is very important because thanks to it, you can be prepared to provide immediate attention to a person in emergencies, small accidents, discomfort, mild symptoms, or minor disorders.

What is the best first aid kit?

We can find first aid kits of many sizes and configurations that adapt to the needs of a specific place.

Many of us think that there are only domestic first aid kits in which we can store some bandages, bandages, a digital thermometer, a little antiseptic, and some other additional things, however the best first aid kits are much more than this; If we are not doctors or professional nurses, it is most likely that we do not have a real idea of ​​how much and what we should have in our first aid kit in case of an emergency.

In this article, we will analyze in detail all the key aspects for a first aid kit to be truly useful and we will teach you how to use it and store it appropriately according to the place where we are going to use it.

As always, we will begin with a comparison between the best-selling products online and the reviews that we have prepared for you.

What are the types of first aid kits?

The content of the emergency kit varies depending on domestic use or a particular destination.

It all depends on the use you want to give it. Although all types of first aid kits will have basic elements in common, their contents differ depending on the type of purpose. For example, cotton, sterile gauze, antiseptic solutions for wound healing, tape and adhesive dressings, as well as gloves and scissors are items that cannot be missing in any of them.
If we talk about first aid kits designed for hiking or camping, thermal blankets, splints, triangular bandages, tourniquets, items for sting relief and mouth-mouth resuscitation masks are essential.
For the car, instant cold packs and non-stick pads to treat burns are essential. In addition, it should be taken into account that, if you are going on a trip with children, a thermometer and medications such as paracetamol should be present.

Home first aid kit

A first aid kit for your home should contain medications and essential medical supplies for small everyday wounds. Below Girodmedical recommends a list of some of the things that this kit should contain:

*Medicines for pain and fever (acetaminophen)

*Antispasmodics to relieve abdominal pain (Spasfon)

*Antidiarrheals to stop diarrhea (Smecta)

*Antiemetics for the prevention of nausea and vomiting (Vogalib)

*Alcohol-free antiseptics to eliminate microorganisms or bacteria

*An anti-burn cream (Biafine)

*Gel for bumps and bruises (Arnigel, Niflugel)

*Pills to soothe a sore throat

*An anti-allergy (Cetrizine)

*Physiological solutions for rinsing the eyes (individual doses)

*Antiseptic for secondary bacterial infections

*Essential oils

*A cream to soothe insect bites

*Bandages and cures

*Sterile compresses

*Medical gauze

*A roll of tape

*A pair of scissors

*A thermometer

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Emergency travel kit

-If you are going to travel near the beach, check that your first aid bag has the following items:

*Sunscreen with a high index, to protect you from the harmful effects of the sun’s ultraviolet radiation.

*Lip balm to frequently moisturize your lips

*Cream for after having been in the sun

*Anti-burn cream (Biafine)

*Waterproof bandages and dressings

*Sunglasses with UV ray filter, to protect your eyes

*Medicines for pain and fever (acetaminophen)

*Antispasmodics to relieve abdominal pain (Spasfon)

*Antidiarrheals to stop diarrhea (Smecta)

-Here is a list of all the utensils that your first aid kit should contain if you are going to spend your vacation in a tropical country:

*Medicines for pain and fever (acetaminophen)

*Antispasmodics to relieve abdominal pain (Spasfon)

*Antidiarrheals to stop diarrhea (Smecta)

*Anti-malaria medication prescribed by your doctor, depends on your destination.

*A mosquito repellent adapted to the destination country

*Antibacterial hand gel

*Disinfection tablets and medications and water if necessary

Before traveling, keep in mind that it is important to keep your health card up to date. Also, get all the necessary vaccinations that your doctor has recommended before your trip. In case you travel to places where there are poisonous animals, buy a small poison suction pump.

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First aid kit for children and babies

Below is everything your emergency kit should contain if you have children or babies:

*Oral rehydration bags for diarrhea

*Arnica gel to treat bruises and bumps

*Physiological saline dosage

*Sunscreen with a high protection index (50 and +)

*After-sun cream to moisturize your child’s skin

*Mosquito repellent

*Soothing gel for mosquito and insect bites

*Ready-to-use bandages and dressings

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Car First Aid Kit

Below is a list of the utensils that your car first aid kit should have :

*Medicines for pain and fever (acetaminophen)

*Antispasmodics to relieve abdominal pain (Spasfon)

*Antidiarrheals to stop diarrhea (Smecta)

*Antiemetics for the prevention of nausea and vomiting (Vogalib)


*Box with sterile compresses

*Sticking plaster

*Tubular bandage

*Skin antiseptics

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First aid kit for athletes

Below are all the elements that your emergency kit should contain if you are an athlete or if a member of your family is:

*An anti-inflammatory such as an ointment

*An anti-inflammatory for mild pain (ibuprofen)

*A thermo-active cream before exercise and a relaxing ointment after exercise to prevent pain (arnica-based massage gel)

*A cold compress to relieve and calm shocks, sprains, etc.

*An anti-friction cream to reduce irritation and overheating due to friction caused by repetitive gestures during sports sessions (Nok Akileine Cream)

*Adhesive strips to keep the bandage in place

*Bandages or protective dressings to treat blisters

*Sugar in packaging to prevent hypoglycemia attacks

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Outdoor first aid kit

During vacations or walks, there are always risks derived from being outdoors. Campers are not exempt from risk either, especially when traveling with the whole family, which is why it is essential to have a good first aid kit.

But what should a first aid kit include to treat emergencies outside the home?

*Disposable sterile gauze

*Elastic bandages


*Cortisone ointment (for poisonous insects and plants)

*Roll Adhesive

*Various dressings

*adhesive bands

*Absorbent cotton

*Anti-inflammatory ointment

*Burn ointment






*Paracetamol or Aspirin

*Thermal blanket

*Eye drops

*Latex gloves

*Dry ice

*Digital thermometer

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The best first-aid kits on the market

“Health comes first” This phrase, so widespread and known to everyone, applies to any area of ​​life. When it comes to going camping, having first aid kits becomes vital, since in this type of activity we are very likely to run the risk of suffering bumps, falls, or even much more serious accidents.

For this reason, at Acampada Perfecta we have prepared a selection of the best first aid kits that have all the necessary material to deal with any emergency that may arise in the mountains. Additionally, in this buying guide, you will also find:

*A comparative table with our top of the best first aid kits on the market 

*Reviews of each of the products with their PROS and itsCONS, to help you choose your first aid kit.

*The best tips you will need to correctly use a survival kit in the mountains

*Frequently asked questions, which will resolve the most common doubts that users have about these medical-sanitary items and other important issues in the mountains.

Whether you are going on a short hiking trip or spending several days in the mountains, preserving your health and safety is in your hands. If you are thinking about purchasing a first aid kit and don’t know which one to decide on, we invite you to read this purchasing guide. We hope it is of great help to you. Let’s start.

01. Songwin 130 Item First Aid Kit

If you are looking for a first aid kit with good features and at a good price, you cannot miss this product from the Songwin brand. Comes equipped with up to 130 first-aid items! These are the manufacturer’s characteristics:

*Strong Safety and Medical Grade Quality: Premium medical supplies for emergency and survival situations. Our first aid kits have CE approvals to ensure compliance with global standards.

*Lightweight and Portable Design: This basic first aid kit weighs only 1.4 pounds and features a compact, easy-to-use design. It includes a water-resistant nylon case that is highly durable and flexible, which has additional space available for your unique requirements.

*Comprehensive and Comprehensive Care: Our first aid bag also includes a premium selection of emergency preparedness supplies, this is your best choice for road trips, adventure trips, workplace, school, and home.

*Ready for whatever comes your way: There are no warnings for earthquakes, tornadoes, and other disasters, but this multi-purpose kit helps you be as prepared as possible. The ideal combination of medical supplies and survival items!

*Size: 9 inches x 4.5 inches x 6 inches. Choose our bag, and keep life safer! Please contact us with any questions or concerns, we will be more than happy to resolve any issues.


Waterproof zipper. Double chain head design

Waterproof bag protection. Equipment

High-quality waterproof fabric

3 pockets separated from the other sleeves have additional space available


You are missing a saline solution or antiseptic cream.

02. Compact First Aid Kit (228 Pieces) SHBC

One of the most complete and versatile first aid kits, and that is why it has entered the top of the best survival kits of 2024. Don’t lose sight of everything it can offer to help you with first aid tasks on your mountain camping trips.

*This comprehensive kit of 228 first-aid treatment products has been manufactured in modern FDA and CE-approved aseptic facilities, exceeding existing safety standards for first-aid kits.

*High quality compact first aid kit (8.5″ x 6.5″ x 3.25″). The briefcase has been developed with EVA material, light, shockproof, and difficult to deform. Its PU surface is smooth, waterproof, and easy to clean. Its contents are perfectly protected.

*Make sure you have your kit on hand for those occasions when you know that receiving professional medical care will not be easy for any reason, such as being far from any health center. You can keep it in your suitcase, backpack, car… So you can have it quickly.

*You never know when there will be an emergency. Accidents and injuries happen when you least expect it. A careful selection of emergency items is included, such as isothermal blankets, scissors, whistles, and a multi-tool card. Help improve your chances of survival in a disaster!

*100% satisfaction guaranteed. If not, we will refund your money. Our commitment is your satisfaction. If for any reason you are not satisfied with this product, we will replace it or, if you prefer, we will refund your money.


Easy to carry

Compact and durable

Waterproof and easy to clean


Available only in blue and green

03. Active Era 90 Piece First Aid Kit

The best seller and best rated by Amazon users! This first aid kit from the Active Era brand has the following features:

*First Aid Kit: This kit includes 90 essential items: Ready-to-use ice, sterile eyewash solution, emergency isothermal blanket, gauze, bandages, and knuckle and finger patches…And many more!

*Safety First: Keep yourself and your family safe from injury. With this first aid kit, you will always feel safe. Thanks to the combination of products you will find inside, you can go camping, hiking, or traveling without having to worry, and you can store it comfortably in your home in case of any emergency.

*Good distribution: Inside you will find pockets that facilitate the storage of products and ensure that the kit does not become too bulky or disorganized, in fact, thanks to these pockets you will be able to find everything you need quickly.

*Compact and Portable: Extremely robust and durable nylon bag, ideal for home, office, car, camping, caravan, and travel. It manages to contain all 90 items and at the same time, it is small and suitable for transport, with dimensions of 23 x 17 x 6.6 cm.

*CE Approved: All products in this kit are CE-approved.


Complete kit with 90 premium items

Waterproof and wear-resistant bag

Includes extra pockets to add more items


Does not include any ointment

04. Honyao 220 Piece First Aid Kit

The Honyao First Aid Kit is a versatile combo set that includes 220 pieces of emergency essentials. The packaging is designed to protect and keep items sterile for a long time. The contents of the kit consist of various items such as bandages, a CPR mask, an eye pad, an emergency blanket, wet wipes, cotton-tipped applicators, etc.

This first aid kit is suitable for various situations, such as home, workplace, office, school, restaurant, camping, hiking, hunting, and boating. It also includes a multilingual first aid manual to help you in any emergency. It is important to always be prepared for unexpected injuries or survival situations that require a first aid kit.

The first aid kit is designed to be portable and durable, with a lightweight, travel-friendly design that weighs only 500g. It is made of high-quality EVA and nylon materials, with a fully open zipper that is sturdy, durable, waterproof, and shockproof.

The compact size of 19.5 x 14 x 6.5 cm allows it to be easily stored in drawers, closets, cars, motorcycles, boats, and backpacks, making it easy to carry everywhere. The kit is well organized and contains a wide selection of high-quality emergency supplies for the most common first aid and accident needs. There is also additional space to add more supplies if necessary, allowing you to fully customize the kit to meet your specific needs.

All items in this first aid kit meet regulatory standards.


Complete kit with 220 pieces

Compact and durable

Good value for money


Disinfectants such as hydrogen peroxide or Betadine are missing.

05. Urban Medical Premium First Aid Kit

Urban Medical has worked in collaboration with the Leina-Werke brand, in the manufacture of a high-quality first aid kit in all its features, both technical and sanitary. An article that will meet your expectations and will not leave you indifferent.

Made in Germany: German medical quality, manufactured to the highest quality standards.

Lightweight and compact: Can be attached with the carabiners, with the help of the belt through the loop or simply packed in a bag, the first aid kit is an always practical and space-saving companion.

Emergency Guide: The product includes a booklet in 7 languages ​​that will guide you step by step with detailed instructions in case of emergency.

The feeling of security on the road: With the Urban medical kit, you have already taken the first step towards a safer trip. You will be well prepared for small emergencies.


High-quality bandages (DIN13167)

Includes first aid booklet from the Malteser International Rescue Service

Ideal for outdoor sports activities


Does not contain disinfectant products

06. Complete first aid kit for emergencies

A truly indispensable and high-quality first aid kit that can be used at home, in the car, or when traveling; In it, we find sterile disposable gloves, a bottle of hydrogen peroxide, sterile gauze, tweezers, various dressings, hydrophilic cotton, a roll of adhesive, scissors, a tourniquet, instant ice, a bag for medical waste and a digital thermometer.

It is super light and very well organized internally, it is also very resistant thanks to the waterproof nylon with which it is made, with handles that allow us to carry it anywhere without difficulty.

It is smaller and has fewer items than other first aid kits and still contains everything we need to treat small wounds effectively.

07. First Aid Kit HONYAO

With more than three thousand reviews on Amazon, the HONYAO first aid kit is another foolproof option. It is an essential first aid kit to provide complete care thanks to the fact that it includes 200 medical accessories and first aid items that comply with European CE regulations. Therefore, the interior contains masks, compresses, and other useful objects in case of injury.

The manufacturer has put a lot of effort into offering versatile equipment to its customers. The components of this box can be used in different areas, whether at home, in the office, or at school. In addition, this model provides very detailed instructions to use each object in the best conditions.

Main features:

Multi-purpose Combo Set: The first aid kit contains a total of 200 pieces of emergency needs. With protective packaging and…

Wide range of applications: for home, workplace, office, school, restaurant and also for outdoor activities…

Portable and Durable: Small and lightweight, easy to carry, weighs only 450g, travel-friendly design, high-quality EVA and nylon material…

Compact and Well Organized: The first aid kit has a compact and portable size of 19 x 13 x 5 cm. With a wide selection of…

100% Satisfaction Guarantee: All substances meet related standards. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your…

08. WEINAS® First Aid Kit

By taking the time to be interested in this product, you will no longer have difficulties knowing which first aid kit to choose. This WEINAS model has been selected in this ranking for its high construction quality. In fact, in durable and waterproof material that guarantees its useful life and the protection of its contents always dry.

It is a compact and very light design that you can take wherever you need it. It is ideal for home first aid, and also suitable for all outdoor activities. In total, the kit includes 180 items to deal with emergencies while the patient receives medical care.

Main features:

FIRST AID KIT: This kit in total has 180 items such as tweezers, scissors, Q-tips, swabs, gloves, a lot of adhesive strips…

COMPACT AND LIGHTWEIGHT: With a light and compact design, very easy to store and use, this zipper case is easy to carry around…

SUPER PRACTICAL AND USEFUL: A medicine kit will be useful to have at home, in the glove compartment of the car, for excursions, traveling, playing sports…

GREAT DESIGN AND ORGANIZATION: The size is perfect. Although the things are small, their use is not a small capacity, it is also portable, very…

INDISPENSABLE UTENSILE FOR YOU: Very complete for the size and price. It is essential to carry everything you need. CE approved…

09. SENXINGYAN First Aid Kit

SENXINGYAN offers you a durable, compact, and well-organized first aid kit with many compartments and extra space to store other items if necessary. It is a model that has been designed to be compact, and easy to store and transport with you.

Inside this kit, you can find a good variety of hospital items such as bandages, compresses, a survival blanket, and many more to make a total of 230 items. Their equipment will help you deal with any unforeseen event such as a fall, a blow, a cut, etc. Its weight and size are well calculated so that you can carry it in your backpack or travel suitcase.

Main features:

Emergency Care Package: When an emergency occurs, make sure you can take care of and clean yourself, and place the bag of …

Lightweight Portable Design: The compact design of the easy-to-carry first aid kit can greatly improve efficiency…

Waterproof and Durable Fabric: The first aid kit protective bag is made of 600D waterproof nylon oxford fabric, very…

230 Widely Used Pieces: The emergency care kit includes 230 selected emergency preparedness materials, which…

Prepare for an Emergency: We are sure you will love this portable first-aid bag! The best gift for travelers.

10. Sans Red Cross First Aid Kit

If buying a first aid kit is on your to-do list, this alternative measuring 27 cm x 27 cm x 6 cm is one of the best to provide a quick response to the treatment of a wound. 

The reliability inspired by this Red Cross first aid kit is based on the selection of basic supplies made by Spanish doctors belonging to this humanitarian institution. There are 5 compartments for 41 very well-organized items that make it one of the best first aid kits of 2024. 

A help guide is located in the center and dressings, emergency supplies, cutting instruments and bandages have been distributed in the side pockets. A mouth-to-mouth resuscitation mask, a gold/silver isothermal blanket, and an instant cold pack are also included. 

In addition to being a first aid kit manufactured in Europe and meeting all its standards, it has much more to offer. 


Design: It has an original nylon design that when fully deployed is in the shape of a large red cross. 

Extra space: It has a free space in its central part to allow placing medications in it. 

Handle: It can be transported confidently using a fixed and very well-adjusted handle on the top. 

Manual: Comes with a first aid manual as a quick guide for the road. 


Quantity: Its 41 items will only be enough for basic emergency cures. More would have to be added for trips or long car expeditions.

11. Aiesi Professional First Aid Kit for car

Aiesi brings Italian quality with what could be for many the most outstanding car first aid kit. Its dimensions of 26 cm x 15 cm x 7 cm are easy to locate and carry during a walk or trip that you are going to undertake. It is a red bag made of resistant nylon that gives quick access to items with the opening of a double central closing zipper. 

In addition to the 250 ml of 3% hydrogen peroxide that it comes with, it stands out from other products thanks to the presence of a digital thermometer that will confirm or dispel the doubt of fever in just a few seconds, thus being considered the best first aid kit. 

For your complete peace of mind and durability in your investment, a useful life of around 5 years is guaranteed for sterile materials and 3 years for the disinfectant solution. 

Let us mention more features that rank it among the best first-aid kit suggestions. 


Material: The nylon it is made of is very resistant and provides a completely waterproof and strong surface that will keep its contents intact. 

Handle: In addition to being light in weight, this emergency bag can be transported by grabbing its strong and ergonomic handle. 

Items: Gloves, gauze, bandages, cotton, patches, instant ice, tourniquet, scissors, tweezers, and a medical waste bag are part of its contents. 


No pockets: Although it is spacious inside, this medicine cabinet does not have pockets or internal elastics to organize items.

12. Weinas First Aid Kit

Beyond being among one of the cheapest first aid kits on the market, its 180 pieces will give you the peace of mind of not having to move around anxiously to get what you need for scratches, reactions to insect bites, cuts, and other minor accidents. 

It is a compact kit measuring 22 cm x 14 cm x 5 cm, very practical to carry in the car, store in a closet at home, or attach to your expedition backpack by its side handle. In addition, the finish of its red textile material is very resistant to water and dirt. 

In addition to a large number and variety of forms of adhesive dressings, it comes with convenient bite relief and disinfectant items that are missed in other medicine cabinets such as antiseptic wipes, soap wipes, povidone pads, and alcohol pads. 

This kit has more details to be considered one of the most compact and complete among the options on the market. 


Design: It is a red kit with a compact and practical size to be transported to various places. 

Organization: The case has several transparent pockets and organization compartments on the inside. 

Professional: The variety and professional quality of the items make it an ideal kit for organizers of camping trips, excursions, or trips to swimming pools to have.  


Tweezers: You may feel that the plastic material of their blue tweezers is very flimsy and prone to breaking with use.

13. Busio First Aid Kit

If you are a lover of extreme outdoor adventures such as hunting and climbing or you are a police or military officer who practices field tactics, then you will not doubt which is the best first aid kit when you see the description of this product. Contains items with truly special and exclusive military-grade features. 

For example, it brings an Israeli compression bandage ideal for emergency trauma. It is easy to install with or without help, since it does not need tape or pins, just its closing bar. Simply place the white pad on the injured area and go around the affected limb. 

On the other hand, the splint roll is made of a malleable material with enough firmness to immobilize bone injuries by wrapping and supporting the area until you can receive appropriate medical help. 

Let’s learn more features that make it the ideal forecast option for extreme adventure practitioners. 


IFAK Bag: It is an individual tactical first aid kit with the necessary contents for the care of fractures and massive hemorrhages. 

Design: Its rows of sewn nylon straps adjust to the MOLLE system so that it can be attached to the backpack or tactical vest. 

Scissors: The material and design of their fluoro-coated scissors and milled surgical edge make them very suitable for medical procedures. 


Price: The exclusivity and quality of its 39 pieces make this first aid kit one of the most expensive.

14. EnergeticSky First Aid Kit

Having a first aid kit packed and ready means being prepared to take care of your health and attend to your well-being in any situation immediately. This 130-piece kit is CE-approved and contributes to compliance with OSHA and ANSI standards for maintaining safety in various work environments.

Furthermore, it has been designed with the vision of providing highly convenient and favorable items for campers and those who are fond of outdoor activities. Likewise, its number of articles can cover the needs that may arise not only for one person but for several who are affected at a given time. 

So, for the unexpected, you have a whistle, flashlight, emergency poncho, security blanket, ice pack, triangle bandage, cooling patches for fever, tourniquet, and much more. 

More advantages may make you like this option when you are faced with the decision of which first aid kit to buy.


Dimensions: Its 23 cm long and 15 cm wide bag is very compact and easy to transport or store. 

Material: It is made of red nylon and a double waterproof zipper. In addition, it has two very resistant handles. 

Interior: For the organization of items, it has a compartment with a plastic sheet and velcro on one side and, on the other, three independent zippered drop-down pockets. 


Disinfectant: It does not come with any type of disinfectant solution for cuts, so you will have to add it yourself.

15. Red Cross First Aid Kit in Nylon for Car – 1500 gr

It is a first aid kit designed to be portable and able to be carried in the car. It contains 41 basic items including dressings, bandages, emergency material, and cutting and lighting instruments that will provide a quick response to any emergency that may arise on the road.

It is a kit with items for basic care among which certain elements such as a thermometer may be missed, especially if you are going to take long trips in your car with children.

It is a first aid kit made by the Red Cross with supplies and a basic first aid manual for the road designed by its doctors.

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Is it necessary to take a first aid course when having a first aid kit?

It is not necessary to take a first aid course to have a first aid kit, but it would be very useful and recommended even for a family.

Having a first aid kit at home, at work, or anywhere is a smart precautionary measure, allowing you to provide immediate care in case of injuries or minor medical emergencies.

However, knowing how to use the items in the first aid kit effectively and make appropriate decisions in emergencies is equally important.

A first aid course will provide you with the knowledge necessary to handle emergencies safely and efficiently.

You will learn basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) techniques, bandages, wound management, recognition of serious symptoms, and how to respond to fractures, burns, asphyxiation, and other common scenarios.

The knowledge gained in a first aid course will give you confidence and allow you to respond quickly and appropriately in the event of an emergency.

Additionally, you will be able to learn about the essential steps to request professional medical assistance and provide appropriate initial care before specialized help arrives.

First aid training will equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to correctly use first aid supplies and respond effectively in emergencies, which could make a difference in someone’s life.

Is it better to buy a ready-made first aid kit or prepare one from scratch?

Generally, first aid kits offer a better quality-price ratio since manufacturers include more quantity and variety of products. Usually, if a medicine cabinet is prepared from scratch, we will have to pay much more for each of the products inside since when buying them at retail the price is higher, while when buying them all together inside the medicine cabinet the price is usually more convenient. 

What things should not be in a first aid kit?

In general, we should not include medications as these should be kept on a medicine shelf. The idea is to keep the medicines close to the first aid kit but without mixing things, this way if necessary, we will be ready to act either with material or with medications, as could be the case of a person who needs a pain reliever or antihistamine.

What is the “3 C Rule” during an emergency?

When we talk about “emergency” we must always remember a very simple rule known as the “3 C Rule”: Control, Calm, and Cure. That means “controlling” the trauma; keeping “calm” asking for support from the emergency services and carrying out the initial “cure” by applying first aid.

What type of stickers should be included in a first aid kit?

The more varied, the better; In any case, some adhesives are essential, such as strip adhesive that allows you to occlude wounds or seal wounds with a low level of adhesion, disposable adhesive bands in the shape of a butterfly or “H”, adhesive bandages of different sizes to treat wounds of various sizes, as well as Sterile ocular occluders.

Is it okay to add aspirin to the first aid kit?

First aid kits do not include medications as these should be kept on the medicine shelf, however, when the kit will be used outside the home and we want to be prepared for any eventuality it is possible to include some basic types of medications such as aspirin, paracetamol, cream antiseptics, antibiotics, and pain relievers so that we can solve any eventuality.

How to use a first aid kit?

The first thing is to familiarize yourself with all the items that the first aid kit contains. It is important that you know in what situations and how each one can help you. So taking the time to read the guide or the description on the labels is a good idea before you find yourself at the emergency event. Likewise, explaining this information to other family members is an anticipatory action. 

To have easy and quick accessibility to the item you need in a certain urgency, make sure to group its contents by function and give it a compartment or pocket in which you can search directly. Likewise, it is highly advisable to carry out a review, at least twice a year, to verify that there are no expired medications and that you can replace them.

What is the difference between a basic and a complete first aid kit?

It is expected that a basic one will be able to respond to everyday accidents such as cuts or superficial wounds. For its part, a complete one offers a variety of elements that, in addition to immediate care, can help provide stabilization of an injury with special bandages and dressings to relieve pain.

When do the contents of a first aid kit expire?

It all depends on the time of purchase concerning the manufacturing date of its contents. Generally, all non-sterile items have a useful life of around 5 years. 

For their part, disinfectant items such as alcohol or medications such as antibiotics, pills, and ointments could indicate a shorter period. Therefore, it is recommended that you do a periodic review to make the necessary replacement.

Is it mandatory to carry a first aid kit in the car?

Unlike warning triangles, first aid kits are not required by law in Spain. And, if you travel in your registered car and must transit through a European country where it is mandatory, you will not receive a penalty for not carrying it.

However, obligation is based on awareness and anticipatory action. This is a highly recommended element for its usefulness in cuts or injuries that you or your companions could suffer in the event of any accident while driving.

What maintenance does a first aid kit require?

Cleaning a first aid kit that is used for outdoor activities where dust and dirt reach it is necessary. To do this, you must remove all the items carefully before washing the bag in the manner indicated by the manufacturer. If it is not required, perhaps wiping it with a damp cloth will be enough to remove any stains.

For the rest, its maintenance has to do with carrying out periodic reviews to replace items that have run out or are close to running out and those whose expiration date has already reached its expiration date.

Where to put the first aid kit in the car?

The most recommended place to place it is in the glove compartment of the car since it is a place that can be easily accessed. The least you want is to live the experience of a car accident, but if you have to face it, the easiest way you can get to the first aid kit will allow you to take care of yourself until the ambulance arrives.

Placing it in other places such as the trunk may be inaccessible if your car is hit from behind or it is so dark outside that it is difficult to move towards it. As a precaution, you can have a very complete first aid kit in the trunk, but it is essential not to miss having one in the glove compartment.


First aid box items

Each first aid box items must contain a series of elements depending on the use it will have. Likewise, the contents of a travel first aid kit, a sports kit, a car kit, or a home kit are not the same, although you can find a series of common materials that make up the perfect first aid kit:

Treatment material and instruments: this group has blunt (round) tip scissors, tweezers, preferably sterile and if not well disinfected, a thermometer, disposable gloves, sterile gauze, different types of tape, plasters, and bandages.

Antiseptics and disinfectants: among the antimicrobial substances contained in a first aid kit to avoid infections, hydrogen peroxide, saline solution, chlorhexidine, or povidone-iodine stand out.

Medications: it is recommended that you have analgesics and antipyretics such as paracetamol, anti-inflammatories (ibuprofen), or creams for minor burns, inflammation, or itching. In this section, you have to be aware and responsible and try not to store medication that may have contraindications for human health. Likewise, all medications must be prescribed by a doctor or pharmacist.

Others: depending on what type of first aid kit it is, it may contain other elements intended to respond to injuries, wounds, or other more specific problems. In that sense, it may contain materials such as instant cold packs, tourniquets, other types of medication, or thermal blankets.

The components that have been mentioned are the essential ones that any type of first aid kit must contain. For its use, the population must have minimal knowledge of first aid.

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