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Multi functional hydraulic operation theater table details

The best multi functional operation theater table, The working desk is used for thoracic surgery, stomach surgery, otolaryngology, gynecology, urology, and orthopedics. The upward thrust of the working desk is decreased to the pedal oil pump shape and the different action is the mechanical transmission head manipulation. The basis can attain ninety ° to a hundred and eighty ° fork leg panels, the pillar cowl is stainless steel, and the rack can be attached.

Best multi functional operation theater table details

Best Multiple Purpose Operating Table: The multi-purpose table running desk is meant for use in the everyday sanatorium running room, together with cardiac, renal, orthopedics, neurosurgery, gynecology, urological surgery, etc. Through the two-side adjustment of the operation desk at some stage in surgery, all the crucial positions can be effortlessly finished using the usage of pumps.

It can be used for C-arm/X-ray checkups and radiology imaging with the hand-screw operated desk and longitudinal movement. The folded and leg plates can be without difficulty moved or located through mild and bendy management with the aid of servo-assisted gasoline springs. According to the wishes of urological surgery, leg plate outreach can also be folded.

According to the purchaser’s desires, magnificent carbon metal or stainless metal can also be chosen for desk and cowl material. Hydraulic management operation desk with a complete of four sections with the kidney elevator. Mobile desk with blocking off the device by way of potential of a lever placed on one facet of the base. All desk motion barring leg sections can be operated at each aspect of the desk body with two cranks.

The base cowl and facet rail are made of stainless metal D221.

The model number of this operating table: Is f-10

  • Place of origin: – China, Heilongjiang
  • Place of origin: – China, Heilongjiang
  • 1-Year Warranty.
  • It is silver in color,
  • Certification: – CE ISO 13485
  • Manual power sourcing
  • Made with carbon fiber material,
  • Online technical support for a certain period of time after the sale
 Wholesale price OT table review bangla

OT Model Number = JJ-ST05

It is the most popular wholesale price OT table review

  • It comes with a one-year warranty,
  • Material = Steel, Metal,
  • Place of Origin = Guangdong, China,,
  • Table Size = 210 cm(L) / 55 cm (W)
  • Price — BDT 248,267

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Most Popular Surgical Multi Purpose OT table review bangla

Its model number = HE-KJ-02

  • Its Brand Name = Howell,,,
  • If kidney surgery is required, it can be done on this table.

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