Natrum muriaticum uses, dosage, side effects and biochemic

Natrum muriaticum uses for Anemia, chlorosis, weight loss, anorexia, mucous membrane phlegm with serous secretion, gastrointestinal catarrh accompanied by watery diarrhea, hypoacidity, hypogalactosis in the puerperium, constipation due to intestinal atony, hemorrhoids, tingling sensation, and swelling of the extremities, lacrimation, cutaneous and exudative rashes, rheumatic pain, headache, migraine, neurasthenia, ptyalism, hysteria, and lack of initiative.
The symptoms worsen in the morning, due to psychic effort and damp-cold weather. Very thirsty, craving salty foods; improves with warm, dry air or also with fresh, pure air.

The symptoms of natrum muriaticum uses

N.M Distractions and memory leaks: It is a great remedy for distractibility disorders, attention and memory loss, and mood swings typical of adolescence and early or immature youth. Sometimes in times of exams or more stress, these problems are accompanied by a headache with painful pulsations, like small hammer blows.

These headaches start in the morning and can last all day. They begin with visual disturbances and glare and are aggravated by movement and intellectual work. They appear cyclically, every 2 or 4 days.

Difficulty falling asleep: All these symptoms can appear together with sleep disorders, whether they are difficulties falling asleep, the need to sleep at any time and in any place, or when you feel tired despite having slept for many hours. It is not uncommon in these cases to dream of strange things, such as thieves in the house or in the room itself.

Symptoms of the mental and physical condition of a patient with Natrum Mur:- Thin, pale, and cool people – despite rapidly becoming fatigued and thin under the demands of life, they eat abundantly and with great appetite.

Physically they are pale and cold people, with a tendency to lose weight, dehydration, and lack of energy. That is why this remedy is ideal for nutritional and eating problems, convalescence from illnesses, fluid loss, mental and physical fatigue in students and athletes, weight loss due to exhaustion or stress, and anemia due to abundant menstruation. other physical characteristics of predominant thinness of the upper body, oily facial skin with mostly oily eyelids, and frontal acne, combined with the dryness of other areas of the skin. An almost permanent crack in the lower lip and a great predisposition to cold sores are very typical.

N.M Symptoms of dehydration and fluid retention: the homeopathic remedy made with this salt contributes to the body’s homeostasis, regulating an adequate water and salt balance both inside and outside the cells.

The ionic imbalances that these minerals can cause would justify the alternation of dehydration and fluid retention processes that are often seen in patients who need Natrum muriaticum biochemic & homeopathic.

Tendency to sadness and depression: On a psychic level they are usually people with a tendency to sadness and depression, discouraged. However, they are also restless, being able to have a feverish excitement and precipitous behavior.

Natrum muriaticum uses summary

Of the body’s sodium salts, Natrum chloratum is the most biologically important. It is absolutely vital (essential). While potassium is mostly located in cells, approximately half of the sodium is found in extracellular fluid and another third in bones and cartilage tissues. In the stomach and kidney, there are also relatively high intracellular sodium concentrations.

The Doctor. Samuel Hahnemann, the father of Homeopathy, discovered experimentally, along with other homeopaths, the usefulness of inorganic salts for the recovery of health.

Dr. Wilhelm Heinrich Schüssler (1821-1898) physiologist, and homeopath, formalized the investigation of 12 of these salts, which today bear his name. Doctor. Schüssler has always had a keen interest, which states that loss of health is due to a lack of certain minerals in cells.

These inadequacies could only be seen in the ashes of bodies. So he analyzed the ashes of a large number of cremated people and found that in all human beings, there is always an absence or deficiency of at least two biochemical salts.

Said Dr. Schüssler that – if in the course of a disease, spontaneous healing is delayed, then the appropriate mineral salts are administered, in molecular form (potentiated or dynamized). These molecules pass into the blood through the oral mucosa and trigger a lively molecular movement in the focus of the disease.

Once again, the exchange of substances between healthy and diseased cells begins, which causes the cure to take place. N.M has been one of its great remedies, with a powerful general action at the level of the entire organism, including the central nervous system. To this day it is still widely prescribed by doctors, and when symptoms indicate it, many people can benefit.

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