Nux vomica uses in homeopathy

Nux vomica uses in homeopathy mother tincture, dilution 30,200.1m & other fundamental indications in acidity, constipation, piles, insomnia, menstrual problems, allergies, impotence, headaches Etc.

What is nux vomica?

it is a homeopathic remedy with various properties. It is indicated to treat various pathologies. – For dyspeptic treatments of gastric origin. – The baby may also have digestive disorders, which may be accompanied by spasmodic colic.

Is it necessary to use whom?

it is a common remedy in our homeopathic medicine cabinet. Highly effective in hangovers and all kinds of stomach upsets and headaches related to excess food or other substances. but nux vomica can also correspond to people with the following typology, for whom this remedy will be able to cure the particular symptoms that they may present.

We find ourselves with an excited person, after all, kinds of excesses: food, coffee, alcohol, tobacco, work, etc. along with an evident lack of exercise and adequate physical wear and tear. Irascible and irritable, impulsive and impatient. In a particularly bad mood in the mornings and has regular fits.

The nux vomica used in homeopathy patients can also show a bad mood in the morning and after meals, especially at noon; feeling of heaviness in the stomach, constipation, and abdominal cramps, among other symptoms.

However, respiratory, cardiovascular, and muscular problems are also frequent in these patients. This medication activates liver function, making it a great drug for the effects of alcohol abuse and early liver problems. In addition, it is used to alleviate infantile colic and biliary colic. And, also, it can be useful in patients suffering from seizures.

In this sense, Nux vomica also acts on headaches due to overwork or related to the use of stimulants. It also helps in cases of irritability, among other various discomforts.

Nux vomica for digestive disorders: Heartburn, gastroenteritis, acidity, vomiting, constipation or diarrhea, nausea, hemorrhoids. frequent need to go bowels but unable to evacuate more than small amounts

Nux vomica uses in homeopathy ( Q, 30, 200 & more)

Most Nux vomica uses in homeopathy (Q)

Sexual dysfunction symptoms:

Impotence with excessively brief erections, depression, in a very libidinous man who dreams day and night with very lascivious and provocative women. very given to masturbation and with frequent emission of semen both day and night. hypochondria, fear, and obsessive and excessive concern for one’s health;  conviction of having a disease without medical proof of its existence.

Fever and Headache symptoms

Headache, migraine type, in people with very little activity, after eating excesses and others. fever that appears abruptly with minimal cooling, with a simple draft, suffers chills, and worsens with any sensation of cold when clothes are removed. The heated environment does not relieve him. Spring allergy or Hay Fever with a stuffy nose at night when going to bed. Colds and flu with the same symptoms. Fever with chills. Insomnia, restless sleep, and nocturnal awakening, around 3 or 4 in the morning. Stuffy nose when lying down.

What cures nux vomica?

N.V. is a homeopathic medicine that is used to treat various health problems, such as headaches, constipation, heartburn, or nausea.

What can I take for homeopathy nervous colitis?

Gastricumeel: It is a medication that helps to improve symptoms related to the upper part of the digestive system, and relieves the feeling of discomfort in general. Heelaccord is a Gastrointestinal regulator that helps us in managing symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, and constipation.

The symptoms of nux vomica uses in homeopathy

The personality of nux vomica uses in homeopathy

As he establishes an overload above normal for himself, it is common for the patient to abuse the use of alcohol, coffee, or other substance that activates him. And in that case, your irritability will become even more apparent. He will not tolerate being contradicted for responding with excessive angry reactions. If the situation persists and he cannot understand that he needs to stop, rest, and accept that he is not all-powerful and that he has limits, his emotional state can evolve into a hostile depression with an aversion to company and even suicidal impulses” says the doctor in your article.

Considering these aspects of the personality, the doctor presents in his article a list of behavior change tips, which we reproduce below:

What should the patient learn to find balance and not fall into the trap of self-destruction?

This life is a long-distance race where some things happen quickly, but others require long, patient processes. Life is a process of constant growth based on “trial and error learning”. Nothing is a failure if a growth experience is traced. That we are all important, unique, and valuable. Not just the “best”, but the most efficient and productive. We all have our limits and we must listen to the body and know how to stop to continue with hope and renewed strength.

That not everything is valid to achieve a goal. That the noblest goal is degraded when we use means a lack of love and consideration for others and everything around us. That no one is ever right. Even the smartest are wrong. Only that, perhaps, you arrive faster, but in the company, you go further.

This pragmatism, capacity for work and leadership, passion, perfectionism, and self-confidence, are authentic values ​​when we can involve them with patience and delicacy.

Where to buy and how to take:– You can find Nux vomica q or 30 in any Homeopathic pharmacy. the patient from the point of view of personality and behavior is a person who cannot see his limitations or those of others, and who strives to exceed their limits. It can eventually overdo it and even compromise your health and your closest, closest relationships. For these people, “I can’t” is not an option and they will force their machine to achieve their goals at any cost.

How does nux vomica work?

The nux vomica used in homeopathy has anti-inflammatory properties and is used to treat conditions that are made worse by inflammation, such as rheumatism, asthma, or hemorrhoids.

Growth and control:- It gets worse in the morning, upon waking, after meals, with fits of anger, and after taking stimulants with intellectual effort. It improves with a short nap after lunch, which is often resisted by stimulants such as coffee, alcohol, or tobacco, as well as other substances. It also improves in hot and humid weather.

Nux vomica 200

Nux vomica 200 for anxiety: According to homeopathic physician Guillermo Basauri, in an article published on the Hablando homeopathy website, the use of Nux vomica is indicated for people who are generally “of an ambitious nature,

with a great need for quick and tangible achievements. They have great self-confidence and a great capacity for personal initiative. Perfectionists to the limit, with a strong sense of duty.

They are very competitive, but they know how to recognize and value the capabilities of their opponents, and they are very demanding of themselves. Perhaps one word could describe the dynamics of a person especially sensitive to it.

Still, according to the doctor, this impulsiveness can make these people very sensitive or nervous. As a result, they can become intolerant and irritable people, with a great tendency to become anxious.

In this overloaded state, the liver and nervous system can begin to not function properly and, from then on, generate various symptoms that, although at first tend to be functional, can progress to serious health problems. Among these health problems is anxiety, which generates irritability and exaggerated nervousness. in the case of the nervous system, is a highly recommended medicine, as it safely treats emotional disorders. (see other recommendations for using below).

Nux vomica to treat insomnia

In homeopathy nux vomica to treat insomnia, it is essential to evaluate the particular way in which each patient presents illnesses and their symptoms so that the appropriate remedy can be correctly indicated by the specialist. For this reason, individual assessment, with an analysis of each person’s health-disease history, is essential. But, in general, Nux vomica is a very recommended medication for those who suffer from insomnia.

Especially for people who wake up at dawn, worried about their problems, and then, during the day, feel anxious, tired, and dense. In addition to the treatment for insomnia, it is widely used in several other conditions.

This is the case of the aforementioned digestive disorders (heaviness in the stomach that worsens within an hour or two after a meal; tendency to nausea and vomiting, excess gas after meals, abdominal cramps, constipation, hemorrhoids. Nux vom also has good results in the treatment of respiratory and otorhinolaryngological disorders (when the patient gets cold very easily, has allergic rhinitis, fevers, chills, and asthma attacks) and cardiovascular disorders (hypertension, for example).

Nux vomica dosage

Nux vomica dosage of mother tincture: maximum dose: 10 – 20 drops with a little water.  (1 hour Before or after the meal) 3 times a day for 2 weeks. In acute cases, initially take 10 drops every 15 minutes for a period of 2 hours.

Nux vom for dilution / Potency:- 30,  2/3 drop (1 hour Before or after meal) and learn more information.

Nux vomica 200 dosages for piles

The nux vomica uses in homeopathy 2/3 drop (1 hour Before or after meal)  2 times a day for 1 week. However, it is better to take mother tincture in the initial stages.

Side effects of nux vomica

*Information about the safety of nux vomica mothers, and dilution for women who are breastfeeding is not available since scientific research on this is yet to be done.

*Homeopathy Nux 200, 30, 1m, and others should not be taken soon after smoking or drinking, and if possible it should be avoided.

*Nux vom 200 should be kept in a cool place and should be 

*For Better results do not chew the nux vom medicine, leave it on the tongue for a long.

This increases the effectiveness of the homeo medicines. concealed and never leave the medicines in the open.

*All sorts of addictions should be avoided for nux.

Activator : – camo, cocculus, camphar, coffeia, opium, thuja, aconit, ars, belladonna, puls.

Some FAQ of  nux vomica uses in homeopathy

*There are no side effects of the nux mother on the kidneys. = (Safe)

*What is the effect of nux vom q and dilution such as 30,200 1m & others on the liver? (Ans:- Safe)

*What is the effect of nux on the Heart? = Ans:- homeopathy nux vom q or dilution is safe for the heart.

*If you are pregnant, it is best to ask the best homeopathy doctor to know if you can take it.

Available in 30ml or 100ml 450 ml. The nux vomica uses in homeopathy-related medicine or Next medicine:- Sulphur, Pulsatilla, sepia, ars, bell, Bryonia alba, lyco, cloche, Rhus tox, phosp.

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