WordPress Themes For Affiliate Marketing And Google Adsense

ColorMag Free theme:

ColorMag is the best WordPress themes for affiliate marketing and Google Adsense

 is the perfect WP theme for news, newspapers, magazines, and blogs.

Follow the best SEO practices to position in Google, thanks to its clean codes, so your website will load very quickly.

It has a primary color option that you can choose to implement on your website and you can add 5+ widgets in 15+ widget areas. 

You can even write your custom CSS to change the layout of the theme.

There are other options such as the web logo, the header image, and the option to link the header image to the home page. 

Also, this theme is compatible with WooCommerce.

Ocean WP Free Theme:

Ocean WP is another free multipurpose WordPress theme that can satisfy your desires for appearance and speed for your website.

Here are some of the best features of Ocean WP:

  • *Responsive design.
  • *Charge faster.
  • *Customizable for any type of web page.
  • *Compatible with woo-commerce.
  • *Built-in SEO for better indexing and ranking.

The above features make this WordPress theme friendly. It is also extremely customizable and works with popular visual editors like Elementor, DIVi, etc.


  • *100% responsive and adaptable to mobiles.
  • *Optimized and simple code.
  • *Very adapted to Woocommerce with optimal options for the conversion.
  • *Cookie extensions, sticky menu in WordPress, pop-up, portfolio, sliders…
  • Use of hook system.

Ocean WP Pro Price:

  • Personal: $39/year for a website.
  • Agency: $129 for 25 sites.
  • Business: $79/year for 3 websites.

GeneratePress: WordPress Themes For Affiliate Marketing And Google Adsense

is another of the best free, lightweight, and secure SEO-optimized WordPress themes.

These are some of its interesting features:

1. Safe and stable.

2. Totally fast.

3. Optimized search engine.

4. Electronic commerce.

This theme has schema support and can be easily customized to suit your needs. Install the theme, make customizations, and you’re ready to go.

GeneratePress One of the best lightweight WordPress themes

If there is a standout free theme for WordPress, it is undoubtedly GeneratePress.

In fact, among the more than 7,000 themes available in the official repository, GeneratePress has risen as one of the best options in its own right.

Since its publication, this theme has already accumulated more than 100K active installations and a legion of users who rate it with 5 stars. 

Combined with plugins like WooCommerce or Elementor, the possibilities for growth are almost endless.

Why is GeneratePress being talked about as one of the best WordPress themes? What is your success? In the next lines, I will try to answer these questions.

Article Index:

What is GeneratePress and what are its features

  • Is GeneratePress as fast as they say?
  • How to install GeneratePress step by step
  • How to install GeneratePress ChildTheme step by step
  • How to set up Generate Press
  • screen layout
  • Colors
  • fonts
  • premium modules
  • GeneratePress with other plugins
  • GeneratePress + Elementor
  • GeneratePress + WooCommerce
  • GeneratePress + WPML
  • GeneratePress + bbPress

GP features of the WordPress Themes For Affiliate Marketing And Google Adsense

GeneratePress is a freemium theme for WordPress. That is, it is a free theme that has a more complete paid version.

This paid version adds some very interesting design extensions. To be exact, it’s not really another theme, but a plugin that works on top of the free theme repository.

GeneratePress was created in 2014 by Canadian developer Tom Usborne, whose goal was to create a fast, usable, and highly versatile theme.

At first, it is very reminiscent of a stock installation of the Genesis Framework in its simplicity and structure. It is a light and fast theme with a modular design.

This type of construction allows, for example, that in the premium version, you can deactivate all those modules that you do not use to reduce their load. 

Speed ​​is key these days and hosting your GeneratePress site on pre-installed WordPress hosting can make all the difference with search engines.

Regarding the design, we must highlight the way in which GeneratePress has been integrated with the WordPress customizer.

 It is possibly one of the most complete you have ever seen. In the free version you can make an infinite number of adjustments:

Different header styles (logo position)

Navigation menu settings

Structure of the web container (columns and content)


Fonts (includes Google fonts, variants, weights, and line spacing)

Footer (number of widgets, styles, and structure)

In total GeneratePress has 6 widget areas: 2 in the header, another 2 in the footer, and another 2 in the side columns. 

One of the interesting uses that you can give to this variety of spaces is the location of banners of any ad server to your liking, for example.

GeneratePress plays great with Gutenberg, the block editor that has replaced TinyMCE since version 5 of WordPress. In fact, it is one of the themes that has best integrated it.

Now, every time you write a post or page you can choose a custom screen design for each of them: sidebars, widgets, and container size, or make elements like the title invisible. 

There are even more possibilities if you are using the premium version of the theme.

How could it be otherwise,  it is a responsive theme that looks great on all types of devices. 

Remember that at the level of search engine positioning, it is essential that your website has an optimized mobile version. 

The fact that your website is responsive is one of the most determining SEO factors.

It also integrates schema, and structured microdata, which will help you conquer the Google SERPs with more attractive snippets. 

This microdata provides information about the type of content you have created and Google identifies it to display it in summaries, lists, schedules, recipes, definitions, etc. of its results listings.

Another not-insignificant aspect is its proven compatibility with plugins as relevant as Elementor, 

WooCommerce, EDD, BuddyPress, bbPress, or WPML, among others. A little later I will go into more detail about some of these cases.

Developers will be happy to know that GeneratePress comes loaded with filters and actions. 

It will allow you to add your own functionality or modify the behavior of WordPress at many points. It’s a delight to find a hook right where you need it.

Accessibility is an issue that more and more designers have in mind. 

In this sense, you will be happy to know that GeneratePress complies with the standards of the WCAG 2.0 accessibility guides.

To end this description of GeneratePress keys, I must highlight 2 last details:

The first is the high update frequency of this theme, which ensures that you are always up to date and without security flaws.

Remember that keeping your theme perfectly updated is one of the most decisive aspects that you must take into account to keep your website with WordPress secure.

The second is the great documentation it has, with hundreds of articles ready for you in the official GeneratePress knowledge base.

In addition to the static documentation, GeneratePress offers a support forum where you can sometimes even cross paths with Tom Usborne, the project leader.

Is GeneratePress as fast as they say?

As always, it depends on how you test, but yeah, it’s really fast. Especially since it makes fewer requests than most themes.

You can then compare the data from Pingdom Tools with the following topics:

NEBlue (similar aesthetically)

Genesis Framework Sample Theme

All 3 have been tested on the site with the same test content and hosted on Raiola:

You will be struck by the reduced page size of the Genesis version. Note that with the example theme of this framework, featured images are not displayed.

Ignoring that aspect, you can see that GeneratePress makes far fewer requests and that it enjoys a remarkable loading speed compared to the others.

The truth is that it is not bad at all as a starting point, right?

How to install GeneratePress step by step

Installing GeneratePress couldn’t be easier. Simply go to your WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Themes > Add New and in the repository browser search for GeneratePress.

You can also download it directly from its page in the repository and upload it using the Upload theme button in the same path above.

If you plan to make changes to the theme’s styles or add new features (and trust me you will sooner or later), I recommend installing a child theme.

Using a child theme will allow you to add your own CSS code to the stylesheet (style.css) or PHP code to the GeneratePress functions.php without losing them with subsequent theme updates.

WordPress themes are updated quite frequently for security reasons or new features. GeneratePress in particular does this often. A modified theme would lose the changes made with such an update.

You can create your own GeneratePress child theme just like any other WordPress theme. 

If you prefer, you can directly use the clean child theme that the GeneratePress team has prepared for you  (I give you the download link below, keep reading).

How to install GeneratePress ChildTheme step by step

The official GeneratePress documentation explains step by step (in perfect English, mind you) how to install a child theme in GeneratePress.

To do so, download this child theme that they have specially prepared for it. 

Then upload it to your WordPress installation using the Upload Theme button found in your 

WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Themes > Add New. 

Don’t forget to activate your new theme at the end of the installation.

From then on, the child theme will inherit the features of GeneratePress and you will be able to make changes to its code without being affected by updates from the parent theme.

How to set up Generate Press

Once you have the GeneratePress child theme active, it’s time to configure it visually to your liking.

Following the style lines recommended by WordPress, GeneratePress uses the Customizer ( Appearance > Customize ) to define all its visual aspects.

Leaving aside the link to the premium modules, GeneratePress integrates all its particular configurations in the sections: Screen design, Colors, and Fonts.

screen layout: Here you can define the visual structure of your website. Aspects such as:

the width that the content occupies in the browser;

the distribution and order in the header of the title of the site and the navigation menu; the alignment of the main menu;

the number of sidebars on the home, blog, and posts (separately); the number of widgets in the footer and their alignment;

if you want to show excerpts or full posts on the blog or the presence of the search engine in the main menu or an “up” button at the bottom of your website.


The color configuration allows you to choose the color of the background, text, links (active, hover, and visited), and titles. Lastly, you can assign a background color to the navigation menu.


This is undoubtedly one of the most complete sections. GeneratePress includes dozens of fonts from Google Fonts that are added to the system ones. The fan is simply impressive.

These fonts can be defined for both the body and the headers of your site (h1, h2, and h3 in particular). For each of them, you can specify the variants to use of that font family,

 the weight, size, line height, and paragraph margin. In addition, you can choose between different types of transformation: uppercase, lowercase, or capital letters.

In the following video, you can see how simple and agile the entire process of installing the theme, the child theme, and the configuration in the customizer is.

Premium modules:

If the possibilities of GeneratePress are very attractive, with the premium version of this theme you are going to go crazy.

The premium version is purchased by paying $49.95 at the time of publishing this article.

 It should be noted that you can use GeneratePres Premium on an unlimited number of sites and that annual renewal carries a 40% discount.

GeneratePress Premium includes 14 very complete extra modules that will allow you to:

Import preconfigured layouts.

Increase the variety of the color module by up to 60 different options.

Make much more precise typographical adjustments, including menus and widgets.

Add heroes to your layout and any dynamic element with an amazing hook manager.

Customize your store with WooCommerce (sidebars, colors, data to display, prices, offers)

Visual edition of menus.

Greater blog configuration options.

Adjustments in backgrounds, paddings, and margins, sections, visibility of elements, footer copyright, and much more.

As you can see, the configurations multiply to be able to design your website as you have planned it.

You can buy GeneratePress Premium directly from HERE.

GeneratePress with other plugins

Not only from GeneratePress does the web live? You are probably already using other plugins to offer different functionality on your site. 

GeneratePress offers remarkable compatibility with some of the best known, adapting to them in order to affect them visually.

GeneratePress + Elementor

The fashionable couple is undoubtedly GeneratePress and Elementor. The famous free visual builder and its Pro version work perfectly with your new theme.

If with GeneratePress you can define how you want the header, footer, sidebars, and content elements to display, with Elementor you can define exactly how the elements within that content will look .

You should know that Elementor allows you to create templates that can be integrated using shortcodes. 

As I mentioned above, GeneratePress offers a huge range of widget areas (not just in the sidebars) and hooks where you can add those templates. 

This aspect makes the combination of both really powerful.

In fact, this would be a good example of a teamwork strategy because it allows maintaining the advantages of the good use of schema markup and the usefulness of the hooks that GeneratePress provides. 

Otherwise (using the Elementor canvas to design a template, for example), you would lose those advantages.

Before you start working with Elementor, you should be aware that it is capable of inheriting some settings from GeneratePress:

If you disable Elementor’s default fonts and colors, Elementor will use the ones you defined in the theme.

Also, remember to define the same screen width in both. That way you will save a lot of time when creating your pages.

GeneratePress + WooCommerce

Another domestic partnership that works wonders is the one that completes WooCommerce.

 As you already know, WooCommerce is the world’s leading plugin for managing online stores with WordPress.

WooCommerce offers a complete online sales management system that integrates: a product gallery, stock management, shopping cart, payment gateway, and order management. And, beware, all this for free.

If you need some extra functionality, there is a huge ecosystem of extensions for WooCommerce, both free and premium, that multiply its possibilities.

One of the most common needs is to be able to modify the styles of the sales pages, product sheets, and even the WooCommerce cart. 

With GeneratePress you will be able to solve that problem as long as you use the premium version since it offers a specific module for WooCommerce.

With this module, you will be able to change the styles and even not show some features: 

Related products, short descriptions, offer badges, metadata, modify the template structure, etc.

If you also combine it with Elementor, you will be able to modify the content structure of the product sheets, something highly demanded by online store managers.

GeneratePress + WPML:

The WPML multilanguage plugin is one of the most used tools in WordPress to offer your users a website in several languages.

This is a complex and very deep plugin, not suitable for newbies. It allows you to manage translations of text strings dependent on themes, plugins, menus, and widgets effectively (in addition to posts and pages, of course).

Not all themes are capable of working properly with WPML. However,  GeneratePress has been verified and you shouldn’t run into any issues.

In fact, you can perfectly use all these plugins at the same time with GeneratePress: Elementor, WooCommerce, and WPML. The possibilities are endless.

However, as I said before, WPML is a complex plugin so I recommend you follow this WPML configuration guide for WordPress to avoid any problems.

GeneratePress + bbPress:

Would you like to create an online forum with WordPress? If so, bbPress is the answer. It is the best plugin to create online communities in the form of forums.

And surprise, it works great with bbPress. So much so that even the support forums for this topic are managed through this plugin. Without any extra elements (just a bit of CSS). Great right?

You can read more information about bbPress in this comparison of WordPress forum plugins.

REHub WP Theme Reviews

WordPress template with an in-one aggregate of on-line money-making strategies:

REHub is the best WordPress theme for affiliate marketing and Google Adsense’s cutting-edge multipurpose hybrid theme. Theme covers many current Business fashions for online websites. 

Each phase can be configured and used one at a time or you can mix them all in one site. 

We used the most real tendencies and the fine special search engine optimization gadgets to construct superior WordPress features which you will now not locate in different themes. Models are:

*Advance Affiliate Niche Blogs

*Highest Conversion pages (versus pages, specification comparison, Offer hub, Top set pages, Price vary pages)

*Multi Vendor stores and e-commerce shops, assist with multi-vendor per product

*Deal websites and deal communities

*Magazines and Review sites

*Digital product marketplaces

*Social Community with put-up option

*Listings, Versus comparison, specification builders

*Price or product contrast theme with dynamic charge updates (with the assistance of Content Egg or bulk import tool)

*Product and specification comparisons (supported dynamic comparisons for multi-category sites)

*Reviews with prolonged consumer opinions and desk constructors, pinnacle overview constructors

*Game deals

*Tutorials and Learning Course sites

*Wholesale, Grocery shops

Bonus Plugins with a complete fee of extra than 700$ are free for you

*WP Bakery Page Builder

*Revolution slider with 6 special layouts

*Advanced Product Filter plugin

*Import WP PRO – all in one device for bulk importing XML, and CSV feeds to the theme

*RH Frontend PRO (frontend submit),

*RH Link PRO for hiding and altering provides links, statistics,s, and cashback. *Supports additional user-submitted links

*RH Woo Tools (set of special Tools for Woocommerce: Accessory tab, customized international tabs constructor, faux sold-out counter)

*RH Brand emblem (automatically assign manufacturer emblem for Post images)

*RH Gif (use animated pics for Featured image)

*RH Chart PRO (Gutenberg extension to construct charts and graphs)

*RH Fake Activity (mass including and updating customized fields)

*Greenshift Animation addon – to construct complicated animations in Gutenberg

*Layered Popup plugin

*Woocommerce Sale Notification (for faux recreation on the shop)

Affiliate WordPress theme functions

Do you choose to create an assessment web page like PriceGrabber or possibly a deal/coupon website like Groupon? 

Now you can have a simply a new degree of affiliate clever functions. 

No extra copies of exterior products, we provide a lots smarter way for affiliate websites which makes your website in reality beneficial for customers and for search engines

We researched the most worthwhile techniques and brought many extra special units like pinnacle listing builders, pinnacle tables, dynamic contrast (including multi-group comparison), and many distinct put-up templates and layouts.

We introduced assistance for many famous affiliate plugins and additionally an import tool. 

Check the video for a 1-minute brilliant practical publish and also, test our extraordinary step-by-step information for the fantastic affiliate website on our WordPress theme. 

We additionally covered distinct clever Autoblog templates which can assist to flip the theme into a cash-making auto pilot site.

 This is now not simply for some other vain affiliate blog, you can make an honestly expert and beneficial web page for users.

Full guide of Content Egg and Affiliate Egg plugins

Content Egg helps to make your content material greater precious for site visitors and search engines. 

With easy clicks, the plugin provides content material from youtube, google images, books, freebase, Flickr, Twitter, and lots more. Also, it has affiliate modules. 

The free model has CJ coupons and an Offer module which can be used to add any hyperlinks to the assessment list. 

PRO model – CJ WP module, Zanox WP, Aliexpress, eBay, Linkshare, Shareasale, Affiliate WIndow, Tradedoubler, Affili.net, Optimisedmedia, Envato, Udemy, PepperJam, Flipkart, Tradetracker, Impact Radius and more.

If you need parsers for precise neighborhood retail outlets like wiggle.com, Etsy.com, iherb, Banggood, Snapdeal, Shopclues, Home18, Jabong, Myntra, Infibeam, Coolblue, 

And others – I suggest the usage of the Affiliate Egg plugin (not protected in the theme, ask for a discount). Possible to create additionally customized parsers.

Please, note, the theme doesn’t encompass Content Egg PRO and Affiliate Egg PRO, however, the free model is adequate for your start. 

The distinction with PRO is solely in the variety of affiliate modules. Ask for a cut-price coupon for the PRO model in the comments.

Woocommerce keep options:

Woocommerce grew to become the most effective answer for online shops. 

And we prolonged these selections for the remaining few years to make the most effective woo commerce theme on market. Here are a few picks which are blanketed in the theme

*10 special variations of the save and 20 layouts for Product pages.

*Support for Digital merchandise and Licenses

*Quick view and wishlist scripts are included

*Product swatches and superior filters

*Ajax offset cart scripts

*Wholesale choice to select a quantity of merchandise from keep pages

*Listing builder

*Conditional patterns and scripts for higher speed

The theme has a cutting-edge easy plan which we replace in accordance to cutting-edge format trends. 

We blanketed additionally a lot of special Elementor modules and a library of prepared templates. For example, Listing Builder

Advanced Mobile WordPress Theme support:

Mobile visitors grows a lot nowadays. So, we proceed to enhance cellular features and they are in precedence for us.

*Advanced Product Filtering panel

*Responsive Comparison charts

*Quick Icon panel in the header, compact cell header layout, and icon toolbars

*All our merchandise and submit grids and listings have a Great Compact Stylish appearance on mobile

*Product Mobile floating panel with button and navigation links

*AMP assist for WordPress

*Google Mobile friendly

Why Rehub Theme is special and one of the fine topics for passive profits sites?
  • *Advanced Mega Menu (supported on mobiles also)
  • *All features are excellent additionally on mobiles
  • *And much, plenty greater + regularly updates
  • *AMP prolonged support
  • *Special Post Layout optimized for studying in accordance to new trends
  • *Product Layout for distinctive purposes, booking, comparison, Extended photo, etc
  • *Powerful neighborhood features and prolonged customizations for Buddypress, Mycred
  • *Frontend posting, frontend reviews, which include restricted submissions or paid submit
  • *Unique Gutenberg modules
  • *Customizable filter panel for all published modules
  • *Coupon features (for posts and for woocommerce)
  • *Extended Post Layouts
  • *Price evaluation functions
  • *Extended rewarding features for revenue on affiliate programs
  • *Extended assist for Affiliate Egg plugin (works with direct websites like Etsy.com, wiggle.com, groupon.com, iherb.com, snapdeal, infibeam, shopclues, first-class buy, Walmart, and many others). Please, note, AE PRO is now not covered in the bundle
  • *Top evaluate listing constructor
  • *Top tables constructor, pinnacle charts constructor, Top units pages
  • *Specification builder, Company profile builder
  • *Dynamic button for add to comparisons (supports multigroup for comparisons)
  • *Responsive desk constructor
  • *Catalog constructor
  • *RTL support
  • *JSON-LD schema
  • *Option to use Adsense-optimized layout
  • *Quick specs from Icecat
  • *Custom badge system
  • *Brand archive
  • *Printable coupons
  • *Custom Ajax search
  • *Good Speed
  •  *5 specific diagram layouts for woocommerce offers: grids, columns, sliders, carousels, rows
  • *Multi-vendor prolonged support. Wc Vendor and Dokan, MultivendorX, and WCFM are supported. Better features even for free versions
  • *Support for more than one company per one product and Price contrast Products
  • *Vendor shops locator and product/post map locator, vendor, and the usage of filters and categories
  • *Membership subscriptions and prolonged consumer function restrictions (works with S2Member plugin)
  • *Unique View counter with filter for famous via date
  • *Customizer support
  • *Special plugin to hide, cloak, and bulk alternate affiliate links
  • *Multicurrency Support
  • *Extended assist for Content Egg plugin (works with affiliate structures like Zanox, Linkshare, Affili.net, eBay, Amazon, CJ, Impact Radius, Shareasale, Affiliate WIndow, Tradedoubler, Optimisedmedia, Flipkart, and others). Easy growing rate evaluation sites, reviews, monetizing content, and more
  • *Advanced ranking machine for woocommerce
  • *Visual composer is bundled with >20 customized content material modules
  • *Advanced Product Filter plugin is in a bundle. The plugin is beneficial for growing filter looking and specifications.
  • *RH Frontend PRO is bundled with the theme. Plugin provides frontend use submissions to your site, and feasible to add paid to submit, woocommerce merchandise are supported in the plugin
  • *Tons of special shortcodes such as Ajax categories archive, disclose buttons, countdowns, fee tables, provide lists, etc
  • *Automatic auto contents shortcode, sticky contents
  • *User login/register popups and customized writer template
  • *Extended consumer evaluation system
  • *Hot metter, favorites, put up report, like or now not scripts
Puva WP theme

It is the best WordPress themes for affiliate marketing and Google Adsense.

Affiliate Product Reviews and Blogging for the best Puva WP Theme.

Puva Features:

1/ Top Lightweight Fast, & Powerful theme.

2/ Elementor Page Builder and

3/ 32 Elementor in widgets custom.

4/ RTL Included for Hebrew & Arabic Language

5/  Font Size Option in Custom

6/ Reviews Submit Form

7/ Advanced Field WordPress Pro Plugin

8/ Compatible with Yoast SEO Plugin

9/ JS,  CSS Minify Option Dashboard

10/ PHP eight Compatible theme

11/ All Custom Post and Link Option

12/  Shopping WooCommerce Feature

13/  Translate system

14/ Contact Form 7 Create

15/ Translation Ready

16/ Typography Unlimited Option

17/ Show Option and Blog Posts Meta Hide easy

18/ Retina Ready

19/ Compliant GDPR

20/ Customizable is Easy and from Admin Dashboard

21/ Preloader Option

22/ Compatible with WPML

23/ Best Lazy Loader Option

24/ 37+ Pages,

25/ Best Guest post User for Dashboard

26/ User Option Account Hide/ Show 

27/ Translation Ready and idea

28/ Submit Review Hide/ Show  

29/ Option Compliant Redux Theme Option

30/ Best Demo Data Import 

31/ Unlimited Awesome Font  

32/  Valid W3

33/ Subscription, Newsletter Plugin  

34/ Option: Unlimited Typography

35/ Any Device Responsive theme

36/ Free Update Lifetime

37/ Layout Creative

38/ Color: Unlimited Change Option

39 / Sass Included

40/ Compatibility: Cross-Browser

41/ Commented Code.

42/ (v4.x) Bootstrap.

43/ Google Font (Free )

44/ Developer Friendly

Its theme 24-Hour Turnaround Support:

We solely furnish assistance thru our ticketing system.

What do you get?

1/ Theme Code Source

2/ Custom Field Pro Advanced

3/ Child Theme ready

4/ Documentation in Online

5/ Theme with Plugin in custom

6/ Elementor plugin.

7/ Theme Demo Data

Sources and Credits:

*Owl Carousel

*Magnific Popup option

*Font is Awesome

*WordPress original

*Elementor pro

*Advance Field Pro option

*Google Fonts ok


*Placeholder ok

*Bootstrap ready


Click to View the Demo

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