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Best siemens ct scan machine price list and more

Best siemens ct scan machine price list and more information:

CT (Computed Tomography): It is a radiological examination that generates detailed images of axial slices of the body. Instead of making one image like a conventional x-ray, makes multiple images by rotating around the body. A computer combines all these images into a final image that represents a section of the body as if it were a slice. It is a very useful exploration for the staging or extension study of cancers, such as breast cancer, lung cancer, and prostate cancer. Even for virtual simulation and planning of cancer treatment with radiotherapy, the use of 3D images obtained by CT is essential.

How is the test best siemens ct scan machine performed?

For the scan, you will remove your clothes and change into a gown before lying on the table. Being a machine that emits X-rays, the person will be isolated in the room for the duration of the examination. In the next room is the staff that handles the devices, seeing the patient through the glass at all times and with whom they communicate through the public address system.

The test is performed with the person lying on a stretcher, immobile. Around him moves a large machine that is taking images. You may be asked not to breathe for a few seconds. Any movement, including breathing, can cause disturbances in the images.

On some occasions, the use of contrast may be necessary. Depending on the area to be explored, they will be administered intravenously, for which they will have previously inserted a line, orally or rectally through an enema. It takes 20-30 minutes to complete the test.

  • CT radiate

Computed tomography is considered a high-radiation technique, however, the radiation to which the patient is subjected varies according to the area to be studied. We refer you to the “radiation” section of this document.

  • Does it feel

The test is painless, but lying still for several minutes can cause discomfort. Some people may feel stress or anxiety when taking the test. Communicate it to the professional who treats you, they can administer some medication to help you tolerate the test.

If they have to use intravenous contrast, you will feel the prick of the needle in your vein. Due to the contrast, you may feel a sensation of heat and a metallic taste in your mouth that lasts for a few minutes. You may feel the urge to urinate which also passes quickly. If the contrast is administered orally, you may notice an unpleasant taste and a feeling of a full stomach. If given through an enema, you may want to quickly remove the contrast.

CT scan machine vs MRI machine

What differentiates them above all else is that the CT scan uses radiation to carry out the relevant tests and the MRI, on the other hand, does not. A CT scan takes about half an hour, however, an MRI usually takes more than an hour. The CT machine is completely silent, while the MRI machine emits a loud noise that can be annoying for the patient. The equipment used in CT tests is usually cheaper, while the MRI equipment is more expensive.

When a patient is going to undergo an MRI, they must take into account that they cannot wear metallic objects or pacemakers so as not to interrupt radio waves and magnetic fields. MRI is also characterized by its high spatial resolution (refers to the fineness of visible details in an image).

Do you have risks?

***If she is a woman, she will warn the staff of the possibility of being pregnant. In general, computed tomography is not indicated in women who are or may be pregnant.

*It is a very safe test. The most serious reaction may be an allergy to oral or intravenous contrast.

*Tell her doctor if she is breastfeeding, she will tell you if she should wait a few days after receiving the contrast.

*The contrast that is used can cause an allergic reaction but there are exceptional cases in which it is necessary to intervene to alleviate the effects. Headache, nausea, skin rash, swelling, or shortness of breath may occur, which usually go away in a short time. Let the technicians know. This exploration, due to the high doses of radiation used, requires being especially demanding with its indications.

(01) Best siemens ct scan machine model no – IN-16CT

Cheap price best x ray ct scan machine review
Cheap price best x-ray ct scan machine review

Description of the best siemens ct scan machine

*Electric power source
*Free support is provided online if there is any problem after the sale
*It is delivered directly from China according to the address
*Reconstruction time 0.8s full 360° scanning but 0.9s & 0.8mm minimum slice thickness
*Automatically image processing
*(2X10mm) dual slice solid detector GOS solid detector
*It is designed in such a way that if any kind of power generator hits it
*it has a strong capacity-like capacity
* it has a strong capacity-like capacity. So there is no doubt that there will be any problem.
*ICEN Brand

(02) Best Quality At Low Price CT Scan X-Ray, Veterinary, And MRI Digital Inspection Machine

Cheap price best x-ray ct scan machine review model number IN 16CT
Cheap price best x-ray ct scan machine review model number IN 16CT

Buyer’s guide for the best siemens ct scan machine

Model -IN-16CT China And Price – US $474,004

  • Scanning 0.8s full 360°,
  • 3.0 interface DICOM Standard.
  • GOS solid detector and 2X10mm dual slice,
  • High efficiency detector – 2X10mm dual slice,
  • The generator is a Powerful & high heat capacity,
  • Children’s Optimal dosage control and low-dose scanning
  • 0.8mm minimum slice thickness – 0.9s reconstruction time,
  • Extra stability because X-ray tubes provide excellent spiral scanning ability.
  • Automatic film Supply and auto-sending create image processing more convenient,
  • Sub-second reconstruction time and sub-millimeter slice thickness- full 360° scanning.
  • Basal and advanced clinical diagnoses – Comprehensive standard and optional software packages adapt to a wide range.

Main Cons:

  • Mediitem has no practical idea about this machine.
  • The equipment of these machines is not usually available in the market, so it should be purchased wisely before purchasing.
  • If there is a problem with this machine, they do not work directly by hand. With online support, there may be some temporary difficulties.

(03) Model No – CT002 Best housing ct testing instrument MRI scanning instrument case.

Good Quality CT Scan Machine At Wholesale Price
Good Quality CT Scan Machine At Wholesale Price
Good Quality CT Scan Machine At Wholesale Price
Good Quality CT Scan Machine At Wholesale Price

image acquisition takes approximately 30-40 seconds. The process of taking the line for intravenous contrast injection and the waiting time between the introduction of the contrast and the performance of the study can lengthen the test to approximately 15-20 minutes (very variable depending on the territory to be explored and the pathology to diagnose).

Good Quality CT Scan Machine At Wholesale Price
Good Quality CT Scan Machine At Wholesale Price

Purchasing Ideas or Pros

  • This company is of an international standard. AliExpress or any other big company helps them sell their products. of course, they do not cheat.
  • This product is supported online if there is any problem within three years. There are also refund arrangements.

Product Cons:

  • This product is not suitable for use in any large hospital but for use in small hospitals.

The weight limit for performing CT in obese patients

the weight limit depends on each team. CT equipment stretchers usually support a maximum weight of 220 kg. However, due to the variability of equipment, it is advisable to contact the Radiology Service to find out about this aspect.

What’s new in Tomography?

  • 128 cuts per rotation
  • Cardiac Advanced Hard View
  • Angiotech
  • Advanced Neuro
  • Volume Perfusion Neuro CT
  • Cinematic Rendering
  • CARE Dose4D
  • 3D RealTime
  • WorkStream 4D
  • Virtual Endoscopy

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