The dog toilet is a good alternative to avoid accidents in the home such as urine stains on the wall. Likewise, it must be remembered that the location of this is important since having it in a fixed place will help facilitate teaching with the dog. various types of toilets adapt to the needs of our pets, such as absorbent pads, and plastic or natural grass toilets. it is important to remember that the dog toilet can help us in various situations, but it should never replace walking outside.

What is a dog toilet?

A dog toilet is nothing more than a sanitary tray intended to be used by your dog to relieve itself, always in the same place. They are usually made of high-quality plastics and are easy to clean. Buying a dog toilet is a good idea when they are forced to spend a lot of time at home when they are puppies that are still learning when they are newly adopted dogs that have not yet learned to wait until it is time to go outside or when they are having problems incontinence or mobility.

What types of dog toilets are there?

There are many shapes and sizes of toilets to suit the needs of the pet and the owner. The characteristics of the main types of dog toilets are mentioned below:

Absorbent pads: they are characterized by their rapid absorption of urine and ease of washing. In addition, they are adaptable to various environments, that is, they can not only be used inside your home but also as a seat protector for car trips.

Artificial grass toilet: This type of toilet helps to simulate an external environment, which can be more attractive to your pet. It also has a urine drainage system and a lower container that makes it easy to clean.

Natural grass toilets: they are the most ecological and natural alternative. Dogs easily associate this type of toilet to relieve themselves, since their instinct attracts them. 

In addition, the lower-ground substrate absorbs and eliminates unpleasant odors. However, the grass should be changed biweekly, and take care that your dog does not try to dig the ground.

Plastic trays: they are the most common on the market and have a grid that filters the urine and prevents it from joining the feces. Also, this type of toilet can be found with a simulated back wall that helps prevent splashes or posts for male dogs that like to mark their territory.

Benefits of best artificial grass for dog potty using a small

Have you ever wondered what are the benefits of using the dog toilet at home?

Here I have gathered a few:

*Convenience: Dog toilets are convenient for owners who cannot take their puppies out as often as they would like, due to their work schedule or health. They are also useful for owners who live in apartments or have small spaces for their pets.

*Cleaning: Maintaining a clean and organized home is essential to the well-being of your Mini Pinscher and your family. Dog toilets can help you avoid unpleasant stains and odors in your home, as well as make it easier to clean up your companion’s waste.

*Accessibility: Dog toilets are a good option for older or infirm dogs that may have difficulty walking or need to relieve themselves more frequently. They are also a good option for owners who cannot get their dogs out several times a day due to work or health.

*Training: Dog toilets can help in training your Mini Pinscher. By teaching him to use a doggie toilet, you can reinforce his obedience training and help improve his overall behavior. So, dog toilets can be a practical and beneficial solution for Mini Pinscher owners. They can offer convenience, cleanliness, accessibility, and training, which can help keep your pet comfortable and happy while keeping your home neat.

How to teach your puppy to use a toilet:

Teaching your mini buddy to use a doggy toilet may seem difficult at first, but with proper technique and a little patience, your little one can learn to use a doggy toilet effectively and stress-free.

Here are some tips to help you teach your pup to use the doggy toilet:

*Place the toilet in a suitable place: It is important to place the toilet in a place that is easily accessible to your Mini Pinscher, but at the same time that it is not in a high-traffic area. Make sure it is in a quiet area where your dog can focus on his task.

*Use Positive Reinforcement: The key to teaching your Mini Pinscher to use a doggie toilet is positive reinforcement. If your dog relieves himself on the toilet, reward him with a treat or praise. Do not punish him if he does not do it correctly, as this can cause stress and anxiety in your pet.

*Be consistent: Consistency is key in teaching your Mini Pinscher to use a doggie toilet. Take your dog to the toilet several times a day, especially after eating and sleeping.  Over time, your dog will begin to associate the toilet with going to the bathroom.

*Be patient: Learning to use a doggie toilet can take time, so be patient with your Mini Pinscher. If your dog is having difficulty adjusting, consider using a specific cue to let him know it’s time to go potty. Teaching your Mini Pinscher to use the dog litter box takes a bit of patience and effort, but with proper technique and positive reinforcement, you can effectively and stress-freely train your dog to use a toilet.

Tips for choosing the dog potty

Let’s consider the key factors to find the best option for your little one and home.

*Size: Be sure to choose an option that is the right size for your Mini Pinscher. If the option is too small, your Mini Pinscher may have a hard time using it properly.

*Surface Type: Consider your Mini Pinscher’s preference for surface type. Some Mini Pinschers may prefer an artificial grass surface, while others may be more comfortable with a litter box.

*Easy cleaning: Choose an option that is easy to clean and maintain. Options with litter pans or grates may be easier to clean than options with artificial grass.

*Durability: If you are looking for a long-term option, consider the durability of the option. Some dog toilet options are reusable and can last longer than disposable options.

*Location: Decide where you will locate the dog toilet in your home. Make sure that it is an accessible place for your Mini Pinscher and that it does not generate bad odors in your home.

*Training: If you are training your Mini Pinscher to use a doggie toilet, be sure to choose an option that is easy to use and non-intimidating for your little one. Pros and cons of using a small dog toilet: If you are considering the option of using a dog toilet for your furry companion, it is important that you consider both the benefits and the possible disadvantages so that you have a broader vision and can better make your decision:

Advantages of the best artificial grass for dog potty

*Convenience: A dog toilet can be a practical and convenient solution if you don’t have access to an outside area for your Mini Pinscher to relieve himself.

*Cleaning: A doggie toilet can be easier to clean than having to pick up your dog outside. Some options are also reusable, which can be cheaper in the long run.

*Accessibility: For older Mini Pinschers or those with limited mobility, a dog toilet may be a more accessible and convenient option than having to go outside.

*Training: A dog toilet can be a useful tool for teaching your Mini Pinscher to eliminate in a specific spot.

Disadvantages of the best artificial grass for dog potty

*Smell: If not cleaned properly, a dog toilet can create bad odors in your home.

*Cost – Some dog toilet options can be more expensive than simply letting your Mini Pinscher relieve himself outside.

*Maintenance: A dog toilet requires regular maintenance, such as changing the pads or washing the surfaces.

*Reluctance: Some Mini Pinschers may reject the idea of ​​using a dog toilet and prefer to relieve themselves outside. Small dog toilets can be a practical and convenient solution for you and your pooch, but it’s important to consider both the pros and cons before making a decision. Evaluate your needs and those of your mini companion to determine if a dog toilet is the best fit for your home and lifestyle.

How to use the dog toilet?

First of all, you must adapt the space in your home to place your pet’s toilet. Also, consider that this should be away from the place where the dog sleeps and eats to avoid infections. Second, when your dog eliminates on the toilet, the grates will filter the urine into a lower container where you can easily remove it.  Likewise, the feces will remain on the surface, which will facilitate its cleaning.

Finally, once the container with the urine has been removed or the excrement collected, the toilet should be disinfected and it will be ready for your dog to use again.

How to clean the dog toilet?

There are various types of dog toilets such as absorbent pads, training cloths, or plastic trays. The choice of one or the other will depend mainly on the needs of your pet In the case of absorbent pads, these work like a mat and retain the liquid from the urine. Also, they dry easily and you can even put them in your washing machine. 

On the other hand, the training clothes are for single use, therefore, they must be changed constantly. In the case of toilets in the form of a plastic tray, the lower container that collects urine must be removed and disinfected. Also, clean the upper grids that filter the liquid. 

To prevent bad odors from permeating, it is recommended to clean the toilet once a day and wash it with warm soapy water. Additionally, you can use spray cleaners that neutralize the odors of your pet.

10 best artificial grass for dog potty

(1) The best artificial grass dog toilet:

 PetSafe Portable Pet Toilet with Artificial Grass. The Petsafe brand plastic toilet is one of the highest rated with 4 stars on Amazon. 

Likewise, the measurements of the product are 63 x 63 and the height is 14 cm. The upper part contains an easily washable artificial grass carpet. Underneath, it has a grid that filters the urine and falls into a container that keeps bad odors. It should be noted that inside this container is a powder that turns urine into a gel upon contact.

This type of toilet is ideal for pet owners who live in apartments and are busy most of the day. In addition, it simulates natural grass, which attracts pets to relieve themselves. Feedback on this product is positive. Many of the users highlight the ease of cleaning the toilet. They also affirm the comfort of the pet when using this type of toilet.

(2) The most complete dog toilet

BPS Indoor Toilet Training Litter Tray for Dogs Plastic Pet Toilet 2 Sizes M/L Random Color (M: 49 x 36 x 3 cm) BPS-5703. The BPS(R) brand plastic toilet is one of the most valued in terms of price-quality ratio. It also has 2 sizes: M (49 x 36 x 3 cm) and L (68 x 48 x 4 cm) and a variety of colors. Includes a sanitary tray with a grid that filters urine and feces. It also has a post simulator for male dogs that usually mark territory.

This type of toilet is recommended for small dogs or those who have had a recent operation and cannot move. On the other hand, users highlight its ease of cleaning, comfort, and affordable price.

Ecological dog toilet

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(3) The most ecological dog toilet:

PetGround Underpad for Dogs, Eco-Friendly Underpad, Natural Grass Mat for Dogs, Dog Toilet, Waterproof Crate, Reusable and Odorless, Standard (60cm x 40cm) The Pet Ground brand natural grass toilet is an ecological alternative for owners who want to have a positive impact on the environment. It has a standard size of 60 x 40 cm, which is ideal for small dogs weighing up to 7 kg.

One of its main features is the use of natural grass, which attracts dogs and helps make it easier to use. Also, if your dog eats the grass, it won’t hurt him because it contains a soil substrate underneath that absorbs urine and helps eliminate odors. However, the grass must be changed approximately every 15 days, which implies an investment.

When to buy a dog toilet?

There are several reasons why you may consider buying a toilet for your dog inside the home. Among these are limited access to the outdoors, health or mobility problems, and training at home. It is advisable to walk your dog 3 times a day to prevent them from becoming stressed and able to relieve themselves. 

However, if you find yourself working outside the home for long hours during the day, it is advisable to have a toilet for your pet and thus avoid accidents. If your pet has just had surgery or has health problems, it is most likely that he has difficulty walking. 

In these cases, the dog toilet, whether made of plastic, with artificial or natural grass, will be of great help for your conceited dog. In addition, as it is easy to transport, you can place it as close as possible to your pet and prevent it from straining while moving.

If your dog is a puppy and is just learning to urinate, training wipes will be of great help, since they easily absorb the liquid. However, since they are disposable, it will be necessary to constantly buy spare parts.

Best artificial grass for puppy toilet

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(4) Trixie 23416 Puppy toilet loo puppy:

Main advantage:

One of the most outstanding aspects of this dog toilet is that it has a non-slip system that prevents both the wipe and the product from moving, which will prevent urine or feces disasters in your home.

Main disadvantage:

One of the disadvantages of this model is that it does not include soaking towels to start using, so you will need to make an additional investment and buy them separately. If you want to buy a toilet to train your pet and avoid feces and urine disasters all over the house, perhaps this model presented by Trixie may be of interest to you.


Design: Before choosing a dog toilet model, you have to consider the design it has; this feature encompasses many important aspects that may determine if the product is ideal for your pet.

The Trixie 23416 comes in a beige color design, giving it a sleek and clean look. In addition, this product consists of 2 pieces, The lower part can be placed with a wipe so that your pet performs its physiological needs and, the frame will automatically hold it and prevent any movement. 

In addition to this, this product comes in 2 presentations: 65 x 55 and 49 x 41 centimeters, so you can choose the one according to the size and age of your dog. Additionally, you can place any model of soaking wipes that have dimensions of 56 x 56 centimeters.


An important feature that you will have to look at before buying a dog toilet is its practicality since it is useless to select an option if it is not comfortable and easy to use enough.

This option presented by Trixie is very versatile since you will have the possibility of being able to adapt any model and size of soaking wipes for your use; especially if they get to have larger measurements, since you can fold or cut the edges and place it without any problem. 

In addition to this, it should also be mentioned that this product is ideal to use when the dog is still in its first months, since this way you can train it to relieve itself in the toilet and not cause disorders in your home. However, it is suitable for dogs of any size as long as its dimensions do not exceed those of the product.

Materials: A feature that is very important and which you should not overlook so that you can choose a good quality dog ​​toilet is to look at its manufacturing materials. Made of good quality plastic, this Trixie product is strong and durable. In addition, a non-slip system made of rubber is located at the bottom of the toilet, which will prevent the product from moving when your pet is settling in to perform its physiological needs. 

On the other hand, it is easy to clean, since you can wash it with water and a non-aggressive detergent so that it does not affect the anti-slip system. Additionally, it should be noted that the dimensions and support capacity of the 23416 model will depend on the size you choose, as well as the weight and measurements of your dog. That is, you must select a size according to the build that your pet has.

Best Indoor Toilet Training Tray

(5) BPS Indoor Toilet Training Tray:

Presented in a shape made of polypropylene, this bathroom for puppies has excellent tiers of resistance and sturdiness for the use of pups and older dogs. In addition to this, the design of this model is very interesting, since it consists of a bowl-shaped base that will prevent urine from spilling; In the middle part, you can place a soaking pad to absorb liquids, and the upper grid will prevent your dog from getting its paws wet while keeping feces away from urine to prevent the mixture of odors.

Additionally, it is easy to clean, so you can wash the toilet with water and detergent and use a brush for the grate. On the other hand, it comes in dimensions of 49 x 36 x 3 centimeters, in addition, you can choose between several sizes according to the measurements of your pet. The BPS 5703 model has one of the cheapest prices on the list, so you can buy it with a small investment. We present its pros and cons below.

Pros: Materials: This product is made of polypropylene, which provides good levels of resistance and durability since it can easily support the weight of your pet.

Cleaning: You can wash the toilet in a very practical way using water and detergent so that it is clean for new use.

Design: The grid will keep the feces on top and the false bottom will prevent any spillage of urine in the area, as well as prevent the dog from getting its paws wet.

Cons: Training: Some dogs will need to be trained before they can start using the toilet.

Portable Pet Toilet with Artificial Grass

(6) PetSafe Portable Pet Toilet with Artificial Grass:

It is a portable bathroom that you can place indoors or outdoors depending on the possibilities of the home. In this sense, it is synthetic grass with a natural appearance, which offers comfort to pets when they relieve themselves.

For added convenience, it’s easy to clean as all waste drains through the grass pad, all the way to the tray at the bottom of the toilet, allowing you to easily dispose of waste. As for its size, it offers dimensions of 84 x 84 x 14 cm, making it an appropriate toilet for pets of large breeds. 

Also, you can get it with measurements of 63 x 63 cm and 53 x 45 cm for the use of medium and small animals, respectively. It is normal to wonder which is the best toilet for dogs when seeing the variety of models available. As a solution, we recommend that you carefully analyze some of the positive and negative characteristics of this model.

Pros: Tray: The waste tray does not allow the bad odors inside to escape, since it is kept sealed until you decide to eliminate your pet’s urine, which increases hygiene.

Removal: The Pee-Pod surface can be removed easily and comfortably when washing the grass and eliminating your pet’s waste, which favors practicality.

Size: Measures 84 x 84 cm, making it a portable toilet suitable for large breed dogs such as Labradors, German Shepherds, and Golden Retrievers.

Cons: Durability: It is recommended to clean after each use and prevent your pet from playing with the upper pad, as it could easily damage it.

Artificial Grass Dog Tray Toilet

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(7) PawHut Artificial Grass Dog Tray Toilet:

If you are looking for a good quality dog ​​toilet that will last you a long time, we recommend the PawHut Dog Tray, an ideal artificial grass dog toilet whose appearance will attract your dog to pee. This tray features a removable drawer and drains for easy cleaning.

You will realize that it is a very useful product to get your dogs used to doing their business in the same place. In addition, it is light and washable, thanks to the fact that it is made of PP and PE plastics.

It is also suitable for interiors and exterior spaces, since it measures 51 x 63 x 6 cm, so it can be placed in any space in the house. In addition, the toilet drawer has a capacity of 2000 ml, which is appropriate to avoid washing the tray every so often. PawHut is a brand that stands out among the best internationally in the pet area since its products have state-of-the-art technology. Therefore, it is currently considered the best brand of dog toilets and here we leave you details of its model.


Materials: It is a product that is made of a mixture of two types of plastic, PP and PE, which add extra hardness.

Weight: It is a light model and easy to transport, so it will not take up too much space in your home.

Design: It has a captivating design, similar to garden grass, which encourages canines to use it.

Accessories: It has a removable tray that can collect enough urine, avoiding its continuous extraction.

Cons: Absorption: Several users said that the product does not absorb enough liquid, so it concentrates on the surface, generating bad odors and making it difficult to clean.

Indoor Lawn Dog Toilet

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(8) Sailnovo Indoor Lawn Dog Toilet

Within this type of product, the model presented by Salinovo is another interesting alternative. We are talking about a dog toilet that consists of two main elements. In the upper part, we find good quality grass, pleasant to the touch and that helps our pet to sit comfortably.

 On the other hand, we also have a lower tray, in which the animal’s urine is collected for easy disposal. Between the two there is a filter, which is responsible for preventing excrement from falling into this lower area, facilitating cleaning. A simple process thanks to the quality of the materials included, so that they do not deteriorate with the use of chemicals or similar products.

For the rest, thanks to its measurements, 63 centimeters long by 50 wide, it is suitable for housing almost any animal, regardless of its size. Give your pet a suitable space to relax thanks to the complete design of this canine toilet.

Pros: Touch: Both for its touch and its appearance, it is a very interesting product for any pet, offering a pleasant comfort and finish.

Materials: Thanks to its ABS plastic construction, this urinal is highly resistant to wear and tear.

Design: This three-layer design allows only urine to pass through, but no droppings, to facilitate easier cleaning of the area.

Cons: Weight: The total weight of the structure is 2.54 kilos, which can penalize the cleaning of the urinal a bit.

Fit: It is essential that the inner tray is properly fitted in place, otherwise you may find yourself in for an unpleasant surprise.

Toilet Tray for Training

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(9) Dan Dogs Animal-WC Toilet Tray for Training

This is the best toilet for dogs according to several customers, thanks to the fact that it is made of PVC plastic, a material that is highly resistant to aging, natural impacts, and corrosion, and is also reusable.

It is good to note that this product comes with a rubber design placed at the bottom that protects the floor against spills and a fence that prevents splashes to the outside.  This WC also has a simulation wall and a bar that serves as a support, suitable for male dogs.

This product is available in size s for small breed dogs and size L for larger ones. On the other hand, this model is easy to clean and disinfect, so if maintenance is constant you can extend its useful life. According to the opinions of many users, this model could be classified as the best toilet for dogs at the moment, since its design is adapted to the needs of the animals.

Pros: Materials: This product is made of high-resistance PVC plastic that withstands blows, corrosion, and abrasive chemicals, and can be reused.

Design: It has an innovative design that integrates a rubber surface at the bottom, protecting the floor from spills. Also, it has a support bar for male dogs.

Size: This model can be found in different sizes, specifically in sizes S, M, and L, so you can choose according to the size of your pet.

Cleaning: Being made of PVC plastic, the toilet is easy to clean, which simplifies the care of your pet.

Cons: Surface: The interior surface of the product has been reported to be a bit rough, which is irritating to the canine skin.

Brands best artificial grass for dog potty

If you have a dog as a pet at home, you will surely want to offer it the ideal accessories so that it can enjoy unconditional comfort at all times. Thus, dog toilets are considered an ideal product to eliminate bad odors and stains in different corners of your home produced by canine feces. If you are looking for one of these, we would advise you to take into account brands such as Petsafe,

Woofaloo, and Kerbl, since they have to offer you a wide variety of models and designs among which you can choose the one that best suits your needs and those of your pet. The Petsafe brand is characterized by manufacturing electronic training products for pets to cover the different needs that your canine might have at home. 

It should be noted that it manufactures its products in the United States and remains at the forefront in terms of the different investigations that it must carry out to create innovative products with advanced designs.

It is important to note that the brand keeps customers from more than 52 countries happy, as they say, they are very grateful for the benefits offered by each product made by Petsafe. Likewise, the company highlights that day by day, since there are many stories that some clients tell regarding their pets and the use of products manufactured by it.

In this sense, each word motivates the company to continue marketing products of high quality, resistance, and durability, capable of offering each pet the opportunity to stay comfortably at home or even learn and maintain adequate training. The Woofaloo brand was born in 2012 to offer each of its users the best dog toilets capable of avoiding annoying odors and stains on the legs of the table, chairs, or even home furniture. 

Well, this wonderful invention would allow the dog to fulfill his needs in a single space comfortably and hygienically. It should be noted that the brand took 3 years to establish itself since it took the necessary time to carry out the design of each of the models that it would offer to the general public through the different internet sales pages.

In this sense, once prepared to establish itself in the market as a leading brand in the manufacture of dog toilets, it made really attractive designs available to the general public that were easy to clean, transport, and store. This is how over time Woofaloo gained fame until it became the favorite brand of many customers to provide their pets with considerable comfort and comfort.

The Kerbl story begins in 1962 on a humble and small farm located in Felizenzell when Isidor Kerbl, through the help he offered to cows during risky calvings, took into account the idea of ​​making tools that would make this process more comfortable, safe, and reliable both for the animal and for the person who practiced said activity.

This is how Albert Kerbl was founded in 1984, keeping at his disposal only 5 members of the workforce, Carrying out hard work would achieve the manufacture of each product proposed by the brand.

Today, Kerbl offers a wide range of tools and accessories designed to bring quality and comfort to each use. Likewise, these are exported to northern Europe and America. On the other hand, it is preserved as a family business that is also managed by its owners with considerable reliability.

Summary of the best artificial grass for puppy toilet

In conclusion, a dog toilet can be a practical and convenient option if you are looking for a solution for your pinscher to eliminate indoors. Dog toilet options include litter trays, artificial grass toilets, and grate toilets, among other options. Before choosing a dog toilet, it’s important to consider both the benefits and potential drawbacks, as well as some tips for choosing the right option for your Mini Pinscher and your home.

By evaluating these options and factors, you will be able to find the best option for you and your pup. Remember that each Mini Pinscher (or Chihuahua or Yorkshire or whatever puppy) is unique and has specific needs. Whenever in doubt it is advisable to consult with a veterinarian or a dog trainer for more information on how to properly train and care for your little companion. I hope you found this guide helpful when considering small dog toilet options. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below.

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