How to choose the best dog clippers for home use

There is a list of features on how to choose the best dog clippers for home use that you should take into account when buying a pet clipper, we present them below. Maintenance-free:  Look for a cutter that does not need to be lubricated or greased, this makes it more comfortable.

Freshness: Buy a clipper that does not need a fan and ventilation channels, to keep the animal calm, these noises are usually annoying. In addition, the vents can clog the machine and it can get hot, so it will be more difficult for you to handle it.

Casing with resistance: That the machine contains a casing that resists blows and falls is an excellent plus, this will ensure that it does not break in case it slips out of our hands. Several speeds: If your pet has a lot of hair, the clipper has at least two speeds, which will allow you to have flexibility when working with it.

Silent: The noise of hair clippers for pets such as cats and dogs can scare them. It is excellent that you buy a clipper that emits as little sound as possible since dogs are usually sensitive to outside noise, an example of this is when rockets explode.

Ergonomic design: The idea is that the product is designed so that the consumer can hold it for long periods. This is salient for dog groomers. Detachable blades: It is somewhat more hygienic and comfortable since the blades can be changed because they are disposable. 

Also, take into account buying clippers resistant to corrosion and with blades that tolerate chemical products, this will make you have a clipper that lasts longer and you will not run the risk of shaving the furry with blades.

What is a dog hair clipper?

If you want to start cutting your dog’s hair, you have to know that this is not a very complicated task and that you can perfectly do it yourself; Of course, to achieve a good result in the cut you have to have a good dog hair clipper because the least important thing will be the shears that you leave but the pulls that you can give to your poor pet.

A dog hair clipper is a razor used by breeders, trainers, pet owners, and groomers, specially designed to keep your dog’s coat clean and tidy at all times, it is very easy to use, and in addition, they have very comfortable designs and are usually very silent.

How to use best dog clippers for home use

To give your pet the best shaving experience, follow these basic steps:

  • Locate the pet – In a flat place without unevenness to have stability and control to shave and prevent accidents.
  • Comb – If possible, before using the clipper it is advisable to comb the pet’s hair, especially if it is very long and tends to get tangled.
  • Selecting the Comb – Right for your pet, if you want a close cut, undercut or excess removal select the comb in your clipper kit to make the task easier.
  • Turn on the clipper – And pass it through the pet in vertical lines, removing excess hair at times.
  • Brush – The excess hair after shaving to verify that there are no unshaven areas.
  • Add finishing touches – If necessary with small scissors and comb especially in delicate areas such as ears and muzzle.

How to cut my dog’s hair with an electric clipper?

Learn from a professional how to use the dog clipper correctly

*In order – start from the neck area and work your way down the legs. Leave the sensitive parts with thinner skin, such as the belly, the area around the genitals, or the folds of the joints for later. Finally, cut the hair on the face. Lower the area around the ears and eyes, but don’t leave them too short. This part is quite difficult to do with a clipper, so our advice is to do it better with scissors.

*Slowly – do it slowly and without applying too much pressure. In this way, you will not leave visible lines and you will avoid shears.

*In the right direction – each dog’s hair is unique and can change direction on specific parts of its body. Be sure to pay attention to this detail and cut in the direction of hair growth to ensure that the cut is smooth, even, and natural.

*Correct position of the clipper – for the safety of your dog and to avoid unwanted cuts, keep the clipper with the blade parallel to his body or, at most, at a 5-degree angle.

*Watch out for folds – in areas with folds, such as the groin, use your free hand to stretch the skin. In this way, the clipper will slide more smoothly and you will avoid possible cuts.

*Pay attention to heating – check that the machine has not become too hot, as this could harm your pet. If so, let it cool down, replace it with a spare (if you have one), or apply some oil or blade coolant while the machine is running. 

Now that you know how to choose your dog’s hair clipper and how to use it to cut your pet’s hair at home, what are you waiting for to start?  You will save a lot of money on dog grooming and your dog will always be impeccable.

What is the best machine to cut my dog’s hair?

If you only want to trim the hair on the paws and touch up a few hairs, you can choose to buy a cheap machine for home use, on the other hand, if you want to keep your pet’s hair in good condition between visits to the groomer, the ideal is that buy a more powerful clipper with several blades depending on the hair of your dog.

For this to be practical, it must be ergonomic and light, easy to maintain, and with a cooling system so that it does not overheat too much. It should have many revolutions so that the cut is carried out much faster and that the motor is silent. 

If you are going to buy a cordless machine, check how long the battery lasts so that you do not run out of charge during the cut. If you want to do all the work yourself or cut the hair of other pets, you will need a professional hair clipper with two speeds. The clipper must have a refrigeration mechanism to increase its resistance and durability.

Why is a dog haircut important?

Skin health:

Just like in humans, hair on dogs not only serves to give them that adorable look that we love so much but also performs vital functions. The fur protects the skin of dogs from external factors such as sun, wind, cold, and even parasites. However, a coat that is too long or unkempt can have the opposite effect, harboring dirt, creating knots, and promoting the proliferation of fungi or bacteria, which can trigger skin problems.

Comfort and well-being:

Long hair can cause discomfort in our dogs. For example, hair that covers the eyes can make it difficult for them to see, or a coat that is too thick in summer can make them feel very hot. In addition, a dog’s hair that is tangled and knotted can cause discomfort and pain. A suitable haircut guarantees the comfort of our faithful friend.

Disease prevention:

A regular haircut allows the dog’s skin to be checked for abnormalities such as inflammations, rashes, parasites, or tumors, which can be vital to detect possible diseases in time.

How to consider before buying the best dog clippers for home use

The first thing you should know when buying the best hair clipper for your pet is the type of hair your dog has and whether or not you can cut it completely. Also, to keep your pet always presentable, you should use a specially designed clipper to make it look good. There are many models of dog hair clippers on the market, so it is essential to know what the main characteristics of a good clipper are, in this way, 

We will avoid making wrong purchases and wasting time and money, but, above all, not buy a machine that is not efficient for the type of hair of your pet. If you decide to buy a dog hair clipper, you have to take into account a series of elements, to buy the product that best suits your tastes and needs. Next, let’s look at the following factors:


The main and essential accessory is a dog hair clipper, however, these can also include other elements such as combs and cutting guides to take better advantage of their benefits and make different look changes to your pet. These can be distinguished between regular models and professionals, although the machines can be used by any adult, some models can come with 3 combs and others up to 7.

Design: The design of the hair clipper must be ergonomic, as it will allow greater ease when using it, it is essential that it not be too heavy, since using it for a long time would tire, in addition, its handle has anti-slip technology to avoid incidents While you are cutting, it is also important that the machine does not make loud noises, This could affect your pet’s sensitivity, which would prevent you from cutting.

Power: The power of a dog clipper is measured in SPM (Strokes per minute). The more dense or thick the type of hair of your pet, the more power will be required by the dog hair clipper. The normal level of SPM available in the market is between 2,000 to 10,000 SPM.

Blade material: Stainless steel blades are the most frequent among the models of dog hair clippers, however, these tend to get hot during the shaving process, so you must wait for them to cool down. Another option found in dog hair clippers is ceramic blades, these are heat-resistant and last longer.

Price: Very cheap dog clippers usually overheat more than normal, the blades often dull quickly and do not provide an optimal cut. All this can be avoided by buying a higher quality device and, therefore, a higher price.

Top 25 best dog clippers for home use

(1) Moser 1400: The best option for those looking for a silent model.

Specifications: Let’s move on to the  Moser 1400, the best value-for-money clipper for dogs on the market. It is simple, but fulfilling. The cut length is variable, which is useful when adjusting according to the type of hair and what the situation demands. In this model, the length can go from 0.1 to 3mm.

Its sharp steel blades will team up with the scissors, the four combs  (lengths 4.5 to 19mm), the cleaning brush, and the bottle of oil to provide you and your pet with an efficient, fast, and safe cut.

(2) Pet Union Professional Dog Grooming Kit

The best option for those looking for a silent model.


  • Blade Material: Titanium
  • Ideal for: Dogs and cats
  • Includes accessories: Yes
  • Power Source: Rechargeable Battery
  • Recommended uses: Grooming, Professional and Clipping

The Pet Union Grooming Kit model stands out for its silent operation, so it will be ideal if your pet is anxious and scared every time you go to cut its hair. It has a low-vibration motor that will guarantee a silent cut and a stress-free experience. It is a complete grooming kit that is suitable for dogs, cats, and other furry pets, it has been designed with excellent quality and will allow you to give your pet a complete cleaning at home.

In addition, it has an ergonomic design that, together with its wireless capacity, will make it easier for you to clean even the most difficult-to-reach areas. The combs are specially designed to provide a skin-friendly experience and have precise titanium blades, so it won’t be uncomfortable for your pet to pull their hair.


  • Complete grooming kit
  • Quiet operation
  • Precise cut
  • Adjustable blades


  • Bring an English charger, the adapter is needed

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(3) Wahl ShowPro – Corded Dog Clipper:

If you are one of those who want to start cutting your furry’s hair, this clipper is ideal to help you accomplish that task in the best way. It contains a power of 230 watts and 50 Hertz, with a quiet motor of 5000 volts, which does not cause as much vibration as other pet grooming machines. As for the cutting blades, it has blades that measure 40 millimeters, which allows us to cut hair with a minimum length of 1 mm and a maximum of up to 3.5.

It is used for both dogs and cats and includes combs, scissors, and oil, in addition to receiving power when connected to an electrical outlet, since it is cable-based, not battery-powered. There is an opinion that its consumers maintain before using this clipper, and that is to brush the hair well so that it does not get stuck to the device.

(4) Dog hair clipper – Eurofarm 1400:

If your dog is one of those who get upset by the noise, Eurofarm is a perfect clipper for him, since it is quiet compared to other fur trimmers, and also does not get hot. It has an electrical power of 10 watts, which with a stainless steel trimmer blade can cut hair with a measurement of 1 to 3 millimeters. It comes with a kit of four combs to detangle hair from 4.5 to 19 millimeters, as well as a cleaning brush. It is recommended to continuously clean the hair that gets stuck in the machine after cleanings.

(5) Pet Clipper – PecuteClipper:

Silent operation and rechargeable batteries are some of the characteristics that describe the Pecute Clipper since it has a motor that emits little sound, which will make your pets stress-free at the time of their body grooming. It also contains a built-in lithium battery that will provide 240 minutes of continuous work.

Its blades are made of stainless steel and ceramic with four cutting modes, ranging from 1 mm to 1.3 mm in length. It also has attached combs of various sizes, which are useful when shaving different sizes of hair. It is a razor that has an ergonomic design, so its use is simple, with buttons to turn it on, and off and to adjust the cutting blades.

(6) Dog Clipper – Zowael RFC-280A:

Even though it is one of the least expensive items of this nature, it has a multitude of benefits, such as that it works wirelessly, it is rechargeable, with a charging time of 8 hours to work 45 continuous minutes, it also comes with two double combs with measurements between 3 and 12 mm, as well as a cleaning brush. It is not noisy and it is recommended to use it for small breeds, in coats that are already untangled.

(7) Pet Clipper – PetKing:

It has a slightly higher price than other pet clippers, however, it has other features that are also attractive, such as that with a charging time of 3 or 4 hours, it can last 70 minutes on working.

It has a titanium blade and a ceramic mobile blade to efficiently cut the hair of the dog or cat. The cutter blades are disposable and easy to change. It also has a greased head to prevent the animal from scratching or feeling hair pulls. It is also easy to use, and if you find it difficult to use it, you can consult a guide that it brings.

PetKing contains a low noise and vibration motor, with the purpose that the dog feels comfortable and does not cause fear every time it perceives that its fur will be cut.

(8) Pet clipper – Orbegozo CTP 5050:

Orbegozo is a clipper that features stainless steel blades and comes in a practical case, which includes three heads, two combs, scissors, and a cleaning brush. It has a powerful motor, and if you are one of those who are starting because you want to save some money, it is very easy to use, it cuts hair wonderfully and its value is cheap.

(9) OMORC Hair Clipper:

Shave both dogs and cats of all sizes and with any variety of hair with the practical OMORC clipper specially designed for use on pets, it does not hurt the skin. It is silent so as not to disturb the sensitive hearing of the pet. It has a variety of combs that adapt to cutting any hair, no matter how fine or tangled it is, making it a highly versatile model. Take a look at its availability and price on Amazon.

(10) Moser 1400 hair clipper:

The machine that both professionals and homes are looking for, is ultra-efficient in pet haircuts, in a short time your pet will be ready without irregular areas of hair. Its easy-to-wash interchangeable combs quickly adjust to the machine for maximum efficiency in minimum time. Includes a set of comb and scissors for more specific details. Check the offers of this type of product on Amazon, they always tend to have good prices.

(11) Pecute Clippers:

This professional pet clipper is for those who seek maximum precision with its digitized cutting speed system to regulate the best treatment according to the pet’s hair to be fluid and close. Forget the cables that can get tangled around your pet, and enjoy long-lasting cordless use for hassle-free shaving. Your pet will enjoy its cut without the annoying noises of many machines since it is super silent. Take a look at its availability and price on Amazon.

(12) GDAYA hair clipper:

This brand offers not only its pet hair clipper but also a complete beauty kit with a high-tech clipper, minimal vibrations to gently treat the delicate skin of pets, without annoying noises that disturb them, and the best close cut. In addition, you can have a pet shaved with a set of comb and scissors for the smallest details, and with short claws with its included claw and hoof trimmer and file. Your pet will look like a contest in the comfort of your home.

Best dog clippers for thick matted hair

(13) KYG Clippers

With a cutting system adaptable to each type of hair that is gentle on the pet’s skin, You can always have your furry ones well-groomed in a short time from home with this wireless pet clipper. It is easy to use and ergonomically designed that make shaving day a comfortable and fun task for you and your pet, without much noise, Check its availability and price on Amazon.

(14) Petking Premium – versatile and with many accessories:

We begin our review of the best dog clippers with the Petking Premium, a much more powerful clipper than we might expect for its price. In addition, the box comes with a lot of accessories that will help you complete the beauty session of your adorable dog. Its ease of handling and cleaning, its adjustable blade system, and its brushes that allow different cutting lengths, its price, and its power are some of the reasons why Petking Premium is a good purchase option.


  • Its titanium and ceramic blades cut most types of hair
  • Easy to disassemble and clean
  • Wireless and fairly quiet


  • Has difficulty coping with very curly hair, especially if it is heavily tangled.

Picking Premium could be considered a cheap dog clipper if we take into account its efficiency and the number of accessories it comes with as a gift. But, although this clipper indeed works with almost any type of coat, it is not the most recommended for excessively curly and thick hair.

(15) GHB – great value for money:

This model is great value for money and also gives good results on pets with thick hair. One of its advantages is that it includes a spare battery, something very useful since the haircut of a shaggy-haired dog can take a long time and it is frustrating (both for you and your pet) having to follow the session up to date. Thanks to the 5 levels of blade length, as well as the 4 combs that come with the clipper, you can get cuts ranging from 0.8mm to 12mm in length.


  • It is used to strip dogs of all kinds, including those with woolly or thick hair.
  • Adjustable blades with 5 cutting levels
  • Includes spare battery, so you don’t stay halfway
  • Can be used wirelessly or with the cable


  • Although the manufacturer indicates a charging time of an hour and a half, our experience is that sometimes it reaches six.

If you are looking for a cheap hair clipper, but with enough power to deal with thick hair, this GHB model is the solution. It is true that if you use it a lot, the blade will wear out and cut worse, but before that happens you will have paid off the razor to spare.

(16) TOOZEY – the cheapest:

As we have already mentioned if your dog is small or medium in size and its hair is fine, A cheap dog clipper like this one from TOOZEY can help you, especially if you use it more to maintain the cut and take it from time to time to the hairdresser. It is an easy-to-use clipper, which has a very low level of vibration and noise. 

Neither its blades nor its combs are the best on the market but for its price, it gives quite good results, especially in small and medium breeds such as Yorkies, bichons, or shiatzu. Of course, if your hair is too long, you should first cut it with scissors and then start using the razor.


  • *Easy and convenient to clean thanks to its removable head
  • *Adjustable blade length, achieving 0.8/ 1.1/ 1.4/ 1.7/ 2.0mm cuts
  • *Includes 4 combs as accessories, to achieve cutting lengths between 3mm and 12mm
  • *Very quiet (less than 50 db), ideal for skittish dogs


  • *After a full charge, its autonomy does not reach 60 min, which is usually not enough for some pets

The TOOZEY clipper is cheap and its quality is not bad for its price. However, it does not work well on dogs with very long and/or thick hair.

(17) Moser Max 50 – the most professional:

The Moser brand is one of the most internationally recognized hairdressing accessories and its clippers (both for humans and pets) are synonymous with quality and durability.

This particular model can handle hair of all breeds, whether it is fine, thick, or curly, and achieves very professional finishes. The Moser Max 50 is silent, powerful (50v), ergonomic, and has a non-slip touch that makes it easier for you to cut your pet’s hair. Even though there are opinions that state that this hair clipper gets hot, our experience has been positive. 

So, if you buy the machine and notice some kind of overheating, contact the manufacturer, because something must not be in order. As it has a 2-year warranty, you won’t have problems when it comes to changing or fixing it.


  • Perfect for all breeds, even if they have thick hair
  • Universal interchangeable heads
  • Both the blades and the combs are made of steel.
  • 3m long cable that will not limit your movements


  • Cannot be used wirelessly

The Moser Max 50 clipper works perfectly, regardless of the breed of your dog. And although its price is somewhat higher than average, it also lasts in perfect condition for longer, which ends up compensating. If you can afford it, it’s a very good investment.

Best professional dog clippers for thick hair

(18) Pecute – best seller:

Thanks to its features and its more than reasonable price, this Pecute clipper is the number 1 seller on Amazon. The machine has 5 different speeds (between 5,000 and 7,000 rpm), which can be adjusted according to the hardness of the hair. In addition, the built-in combs allow 4 cutting lengths to achieve different styles. One of the innovations of this clipper, which we have not seen in other brands, is its LED screen, which indicates the power, speed, and remaining battery time at all times.


  • Ceramic blades are very resistant and easy to clean
  • Quiet motor (less than 50 dB), suitable even for skittish pets
  • It can be used with or without a cable (and it recharges both with a plug and via USB)
  • Almost 4 hours of autonomy to use it without cable


  • Has difficulty coping with very curly hair, especially if it is heavily tangled

The Pecute clipper is a perfect option for dog breeds with fine, smooth, or not very abundant hair, although it is not powerful enough for breeds with a lot of hair or curly hair. If your pet is from the first group, you are in luck, because its quality/price ratio is unbeatable.

(19) Cheap and wireless dog hair clipper | NWOUIIAY:

Main features

  • * It is wireless
  • * Very affordable price
  • * Autonomy of 70 minutes
  • * Ceramic and titanium blade

If you are thinking of getting started in cutting your dog’s hair, and you are looking for a  clipper that is cheap and easy to use, this  NWOUIIAY cordless dog clipper could be a great option since it not only presents remarkable quality considering not count its price, 

But it is also a very complete razor: you will not need to buy anything else, because it comes equipped with everything you need to give your four-legged friend a good shave.

This dog trimmer has a ceramic and titanium blade and is very comfortable to use thanks to its ergonomic design and how light it is. It works with a rechargeable battery, which charges in about 3 hours, and has a range of about 70 minutes. 

In addition, it makes very little noise, since its operating sound does not reach 60 dB. It must be taken into account, of course, that, as it is a wireless dog clipper, it is not as powerful as those that are plugged into the current, so if you have a large dog, that has strong hair and is very thick, or curly, it may not work for you unless you only want it to do small touches. 

Otherwise, it is better to opt for a more powerful dog hair clipper. This is all the material that includes:

Six different combs: 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, oblique left and oblique right. A pair of stainless steel scissors.

  • A stainless steel comb.
  • A nail clipper.
  • A nail file.
  • A cleaning brush.
  • A charging cable.
  • User manual

The blade head is detachable and can be washed with water. Likewise, you can adjust the blade to five different length levels (between 0.8 and 2.2 mm), simply by turning a wheel, so it works for different types of hair.

(20) Cheap corded dog clipper | Moser 1400

Main features

  • Very economically priced
  • Stainless steel blade
  • Oscillating drive motor
  • Includes a complete accessory kit

If you don’t want to depend on the autonomy of a battery to cut your dog’s hair, but don’t have a lot of budget, this cheap and corded dog hair clipper from Moser could be just what you are looking for since it is efficient despite how cheap it is.

This dog hair clipper has 10 W power and a 50 Hz frequency, and its voltage is 220-240 V. The blades are made of stainless steel and the cutting length can be adjusted between 0.1 and 3 mm. It has an oscillating transmission motor, which makes its operation quite silent, so as not to disturb your dog or scare him with the noise. In addition to the razor, the kit includes the following:

Four attachment combs (4.5 / 9 / 11 /19 mm)

  • A scissor
  • A blade guard
  • A cleaning brush
  • Lubricant oil
  • Manual

It is a razor to cut your dog’s hair that will come in handy if you want to do periodic touch-ups on your fur, and it may be ideal for you, especially if you have a small dog with smooth hair. Of course, you have to be aware that it is not suitable for doing extensive work, so if your canine friend is large or has very long or curly hair, it will not work for you: in that case, it is advisable to buy a dog peeling machine  More powerful.

Professional hair clippers for dogs with good ratings

(21) Professional hair clippers for dogs with good ratings in the market:

PECUTE – Inexpensive professional dog hair clipper: Professional Dog Clipper Hair Cutting Machine.

  • The most economical of this selection
  • Operation:  rechargeable lithium battery 
  • Wireless
  • Five speeds  to suit  different hair types
  • Ceramic and titanium blades
  • Low noise: <50dB
  • The machine  works plugged  into the mains and  without a cable
  • Charging time: 4h
  • Battery autonomy:  approximately 4 hours
  • LCD screen  showing remaining battery level, remaining usage time, and speed
  • Various cutting levels without head:  1.0, 1.3, 1.6, and 1.9 mm
  • Includes  four fixed heads for different cuts  3, 6, 9, and 12 mm
  • Includes  brush and oil to clean the machine

Users are assured that this professional hair clipper can cut knots and drags without pulling, it is very useful as it has a long duration and is very practical as it is wireless. The user manual even explains how to trim the dog’s hair, which is a great help if you don’t know how to do it.

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Good quality professional dog hair clipper

(22) MOSER – Good quality professional dog hair clipper:

MOSER 1400 – Hair Clipper for Animals:

  • Operation:  plugged into the electrical current
  • stainless steel blades
  • low noise
  • Several cutting levels without head: from 0.1 to 3 mm
  • Includes  four fixed heads for different cuts  from 4.5 to 19 mm
  • Includes  brush and oil to clean the machine and  gift scissors

Users appreciate that this hair clipper is suitable for all types of hair, whether hard, wavy, or long. They recognize that it is very comfortable and practical to use since it cuts hair easily. Good value for money.

(23) Artero ART-M339, pet shaver:

Something that frequently occurs in dog shavers is the issue of the height of the blades. And it is that some only come with a pair of height combs and others do not even incorporate any. Then you are left without knowing what to do because you want to cut your poodle’s hair but you don’t want to leave it shaved to zero. If you are looking to shave your dog, but without running the risk of leaving it bald, 

the people who made the Artero ART-M339 have thought of your concern and that is why it comes, nothing more and nothing less, than with six height combs. Yes, that’s more than you might need to shave your pet but keep in mind that these machines aren’t just made for dogs. They are also used to shave other types of animals, so that’s where the six-height adjustment combs come into play.

This machine comes with two speeds so its motor rotates at maximum speed at 3000 RPM and at the lowest at 2600 RPM. It is silent, small, and manageable. It comes with a brush to clean it, the lubricating oil, and a perfect case to have all the combs and implements in order.

GTS trimmer for stripping dogs and other pets

(24) GTS trimmer for stripping dogs and other pets:

This pet hair trimmer from the people of GTS may not sound like anything to you, but you should know that it has some characteristics that make it a very powerful tool, whether it’s for shaving dogs, grooming cats, or shearing sheep. If you use it with your dog at home, you will appreciate having a machine whose powerful motor gives you enough strength to reduce the thickest canine fur.

It is quite silent and although it has a very powerful motor it keeps temperatures at low levels, thanks to a system that it incorporates to keep the motor cool and not burn our dogs or cats.

Perhaps it is because of the same cooling system that it incorporates that it feels a little heavier than the rest of the dog machines. It includes four replaceable parts to adjust the height of the cut and a cable that will allow you to maneuver well. when Toby gets restless. It is a good machine that does the job, although I would have preferred it to be a little lighter.

(25) Folk FL11, perfect for skinning the water dog:

Finding a dog groomer is easy, the tricky thing is finding one that will cut a water dog’s hair, and this one does it. The Folk FL11 is a powerful tool, designed to remove the messiest and most complicated hair from almost any pet. It is not only suitable for water dogs, but it is perfect for any pet that needs a shave, without having to take it to a dog groomer.

One of the biggest problems with dog grooming machines is that they tend to jerk, but with this one, you won’t have that inconvenience. So now you know, if you have an Andalusian water dog, or your pet has very hard and unruly hair, this razor is perfect.

Advantages of best dog clippers for home use

Advantages of using a dog hair clipper, what are its strengths?

The benefits of having this type of product are undoubted, once you have decided on the product you will realize that you will not regret having purchased it since it is about the well-being of your pet

What are the advantages of using a dog hair trimmer? Its advantages are:

  • You save on dog grooming expenses.
  • If your dog is scared and only trusts you,  what better way to cut his hair than by doing it yourself?
  • Easy to use.
  • They hardly require maintenance.
  • You can cut your 4-legged best friend’s hair whenever you want without the need to make appointments.

What is the best dog clipper on the market?

The fur of pets is usually much thicker and more abundant than a person’s hair, so at times it can be uncomfortable for them to wear a lot of fur, especially in hot weather, So shaving them goes from being an option to a necessity for your pet. Welfare. Instead of going to a pet groomer every time this happens or if your pet is long-haired and needs to be shaved regularly. You can resort to having your hair clipper at home.

Not only does it save you financially, but it also helps your pet to always be comfortable when they need it without having to go elsewhere to get their hair cut. Pet clippers are safe, easy to use, and long-lasting if you choose them properly. Below, you can find a selection of clippers that will help you select the right one for your pet.

Brands of the best dog clippers for home use

*OMORC – This is a brand of comprehensive home electronics from the kitchen to grooming, including professional-size pet clippers.

*Moser – It is a brand dedicated to the field of professional hairdressing with all the products that guarantee neat and well-groomed hair, including that of pets.

*Pecute – This brand is focused on all the pet products that a home needs, from leashes for walking to clippers with multiple accessories to make your pet’s life more fun.

*Gdaya – An exclusive brand of pet clippers that specializes in different models that can make shaving easier for dogs and cats of any size.

*KYG – They develop personal shaving equipment for all tastes and have their section for pet shaving with the best quality accessories and equipment.

Important steps before cutting your dog’s hair:

*Untangle the hair as much as possible, using the brush that best suits your coat type.

*Wash using a specific shampoo for dogs. If you have very long hair, you may want to use a conditioner to help detangle it. 

*Dry and brush to remove as many knots as possible. If you don’t want to use a dryer ( this is a good option ), you can also wash it the day before the cut. And if you find yourself with impossible to undo knots, try cutting them with scissors before using the electric razor.

*Find a place where both you and your dog are comfortable.

*If this is the first time you are going to use a dog hair clipper or you have changed models, bring it closer to your pet from the opposite side of the blades so that it can smell it. Then turn it on and let it get used to the noise for a couple of minutes.

*If your dog is very nervous, ideally have someone help you restrain him or use a leash to do it yourself. In this way, you will avoid sudden movements and possible cuts.

*Now you are ready to start with the haircut.

The first 3 steps on this list will help the clipper blades glide more and will contribute not only to getting a better cut but also to extending the life of the clipper.

Tips for choosing best dog clippers for home use

To  know which dog hair clipper you should buy,  you must take into account some recommendations, such as the different models and characteristics of each one:

Power: The most recommended models must have a sufficiently powerful engine. The best dog hair clipper on the market must be able to offer you various speeds in this way you ensure its use for all types of hair. We recommend a silent model with very little vibration so that your pet can feel comfortable at all times.

Heads: The best dog clippers come with 2 or 3 blades; To make a good cut you must have several types of blades. This is how you make sure you can make low or high cuts, it will also depend on the dog’s cutting style.


On the other hand, if you are still not sure which dog hair trimmer to buy, you must verify if the model of your interest works connected to the electrical outlet or has a rechargeable battery. Some models are capable of giving you the possibility of using them in both ways. If your choice is a rechargeable one, remember that the hours of use vary depending on the size of the battery.

Weight: Having a model that is not too large or excessively heavy will be of great help, in this way, you make sure that you can transport it and use it for long periods without causing fatigue in your arms. To make sure that the model of your interest meets this characteristic, we recommend that you read the opinions that other buyers have about the model you have in mind.


This point is of great importance since having an ergonomic model that adapts perfectly to your hand is ideal. In addition, if its design is elegant and comfortable to maneuver, you will have the complete pack, we recommend that the handle have a non-slip cover for a secure grip.

Cleaning and Maintenance:

If you are still not sure how to choose your canine hair clipper, we recommend a model that is easy to clean and is not too tedious to maintain. Periodically cleaning and maintaining it guarantees its functionality and extends its useful life.

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