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How to choose the best tongue cleaner scraper?

What benefits do we get from using the tongue cleaner scraper?

*Eliminates bacteria and toxins from the tongue

*You prevent cavities

*Prevent bad breath

*You prevent these toxins from being reabsorbed by the body

*Prevent and improve the function of the immune system

*You help improve your digestion

*Stimulates vital organs

*Helps you better assimilate foods and drinks

*Improves sense of taste

*You get greater hygiene for your gums

*Reduces tartar buildup on teeth

What types of tongue cleaners are there?

Due to its shape, we distinguish two main ones:

*Y-shaped: They are held with one hand.

*U-shaped: Both are used.

What is tongue scraping?

Tongue scraping is an oral hygiene practice that dates back to the ancient tradition of the natural healing science of Ayurveda. Tongue scraping is a form of tongue cleaning where bacteria, fungi, food debris, toxins, and dead cells are removed from the surface of the tongue, providing a clean and healthy tongue. What happens is while we sleep, our digestive system remains awake and therefore continually eliminates and deposits toxins from our body on the tongue. So, in case we do not dispose of or clean our tongue regularly, the toxins from our body deposited on the tongue re-enter and cause many health problems including respiratory problems, digestive problems, and weakening of the immune system.

It is therefore important for us to have tongue scraping. There are several ways and tools available to scrape the tongue, including tongue scraping with a brush, tongue scraping with a spoon, and tongue cleaning with a tongue scraper or tongue cleaner (known to be the most effective tool for cleaning the tongue). language). We will talk about these in the later part of the article.

Why should you use a tongue cleaner?

At first, we discussed whether or not it was convenient to use a tongue cleaner. After the previous section, it is clear that it is. You do not even know its approximate price or where you can buy it.

Now we want to emphasize the reasons for choosing a tongue cleaner. It is true that you already know some of them, but we want to focus on all of them:

*Bad breath: In most cases, halitosis has a clear origin: inadequate oral hygiene. No matter how hard you try to brush your teeth, if you forget about your tongue, you will not be able to end this annoying problem.

*Bacteria: The bacteria that accumulate on your tongue can not only cause problems in this area of ​​your mouth but can also reach your teeth and cause cavities.

*Clean feeling: Even if you think they have good oral hygiene, if you feel that your mouth is not clean, it will not be pleasant. Therefore, if you want to feel that your entire oral cavity is perfect, opt for a tongue cleaner.

Use of tongue cleaner in children

Today, there has been more awareness about oral hygiene and there is greater knowledge about its relationship with health. However, due attention has not been given to cleaning the tongue and the use of tongue cleaners, especially in the case of children, even though they represent a vulnerable sector in terms of oral health. refers.

Children are more prone to consuming sweets, which increases the risk of cavities if a complete cleaning of the oral cavity is not carried out. Bacteria process sugar and transform it into acid that attacks tooth enamel, causing cavities.

It is important to start instilling at home at an early age not only the habit of cleaning your teeth but also your tongue. Parents are called to accompany infants in this process. Especially since it is not pleasant to put an object in the mouth to the back, which can cause nausea.

Conventional cleaners are easily rejected by children, so it is more convenient to start them with the use of the scraper that is built into the back of the head of some toothbrushes. When purchasing a children’s toothbrush, look for a scraper built into the head.

Other types of tongue cleaners are shaped like a pacifiers, which may be more attractive to children. With them, parents can turn this process, which is always unpleasant for them, into a game. The important thing is to encourage them to make tongue-scraping a habit.

The use of tongue cleaner in children and adults is not a sophisticated action. It is a necessary activity to guarantee total oral hygiene, which is closely related to bodily health. A healthy mouth calls for smiles and pleasant social relationships.

How do you use the tongue cleaner?

Don’t worry about handling the tongue scraper; It is really easy to use, and its use will only take you a few seconds. Professionals recommend carrying out tongue hygiene once a day and, whenever you can, in the morning.

Why should you use the tongue cleaner first thing in the morning?

Very easy: During the night we don’t talk, we don’t eat and we barely salivate. By not producing as much saliva or the liquid that our body generates naturally and that keeps our mouth clean, bacteria accumulate to a greater extent and roam freely on the tongue.

In the mornings we have a high concentration of germs in our mouth (that’s why when we get up we usually have the feeling of bad breath), so this becomes the best time to attack them. It doesn’t matter if you do it before or after brushing your teeth, but it is always much more effective in the morning.

To use your tongue cleaner follow these simple instructions:

*Stand in front of the mirror and stick your tongue out of your mouth.

*Hold the tongue cleaner firmly and run it over the entire surface of the muscle from the inside to the outside; Remember to always do it in this direction to carry the waste towards the outside of the mouth.

*Move the cleanser as far back as possible for greater cleanliness, but you should always feel comfortable and not make yourself nauseous. It is important to control the application force, so as not to damage your tongue. You will see that as you use the tongue cleaner for several sessions you will be able to place it in a deeper area of ​​your mouth without discomfort.

*Repeat the action three to four times and, when finished, rinse the tongue cleaner with water after each pass to remove any dirt it has removed.

*Wash it when you’re done, and keep it next to your toothbrush so you don’t forget to use it in your oral cleaning routine.

With this small and simple gesture, you will reduce the probability of suffering from a halitosis problem and help keep your mouth healthy.

Benefits of tongue scraping

Improve your sense of taste: Research published in the Journal of Clinical Periodontology suggests that using a tongue scraper twice a day can improve your sense of taste. The tongue will be able to better distinguish between bitter, sweet, salty, and sour sensations.

Improves the appearance of your tongue: after the accumulation of waste, the tongue can take on a white, coated appearance. A study claims that daily scraping can help remove this coating, as well as prevent it from returning.

Eliminates bacteria from the body: One study found that using a tongue scraper twice a day for seven days could reduce the overall incidence of mutans streptococcus and lactobacillus bacteria in the mouth. These are responsible for bad breath and dental cavities.

Might improve digestion: In Ayurveda, digestion is considered the basis of health. It starts with taste, and the ancient medical system claims that removing buildup from the tongue keeps the entire digestive process running smoothly. In addition, it activates saliva production and promotes agni (digestive fire) so it helps digestion throughout the day.

Reduces bad breath: although tongue scraping should never be replaced by brushing your teeth, it can also make your breath improve. One study found that scraping was more effective than brushing in removing odor-causing bacteria.

Improves overall health: Kills key bacteria and prevents gum disease as well as other conditions that affect the mouth.

Disadvantages of tongue scraping

As they say, “Even the moon has a dark side.” Tongue scraping is undoubtedly beneficial, but it also has some disadvantages. Let’s see below.

*There may be a sensation of vomiting with tongue scraping in case the scraper is touched to certain sensitive areas of the tongue. This is also known as the gag reflex.

*There are chances that in case of improper use of the tongue scraper, the palate on the surface of the tongue may be damaged. It is necessary to use a safe tongue cleaner or a safe tongue scraper to avoid such circumstances.

*It is important to keep tongue cleaners clean, otherwise they can be a source of infection on the tongue.

*Applying too much pressure when scraping the tongue can cause bleeding from the tongue, so you should not overdo it.

What is the difference between scraping the tongue and brushing it?

During the night our metabolism carries out a detoxification process, through the internal excretory channels, which will result in our tongue the next day when we wake up being covered with a layer of toxins of different color, thickness, and smell. Daily scraping of the tongue removes the whitish layer that is created on it.

Surely you will think – I already brush my tongue when I brush my teeth – well the truth is that tongue scraping is not the same as brushing, since with tongue brushing the only thing we do is move the toxins from a place on the tongue to another, in addition to the fact that these toxins can remain on the toothbrush for a long time, creating a vicious circle, potentially generating infections, inflammations or ulcers.

What is the best way to clean our tongues?

However, if no other special object is available for this purpose, the least we should do is brush it vigorously with our toothbrush, rinse the mouth with water, and, if possible, with mouthwash.

However, there are special tongue-cleaning tools that you should look for and have on hand when you do your morning cleaning of your mouth.

Tongue scraper:

This utensil is normally made of plastic and rubber and is sold in pharmacies and supermarkets. It is curved and has a porous surface that allows for scraping the bacterial plaque that accumulates on the tongue.

Tongue brush:

It is a brush designed and manufactured specifically to fulfill this function. Its bristles have varying degrees of hardness according to each person’s sensitivity and taste. By brushing with one of these you will be eliminating bacteria from your tongue.

Adapted toothbrush:

Nowadays, many toothbrushes have a rough surface designed as a tongue scraper on the front of their head, opposite the bristles. It can be effective if you can insert it without causing the vomiting reflex. If not, you can only use it on the outside of your tongue.

Additional tip:

If you don’t have a tongue scraper, a dessert spoon can act as one. Simply scrape the surface of your tongue with it to remove a good part of the bacteria that reside there.

Once you have scraped your tongue, it is best to brush your entire mouth again, rinse with plenty of water, and expel all the remains from your mouth.

What is a copper tongue scraper and what is it for?

The scraper is a simple metal device, made of copper material in the shape of a U – two handles with a head – with which we scrape the tongue to clean it and eliminate that whitish layer that occasionally appears on it.

With this simple gesture, we prevent bacteria from accumulating and ending up causing infections. Since 50% of oral bacteria live in the crevices of the tongue, by eliminating them with the scraper we will considerably improve our oral and general health.

You can also clean your tongue before drinking or eating any food, to achieve greater assimilation of these thanks to the scraper, also preventing toxins from being reabsorbed by our body and affecting the immune system.

The tongue is one of the ways through which the body purifies the body, by cleaning it we are eliminating toxins and other secretions from our body. The copper tongue scraper is widely used in India, specifically Ayurveda medicine has been cleaning the tongue with this utensil for thousands of years.

I recommend that the tongue cleaner you buy be made of copper, since unlike other materials, the Ayurvedic tongue scraper is softer to the touch than plastic ones and is also more resistant to bacteria, remaining clean, free of microbes, and in optimal conditions for longer.

Does cleaning your tongue stop bad breath?

The answer is clear: in a very high percentage yes. The reason? You must be clear that the tongue is one of the largest organs that exist in our oral cavity and, therefore, one of the spaces where it is most common for food remains and other substances that cause halitosis to be deposited. Despite this obvious relationship, many people who suffer from bad breath are unaware that this problem can be due to poor tongue hygiene.

Currently, experts highlight that approximately 45% of bad breath cases are due to a coated tongue problem, a phenomenon known as a “dirty” tongue. To know if you have it, make sure there is no whitish or yellowish layer on it. This sheet is, precisely, a layer of bacteria and harmful agents.

The back of the tongue is one of the favorite areas for bacteria. When they decompose and metabolize the remains of the food we consume, that is when the compounds that produce bad odor are generated.

Therefore, remember that dirt tends to accumulate on the tongue; If you do not clean it properly and periodically, you will not only have a greater chance of having halitosis, but you will also be putting your oral health at risk.

This problem is serious to the point that scientific studies determine that one in four people is affected by halitosis or bad breath. At the same time, it is a difficult problem to self-detect.

That is why it is so important to keep your tongue clean and free of unwanted agents such as germs and bacteria. As? Using a specific tool for the hygiene of the area.

How to remove dirt from the tongue?

By cleaning the tongue we make sure to keep it healthy, but we must do it correctly. We will have to take into account its physical characteristics to understand how to clean it.

Although it is a strong muscle, it is at the same time delicate; so you don’t have to apply much force on it. Its color is pink, if it has any other shade it may indicate a problem.

Finally, the surface is irregular, it has grooves, and you have to reach them to eliminate bacteria.

Knowing this, we give you some tips so you can learn how to keep it clean:

*First check its appearance to make sure it looks healthy and has no spots or any other injuries.

*Use mouthwash to help eliminate bacteria. Gargling with warm salt water will also help with this purpose.

*Choose a suitable tool to remove bacteria from the surface of the tongue. This can be a soft toothbrush or tongue scraper. Below we explain each of these available alternatives.

*To remove dirt, use gentle and firm movements.

*Be careful not to put too much pressure on the surface of your tongue, as this could cause damage.

*You should not only clean the top side but do it on the sides as well.

*Cleaning should be done from the back to the front to prevent bacteria from returning to the body.

*Rinse your mouth as you clean and at the end of the entire process.

*Clean your tongue at least once a day, in the morning. But, preferably repeat the process two or three times, and take advantage of the moment of brushing to do it.

Keep your tongue free of bacteria

You may wonder why you should keep your tongue clean and what you should do to keep it that way.

The tongue is a muscle and it contains the papillae that are responsible for the sense of taste. Its anatomy is not smooth but rather has grooves in which food debris, dead cells, and bacteria accumulate easily.

If it is not cleaned frequently, these bacteria cause the papillae to become inflamed, giving rise to a white, yellow, or brown coating that we sometimes see on the tongue and usually has an unpleasant odor. In this way, other problems such as halitosis or bad breath are generated.

It also makes us more prone to the appearance of cavities and periodontal diseases. Therefore, keeping your tongue clean is key to keeping your mouth healthy. Additionally, this muscle is involved in eating, digestion, and speaking.

By worrying about cleaning our tongue, we are not only taking care of our oral health but that of our entire body. Tongue dirt has been shown to increase the risk of developing systemic diseases, such as heart problems, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s.

Apart from reducing diseases, it also improves the perception of food flavors. Start paying more attention to this area, which is as important as keeping your teeth clean.

Effective techniques to remove tongue dirt

There are different effective techniques to remove dirt from the tongue. These depend on the type of tool you use.

First, there is the toothbrush technique. To do this you just have to put a little toothpaste on your brush and rub your tongue from back to front. In this way it is possible to remove some of the dirt; however, it is best to use specific tools for this purpose.

Using an oral irrigator to clean your tongue is another technique you can try. This device emits a stream of water that helps remove dirt from the tongue, teeth, and gums. It should be used as a complement to brushing and not to replace it.

Lastly, we have the tongue scraper. Of the tools we have mentioned, this is the only one specifically for removing dirt from the tongue. What you need to do is place the scraper on the back of your tongue and make gentle forward movements. Each time you do this, clean the scraper with water before using it again.

You can try each of these techniques to see which one you feel most comfortable with. If you have trouble choosing one or need more information about the best lingual hygiene practices, ask your trusted dentist.

Importance of using tongue cleaner

Cleaning the tongue is an ancient practice that originated in India and has continued to this day, increasingly perfecting the utensils thanks to advances in research in the area and technology.

For the Chinese, the tongue is more than just a muscle to articulate words and taste food, it is a diagnostic element because it represents a map of the body. It can reveal signs of illness and imbalances.

Likewise, cleaning the tongue can have healing effects on different organs. According to Ayurveda medicine, the tongue reflects the health of the digestive system. A healthy tongue has a pinkish color with a thin whitish coating. Hence the importance of daily hygiene of this vital muscle.

The tongue cleaner is not a utensil that enjoys much popularity, despite the importance of its use. Advertising promotes a variety of oral hygiene products such as hundreds of models of brushes, toothpaste, and mouthwashes, but the same is not true of tongue cleaners.

The tongue is a muscle that actively intervenes in swallowing food. The whitish layer that forms on it attracts bacteria resulting from the decomposition of food. That is why it is necessary to clean it regularly with the appropriate instrument.

Generally, a toothbrush is used for this purpose. This is not entirely bad, but it is not the most convenient. The bristles of the brush are suitable for the hard surface of the teeth. The tongue is a versatile muscle and needs a specially designed utensil for cleaning, which adapts to its spongy consistency.

Not practicing proper tongue cleaning can have negative consequences

Bacteria accumulate, which causes halitosis, commonly known as bad breath. This is sometimes imperceptible to the sufferer but unpleasant to others. To such an extent that it can be the cause of social rejection.

It stimulates the appearance of cavities as a result of the accumulation of bacteria in the oral cavity and the consequent appearance of dental plaque.

The proliferation of bacteria on the tongue compromises the gums, which can range from inflammation to bleeding and discomfort when eating. This disease is known as gingivitis.

In extreme cases and without treatment, severe infections can occur that affect the gums, destroying the tissues and even the bone that supports the teeth, causing them to come loose. This disease is known as periodontitis.

Excess bacteria in the mouth can also cause infections in other parts of the body such as the throat, for example. This, in turn, is related to diseases in the respiratory system.

It can be especially complicated for diabetic people since this disease is nothing more than excess glucose in the blood. Bleeding gums in these cases enhance infections because the bacteria actively react to the action of sugar.

Studies from renowned universities reveal that men with a history of gum disease are more exposed to pancreatic cancer.

Another study suggests that bacteria from dental plaque go into the bloodstream and increase the risk of heart attack.

In children, not having adequate tongue hygiene favors the appearance of canker sores, and small ulcers on the tongue and gums. That’s why mothers, to avoid this, clean babies’ tongues and gums by improvising tongue cleaners with a finger wrapped in gauze dipped in boiled water.

Integration into the oral hygiene routine

The tongue scraper is a tool that you should integrate into your oral hygiene routine to eliminate bacteria from your mouth. It is a complement, just like dental floss and mouthwashes are.

An effective hygiene routine should not neglect any area of ​​the mouth. Here are some additional tips to take care of your oral health:

*Brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes each time.

*Floss once a day.

*Drink plenty of water as it helps rinse your mouth and remove dirt.

*Avoid smoking because it causes plaque and tartar buildup on the tongue.

*Visit your dentist regularly for a professional dental cleaning.

Follow these tips to choose the best tongue cleaner. Remember that you can always consult with your trusted dentist to help you decide which one is best for you. Make an appointment at our office to care for your mouth.

Depending on its shape and size

Another feature to consider about tongue cleaners is their design. Whether or not it is easier to eliminate bacteria will depend on its shape. This is one of the advantages that scrapers have over other instruments.

The cleaners come in two designs: Y-shaped or U-shaped. The former are held with one hand, and the others with both.

Some models are more ergonomic than others. Some also have a bump on one side to better fit the shape of the tongue.

If you have the possibility, try them to find out which is the best tongue cleaner for you, and which one you feel most comfortable with.

Size is also important, if it is too big it can be uncomfortable. So consider the size of your tongue or who will be using it when purchasing one.

Maintenance and cleaning tips for dental scalers

It is important to keep the scraper clean and in good condition so that it performs its function and lasts longer. To do this you must do the following:

*Rinse the cleaner with warm water after each use to remove residue.

*Store it in a clean and dry place.

*Avoid exposing the tongue cleaner to high temperatures.

*Do a deep cleaning once a week, for this, you can use soap and water.

*If the cleaner is broken or in poor condition, do not continue using it, it is time to replace it.

*Do not use abrasive products, as these can damage the tongue scraper.

How to choose the best tongue cleaner scraper?

There are at least three basic formats of tongue cleaners, with or without bristles, and different materials. With these three aspects in mind, you will not be lost when choosing the one that best suits your oral organ. Therefore, see the importance of these details at the time of purchase.

There are two main models of cleaners:  with bristles and without bristles. Some mix characteristics of both, being even more versatile. But before you get rid of bad breath days, notice if your tongue is rougher or softer. Follow along and understand better.

Bristle Cleaners – Ideal for sensitive or cracked tongues:

We can separate the bristle cleaners from the scrapers. Although both have the same function of removing and cleaning bacteria, bristle cleaners are softer and resemble the famous toothbrush. Therefore, they are recommended for more sensitive languages ​​or with more fissures. 

Its use is most recommended with oral cleaning spray or gel, ideal for deep cleaning. The articular action provides very satisfactory results, and it is not necessary to apply excessive force when rubbing the base of the tongue. However, the bristles of this product may end up causing anxiety in some people.

Scrapers: efficient cleaning for a smooth tongue:

As the name implies, scrapers are cleaners that scrape the surface of the tongue. They are more efficient at removing dirt and coating directly, but depending on the force used, they can end up hurting. So if your tongue is very sensitive or has a lot of cracks, choose cleaners with bristles.

There are different shapes, but the main ones in this category are “U” shaped, but there are also others with an oval tip, similar to a spoon. Scrapers are usually easier to handle and cover the surface of the tongue better, removing dirt even faster. 

Avoid injuries with silicone models and consider the durability of the material:

Don’t forget to consider what material will touch the base of your tongue. Materials like metals and some plastics can end up causing wounds on more sensitive tongues if pressed too hard. Therefore, it is interesting to choose silicone or rubberized materials. 

Another important point is to consider the shelf life of the cleaner since plastics and biodegradable materials are more likely to accumulate germs and deteriorate. Therefore, they must be changed more frequently than other materials.

Stainless steel, for example, despite being a more rigid material, is a great option for those who want to invest a little more in a product of sufficient quality to last a long time. Therefore, be sure to consider these aspects when choosing.

The length of the cleaner should be similar to that of the toothbrush:

Remember to also rub the back of your tongue. For this, the best option is a model that has a considerable length, above 14.5 cm, no smaller than a toothbrush. This way, you will be able to reach the desired depth and, with it, a cleaning with good results.

Also, pay attention to flexibility and width. Ideally, the model should be flexible or narrower, so you can be sure that its width is appropriate for your mouth. This will help you avoid contact with parts other than the tongue, possible irritation, or unnecessary discomfort.

However, most brands do not usually report the length or width of their windshield wipers and scrapers, so it is interesting to consult the comments of those who have used the product to evaluate it in practice.

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What are the best copper tongue scrapers on the market?

Finding a good copper tongue scraper is not always easy, because we must ensure that it has good quality so that it meets its objective. And today we bring a selection of the 9 best options on the market so that you can easily choose the one that best suits your needs. So, without further ado, let’s get to know them:

01) Wonder Care Copper Tongue Scrapers 3 Pack

These are intense tongue cleaners that are made of pure copper, which do not cut or scratch, unlike spatulas. It offers a wider coverage that will ensure that they easily glide across the tongue with simple strokes. In this way, completely homogeneous cleaning can be achieved effectively.

Its edges are thick, which will guarantee effective tongue scraping without affecting the tongue since the edges are not sharp. It allows you to eliminate bad breath, and plaque and improve gum health quite effectively. Each of the spatulas has a guaranteed weight of 12 grams, and is available in packs of 2, 3, 6, or 12 spatulas, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

The reviews of those who have purchased this model are very positive, assuring that ” it is a good product, ideal for sanitizing the tongue and being made of copper it is better for this purpose .” In addition, they claim that ” it adequately fulfills its cleaning function, is effective, and is much better than plastic ones.”

02) Yuveda Ayurveda Copper Tongue Scrapers

Without a doubt, these are some of the best copper tongue scrapers that we will find on the market, and are made of 100% pure copper. It is completely antibacterial and antimicrobial, which allows it to clean very effectively. It is made of the highest quality copper that oxidizes very slowly. It eliminates the most common cause of bad breath because it eliminates the tongue coatings composed of bacteria that form sulfur and can cause bad breath.

It is especially stable and easy to handle, so it can be used by both adults and children. It has a very positive effect on health and is a product of the highest quality. In the package, you will receive a total of 2 tongue scrapers that allow you to completely clean your tongue in a very comfortable and simple way. In addition, it improves the sense of flavor which allows oxidation to be eliminated.

There are many positive opinions from those who have purchased this model, ensuring that ” it is of excellent quality, it is effective, leaving the tongue very clean at all times .” On the other hand, they highlight that ” it is of very high quality, it has a perfect shape for easy use, and it is recommended.”

03) Qikfresh Copper Tongue Scrapers 2 Pack

This is a model that allows you to achieve optimal cleaning of the tongue, with natural antimicrobial properties to reliably eliminate bacterial coatings on the tongue. They are ideal for daily oral hygiene. It allows you to eliminate lingual plaque, which is the main cause of bad breath and helps maintain a balanced oral flora.

It comes with a sturdy handle that fits easily in your hand, and a flexible surface that offers optimal tongue cleaning. They are made from 100% pure copper, and come in a cotton bag, and contain no plastic at all. You will receive a total of 2 tongue cleaners of very high quality, which are flexible for perfect cleaning of your tongue.

There are many positive reviews from those who have purchased this model, ensuring that. it is an easy product to use, it cleans well and the difference is very noticeable when using it or not using it .” On the other hand, they highlight that ” it allows you to have a deep and total cleaning of the mouth, you feel a sensation of freshness and better salivation.

04) Kosha Ayurveda Copper Tongue Scraper KO251

This is a copper tongue scraper that has a wide scraping edge, allowing you to cover a large area of ​​your tongue with a single pass. No area is left untouched, which allows for a much healthier cleaning of the entire surface of the tongue. It is made of 100% copper, which is pure, so it has antimicrobial properties to maintain proper oral hygiene.

It has very thick edges, which prevents any type of cuts or bruises on the lips or gums. In addition, it has flexible grip edges so that the coverage and the way of using it can be adapted, adjusting perfectly to your mouth, and completely cleaning your tongue. It has thick, comfortable handles that you can grip very easily and manipulate its shape and size while using it.

Those who have purchased this model have very positive opinions about it, stating that ” it works well, it is an ancient system for cleaning the tongue, but someone may not like the taste .” They also highlight that ” it is practical, manageable, and the presentation is very careful with an unbeatable quality and price.”

05) Y-Kelin C2 Copper Tongue Scrapers

This is a great option if you are looking for some pretty good quality copper tongue scrapers to keep your tongue clean daily. They are made of 100% pure copper and of very good quality, which allows for quite effective cleaning. It comes with a slim curved design and a smooth surface that glides smoothly over the tongue to reach further into the mouth.

It is ideal for eliminating bad breath and comes with tips that allow for fairly easy grip and manipulation. You will receive 2 copper tongue cleaners that are easy to carry and are perfect for cleaning your mouth. You can find them available in packages of 2 or 3 units depending on your needs.

The opinions of those who have purchased this model are very positive, ensuring that ” it works great, does not deteriorate, and has great quality materials .” In addition, they highlight that ” they are perfect, they fulfill their function and are very easy to clean, being a recommended product.”

06) Arista Ayurveda Copper Tongue Scrapers 2 Pack

These are copper tongue scrapers that stand out for having an excellent quality-price ratio. It allows you to effectively combat halitosis problems, ensuring that you will have a complete cleanse of your tongue. It is made of 100% copper, with a design that is elegant and at the same time ergonomic. It has antibacterial properties which will guarantee that you maintain good oral hygiene.

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It is a perfect tool to eliminate the amount of waste and bacteria on the tongue, improving the sense of taste. It has a very comfortable U shape, offering great comfort and ease of use, which allows for a much deeper cleaning. You can also buy 1 single copper tongue scraper, but the price will be considerably higher.

There are many positive opinions from users who have purchased this model, ensuring that ” it is well finished, it is very easy to use, allowing for a complete cleaning of the tongue .” On the other hand, they highlight that ” it gives an incredible feeling of cleanliness in the mouth and breath improves from the first day.”

What is a copper tongue scraper?

When talking about a copper tongue scraper we are talking about an accessory that is used on the tongue. This has a U-shaped design, which allows it to be easy to use to pass over the tongue in a very comfortable way and thus remove dirt from the tongue.

You can also find circular or drop-shaped cleaners, but these are usually made of materials other than copper. In addition, some may incorporate bristles to offer a much deeper cleaning.

What is a copper tongue scraper for?

The tongue cleaner is one of the most effective methods to clean the tongue, which allows you to combat the different problems caused by the accumulation of dirt on the taste buds. This type of accessory is very easy to use and can be repeated as many times as necessary.

The tongue has soft tissue surfaces with indentations and crevices, so the toothbrush can’t always do the job. This is because the copper tongue scraper allows for more than 75% removal of dirt from the tongue, making it a much deeper cleaning method.

Advantages of using a copper tongue scraper

Cleaning the tongue with a copper tongue scraper is very thorough, and among the main advantages they have are:

*There are several models and price ranges.

*They are very practical and effective when it comes to cleaning the tongue.

*You can find models for different age groups.

*Being made of copper, they have a powerful antimicrobial effect that those made of other materials do not have.

You should keep in mind that it is best to opt for completely smooth models because they do their job better and their useful life will be longer. Models that have bristles will have a very short lifespan, so they are not recommended.

How to use a copper tongue scraper correctly?

The use of these accessories is very simple, but it is worth knowing in depth the correct way to use them so that we do not injure ourselves. Remember not to press too hard as you could hurt yourself, and simply follow these tips:

*You should wash the cleaner before and after using it to remove accumulated dirt.

*The tongue should be cleaned from the bottom to the tip.

*Use the cleaner on all surfaces of the tongue including the sides.

*If it is difficult to remove dirt from the tongue, you can repeat the process several times until you get the desired result, without increasing the pressure in the case of more stubborn dirt.

*Rinse your mouth well after cleaning your tongue.

*Wash the cleaner according to the manufacturer’s instructions; some manufacturers recommend using boiling water to disinfect the cleaner.

If you follow these tips, you can have a pink tongue that is perfectly free of any type of dirt. Furthermore, it is advisable that when the tongue cleaner is already worn out, it is best to change it for a new one to maintain its effectiveness, because otherwise it will no longer clean your tongue adequately and may cause injuries.


For absolute oral hygiene, we should perform tongue scraping along with our regular tooth brushing twice. However, it should be a safe practice to avoid any risk when scraping the tongue. So, in case you are new to this tongue-cleaning method, make sure you understand it properly, buy a suitable tongue scraper and learn to apply gentle strokes from the back of the tongue to the front. and rinse your mouth thoroughly after scraping your tongue.

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