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What is a vibration platform?

The vibrating platform is a static sport that helps you perform muscle exercises in order to achieve a better physical shape, Maintain it, and obtain benefits regarding your health.

However, the turntable cannot and should not replace the exercises or physical training that must be carried out by a professional in any sport. Simply, these devices should help to improve the circulation of the lower body or to stimulate the muscles. Prolonged use will be negative.

What is the proper use of the vibrating platform?

Exercise with vibration machine it warm-up of a few minutes will increase blood flow and prepare our joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Then, we can start the session with our platform. Depending on the area of ​​the body that we want to work, it will be the speed that we set and the time that the exercise will last, as well as the position in which we work.

We will have achieved complete muscular work without effort and without overloading our joints. We can also use the platform after training, or at any time of the day, for massages. Just place the chosen body part on the plate, set the intensity, and relax.

Do vibrations have long-term effects?

The effects of vibration training have been studied for several years. 

So far, no negative effect has been found from using the device in accordance with our advice and instructions, or under the supervision of a professional. Certain principles must be respected, such as responsible use of the machine and total safety. 

Of course, it is important to consult your doctor, as with any other sporting activity, before using a “WBV” device in case there may be specific contraindications for your specific case.

Table of Contents

Type of exercise with vibration machine

There are 3 types of vibration: 


They oscillate in relation to a central axis with a natural rocking movement with varying degrees of speed, imitating human walking, therefore the oscillating vibration platform is more natural in its movement and more comfortable to use. 

Oscillating vibrating platforms have a frequency range that goes from 1HZ to a maximum of 36HZ since they work differently from vertical ones and do not need as many Hz’s to be effective. This alternate movement never causes resonance in the body like the vertical ones below 10 Hz.


Its movement is up and down at different frequencies, allowing the muscles to contract and relax. Vertical vibration platforms generally work in the range of 20 to 50hz, their use below 15hz not being advisable (it can cause the body to enter into resonance).

Triplane exercise with vibration machine:

They are the last to hit the market. The vibration stimulus is produced in three different planes (vertical, left-right, front-back), so all muscle groups can be worked on. In this way it is possible to work the muscles in a more generic way, achieving a greater progression.

What are the advantages of dynamic training?

You can perform the exercises statically (without movement) or dynamically (with movements on the vibration platform). During our daily activities, we use our bodies and many muscles dynamically. 

For this reason, dynamic exercises are more effective on the functional level. If the vibration platform is used in therapy, the therapist can statically choose the exercises. He must also carry out the first training sessions on the apparatus with static exercises to learn the correct technique, to perform the exercises as well as possible.

How to choose the best vibration platform

Recommendations and observations to exercise with vibration machine purchase your Amazon platform online: When buying a fitness oscillating vibrating platform, many doubts will surely arise about obtaining the best model. We are aware that it can be very difficult to choose from so many options, for this reason, We have a guide that will be very useful to verify what the guidelines should be to follow and choose between all the options.

Price comparison:

Compares its economic value and resources that it offers with the other products offered in terms of quality and price. We only select items that match this quirk so you can judge our list of possibilities without fear of your investigation.

Size: You must take into account the size of your gym vibration plate, taking into account the space where you want to place it.

Characteristics: It is also important to consider the qualities and specifications that your indoor or outdoor vibrating platform presents according to your needs.

Type of the exercise with vibration machine:

The basic swing platform is used to lose weight and improve blood circulation. Dual vibrating pads allow you to combine different movements with pain and weight control, as well as muscle toning. The tripod is denser and suitable for professional use as well as audio for frequent use.

Dimensions: Before buying, choose where you want to install it in your home so that its use allows freedom of movement and enough space.

Portability: This factor is influenced by weight, size, and ease of transport. It is recommended that the machine be lightweight and have wheels for easy transport and storage.

Speed ​​Levels and Programs: If you want to progress and be able to adapt your training more intensely, You should choose a model that has the maximum options and speeds available. Preferably dual motors.

Quantity: Item costs are paramount in all purchases. The economic value of your cheap folding vibratory machine does not influence the qualities of the selected item. The first step you should do is verify what your budget is, and what limit you want to pay.

Function: Most vibratory plates are equipped with straps that allow you to exercise your upper body. Others have a display and even a remote that keeps track of workouts, along with other types of data, like BMI, calories burned, and more. Also, it would be nice to have good speakers that allow music to liven up your workouts. 

User profile: Two points to verify are the surface of the belt and the maximum weight allowed. While most mannequins are suitable for the general public, others are intended for athletes. Choose a platform based on your goals.

Safety: The machine must have an automatic shutdown system in case of emergency. Otherwise, the surface must have a non-slip coating that allows you to keep your balance.

What are the benefits of the vibrating platform?

The main benefits of vibrating platforms or exercise with a vibration machine: The vibration plate is excellent for improving physical condition, firming, and toning the muscles of the body. In fact, for many athletes, the vibrating platform is a great complement to strengthen and work muscle groups such as the thighs, calves, buttocks, abs, etc.

Toned muscles, improvement in the circulatory system, and improvement in flexibility are some of the benefits that a 30-minute session a day gives us when using a Vibrating Platform. These devices have become the quintessential device when it comes to toning the buttocks and legs. Here are some of the benefits of using a full-body vibration machine:

Low back pain treatment: Even though mechanical vibrations (such as those generated in the work environment) cause injuries, the mechanical vibrations themselves in a certain range of frequency and amplitude are effective in the treatment of low back pain.

Harder and resistant bones: Vibration training has been shown to improve bone density and leg strength. According to a study in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise Journal, vibration training increases bone mineral density and leg strength. Stronger bones are beneficial to your overall strength and can help you avoid diseases like osteoporosis. This makes vibration training especially useful for older people.

Decreased pain: The use of mechanical vibrations at low frequencies (around 20 Hz) or very high frequencies (around 100 Hz) leads to changes in the pain threshold, with which there is a decrease in the sensation of pain.

Stimulates hormone production: Among the benefits of the vibrating platform, is possible to state that your body will be able to increase the production of growth hormone (HGH), which will help in the repair and regeneration of muscles, tissues, and bones. In addition, the vibrations caused by the platform favor an increase in serotonin levels, the hormone responsible for feelings of happiness and well-being, and will also reduce the production of cortisol, which is the hormone responsible for feelings of stress and anxiety.

Strengthens bones, and joints and relieves pain:

The movements made by the vibrating platform can help to strengthen the muscles in the hip and gluteal region, in addition to stabilizing the body and strengthening the spine. Its use also strengthens the joints and favors increased stability and flexibility. Additionally, people with low back pain, osteoporosis, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, rheumatism, fibromyalgia, obesity, circulation problems, and many other conditions can benefit from using the vibrating platform.

Increases muscle strength and endurance:

During an exercise session on the vibrating platform, your muscles contract 30 to 50 times per second. The use of this device can work up to 90% of muscle fibers, standing out from the others, which reach only 40%. Therefore, people who want complete muscle development can benefit significantly from a combination of weight lifting and the use of a vibrating platform, as more muscles will be worked.

Improves Blood Circulation:

While your muscles contract and relax rapidly, circulation increases considerably in your body,  This makes the recovery process faster. The greatest benefit is the improvement of blood circulation. It generates a greater supply of oxygen to the body’s cells and is a good remedy to relieve muscle and joint ailments, and combat heaviness and the feeling of tired legs. Another benefit is that increasing blood circulation will result in faster waste removal.

Vibration machine to lose weight:

To lose weight with the exercise with a vibration machine you must take into account some specific aspects such as: It cannot be a substitute for your daily training must train a maximum of 3 days a week and with interspersed days. Not all vibration platforms are equally effective,

You should complement your training with a balanced and low-calorie diet if you want to lose weight The University of Artesis in Antwerp carried out a study where people who included in their daily routine at least 45 minutes using the platforms could lose up to 10.5% of their weight, these results were satisfactory for the candidates who followed a healthy regimen for 6 months.

Improvement of peripheral circulation

Thanks to the use of Doppler, an increase in peripheral blood flow has been demonstrated through the use of vibrating platforms.

Stronger and Toned Muscles:

The reason why these machines are so good for strengthening is that they manage to transmit energy to your muscles, which causes them to contract and relax immediately, which makes them grow naturally. To get the best results from your platform, you must perform a routine of strength exercises, that is, push-ups and squats while you are on the vibrating machine. Variation applied at different angles improves exercise performance by activating more muscle fibers.

Improves immune function:

You may experience high levels of muscle contractions while on the vibrating platform. This stimulates the lymph glands, organs that stimulate the immune system. As a result, your body’s defenses will become stronger.

Can vibration training contribute to the prevention or treatment of varicose veins? Varicose veins are caused by leaks in the valves of the blood vessels. Because of gravity, blood rushes to the lower extremities. The only way for the body to pump oxygen-poor blood back to the heart is by using those valves that prevent the blood from being left below. 

The “WBV” Device significantly stimulates circulation and improves blood reflux if used regularly. We advise you to perform the exercises dynamically. If you want to do massage exercises, which are very important for circulation, start around the varicose veins before letting the platform come into direct contact with them.

Disadvertisment of vibratory machines?

Exercise with vibration machine is not recommended for everyone. Hypertensive people have to be especially careful.They cannot be used by people with cardiovascular problems, risk of thrombosis or recent thrombosis, advanced osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis, kidney stones, women with IUDs or pregnant women, presence of nails, implants, and plates in the legs, recent surgical interventions, wounds, sutures, retinal problems or dysfunctions such as cataracts, pacemakers, acute hernias, severe diabetes, inflammations or acute infections, epilepsy, and tumors.

One of its benefits is the use of vibration platforms for people who are recovering from injuries .foot, ankle, knee, even hip, by stimulating the proprioceptive system (responsible for controlling balance, 

Coordinating both sides of the body, maintaining the level of alertness of the central nervous system, and influencing emotional and behavioral development). Behavior but with brief and frequent sessions that do not last more than 3 months and always controlling, the vibration frequency according to the characteristics of each person and combining these sessions with other types of exercises. In my opinion, it has neither beneficial nor harmful effects on back pain.

What is very important when using these vibrating platforms is to maintain a proper posture while using them. We must keep our backs straight and our heads up to avoid spinal problems and back pain. Poor body posture can cause some type of injury, scoliosis, lordosis, and lumbago. But the best thing is that before using a vibrating platform we consult a doctor.

Contraindications of Vibrating Platforms

Or whole body vibration machine side effects. You should avoid using the vibration platform if you have any of these conditions:

  • Postoperative.
  • Muscle and bone injuries.
  • Headaches
  • Low back pain
  • Pregnant
  • Problems in the visual system.
  • Prostatitis.
  • Vascular and cardiovascular diseases.
  • Vocal cord problems.
  • Tumors and metastasis processes.
  • Serious hernias or epilepsy, etc.
  • Best exercise vibration machine

The most important 20 best exercise with vibration machine

Incorporating a vibration platform into our daily training routine is quite beneficial, whether we want to burn localized fat, tone up, or increase muscle mass. Of course, to achieve the best results we will have to know how to select the equipment since the models and specifications of each of them tend to be varied. 

The idea is to try as much as possible so that the device is capable of satisfying our usage needs. For this reason, we present a guide to buying the best vibrating platform, which will allow you to identify the quality indicators to review when selecting the product.

1. Evoland 3D Vibration Plate Exercise Machine:

Best exercise vibration machine

This model is recommended as the best-vibrating platform that will help you relax and stimulate your muscles to achieve progressive weight loss. 

The structure has a length, width, and height of 68 x 43 x 13.5 centimeters, which is quite a spacious surface for you to perform different exercise routines in various positions. In addition, this format, added to its weight of 10 kilograms, will allow you practical mobilization and storage, as it does not take up much space in the closet or even under the bed.

This vibrating weight-loss platform has been made of rigid polymer and the surface incorporates a rubber laminate for greater ergonomics, safety, and comfort. Inside there is a 200-watt motor, while in the upper area, you have a small LED screen that is intuitive to use, 

so you can program the speaker, timer, five work modes, and other built-in functions. Below, you will find more about the specifications of this model which is valued as the best vibration platform of the moment.


Accessories: A resistance band is incorporated, which will allow you to perform various exercises. 

Programming: Apart from the LED programming screen, you also have a remote control for greater practicality.

Dimensions: Thanks to its dimensions of 67 x 38 x 12.5 centimeters, you can store the structure without taking up much

Space: Bluetooth: You can pair your phone with the device via Bluetooth to listen to your favorite songs while you exercise.

Cons: Load: The maximum load of the device is 150 kilograms, so if your weight is greater, you should continue evaluating options.

BH fitness massage vibration machine

(2) BH Fitness Tactile Tonic Pro Platform Vibro Massage Unisex: exercise with vibration machine

BH Fitness Massage with vibration machine
BH Fitness Massage with vibration machine

This design from the BH house is considered on the market as one of the best vibration platforms because it offers an ergonomic and functional design. with which you can tone the different muscles of your body and release any accumulated tension to relieve pain. joint pains.

The structure has a platform of 71 x 40 centimeters and a vertical base of 108 centimeters, in which there is a handlebar with rubber grip and hooks, for the placement of the multiposition straps. In the same way, in the upper part of this area, the six-speed adjustable motor is incorporated, which provides a fairly quiet ride. 

In addition, you have a practical control panel that is intuitive to use, along with its respective backlit monitoring screen. Thus, you will be able to turn on, program the work models according to your daily routines, and easily turn off this BH vibrating platform.

BH Fitness might be the best vibration plate brand due to its modern designs and applied technology. Proof of this is this model, whose pros and cons we present below.

Pros: Multifunction straps: Three specially designed straps are incorporated to massage the hip, buttocks, and back.

Design: The equipment consists of a vibrating platform attached to a vertical base 108 centimeters high.

Motor: The built-in motor offers adjustment of up to six different vibration speeds.

Control panel: At the top of the base you have a small and intuitive control panel.

Cons: Dimensions: Its dimensions could be a bit bulky for those who have little storage space.

Vibration Platform For Weight Loss

3. Sportstech Vibration Platform for Weight Loss VP300:

Sportstech Vibration Platform for Weight Loss
Sportstech Vibration Platform for Weight Loss

With this vibrating weight loss platform you will have a total of four preset vibration programs that will help you improve your muscle tone and eliminate fat in 10-minute daily sessions. Regarding the main specifications of the product, we have its format length, width, and height corresponding to 80 x 45 x 15 centimeters, weight of 19 kilograms, and load capacity for people up to 120 kilograms. 

This means that it is a platform with a size that is easy to manipulate, that we can place in any room to exercise and store it in the closet without taking up much space. In addition, its surface is suitable to be used by people of different builds.

Also, it is important to comment that the workforce of the device corresponds to 1000 watts due to the incorporation of a pair of low-consumption motors. On the other hand, the front control panel and the attached remote control stand out. This is a functional, powerful, and silent model, the pros and cons of which we present below.


Speakers: You can enjoy your favorite music on the platform by pairing its Bluetooth with that of your mobile.

Accessories: A resistance band is attached to the package to tone the arms, legs, and abdomen area.

Motor: The equipment has a pair of quite silent motors, which together have a power of 1000 watts.

Load: The load capacity of 120 kilograms allows the platform to be used by the whole family.

Cons: Batteries: The built-in remote control has not been provided with batteries, so you will have to purchase them separately.

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Deluxe vibrating platform

(4) Deluxe vibrating platform fitness electric massage:

Deluxe vibrating platform fitness electric massage
Deluxe vibrating platform fitness electric massage

This may not be a cheap vibrating platform like other models in this comparison, but you can be sure that, By purchasing it, you will probably be investing for a lifetime. It is a piece of physical activity equipment with a vertical bar design, which provides you with a high level of ergonomics for the execution of different routines focused on fat-burning, 

Muscle toning, osteoporosis prevention, and cellulite treatment, among others. You will be interested to know that the device has been provided with a low energy consumption workforce corresponding to 300 watts, 

which you can regulate at a maximum of 10 speeds. In addition, this platform offers an automated exercise program and modes for the arms, buttocks, and waist areas. In addition, it is important to comment that the platform has a format of 12.5 x 36 x 26 centimeters, which will allow quick handling and storage. This is a multi-function vibration platform with an attractive, resistant, and intuitive design, the pros and cons of which we describe below.


Load: Its maximum load of 200 kilograms is quite convenient for people with a robust build. Storage: Due to its compact structure, you can store it in any closet without taking up much space.

Power: Its 300-watt power offers high performance and low energy consumption.

Warranty: The manufacturer incorporates a warranty valid for two years in the event of any failure.

Cons: Flimsy: At first glance, the vertical column may seem a bit flimsy, but handling it will confirm its strength.

(5) Evoland exercise massage machine:

Evoland exercise massage machine
Evoland exercise massage machine

The lightest vibrating platform that can support more weight load.

See Price:

*Power: 200W.

*99 levels of intensity.

*180kg maximum load.

*5 training programs.

The Evoland platform is a multi-exercise station designed with quality materials that can withstand the weight of an adult person. Although it is light, since it weighs only 10 kg, it is capable of supporting 180 kg of weight. The exercise with vibration machine programs and the 5 vibration modes allow the muscles to have 50 contractions per second, making 10 minutes of exercises in the Evoland equivalent to about 90 minutes of traditional exercise.

If you want to boost your training or reduce the time you spend on daily exercise, this platform is for you. In addition, the 99 adjustable speed levels help you customize the exercises and reach various muscle areas such as legs, buttocks, abdomen, and arms. The 2 elastic rubber bands are designed to exercise the arms and shoulders, they are non-slip for greater safety. 

The platform’s 200W motor is barely noisy, producing less than 55 dB. It comes with 3D vibration technology, so the exercise has better results in the muscles since the linear, circular, and oscillating vibrations make the movements have a greater impact on the depths of the muscle.

Customer Reviews:

Among the most outstanding opinions of this product is the ability to remotely control the platform, being one of the most outstanding. This does not allow the training to be interrupted in case you have to adjust the intensity levels. Another point in favor, we find the ability to connect music via Bluetooth to the platform. 

The speakers are of good quality, emphasizing that the bass sounds are heard well. For many, the established programs are enough to reduce weight, especially for people who do not like to sweat. The only thing that they find fault with is that the elastic straps tend to break very easily after a while of use.

The best:

  • Good value for money.
  • 5 training modes and 99 intensity levels to adjust.
  • Makes little noise.
  • Worst
  • Some users want it to be wider.
  • Elastic bands break after a short time of use due to rubbing.

(6) Bluefin Fitness Pro Model: exercise with vibration machine

Bluefin Fitness exercise with vibration machine
Bluefin Fitness exercise with vibration machine

The most complete exercise station that maintains your health and physique in shape.

Exercise with vibration machine massage:

180-speed levels.

10 built-in programs.

150kg maximum load.

With the Bluefin Fitness vibrating platform, you can have an entire exercise station at home. This has a structure that allows you to exercise the whole body. Armrests are designed to support and move the lower body. You will be able to move your hips 360 degrees while you tone your legs. You can do squats and even lift weights. It comes with elastic straps to reduce accumulated fat in the arms. 

High-tech, this platform has integrated sensors that monitor your caloric expenditure and your Body Mass Index (BMI), so you can improve your health and physical condition by exercising in this complete exercise station. The type of vibration is oscillating and it comes with speakers so you can place your music and set the scene. 

You have 10 training programs and up to 120 intensity levels, you can also adjust the speed so you can customize the exercises based on your needs. With this platform, burning fat, increasing your muscles, toning your body, and losing weight is very easy. It does not take up much space and you can store it in a small place.

Customer Reviews:

The great variety of programs and levels that it has allows people to perform different types of exercises with different results. Users mention that they have been able to improve their fluid retention and lose fat nodules on their legs using the Bluefin platform.

One of the frequent opinions is that it does not make any noise and that by using only the automatic programs you already notice a difference in your body. It is ideal for toning muscles and for having your complete gym at home.

The best:

  • Many programs and intensities
  • super quiet
  • Quite robust support 150 kg of weight
  • Worst:
  • Assembly problems

(7) Bluefin Fitness vibrating platform:

Bluefin Fitness vibrating platform
Bluefin Fitness vibrating platform

The most complete exercise station that maintains your health and physique in shape.

Exercise with vibration machine massage:

  • 180-speed levels.
  • 10 built-in programs.
  • 150kg maximum load.

With the Bluefin Fitness vibrating platform, you can have an entire exercise station at home. This has a structure that allows you to exercise the whole body. Armrests are designed to support and move the lower body. You will be able to move your hips 360 degrees while you tone your legs.

You can do squats and even lift weights. It comes with elastic straps to reduce accumulated fat in the arms. High-tech, this platform has integrated sensors that monitor your caloric expenditure and your Body Mass Index (BMI), so you can improve your health and physical condition by exercising in this complete exercise station.

The type of vibration is oscillating and it comes with speakers so you can place your music and set the scene. You have 10 training programs and up to 120 intensity levels, you can also adjust the speed so you can customize the exercises based on your needs. With this platform, burning fat, increasing your muscles, toning your body, and losing weight is very easy. It does not take up much space and you can store it in a small place.

Customer Reviews:

The great variety of programs and levels that it has allows people to perform different types of exercises with different results. Users mention that they have been able to improve their fluid retention and lose fat nodules on their legs using the Bluefin platform.

One of the frequent opinions is that it does not make any noise and that by using only the automatic programs you already notice a difference in your body. It is ideal for toning muscles and for having your complete gym at home.

The best:

  • Many programs and intensities
  • super quiet
  • Quite robust supports 150 kg of weight


  • Assembly problems

Massage gun exercise with vibration machine

(8) ABOX is known as the best-selling massage gun on Amazon in recent months.

Abox massage gun exercise with vibration machine
Abox massage gun exercise with vibration machine

With 30 speed levels that you can adjust, this gun helps you relieve muscle pain, cramps, stiffness, and fatigue. Its 30W motor massages by percussion, which is ideal for instantly reducing muscle pain. 

The depth of the massage strokes is up to 12mm, which means that it works for lymphatic drainage and reduces lactic acid trapped in the muscles. It comes with massage heads that work for different parts of the body. 

That is, you can massage your chest and abdomen, legs and back, spine and arms, and even your neck. It is a multifunction massager that you will hardly hear because it has 45 dB of noise. Its great autonomy time makes it one of the most practical massage guns on the market, since with just 3 hours of charging you can use it from 6 to 20 hours in a row. It weighs 0.94 kg so it is comfortable to use and does not tire the hand.

Its grip is ergonomic because it has a non-slip handle, so you can use it after a session at the gym and your sweat will not allow it to fall. In addition, you can use it with gels and creams without problems thanks to the fact that it is made with ABS material and silica gel. It is demonstrable making it easy to clean and carry with you.

The best

Wide variety of heads

Percussion massage that reaches deep areas

Good battery life, 6 to 10 hours


I did not find negative opinions about this model

See Offer and Opinions

(9) Rehabgun massage vibration:

Rehabgun massage vibration
Rehabgun massage vibration

The recommended massage gun for sports injuries and rehabilitation. Thanks to its ability to penetrate the massage up to 16 millimeters into muscle tissue, this percussion gun is ideal for the rehabilitation of sports injuries.

The vibrations of the Rehabgun not only deeply penetrate the muscles and areas to be treated, but thanks to the fact that they are pulsating, they can reach areas that even people with skilled hands find difficult to reach. That is why many patients who need therapies and rehabilitation seek them a lot.

With 3 adjustable massage angles, it is ideal for patients to massage themselves comfortably. This allows them to reach 95% of the areas of the body without major difficulties. In addition, the handle is also ergonomically designed so that it does not get tiring during use.

This massage gun is one of the favorites of athletes since it turns pain into gain. Well, being percussion massagers, they can perform muscle rest without problems. They use it during the break and then return to training with much more energy. 

In addition, the waves that the gun sends through the muscles and joints improve flexibility, stiffness, and pain relief thanks to trigger point massages. With this massager, you will be able to relieve the muscles after a long period of inactivity, since it stimulates them in such a way that they perform a myofascial release for the segregation of the cells that they need for their regeneration. It comes in a portable case to organize all your accessories and take them with you wherever you need them.

The best:

  • Long-lasting Samsung battery
  • Deeper massage
  • Adjustable head angle


  • a little loud noise
  • Accessories need replacement in a few months

Best value massage chair

(10) The best value massage chair:

The best value massage chair
The best value massage chair

The ECODE chair comes with 9 massage modes, 5 of which are programmable, that is, automatic, and 4 manual. This gives you the freedom to find the one you need most for your relaxation.

The vibrating undulation motor is very powerful, so the vibrations can penetrate all the areas of the body that it treats: head, neck, back, thighs, buttocks, and legs. You will be able to say goodbye to your tense muscles and ailments in each of these parts of your body.

The best? stimulates blood circulation helping your body to oxygenate, which greatly helps recovery from injuries. Its backrest reclines by 160° degrees, which allows greater comfort and makes the massage in the cervical area more effective.

The exercise with vibration machine of this chair helps activate the muscles, making it ideal for people who are sedentary or spend a lot of time in one position. This in turn allows the transport of oxygen in the blood to be more fluid and eliminates toxins from it. It has an extendable footrest to increase comfort in the chair. It is made of breathable leatherette, that is, it is easy to clean and does not crack. 

The HR foam in the padding makes the armchair very comfortable and it comes in 3 colors to choose from: brown, beige, and black, so you can match the aesthetics of your home.

The best:

  • It is made of soft material
  • Can be used by the whole family
  • Fits in with the aesthetics of different styles


Footrest is a bit hard

A little small for wide-hipped people.

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Massage chair for small spaces

(11) Cecotec compact massage chair-

Massage chair for small spaces
Massage chair for small spaces

The Cecotec compact armchair is designed not only for relaxation but also for people who have small spaces. In this way, everyone can enjoy their incredible massage chairs regardless of the space in their homes. 

With measurements of 71 x 65 x 100 cm, this armchair fits perfectly in a small room or room. Its 5 massage modes and heat function are wonderful for relieving tense muscles. 

In addition, kneading allows you to avoid muscle spasms caused by spending a long time in the same position and reduces stress by releasing endorphins caused by the relaxation state you enter.

If when you get home sitting in your favorite chair is the best, imagine doing it and having it give you a massage, the glory, right? With the Cecotec armchair, it is possible because thanks to its 8 vibration motors it covers a large body area. From your head and neck to your back and legs will benefit from the massages of this wonderful chair.

It is small and comes in 4 colors to choose from black, white, camel, and beige, which means that it adapts to all kinds of decorations, from the most classic to the most modern. The intuitive remote control only enhances the user experience by making it much more comfortable. 

Made of easily washable materials, all you have to do is wipe it with the cleaner to leave it as good as new and ready for another round of relaxing massages.

The best

  • It has a heat function
  • It is reclining and with several positions

It is small and ideal for all kinds of spaces


It only comes in 4 colors and no patterns:

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(12) The ultimate massage chair for a moderate price.

Multifunction massage exercise with vibration machine

Multifunction massage exercise with vibration machine
Multifunction massage exercise with vibration machine

Thanks to its 8 vibration motors, it is capable of covering 4 areas of the body. But mainly this gentle vibrating kneading helps stimulate the neck and back effectively. With 10 massage functions, you can find the most suitable to your needs and tastes. 

This allows you to treat different ailments such as cramps, muscle tension, and stiffness and even helps eliminate toxins from the body. The massages of this Cecotec chair not only massage you but also help your tissues by stimulating blood circulation, bringing oxygen to your entire body.

This massage chair has a heat function that not only allows you to enter an exquisite relaxation environment but also helps the massage penetrate the body much more, making it more effective. The heat also helps combat pain and stimulates the muscles of the body, softening their stiffness. With the remote control, you can adjust and operate the chair massager comfortably. This is intuitive and simple to use. It has a power adapter and comes in 4 different colors: brown, beige, black, and camel.

It has a modern aesthetic ideal for all types of decorations, with the possibility of choosing between 4 colors, you can choose the one that best suits the style of your home. Take into account its measurements: 74x80x100 cm, before buying it make sure that it fits in the space that you have designated.

The best:

Has remote control

Possibility of choosing between 4 colors

It is large and with a heat function


May be too big for some spaces

Best blood circulation massage machine

(13) BEAR-

Best blood circulation massage machine
Best blood circulation massage machine

The Osito massager is the machine you need to relieve tension in your organs and feet, it can even stimulate blood circulation to decongest it and thus act on ankles, legs, hips, waist, buttocks, lower back, and more.

With a daily foot massage when you get home you will not only relax but will greatly improve your entire body’s health. Even your mental health will improve, as you get rid of stress and fall into a unique state of relaxation.

This massager has TENS pads and 99 intensity levels. You can program up to 25 different wave modes to find the massage that best suits your needs. The advantage is that if you have pain or tension in your feet it will disappear, but also in the legs and various areas of the body.

The massage roller is specially designed to combat heel pain caused by plantar fasciitis. Unlike other types of massagers, this one is not vibrating or kneading But rather stimulates our neuromuscular system through electrical impulses and microcurrents. 

What does this mean?

It is a massager indicated more for pain therapies and health problems related to our muscles and nervous system. But as a bonus, you’ll also have continuous days of relaxation on your feet.

The best:

Indicated for muscular or nervous system problems

99 intensity levels

Very intuitive interface


We have not found him.

Best foot vibration machine

(14) Foot massager:

Best foot vibration machine
Best foot vibration machine

When buying a product for our health care, many doubts can arise. And when it comes to a device like the foot massager, you need to know some technical data and criteria to find a good one.

Beyond knowing that the massager performs a massage and can relax us, we must also know what other functions it has, especially if we buy it for therapeutic purposes. That is why today we have prepared this buying guide, to help you in your choice process.

Here you will find the most important criteria that you should take into account when choosing a quality model, and above all thinking of an affordable price. Find out below the fundamental aspects that a good foot massager must have.

Size and weight:

Although it seems obvious, the size of the foot massager is very important to evaluate, since our feet must be able to enter inside it comfortably. Many times the outer part seems quite large but when you insert your feet they are tight, that is why asking the size of the massager is essential to obtain a comfortable product.

As for the weight, this must be moderate, although we understand that they are devices with motors and that they must support a certain weight because despite being seated, we still weigh, the massager itself must have an adequate weight to store it easily or even to take it with us if we travel or move.


Your comfort should come first when we talk about the design and materials of the massager. Well, the more flexible, soft, or adapted to the shape of the feet, the more comfortable your experience with the massager will be. That is why the materials should always involve your comfort. In addition to comfort, the materials of these appliances must also be durable. 

A sturdy massager with a long service life is much more attractive than several massagers throughout our lives. The inner part of the massager has bearings that must be made of flexible plastic or soft foam, this will help make the massage much more pleasant and you will enjoy your massager much more. If any material does not convince you, do not be afraid to ask and listen to your intuition.

Control options:

The foot massager must allow us to make adjustments to its functions. For example, if you want to use a faster speed, increase or decrease the heat or intensity of the massage, even if it is a 2-way massager, choose which one the massage should go in. All this is essential because it allows the massage to be personalized. 

Whether it’s for pleasure or because you suffer from a condition or pain and need the massage to be a certain way, the massager should allow you to adjust your preferences.

Heating function:

The heat function is one of the main attractions of foot exercise with vibration machine massagers, however, not all models have it. We believe that a good massager should include this function as it is known that massages are much more effective when there is heat in the muscle or the affected area.Before choosing a model for this function, you should ask about the area of ​​heat application. 

That is, some models apply the temperature only on the surface of the foot and others on the bottom. The idea is to find the model that best suits your needs or tastes to avoid the unwanted result.

Ease of cleaning:

All foot massagers have a sanitization and easy cleaning system. From its breathable materials to the removable ones for cleaning and external washing. Models with water must have a system for emptying it, since stagnant water and humidity cause mold and fungus to appear, and in an area as delicate as the feet, it is easy to get sick with them.

Easy to use:

The interface of the massager should be intuitive, as these massagers have many features that need to be adjusted. Ideally, the product should be user-friendly so as not to get frustrated or make a wrong adjustment and not obtain the moment of maximum relaxation that we are looking for.


As they are large devices, this feature is difficult to find, but not impossible. Think of models that you can take on a trip for example. Some even come in compact sizes so you can even take them to the office or when you go on a weekend outing.

Additional functions:

It should be noted that foot massagers have many functions, however, some of the additional ones can make the difference between a professional massage and an average one.

*An aroma dispenser will not only help you relax, but it will give that spa touch to your home.

*The timer adjusts how long the massage lasts, so you won’t be afraid of falling asleep while receiving the massage, as it will automatically turn off when the massage session is complete.

*The massage programs are preset series with the duration, intensity, speed, and even the direction of the massage for a continuous cycle. 

This is recommended only for relaxation cases.


More and more brands are appearing on the market for these devices. As it is a foot care appliance, it is important that you inform yourself about the advantages and disadvantages that a brand can bring to your user experience.

It is best to buy a brand specialized in the manufacture of this type of product or at least products for health and well-being. Remember that the feet are a delicate area and should be treated as such, with care.


Foot massagers are medium-cost devices, that is, they can range from 50 euros and up. 

However, keep in mind that the more features they have, the higher their price will be.

The price of a massager changes depending on its benefits, 

it is not the same to buy one that comes with hydromassage and aromatherapy than one only to massage the sole of the foot.

Sportstech exercise with vibration machine

(15) Sportstech exercise vibration machine

Sportstech exercise with vibration machine
Sportstech exercise with vibration machine


It is an entry-level vibrating platform with dimensions of 56 x 32 cm that allows you to lose weight. 

Its integrated basic screen allows you to view 2 pieces of information in real-time, such as vibration speed and usage time. 

It has a decent motor, 9 training programs, 99 vibration levels, and a remote control that makes it easy to use.

Exercise with vibration machine REVIEWS:

Thanks to this cheap vibrating plate you can improve your flexibility and strengthen the supporting muscles to have a better posture. 

If you are coming back from an injury, it will help you recover and get back to your activities. 

The training programs are available in simple buttons, you just have to choose one to start your exercises. 

The absence of an LCD screen allows us to drastically lower the price.

In addition, there are training band accessories and 2 handles for doing push-ups.


  • 99-speed frequencies
  • decent noise
  • very easy to use
  • Cheap price


  • small area
  • basic screen

Best Home Vibration Plate

(16) Home Vibration Plate:

Home Vibration Plate
Home Vibration Plate

Skandika 900 Plus: The best mid-range vibration plate that combines performance and elegance:


This Skandika platform has an unusual look (for a vibrant platform) with a much more rectangular vintage look, even retro. Its features are equivalent to other platforms with a few exceptions. 

Specifically, you will be able to work various parts of your body thanks to the 120-speed levels, 5 programs, and 3D vibrations. Its platform is 72 x 40 which is enough for comfort. Its LCD screen allows you to view your training and its duration. The vibrating and oscillating technology of this model means that the first results arrive quite quickly.


This vibrating and oscillating platform is a model that allows relaxation sessions and massages to promote fat loss. It is a recent kit but it gives us the impression that it dates from another generation (the 90s), only the neon pink leggings are missing to go back in time. Jokes aside from its aesthetics, this vibrating platform has modern functions, dimensions, and adequate features. 

Skandika is known for releasing publicly available devices and for this simple reason we have added it to this comparison guide. If the brand was unknown, we might not have offered it. This does not prevent Skandika from producing models that are aesthetically more modern and less heavy (but also more expensive). 

You have to arbitrate according to your needs.


  • 4 programs
  • Vibrant and oscillating
  • Bluetooth connection with a smartphone app
  • interesting price
  • vintage aesthetic


  • Heavy with 23 kg
  • maximum weight 120kg

Vibration Platform exercise with vibration machine

(17) Bluefin Fitness:

Bluefin Fitness Vibration Platform exercise with vibration machine


This is one of the best vibration platforms on my list. It has interesting features such as its silent motor, its 180 intensity levels, and the integrated speakers. It weights 29 kg with dimensions of 70 x 74 x 128 cm and supports a maximum weight of 150 kg.


With regular and serious use for a few days, you will reap the benefits that this fitness equipment offers. It will ensure that you lose weight quite quickly, and fight cellulite while strengthening your muscles. This model has been exceptionally manufactured to treat stubborn fatty areas while simultaneously promoting the growth of your muscle mass.

This platform is cheaper because it only offers vertical vibrations (not horizontal, so there are no 3D movements)


Two sensors to determine BMI and calorie consumption

  • 10 built-in automatic programs
  • 180 gears
  • support armrest


  • bulky
  • Vertical movement only

(18) Vibration training is based on stimulation on a vibrating platform. 

Muscles exercise with vibration machine
Muscles exercise with vibration machine

Muscles exercise with vibration machine

The platform generates vibrations, which are transmitted to the body in the form of energy. 

This mechanical stimulus produces a stretch and contraction reflex, increasing muscle tone and the amount of oxygen. 

As an aesthetic treatment, it is a training to combat overweight and cellulite, providing benefits to the hormonal system, bone structure, and blood supply.

The platform is combined with aesthetic treatments such as cavitation, mesotherapy, and algae exudation. 

They give very good results, for weight loss, toning, etc. In which cases is the Vibrating Platform used:

The platform of exercise with the vibration machine

*It has anti-cellulite properties, it helps to reshape the figure by mobilizing fat and reducing adipocytes.

*Activates circulation, especially recommended in case of tired legs and swollen extremities.

*It reaffirms the tissues and acts effectively against the sagging and flaccidity of the tissues.

*Promotes the formation of collagen and elastin fibers.

*The Vibrating Plate has several programs. It will depend on the needs of each patient and the appropriate one will be applied depending on their problem. 

The minimum time is 2 to 15 minutes, 2 to 3 times a week.

firm thighs

Vibrant platform classes

Vertical Vibrating Platform

The movement is up and down. It works with a frequency between 25 and 50 Hz. 

It generates the contraction and relaxation of the muscles, without overloading the tendons or muscles. It is often used for fluid retention.

Oscillating vs tilting vibrating platform

The movement is from left to right and from top to bottom. It works with a frequency between 18 to 26 Hz. 

It works at the muscular, metabolic, hormonal, vascular, bone, aesthetic, and general well-being levels. 

It is often used in sports and rehabilitation. It has benefits for the treatment of Osteoporosis, the elimination of cellulite, and the strengthening of the joints. 

It is ideal for losing weight. This platform is ideal for women.

Triplane Vibrating Platform:

The movement is from left to right, from back to front, and from top to bottom. In general, it works with a frequency between 30 to 45 Hz. The platform moves in short distances but penetrates deeply into almost all the muscles of the body, increasing flexibility, mobility, and coordination. It is ideal for muscles, although not so much for weight loss.

leg muscle pain:


It is contraindicated for very specific ailments such as lumbago, herniated discs, either dorsal 

or cervical, recent operations, hip problems, varicose veins, cesarean sections, kidney stones, scoliosis, protrusions, and headaches.

Girl with bone pain:

Natural Advice to apply with the Vibrating Platform:

The temperature of food has a lot to do with our mental and physical state. Hot and warm foods tone and activate. Neutral foods stabilize energy. Cold foods refresh and are sedative. After a platform session, an algae exudation session with a good massage is advisable to eliminate toxins and reduce volume.

Fitness exercise with vibration machine

(19) Fitness exercise with vibration machine:

Fitness exercise with vibration machine
Fitness exercise with vibration machine

Bluefin Fitness Vibrating Platform | Pro Model | Improved Design with Quiet Motors and Built-in Speakers Among the types of platforms already detailed in the introduction, we have opted first for a vertical one. The main drawback of these options is their larger size, but without being too bulky. Of course, the assembly requires your time and skill.

You have to look for it in a fixed place since its weight is almost 30 kilos, but it is a very good choice for the price it has within this class of vertical devices. It also has advantages such as the stability that is gained with the comfortable supports for the arms that it has. In addition, it has a more than adequate variety of programs, up to ten, and the intensity levels are close to 200.

Another of the most outstanding assets of this model focuses on the extras that it incorporates, for example, adjustable resistance bands that can be used while the platform is running. To make the stay more bearable, although we have already warned that it must be a very short series, it also includes speakers.

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Best Vibrating Platforms information

(20) Best Vibrating Platforms:

Best Vibrating Platforms
Best Vibrating Platforms

The best-vibrating platforms work the muscles so that they react to vibrations with maximum reflex contractions. 

Muscles contract and relax at a very high speed, thanks to a myotatic reflex phenomenon (vibrations produce automatic muscle contraction, causing it to stretch). The idea is that the user is subjected to low-frequency vibrations of relatively small amplitude. 

Each vibration corresponds to a muscle contraction, which allows work of an intensity that is difficult to match only with traditional training. The effects of vibrating platforms, in the field of Sports and Fitness on the human body, have been demonstrated for 30 years in numerous studies. The benefits of vibrating platforms are multiple, which is why their use proliferates both in gyms and beauty centers and in private homes.


It is worth noting among its recognized benefits:


Increased energy consumption and consequently, reduced body weight. 

The vibrating platform acts directly on the muscles and fat mass, causing a calorific expenditure, thus allowing the adipose cells to be unblocked. 

The combustion process is set in motion, allowing the burning of fats through the lipolytic effect, as well as that of elimination, essential for the evacuation of toxins from the body.

How to tone muscles at home

With the exercise with vibration machine, the muscles are outlined, gaining in firmness and tone. With only 4 positions, it acts on the entire body. You can check the result of the vibration in a few minutes on the calves, thighs, buttocks, belly, and hips. Increase in sports performance and increase in strength and muscle mass:

For competitive athletes, the vibrating platform is an excellent complement. Depending on the position adopted, it allows you to stimulate a part or a group of muscles such as the abdominals, thighs, buttocks, arms, and harden, tone, and muscle them.

Elimination of cellulite and fluid retention:

The vibrating platform through its system acts on cellulite by moving it, detaching it, and breaking its cells as a masseur would do, simultaneously acting on the legs, buttocks, belly and without any pain. The drainage action is optimal. improve blood circulation with a vibration machine: The blood provides oxygen to the cells of the body, avoiding the feeling of tired legs and improving blood circulation.

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Exercise with vibration machine for osteoporosis prevention

The vibrations help strengthen the bone without damaging the joints. The exercise with vibration machine platform is especially beneficial for the elderly or people who are not used to playing sports. 

Little by little the joints, the tendons, the nerves but also the internal organs are strengthened, and the heart is strengthened. The complex machine of the human body is put into action, helping the body to rediscover the pleasure of moving, of acting on its balance and posture, of improving its muscular coordination.

Exercise with vibration machine for brain stroke recovery

The use of the vibrating platform allows you to stimulate the muscles, making them work smoothly. It is an excellent tool to help pre-educate accidents or patients with reduced strength due to long-term hospitalization.

Reducing cardiovascular risk:

Clinical tests have shown that the use of the vibrating platform allows for reducing the level of cholesterol as well as triglycerides (circulating fat in the blood that essentially comes from the assimilation of the fatty body, sugars, and alcohol).

General well-being:

The practice with the vibrating platform allows for recovery of the general well-being of the body and the spirit. The body naturally produces endorphins, but with the stress and pace of today’s life, it fails in its function, 

so the use of the vibrating platform allows the body to increase the secretion of these hormones, which once in the blood produces a feeling of well-being, satisfaction, and a decrease in certain pains.


The operation of the vibrating platform is very simple. The user gets on it and selects speed and time. Depending on the area of ​​the body that you want to work on, the user is placed in different positions while the platform vibrates. 

The work session lasts approximately 10 minutes, causing a complete muscular contraction without effort and without overloading the tendons and cartilage.

Why then are vibrating platforms with more power than 300 Watts recommended?

The more power the motor has, the less force it is and its internal components, such as the brushes. With a 300-watt motor, we would be at 50% of its capacity but with a 1500-watt motor at 10%. 

For use at a professional level (in which you will be made to work several hours a day), wear and tear becomes even more important, and can become critical. Hence the importance of having the most powerful motor possible and from a minimum of 500 Watts onwards (recommended motors from 1000 Watts).

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Width of the exercise with vibration machine

More than the total dimensions of the machine, what really matters is the surface of the ‘support base’ that it offers us for carrying out the different exercises. The wider the better we can adapt the correct positions (especially important if we are big or thick). In terms of sports performance of the vibrating platform:


in general, the time, speed, and calories burned during your training session are available. 

The exercise with the vibration machine incorporates consoles with a level of sophistication that varies according to the models. 

The more evolved the console is, the more numerous the programs will be, which will allow you to carry out more complete workouts. 

Some vibratory platforms such as the DKN XG 5.0 are equipped with several consoles to facilitate the use of the machine in all positions.


Your level of practice should determine the number of training programs your vibration plate should incorporate to allow you to achieve your training goals. In general, this type of machine is provided with predefined programs and one or more programs that can be customized by the user.

Maximum User Weight: 

Your vibration plate should support 30% more of your weight for optimal comfort.


The guarantee offered by the vibrating platform: it must ensure you during its use.


The presence of jog wheels – allows you to easily store the vibrating platform when not in use.

Dangers of vibration machines

Mechanical vibrations can be harmful if used excessively. Used properly they do not have any detrimental effect on healthy adults. 

Vibration platforms can be used by people from 12 years of age, the elderly, patients undergoing rehabilitation, athletes, 

Professional athletes and beginners are people who want to eliminate their cellulite and reduce their weight.

We advise against its use if you are in any of the following cases:

*Serious heart and vascular diseases

*Hernias, disc diseases, and spondylitis

*Knee or hip replacement



*Severe diabetes

*Recently placed Sterilet, screws or bolt


*Recent infections


*IUD implant (intrauterine device)

*Problems , retinal dysfunction

*Recent injury resulting from an operation

*Acute migraine

*Thrombotic condition

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Vibration machine FAQ

Frequently asked questions for exercise with vibration machine:

What is a vibration platform?

A vibration plate is a device that is used to train the body through vibrations. 

These vibrations are transmitted through the platform and reach the body, producing involuntary muscle contractions.

The vibrating platform can be used to perform strength, balance, and flexibility exercises. It is also used as a rehabilitation tool for people with injuries or disabilities.

How to use a vibration platform?

To use a vibrating platform, the first thing you must do is select an area of ​​your home for its placement. 

Fortunately, this type of equipment does not require much space, so you can use it in the living room, the terrace, the garden, and even in your room. 

Then, plug the power cord into the nearest power outlet, but if it is too short, you can use an extension. 

Then proceed to press the power button and select the frequency next to the duration of the session.

Previously, it is recommended to carry out a warm-up of all your muscles, 

because this will increase blood flow and make the stimulation of the vibratory pulses of the device much more efficient. 

Likewise, you must define the routine that you intend to carry out, whether it is for the buttocks, legs, abdomen, or upper body.

Once all the aforementioned procedure has been carried out, all that remains is to start your activity, which should not exceed 15 minutes a day. 

In addition, you can use the equipment as a massager, placing the area you want to relax on the vibrating plate.

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What speed to use on the vibrating platform?

The selection of the speed of our vibrating platform is not an adjustment that should be made at random, since there are some previous indications to take into consideration. 

For example, if you are just incorporating this equipment into your daily exercise routine, you will need to start with a frequency lower than 30 Hz. In this way, the vibratory impulse will not be aggressive with your muscles and, later, you can increase the said intensity until you reach 50 Hz, which is the maximum recommended frequency.

On the other hand, we have a daily exposure time to these vibrations, Which should not exceed 15 minutes, it is recommended to use the platform three to four times a week. Thus, we will offer the muscles a recovery time just like when we do any other physical activity.

How do sit-ups on the vibrating platform?

The vibrating platform is a substitute for the floor when performing our abdominal routine, 

so we must lean on it to begin performing the different routines of contracting the abdomen and raising or crossing the legs, among other movements. 

Thus, we can exercise the upper, lower, lateral, and frontal areas of ​​the belly. In the same way, you can consult the exercise guide attached to the product.

At what age can you train on exercise with a vibration machine?

Minimum 16 years. The frequency, position, and duration of training must be modified for each person and age. Younger kids can take advantage of vibration training just as much as anyone else.

Should I use a step for some exercises?

It is easier to carry out some exercises with a step or a gym ball since it’s realized without these accessories is not always adapted.

Why do I ever get a headache after a training session?

If you use the machine according to the instructions and you do not have migraines, it may be because you do not drink enough water or sugary drinks before training. Recently, a scientific study has shown that 70% of the population suffers from dehydration because these people drink coffee and alcohol, smoke, are stressed, and do not drink enough water. 

This means that many people do not have enough fluids in their bodies. Our body is made up of more than 50% water, therefore the balance of fluids is of vital importance. 

This phenomenon is aggravated if a diet is followed in which one must eat less, which decreases the absorption of liquids. Affected people should drink a good drink of water. For this reason, we recommend that you consume at least 30 cl of sugary drinks, preferably before training.

How to use the vibrating platform to tone up?

Regardless of the type of vibrating platform you have selected, this type of equipment has several programs or levels of operation, Which you can adjust according to your needs. In this sense, if what you want is to tone your muscles, you will have to use a lower-intensity work mode than the one used for fat burning. Remember that the lower the vibration, the greater the strengthening benefits obtained for each of the muscles treated.

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How to burn abdominal fat with the vibrating platform?

The vibration emitted by this type of plate acts on the body, generating significant caloric consumption, which is responsible for the gradual elimination of adipose tissue located in different areas of our body. Thus, depending on the model you have purchased, you can use the built-in bands to apply the vibration directly to the abdomen area. It is also possible that you lie on the platform to perform sit-ups and planks, both front and side.

How does the vibrating platform work?

The vibrating platforms are made up of a horizontal structure with an anatomical design, which adapts to our body to sit, lie down, or stand on it. Inside, the structure incorporates one or two motors powered by an alternating current cable that, when in operation, generates a vibratory impulse projected on the surface. Thus, the person will enjoy various types of exercises, depending on the level of acceleration reproduced.

How to assemble a vibrating platform?

The assembly of a vibrating platform is quite simple, but it will also depend on the selected model. Remember that there is compact equipment made up of a single horizontal structure, which only requires the placement of non-slip bases to begin to be used. For their part, other designs add to the said platform a vertical base with a handlebar that must be attached by means of a simple pressure mechanism, by means of clips or screws.

What is a 3D vibration platform? 

Ans: It is a platform that combines horizontal (from left to right) and vertical (up and down) movements at the same time.

What is the relationship between the vibrating plate and osteoporosis?

ANS: Using these machines helps prevent and treat osteoporosis by increasing bone mass, building muscle, and improving strength. 

Difference between 3D and 4D vibration platforms and regular vibration platforms?

The difference lies in the type of movement they perform. Normal platforms usually scroll vertically or horizontally. The 3Ds combine these two movements at the same time and the 4Ds also add a small oscillating massage.

What is the noise of exercise with vibration machine?

The term “vibrating platform” can describe a wide variety of machines with varying degrees of power. In general, lower horsepower-rated vibratory plates are quieter than higher horsepower-rated vibratory plates. They all transmit vibrations to the ground, so it is worth thinking about where to place your machine. 

If possible, a solid concrete floor is always recommended. If the machine is to be placed on a wooden floor, we suggest placing a rug or scrap rug underneath to reduce vibration going through the floorboards.

Can the vibrating machine be used to sit up?

Yes, there are exercises for sitting, standing, and even lying down.

Q17: What is the vibrating platform used for?

This machine is used for physical activities, building muscles, increasing strength, and losing weight, among other possibilities.

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How does a vibrating platform work?

This device generates vibrations that cause unwanted contractions of the muscles of the body. This improves flexibility and strength, among other benefits.

How long can a vibrating platform be used per day?

It is recommended to use it for up to 15 to 20 minutes per session. However, it is possible to use it two or three times a day, with breaks, which do not always exceed them.

How long should I use a vibrating plate?

We recommend that you use your vibration plate for a maximum of 20 minutes a day. It is also important to have rest days at least twice a week.

How to lose weight with the vibrating platform?

If you want to lose weight quickly and easily, you will need to have a good diet, follow a daily exercise routine, and complement these actions with a vibrating platform. The vibratory power of this type of equipment generates in the body a change in the usual chemical reaction of your metabolism which, as a consequence, acts by effectively eliminating accumulated fat throughout your body.

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What types of vibrating platforms?

Like almost all the fitness equipment we know to use at home, there are several options on the market that we have to choose from. Let’s see the main types of vibration equipment.


It is the one that offers movements up and down. It usually vibrates in a range between 25 and 50 Hz. It is the recommended equipment for therapies related to fluid retention, improved circulation, and aesthetic issues such as fat and weight reduction. This type of movement does not overload tendons, muscles, or cartilage.

Oscillating Or Tilting:

In addition to moving up and down, it also moves from left to right. It is the type that is usually used for sports and rehabilitation.  Although it may take longer to see results, its use can offer more comprehensive benefits.

Multidirectional Or Triplanar:

In addition to the previous movements, it also incorporates backward / forwards, performing all the possible variations at the same time. The frequency with which it operates is between 30 and 45 Hz. The movement here is shorter and more penetrating, 

Which is why many indicate that it is not as suitable for losing weight, but it is the best for older adults because it allows better balance. It is suitable for strengthening muscles and bones, promoting circulation and lymphatic drainage.

What are the best brands in vibrating platforms?

If you are thinking of acquiring a vibrating fitness platform to complement your exercise session, find some of the best brands, Made after a detailed review of the characteristics of some products and the comments of Internet users.

These brands are:

  • Skandika vibrating platform
  • Airis vibrating platform
  • Vibration platform BH Fitness

Do Vibrating Weight Loss Machines Work?

The answer is YES, they work for weight loss and strengthening of your muscles. Making your body vibrate continuously for no more than 45 minutes brings a lot of benefits for your health and physical condition, but to be honest, this must be an additional complement to your routine to achieve remarkable results.

The trick is getting your body to absorb the energy from the platform and force your muscles to contract and relax 30 to 50 times per second. Although it may not seem like it, this can make your body “work” and feel exhausted. We have verified that with just one session of 15 minutes a day (at least 3 times a week) you can improve weight loss, fat burning, flexibility, and strengthening of the circulatory system, in addition to helping you reduce muscle pain after an arduous exercise routine.

Conclusion of exercise with vibration machine

The vibration plate is a very effective tool to improve health and physical condition. Its mechanical vibrations uniquely stimulate the body, helping to develop muscle strength, flexibility, circulation, and posture. In addition, it also has a relaxing effect that helps reduce stress and anxiety. If you are looking for an effective way to improve your health, the vibration plate is an excellent option.

How does the vibrating platform work?

The vibration platform works using mechanical vibrations that are transmitted through the body. These vibrations cause involuntary muscle contractions, making the muscles work harder than in a conventional workout. In addition, the vibrations also stimulate the nervous system, which improves coordination, balance, and posture. It also increases blood and lymphatic circulation, which helps reduce cellulite and localized fat.


After all, it can reduce pain and discomfort, if used in conjunction with a health professional. so that the exercises are performed according to individual physical limitations. The article and the website are not intended to be a substitute for consulting with a qualified professional. This website does not provide medical, nutritional, or sports, advice. We do our best to help users understand the medical science behind fitness, however.

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