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Best yoga accessories for beginners and how to choose

Best yoga accessories for beginners and how to choose such as-Yoga mat types, Cotton,  PVC or vinyl mat mats, Manduka Pro Mats, Travel yoga mats, best yoga mats, and more information.

What is yoga for?

I am going to begin at the start and that is, each time I inform any person who is aware of nothing about yoga that I am a yoga trainer and that I exercise daily,

the first query they usually ask me is, why? what is yoga for?

In general, I have discovered a lot of lack of knowledge on the challenge of yoga.

Many humans suppose that this yoga issue is about getting down on the flooring to sleep,

or that it is a kind of stretching, or they have even informed me that yoga is something for hippies and humans with turbans anyway.

And on occasion, I have been lucky adequate that anyone has categorized it as an exercise and I have thought: «Good, at least one has considered the full solar salutation sequence hehe”

In this article, I am going to inform you about all the advantages that yoga has for our health,

but first I prefer to inform you that yoga is a historical philosophy whose primary goal is to discover calm and internal peace via the exercise of bodily postures, respiratory exercises, and meditation.

They are also a good option for those who prefer a thinner mat or for yogis who sweat a lot.

Professional advice:

Know your stuff! When you’re shopping for a new yoga mat, it’s a good idea to be aware of the different types of materials used in its construction.

This will help you find the best mat for your needs and keep you safe and comfortable while you practice. 

When you choose a yoga mat, you will realize that many of them are made from natural materials such as rubber or cork.

These materials are good for your joints but may take longer to dry if they get wet. 

If you are going to practice outdoors or in a studio without adequate sanitary facilities, a synthetic yoga mat is a better option. 

It will dry much faster and keep you safe from bacteria.

Yoga is a practice that can be done almost anywhere. Whether you’re going to a studio or doing it at home, 

you’ll need the right gear to keep you safe and comfortable throughout your session. One piece of equipment that many yogis rely on is the yoga mat.

Buying tips the best yoga accessories for beginners

1. Material – Compare the traits of unique substances to decide the nice cloth for you (see the speedy assessment chart in the first section).

2. Size: The size of the mat ought to be 6 inches longer than its height; The width has to be barely wider than the width of the shoulders.

3. Elasticity: Test the elasticity by using squeezing the yoga mat with your hand; If your fingers are without problems pinched,

the mat is too gentle and might also be made of low-cost PVC or EVA material.

PVC yoga mats that are made with the perfect foaming method will rapidly fix to their authentic structure after being stepped on.

4. Evenness: Test the evenness of the man-made substances by rolling up the mat and inspecting it from each end for a very uneven bubble.

Large, uniform bubbles imply you have desirable quality. If the foam is uneven, the mat can be without problems broken at some stage in use.

5. Skid resistance: Place the mat on the floor, then press and push ahead with the palm of your hand.

If the mat slips on the flooring or your hand slides without problems on the floor of the mat, then its slip resistance is poor. This can motivate pointless accidents in the exercise of yoga.

6. Smell: Take the yoga mat (do no longer open it) to test if it has a pungent odor. Quality yoga mats will no longer have a sizeable odor, and any scent will disappear after various days in the sparkling air.

7. Durability: You can rub a yoga mat with an eraser to see if the fabric breaks effortlessly or if there are any marks when you gently tear it.

8. Weight: The heavier the rug, the denser and extra long-lasting it will be.

Yoga mat types:

Types of Mat best yoga accessories for Beginners:

When purchasing a yoga mat, you will understand that there are special kinds of

materials used in its construction.

As you shop, hold in thinking that every cloth has its execs and cons.

Choose your yoga mat confederate in your yoga practice.

Foam mats:

This is a kind of mat that is used in studios, gyms, and practice

at home.

These mats are a high-quality choice for humans with touchy joints, as they are smooth sufficient to

cushion your knees and palms.

These mats are additionally convenient to clean, making them an extraordinary alternative for busy yogis

looking for an extra hygienic choice to an ordinary yoga mat.

Cotton mats:

This type of yoga mat is great for people with sensitive skin. Cotton is a natural material and is often treated to make it more durable. 

These mats are easy to clean, too, making them a great option for yogis who practice outdoors or in a studio without proper sanitary facilities.

PVC or vinyl mat:

Yoga mats made of PVC or vinyl are a great choice for yogis who like to practice outdoors or who don’t have access to a clean, indoor yoga space. 

These mats are easy to clean and light enough to take anywhere, making them

a great choice for travelers.

Manduka Pro Mats:

Yoga mats made from natural materials are easy to clean and come in a variety of thicknesses. 

They’re also good for your joints, as they don’t trap harmful bacteria and other germs that can cause skin infections.

However, mats made from natural materials may have some drawbacks. If the mat gets wet, it can take a long time to dry.

A synthetic yoga mat can be cleaned and dried much faster.

It is also useful to know that a natural yoga mat may be more likely to retain odors if it is not cleaned regularly.

Travel yoga mats:

Ultra-thin mats are designed for travel and also to provide cushioning without being too bulky. They are usually made of synthetic materials, 

such as rubber and PVC. Like PVC mats, ultra-thin mats can be a great option for those who want a less expensive yoga mat than natural rubber.

Like PVC mats, they don’t provide much cushioning. So they are not ideal for high-intensity yoga. 

Ultra-thin mats are very travel-friendly and are great for those who want a thicker mat but don’t have a lot of space in their suitcases.

How to choose a yoga mat material

To pick a yoga mat, it is critical that you reflect on consideration and analyzes more than one element about this tool, since, relying on positive factors, will be the degree of utility that it will carry you.

So, when choosing, it is handy that you take into account the following:

Manufacturing material: This will have an effect on its durability, as nicely as the alleviation that it will carry you when the use it.

Weight: If you prefer a useful mat, perfect to raise with you, it is necessary that it be light, or that it has handles to transport it.

Thickness: It is some other component that influences the stage of comfort, so it is well worth deciding on carefully.

Size: Like thickness, this thing is additionally very important, considering it can restrict or permit you to lift out sure postures and movements.

Likewise, there are many different elements that you must hold in mind, such as the ease of cleaning, the kind of non-slip it has, the price, and the manufacturer of the mat, amongst others.

So, it is advocated that you analyze various preferences earlier than obtaining one.

10 Best yoga accessories for Beginners

10 Mat best yoga accessories for beginners and other information

The best non-slip mat

01. TOPLUS yoga mat

This non-slip yoga mat guarantees balance, cushioning, and grip, in addition to protecting your joints. It has a double-layer non-slip texture to guarantee grip.

It is a dense and a little thick mat of 6mm. When you press it stays marked but then the marks disappear.

This yoga mat is perfect for tall people since it has a size of 183 x 61 cm.

It is sweat and water-resistant and easy to clean. Besides that, it does not leave odors if it is cleaned regularly.

The mat comes with a carrying strap and weighs 1 kilo, so you can easily transport it to take it to your yoga school, on a trip, or wherever you like to practice yoga.

The material is ecological and recyclable. It does not contain latex or PVC so it is not harmful to health.

It is a good mat for beginners who are entering the world of yoga.


  • *Anti-slip
  • *Has a strap to carry it         
  • *Ecological and recyclable       
  • *Does not concentrate odors


  • *Thickness (some people prefer it thinner)
  • *It stains more easily than others of better quality.

This non-slip yoga mat guarantees balance, cushioning, and grip, in addition to protecting your joints. It has a double-layer non-slip texture to guarantee grip.

02. LIFORME yoga mat:

I think that buying this yoga mat is a very wise decision. For me, it is one of the best and that is what the hundreds of customers say in their opinions on Amazon who rate it very positively.  

Although the price seems high, you will make it profitable because it will last you several years of practice.

It has some lines drawn on the mat that help and guide you to perform the postures correctly (what they call the “AlignForMe” system). 

This symmetry makes me place my feet and hands correctly, especially when I’m a little confused and don’t pay attention. It helps me focus and improve my balance.

It is also a non-slip mat and ensures support and grip (“GripForMe” system).

It is a larger mat than normal, 185cm long, 68 wide, 4mm thick, and weighs 2.5 kilos. It has stable padding that cushions movements. Very comfortable!

The material is biodegradable natural rubber so it respects the environment. It is made with materials that do not contain chemicals or PVC.

Choose between several colors! You can choose the color that you like best: dark grey, blue, pink or green.

The mat comes with a transport bag, although due to its weight, I prefer to have it at home.

If you choose the Pack of 2, you have a mat for home and a mat for travel.


  • guidelines
  • Anti-slip
  • Big size
  • lasts many years
  • material quality


  • Price (but it pays off)
  • A little heavy to move frequently

03. COMBO yoga mat:

It is a very relaxing pink image of clouds. But that is not the only thing that stands out about this mat, it is also of good quality. 

If you like to combine functionality with aesthetics, I recommend this mat.

One of the things I like the most about this mat is that it is made of microfiber made from recycled bottles.  

A point in favor of the environment that I think is of vital importance! In addition, 1 dollar of each purchase of this mat goes to Yoga programs for young people in situations of inequality. 

We already spent the money, let’s do it by supporting good causes.

It is a thin 3.5 mm mat with a good grip. If at any time it slips, you can wet it a little and it will improve adhesion. 

It has a pleasant touch, it is light, flexible, and ideal for doing a more dynamic type of yoga in which you sweat more, in addition to not keeping odors.

The size is 178 cm x 61 cm and weighs 2.2 kg. The material is 100% natural biodegradable and recyclable tree gum, printed with water-based inks. 

It is free of latex, silicone, toxic glues, and phthalates.

The purchase includes a carrying strap.


  • Design     
  • ecological material    
  • Committed to social causes
  • Does not keep odors   
  • Perfect if you sweat a lot doing yoga


  • On occasion, it requires you to get it     
  • The length is not ideal for very tall people

04. HOMTIKY yoga mat: best yoga accessories for beginners

This is one of the best eco-friendly yoga mats. It is 100% cork and 100% recyclable, so by buying this mat we are doing the environment a great favor.

It is a thicker mat than the average: 7mm, perfect for beginners. It is non-slip although the grip increases when it gets wet. 

Its drawn lines will help you improve the technique of your postures.

Being made of cork, it does not accumulate odors and is easy to clean. It is very light: it only weighs 1.2 kg and has a large size of 183×65 cm.

This mat is made of cork and has a TPE base.


  • light
  • drawn guides         
  • Anti-slip
  • 100% recyclable         
  • It does not accumulate odors and is easy to clean.


  • Thickness 7mm (some people prefer a thinner mat)

5. Manduka Pro:

The Manduka Pro is a unique mat. The design, the quality of the materials, and the finishes show why it is one of the best mats on the market. 

By the time you try it, you will never find anything like it again.

It is dense, and thick and provides unmatched comfort. Its surface is made of a closed cell that prevents perspiration and dirt from adhering to the mat. 

To achieve all this, the weight is somewhat affected and this may be one of the only drawbacks that we see. 

When taking it to class or taking it out of the house there are better options, since it is not very comfortable to transport.

In conclusion, if you are serious about your yoga practice, value quality, and want to invest in a mat that will last a lifetime, the Manduka Pro is your winning choice.

It’s a fantastic mat. I used to have one of these typical cheaper ones and that’s crap next to this. This mat is another world. You just have to see how heavy it is. It’s amazing. 

Nothing moves at all. So YES you can do yoga in conditions. I totally recommend it. It is expensive but worth it.


  • *Perfect for practicing yoga at home.
  • *One of the best mats on the market in terms of quality. Manduka guarantees that it will last you a lifetime.
  • *Non-slip, easy to clean, and with an incredible grip.


  • It weighs more than normal and this can hinder its transport.

6. TOPLUS mat:

This mat is an excellent option if you are just starting to practice yoga and want a quality mat without breaking the bank. 

Apart from adapting to you thanks to its memory foam, it is perfect for indoors.

It is non-slip, sweat and water-resistant and has a good grip. It is a very dense and thick mat, you will be able to see how the marks on the extremities remain and then disappear.

It will undoubtedly offer you incredible cushioning and comfort. 

What’s more, it has on the one hand the memory foam that we have talked about and on the other a “beehive” design that makes you achieve a greater grip.

Another strong point is its versatility. You can use it both for yoga and for other types of exercises or activities. It is easy to clean and does not give off odors.

Also, if you are a tall person you will appreciate that it is available in a large size of 183 x 61 cm.

This is your mat if you are getting into your yoga practice and need some time and experience before jumping into a better choice.


  • It adapts to your body thanks to its memory foam
  • Good value for money. Very versatile.
  • Ecological and recyclable.


  • If the design is essential for you, perhaps it is not the best option.
  • The finish and materials used could be of higher quality.

7. Manduka eKo Superlite:

We have talked about how we love to practice yoga in the park or on the beach but… What if it is in another country or do you need to take it on a trip?

That’s where the Manduka eKo Superlite comes in, a travel mat that sacrifices padding and cushioning for exceptional portability. 

Although it may not seem like it, it has a great grip that is only diminished by sweat and humidity.

If you are a traveler, you are looking for spiritual enlightenment in other countries and you need to take a yoga mat with you, here is your adventure companion.


  • The best mat on the market to carry in your backpack or on a trip.
  • Manufactured with adherent and light materials as well as ecological.


  • It has no padding.
  • With sweat and humidity, the grip can decrease.
  • The initial smell can be strong and therefore need a couple of washes.

08. Bausinger virgin wool yoga mat:

Yoga is like in the clouds

Can you be a little more tender? The tight weave

Bausinger professional yoga mat, made of virgin wool is non-slip, soft, and comfortable. 

With its particularly dense and high pile (20 mm), it guarantees comfort and warmth even on hard or cold floors. The bottom is made of non-slip ridged latex. 

It is especially suitable for calm and meditative yoga sessions. The Bausinger Professional is tested for harmful substances according to Öko-Tex Standard 100.

Easy care: the yoga mat made of virgin wool can be washed in the washing machine at 30 degrees.

The most important data at a glance:

  • In summary
  • Thickness: 20mm
  • Dimensions: 200cm x 70cm
  • Material: Virgin wool, latex
  • Weight: 2.6kg
  • Made in Germany
  • Biodegradable: No
  • Oeko-Tex certificate: Yes

09. Southern Shores Ocean Mat:

Donations for Whales and Dolphins

The Ocean Mat is the main product of the young company Southern Shores. 

The yoga mat is made from FSC-certified natural rubber, recycled rubber, and sustainably grown cotton. 

The natural rubber upper part guarantees slip resistance thanks to its open-pore structure. The cotton fabric inside the mat ensures longevity. 

The bottom layer of the mat is made from recycled natural rubber and provides additional cushioning.

Southern Shores use production scraps from the rubber industry that would otherwise end up in the trash. 

The three layers are heat bonded during the manufacturing process to avoid the use of toxic adhesives. 

According to the manufacturer, 1% of sales go to the Whales and Dolphins Foundation and, therefore, to the world’s protection of animals.

Fair Production: Southern Shores places great value on social and ecological sustainability by manufacturing yoga mats in Taiwan.

The most important data at a glance:

  • Thickness: 4mm
  • Dimensions: 183cm x 61cm
  • Material: Natural rubber, cotton
  • Weight: 2.4kg
  • Made in: Taiwan
  • Biodegradable: Yes
  • Oeko-Tex certified: No

10. Cambivo Mat XL:

If you are looking for a larger and very versatile mat, the Cambivo is without a doubt a good choice.

It measures 122cm wide and 183cm long, making it ideal for tall and/or corpulent people. 

It is 6mm thick which provides good cushioning, enough to withstand yoga, Pilates, and other exercise routines.

It is made of a sustainable TPE (a synthetic material) and has a waterproof surface, so it does not absorb sweat, does not smell, and is very easy to clean. 

According to users, it has a decent grip.


  • Extra big
  • Versatile
  • good grip
  • Easy to clean
  • Without smell


  • Too thick for some users (may affect your stability in some postures)
How do you clean a yoga mat?

You’re going to sweat a lot during your hot yoga practice, so it’s important to keep your gear clean. 

But how do you clean a yoga mat? You cannot put it in the washing machine or leave it outdoors in the rain. 

This is why most yogis look for ways to wash their sticky mats without damaging them.

Fortunately, there are several quick and easy techniques that can keep your mat smelling fresh and clean without risking its longevity. 

If you’re ready to learn how to clean a yoga mat, keep reading for our top tips and tricks.

Mix some vinegar and water:

If you have a basic yoga mat, you can use a mixture of water and vinegar to clean it. 

The mixture of water and vinegar acts as a cleaning agent that removes dirt and stains from the yoga mat. 

However, the mixture of vinegar and water produces a foamy mixture, so make sure the yoga mat is completely dry before storing it. 

This is because moisture can encourage the growth of bacteria and mold. In addition to cleaning the yoga mat effectively, 

the vinegar and water mixture also helps remove odor from the mat that comes from sweat and dirt.

Use a dry brush to scratch the mat:

Cleaning a yoga mat with a brush can damage it, but you can use a scrub brush. 

Scrub the mat with a dry brush to remove dirt and stains. If you have a stiff bristle brush at home, 

it can be the best tool for scrubbing and scraping your yoga mat. Remember to keep the brush clean and wash it after each use. 

You can use a mixture of water and vinegar to scrub your yoga mat to remove stubborn stains. You can also use baking soda to scrub the mat to effectively remove stains.

Try cleaning with baking soda:

You can also use baking soda to scrub your yoga mat. Baking soda cleans and refreshes the mat and is a safe cleaning agent. 

You can use this powder to scrub and clean your yoga mat. But before scrubbing the mat, it’s important to wet it first to increase its cleaning power. 

Baking soda is known as a mild abrasive that can help you remove dirt and stains from your yoga mat. 

The best part about using baking soda to scrub your yoga mat is that it is completely safe to use.

Try protein powder:

If your yoga mat has a lot of stains, you can scrub it with a mixture of water and protein powder to remove the stains and make your mat look like new again. 

You can use any type of protein powder, such as a sports protein powder, a women’s protein powder, or a vegan protein powder. 

Be careful not to use baby protein powder as it can be extremely dangerous. 

Protein powder is a mild abrasive that can help you clean your yoga mat and remove stains from it effectively. 

It is important to soak the yoga mat before scrubbing it with a mixture of water and protein powder to remove stains from the mat.

Try essential oils:

Many people prefer to use essential oils to clean the yoga mat. 

There are many different types of oils that you can use to clean your yoga mat. 

You can use lavender, citrus, peppermint, or eucalyptus oil to clean your mat and make it smell fresh. 

You can use an oil-soaked cloth or pour the oil directly onto the mat and rub it in with your hands.

You should make sure that the essential oil you use is natural and does not contain chemicals. 

If you want your yoga mat to look and smell clean, you can use essential oils to clean it. 

You want to make sure that you use pure essential oil and not a scented or fragranced oil. 

There are several benefits of cleaning the yoga mat with essential oils. 

You can also use these oils to clean your yoga clothes and other yoga equipment, such as yoga mats and yoga towels.

Advantages and disadvantages of yoga

 Advantages of yoga:

Healthy body:

As we all know, the important gain of yoga is that it continues the physique in structure and improves the functioning of a number of organs in the body.

It continues the ancient man in shape and the younger man flexible. An appropriate Yoga exercise is the best approach to continuing to be in shape.

It is now not expensive:

Yoga is an exercise that no longer requires membership in high-priced gyms and clubs,

although if you desired to, you should add exercise Yoga in a club, to limit expenses, working towards Yoga at domestic is a fantastic way to guide yourself. to suit in.

Easy to learn:

The simple workouts of Yoga are convenient to study and practice.

For example, numerous cell telephone purposes permit you to analyze yoga and its fundamental philosophy and workout routines for free.

Therefore, in contrast to lifting weights, you do not have to spend months mastering to do Yoga.

Mental agility:

If your line of occupation requires you to assume shortly and enhance new thoughts simultaneously, then Yoga is the best workout for you.

Practicing Yoga, simply as soon a day for ten to twenty minutes can hold your head calm and your existence serene.

Under stress:

Yoga continues the intellectual juices flowing as it is truly a philosophy that ensures you preserve applicable blood circulation.

The exercise of Yoga requires attention and tranquility and this is simply what you will get doing Yoga after a lengthy and difficult day at work.

Better Breathing:

One of the proposals protected in the exercise of Yoga is mindful contact with one’s very own breathing.

This allows the restoration of the most vital fundamental characteristic for the human being: whole herbal respiration.

Promotes a higher satisfaction with sleep:

When human beings no longer relax well, they can be noticeably affected mentally and physically.

In fact, terrible first-rate in our sleep is related to obesity, depression, as properly as different sorts of disorders.

Research has proven that practicing yoga helps set up higher sleep habits.

So a good deal so that researchers have observed that one of the advantages of yoga is the expansion in the secretion of melatonin,

the hormone that regulates each sleep and wakefulness. Therefore, yoga as a recreation can assist fight sleeping problems more commonly.

Disadvantages of yoga

The idea of best yoga accessories for beginners


Doing Yoga is hard at first as it offers you muscle cramps.

It is very essential to drink giant quantities of water whilst training in yoga due to the fact yoga pushes the muscular tissues to new heights.

It requires keeping a healthful diet; otherwise, yoga can lead to cramps and illness.

Expensive with a private trainer:

If Yoga is practiced with the assistance of a private coach then it can be expensive.

A non-public coach will make certain your exercise stays nice and exhibit you the strategies to attain new heights in your Yoga practice, however, it will be pretty expensive.

It ought to be practiced with sizeable caution:

Yoga is a shape of workout that ought to be practiced with a giant quantity of warning and ordinary practice.

It ought to be carried out under supervision at first to keep away from quite a number of malpractice issues. Practicing incorrectly can motive injury to the physique in the future.


Since yoga is an extraordinarily famous practice in the world proper now, it is naturally rife with fraud. There are numerous institutes,

and non-public trainers who might also now not have the slightest notion about the philosophy and practice of Yoga, however, they will cost you cash and cheat you in this way.

Choose the right way:

In Yoga, it is once in a while tough to pick out the proper fashion of Yoga. Since yoga is a historic structure of exercise,

its roots lie now not solely in India but additionally in different components of Southeast Asia. Choosing the proper structure of Yoga can be frustrating.

Physical concerns:

Just like all footwear and garments do not appear excellent on all types of people, workouts have to additionally be chosen in accordance with lifestyle and ingesting habits.

Yoga can purpose extreme aches and joint destabilization in seniors and amateurs. Consult a physician earlier than starting.

Risk of stroke:

Patients with excessive blood stress and diabetes may also locate it tough to exercise yoga barring supervision and ought to know not to do so as it will increase the chance of stroke.

People struggling with these illnesses ought to without a doubt keep away from working toward Yoga.

Keeping the thought and physique in form is viable thanks to the exercise of Yoga.

One needs to make positive to do it under supervision when beginning the exercise and then step by step cross into working towards one’s very own when one has received a bit extra readability and practice.

People with medical illnesses have to seek advice from docs earlier than beginning the exercise Yoga.

More best yoga accessories for beginners

Women’s Yoga Socks:

These socks are made with premium combed cotton and 100%  silicone gel grippers at the bottom, ensuring freedom of movement on slippery surfaces like tiled floors or even carpets. This low-cut women’s sock features elastic straps and details to add style to your workout.

Women’s Sports Bra:

This sweat-wicking, cross-strap bra gives you the coverage and support you need for yoga, running, and gym workouts, without restricting your movement or breathing.  The fabric contains spandex, which allows the bra to stretch with you and maintain its shape over time, plus you can wear it with or without padding for full coverage. Cross-back strap detailing gives the V-neck bra its distinctive style, and it features heat transfer technology for comfort and support.

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