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Best weight loss exercise equipment home

Advantage of the best weight loss exercise equipment home training at not only for those who have little time or do not have a monthly amount of money to go to the gym. But no, Since there are many reasons why you may prefer to stay at home and exercise there.

But before I tell you what the advantages of doing exercise routines at home are, keep in mind that you must allocate a space to train. It can be on the balcony, the terrace, the garden, the living room, or an area of ​​little use.

Exercising at home will always allow you to save more. To achieve an athletic body, at least a healthy one, you don’t have to spend large sums of money. At least the training can be free.

On the internet, you will find many training videos, and at home, you have several objects that you can use to carry out your routines. Yes, nothing like a personal trainer to correct you, but you can also use a wide mirror so that you adopt the correct postures.

Railings, chairs, tables, and steps are some examples of the things you have at home that you can use to achieve the body you want.

Even if you decide to buy machines, like a treadmill, it will always be an investment. Since only you will use it and you will not have to pay a fee every month to be able to train on it. And, in case it is cold, it will not be necessary to take a jacket or windbreaker with you.  

Plus, you’ll save the money (or time) you need to get to and from the gym or park.

What is a home gym?

A home gym is a set of training equipment that simulates a traditional gym but on a smaller scale and more focused on your needs, similar to the equipment that is in external training spaces. 

The home gym varies in size and functions according to the tastes of the user, which will allow you to exercise in the comfort of your home.

Essential 6 best weight loss exercise equipment home

  1. Jump rope:

Because one of the basic exercises of a lifetime cannot be left out, this skipping rope can be used with or without a rope, which adds comfort to a design that you can take everywhere.

  1. MMTX Resistance Bands:

These bands are another way to exercise arms and legs without leaving home and for very little money. 

It is a set of 3 bands with different levels of resistance: the pink ones are for basic training, the purple ones are for professional training, and the blue ones are designed for strength-focused training.

MMTX bands are made with 100% ecological natural latex. The seller claims that they can be used by men, women, children, and the elderly and that they are valid for cross-fit routines, Pilates, yoga, insanity, P90X, beach body, and even for dance and ballet.

With the purchase, a buckle is included that allows the bands to be attached to the doors of the home. 

  1. Support for push-ups:

To guarantee maximum performance in each push-up, these steel supports with a resistance of up to 300 kilos are designed to reduce pressure on the wrist and prevent injuries, in addition, their grip prevents slipping even despite sweating.

  1. 7-10 kg kettlebell:

As a complement to strength routines, this 8-kilo kettlebell will be a plus to exercising your arms, shoulders, legs, and buttocks. 

Its handle is the perfect size to be held with both hands or just one, and its robustness guarantees that it will accompany you in your routines for a long time. Kettlebell 8kg for Body Building and Weight Training.

  1. Weight Bench:

For a more intense workout, this weight bench is perfect, since you can work the torso, abdomen, arms, and legs with just one device. 

It does not take up too much space, it is robust, durable, and highly stable to complement your fitness initiation routines.

*HOMCOM Weight Bench Abdominal Bench Weights Stretching Arms Multifunctional for Fitness with 2 Steel Expander Ropes.

  1. Pull-up bar:

Ideal for exercising your arms in the corners (or frames, rather) of the house, we have this Ultrasport pull-up bar, which fits into any space. 

Its steel construction provides support for 100 kilograms of weight and, if you do not want to fix it permanently, you can make use of its temporary installation thanks to its rubber closures.

Ultrasport double door Pull-Up Bar, upper body device, adjustable for Widths 25-40″,  maximum load 100-150 kg, robust steel, black,   2-Way.

Best exercise home equipment weight loss

Homemade punching bag:

Boxing is a very effective activity to burn calories and release tension, so having a homemade punching bag is always handy. 

To make it you will need a strong fabric that can be canvas, synthetic leather, or even leather. 

To sew, strong waxed thread, approximately 70g, an awl to open the holes, strong and large needles, and glue.

Measure the fabric to establish the bag’s size, then cut it. Don’t forget to leave a little more material for the seams. 

With the remaining fabric, cut the lower and upper cover of the bag in a circular shape, leaving an extra portion of fabric for the seams.

Next, glue the sack all the way down so it doesn’t move when you sew it, then glue and sew the flaps. Add two or three pieces of sturdy fabric attached to a metal hoop at the top so you can hang the bag. 

To fill it, use old clothes, rags, scraps of cloth, sand, and/or sawdust.

Another alternative is to make it out of jean fabric and use a sewing machine to join the seams as seen in the following tutorial.

A mini boxing fight camp:

Boxing is a complete and beneficial workout for the whole body, and a Fight Camp is a good alternative for those who miss their boxing classes.

Many fitness equipments of this type also come with apps that allow real-life boxers to guide you through classes via the app. 

There’s also a leaderboard, which allows you to engage in some friendly competition with others using similar exercise equipment at home.

Enjoy the unique boxing experience that replaced your own boxing gym memberships. 

Those new to boxing say the program offers classes for beginners and advanced boxers, which helps as their form improves over time.


*It comes with a studio-quality stand-alone bag, boxing gloves, training mat, bag ring, punch trackers, and high-speed wraps. intensity.

*It can be used with applications that include thousands of “on-demand” boxing classes.

*Interval training workouts in the app can be done in as little as 15 minutes if intense training is required.


*The price can be high if you are not an experienced boxer.

Extra cost for accessories.

*Applications are not always available for all operating systems.

Best small home gym accessories

  1. Dumbbell Set:

There are some dumbbell sets that come with two or three different weights. To start you don’t need all the weights, you can start with the lowest ones to avoid hurting yourself.

  1. Stationary bike:

It is not necessary to have a treadmill and a bicycle, it can be one or the other. The benefits of the bike over the treadmill are several: it takes up less space, makes less noise (vital if you live in an apartment), and does not generate impact on the joints.

In addition to serving to warm up, it is also an excellent tool for toning the legs, buttocks, and abdomen. You can even work your arms if you incorporate spinning movements.

  1. Weight bench:

The weight bench is a device that at first glance seems very simple but is super complete. It allows locating the body in different positions to work the various muscles. From the chest, back, shoulders, triceps, abs, buttocks, and biceps.

  1. Step bench:

We already have almost everything we need to train at home, we just need something to work on coordination and agility, and do a little cardio to burn calories for this, a step bench can be the answer and we are going to tell you how to do it.

With the following tutorial, you will be able to make your step in a simple way. You only need wood, a saw, nails, a hammer or self-drilling screws, and a carpenter’s glue to reinforce the joints.

  1. Yoga mat:

The yoga mat, as its name suggests, is for performing physical postures, breathing exercises, and meditation without feeling discomfort. It is ideal to avoid feeling discomfort or pain when stretching after you have finished exercising.

  1. Multi-bodybuilding gym:

It is essential to perform all kinds of strength exercises to work the muscles. Back, legs, arms, quads, glutes, biceps, triceps, and much more!

Before choosing it, take the time to check the measurements, functions, and characteristics of the different multi-gym models so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Why is a home gym good for me?

In general, terms, practicing sports is positive for the body and is recommended by doctors, physiotherapists, and psychologists. The most common way to practice sports today, in addition to outdoor exercise, is by attending a gym.

The gyms offer all the necessary equipment, and personalized plans on demand and force you to create an hourly routine.

However, reconciling work, personal, and family life with leisure is not always easy. For this reason, a home gym can be approached from two perspectives: as an alternative to the gym if we cannot attend one due to lack of time or attractive options,

or as a supplement to the activity we do in the gym so that the days we Let’s not go, we can exercise at home. it is also ideal to break the routine and our sedentary life.

Best clothes and shoes for exercise at home

The shoes are consistent with the exercises you will do. These should provide you with body stability and hold your ankles well, to avoid injuries. Whether you are going to wear shoes in winter or in the other months of the year, they must be characterized by:

Be light.

Made of resistant material such as leather or canvas.

Compensatory footsteps.

Provide ventilation to the foot thanks to air chambers in the front and back of the sole.

Have a slight concavity in the heel area.

Of the correct size, so that they hold well to the foot.

Breathable and padded.

Suitable for improving body posture.

Clothes for Exercise

When you think about exercising, you often make the mistake of dressing in whatever clothing is comfortable. We ran to the closet to get that polo shirt that we haven’t worn in so long and those cotton pants that we love.

The truth is that nothing is more wrong than this. If you have decided to start exercising, be it outdoors, in the gym, or at home, with or without a trainer, you must choose the right clothes for training. 

So it is worth taking the time to choose it since the performance we have in the exercise routines will depend on it.

Best home exercise equipment for weight loss

Treadmills machine for the home: These treadmills have different training modes, from low speeds for warm-ups or beginners to much higher speeds.

Running is one of the most common ways to exercise our entire body, we exercise all our muscles and speed up our heart rate, therefore we start burning calories, and blood flow increases. With a constant exercise routine, we will strengthen our hearts and therefore our health will improve remarkably.

However,t of the best ones you can have in your home.

Folding exercise bike:

The risk is zero and best for small spaces, being foldable once you finish using it you can fold it and store it in any corner.

If you are new to training, it is best that you buy an exercise bike, this is one of the safest machines, the training is smooth and the risks of suffering an injury are very low.

Once you buy an exercise bike, you must adjust everything correctly based on your height and other measurements, in this way, you will maintain a comfortable and correct position while you are in full physical performance.

What do I need to have a home gym?

The elements that shape a home gym are diverse since it depends on who uses it. If an athlete only trains a specific part of his body, he only needs certain equipment to exercise those muscles. 

On the other hand, if we are looking for more complete and comprehensive training, with varied routines, we will have to add more elements.

For this, it is essential to know what is offered in the market if we want to continue expanding our home gym. 

There are several options: you can go buying individual parts every so often or bet on more complete machines that allow you to exercise several muscles of different extremities at the same time or consecutively without leaving the same place.

Tips for best weight loss exercise equipment home

*Buy equipment in your likes.

*Do not wear plastic clothing (jackets or girdles made of this material) because they will cause you to lose a lot of water, which can be counterproductive.

*Depending on the weather, wear two or three layers of clothing so that you can take it off or put it on as the body and climatic temperatures rise or fall.

*The bra you wear should be without annoying underwires or seams.

*Squats:  The squat is a low-impact exercise that brings many benefits to the body. these give you resistance, flexibility, and toning while you exercise various muscles and eliminate calories. The key is to keep your back straight, your feet shoulder-width apart, and not squatting too low.

*Follow the manufacturer’s washing directions.

*Abdominals:  to exercise the abdomen you do not need a special device. You will only need clothing as we have already described it to you, and hydrate yourself before and after doing the abs. It is advisable to practice them every other day to give the muscles time to rest.

*Wear socks and underwear suitable for sports. That is, these must also be synthetic.

*Go up and down stairs: doing this activity will help you raise your heart rate and strengthen your cardiovascular system, reduce cellulite, and strengthen your legs. You can do it as many times as you want and in different ways: with one foot, raising your knees, on your toes, etc.

Walking and doing push-ups are other ways you can exercise without leaving the house. And you, what is the appropriate clothing you wear for your exercise routines at home? If you need to buy a sports garment or accessory, we invite you to visit our online store.

*Measure your clothes before you buy them. and Always wear clean clothes.

*Wash clothes after each workout. This way you will avoid the bad smell and the accumulation of bacteria.

Why best fitness equipment for home gym

In general, terms, practicing sports is positive for the body and is recommended by doctors, physiotherapists, and psychologists. The most common way to practice sports today, in addition to outdoor exercise, is by attending a gym.

The gyms offer all the necessary equipment, and personalized plans on demand and force you to create an hourly routine.

However, reconciling work, personal, and family life with leisure is not always easy. For this reason, a home gym can be approached from two perspectives: as an alternative to the gym if we cannot attend one due to lack of time or attractive options,

or as a supplement to the activity we do in the gym so that the days we Let’s not go, we can exercise at home. it is also ideal to break the routine and our sedentary life.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of home gym equipment

This is the basis of our analysis, since knowing the pros and cons will help us to have a broader picture? As you will see, in the following table we will mention certain advantages and some disadvantages of the home gym,

summarizing some of the ones that we have been explaining in the previous paragraphs and incorporating some others that the user must take into account.


*Personalized training

*Individually selected teams

*Guaranteed availability 24/7

*No payment of fees

*without transfers


*initial investment

*counseling required

*Possible accumulation of odors

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