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Why are my teeth yellow? causes, symptoms, remedies & more

This article, Why are my teeth yellow? causes, symptoms, remedies, and more information.

Summary of yellowish teeth: Aging is one of the main causes of this problem, since with age, the outer layer of the teeth wears down and becomes thinner. This makes the inner layer, known as dentin, increasingly visible. Dentin is naturally a yellow hue, so the more it comes to light, the yellower your teeth appear.

Genetics can also be a major cause of yellow teeth. Some people may have a thinner outer layer of teeth or a larger amount of dentin, which causes their base teeth to start a darker shade.

The use of certain medications may also be related to tooth color. Antibiotics, such as tetracycline, can stain them yellow or grayish, especially if taken during childhood tooth formation.

Consuming foods and drinks that stain teeth, such as coffee, tea, red wine, and cola, also contributes to this. These foods and drinks contain dark pigments that can adhere to the teeth and progressively stain them.

Lastly, poor dental hygiene is also a major cause of yellow teeth. If you don’t brush regularly or floss, stains on your teeth can build up and cause them to appear unevenly white.

Yellowish teeth

Dental stains can be of two types:

*Intrinsic, which are those related to the internal structure of the tooth (caused by aging, genetics, or the use of certain medications).

*Extrinsic, which are those that affect the outside of the tooth and can be eliminated by polishing the piece (the reason is excessive consumption of coffee, wine, tobacco, etc.)

In the case of yellow teeth, the dentist will recommend the most appropriate treatment based on the type of stain and the cause that caused it.

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic treatment whose purpose is to eliminate stains on the teeth. In this case, the yellowish teeth color.

The technique consists of using hydrogen peroxide gel. This gel is spread over the enamel and activated with a cold light system.

The gel oxygenates the internal tissues of the tooth without damaging the structure.

It is done in two sessions.

In the first session, a good dental cleaning or gastrectomy is performed, the patient’s case is studied, and custom trays are made.

In the second session, the gel treatment is performed with cold light technology. The process takes approximately an hour and a half.

Afterward, the patient can continue teeth whitening from home.

Oral cleaning:

Sometimes, a good dental cleaning is enough to recover the natural shade.

This thorough cleaning does not whiten teeth.

What it does is eliminate tartar and stains caused by the consumption of coffee, tobacco, etc., returning the enamel to its original color.

As you can see, visiting the dentist regularly will not only prevent future dental problems but will also help you maintain a beautiful smile.

Dental veneers:

Dental veneers are small sheets of porcelain or composite that are placed on the outside of the tooth, thus correcting small dental imperfections, such as yellow teeth.

This treatment is more expensive than whitening and more invasive, which is why it is only recommended if there are other associated problems such as broken teeth, diastema, or dental malposition..

However, the result is much longer lasting if proper maintenance is carried out.

In this sense, dental technology not only makes the process easier for us but also allows us to carry out simulations so that patients can see the result before carrying out the treatment.

Why are my teeth yellow?

Mainly, there are three reasons why teeth acquire that yellowish hue: natural causes, drugs, or bad habits.

1. Smoking

We all know the negative effects of smoking and the serious impact it has on oral health: halitosis, tooth sensitivity, rotten teeth, And of course, yellow teeth.

Nicotine and tar are responsible for staining the enamel and darkening the tone.

Not only that: damaging this protective layer of the teeth is nothing more than the beginning of other oral diseases.

2. Poor oral hygiene

If good oral hygiene is not maintained, bacterial plaque accumulates and tartar appears.

In addition to dirtying your teeth, dental calculus damages the gums and causes cavities, among other oral problems.

Brushing your teeth correctly and having adequate oral hygiene will largely prevent your teeth from changing color. 

Here it is important to remember that constant use of mouthwashes with chlorhexidine can stain your teeth.

3. Food

There are certain drinks such as coffee, wine, tea, soft drinks, or fruits such as cherries, blackberries, or blueberries, that can alter the tone if consumed regularly.

These foods have pigments that seep into the pores of your teeth (dentin canaliculi).

Likewise, some foods promote your oral health: apples, olive oil, dairy products, or vegetables such as carrots.

4. Excess fluoride

Fluoride is vital to prevent and combat cavities. However, an excess of it or fluorosis can discolor your teeth.

This is often due to excessive consumption of drinking water and other fluoridated products, especially during childhood. Hence, it is recommended that children use toothpaste without fluoride or with low concentrations of it.

Why are my teeth yellow when i brush them everyday

There are people with yellow teeth despite their habits and oral hygiene is correct.

1. Yellow teeth due to genetics

The genetic factor is influenced by the thickness of the enamel and the appearance of the dentin.

The color of the enamel is inherited, which is why there are people who are prone to stains or have yellow teeth from birth.

Congenital diseases, such as dentinogenesis or amelogenesis imperfecta, affect the enamel or dentin, and consequently the color of the teeth.

The same happens with hereditary calcium deficiencies.

2. Yellow teeth due to illness

Suffering alterations in thyroid hormones can cause color changes or darkening.

Trauma to the mouth causes the blood to clot and the tooth to darken.

Treatments such as chemotherapy or radiation also discolor teeth.

3. Drugs

There are antibiotics, such as tetracyclines, that generate intrinsic and irreversible coloration in children under 8 years of age.

Other types of medications, such as amoxicillin or cotrimoxazole, can cause extrinsic stains.

On the other hand, antihistamines or medications for hypertension affect tooth formation, causing the teeth to acquire a dark, striated tone.

4. Age

The passage of time is another factor that influences the change in tooth color.

A young tooth has less mineral content and more thickness. It is, therefore, not very translucent.

An aged tooth is richer in minerals and the enamel is more translucent, which “allows you to see” what is behind it: the dentin, a yellow soft tissue.

Over the years, the enamel wears down and reveals the yellowish color of the dentin.

5. Bruxism

Due to bruxism, the tooth enamel weakens and consequently triggers a color change in the teeth.

Treatment for teeth yellow

Dental aesthetic treatments are especially effective against this type of tooth discoloration. There are two solutions to the problem:

Teeth whitening for yellowish teeth

Professional teeth whitening is the only scientifically effective method to restore whiteness to yellowish teeth. There are different types of teeth whitening, but they are all based on a hydrogen peroxide gel that oxygenates the internal tissues of the tooth without damaging its structure.

Veneers for Yellowish teeth

Veneers are dental aesthetic treatments that recompose the front part of the teeth using various materials, depending on the veneer chosen. These treatments are more expensive and somewhat more invasive than whitening, so your dentist will probably only recommend them if there are aesthetic problems associated (gaps between teeth, cracked teeth…) with your yellow teeth or if you are not a patient. suitable for whitening for some particular reason.

Consult your dentist

Before making a decision, visit a trusted dental clinic so that a dentist can study your case and recommend the best way to restore charm and freshness to your smile.

How to prevent teeth yellow from appearing?

You can avoid or reduce the yellowing of your teeth by maintaining healthy habits:

*Do not abuse the drinks or foods mentioned above: wine, tea, coffee, acidic, sugary foods, fruits with many pigments…

*Use fluoride in moderation

*Don’t smoke or at least reduce your consumption

*Maintain correct daily oral hygiene

*Don’t trust popular home remedies like baking soda with lemon. The acid erodes the enamel and causes yellowish teeth:.

*Visit your dentist at least once a year for a check-up

How to solve yellow teeth in children?

The best way to avoid tooth discoloration in children, when it is not due to genetic factors, is to maintain correct dental hygiene. This means:

*Brush your teeth after each meal.

*Reduce sugar consumption.

*Avoid coloring in drinks and foods. If consumed, try to brush your teeth afterward.

*Pass the dental floss in the interdental spaces. These areas are the ones that accumulate the most tartar and can acquire color first.

*Use the recommended amounts of fluoride in toothpastes.

With these simple tips, you can prevent children’s teeth from turning yellow, in addition to keeping their mouths healthy.

How to remove yellow stains from teeth naturally

The best way to whiten your teeth is to go to your trusted dentist. While you schedule your appointment you can try these home tips to whiten your yellowish teeth:

Baking soda

Mix some baking soda with water and pour it over your toothbrush before you start brushing. Or apply it with your fingertips and let it sit for about 1 minute. But be sure to use it sparingly or it can erode the enamel.

Fruit peel

Rub the inside of a banana or orange peel over your teeth. The peel is rich in magnesium, manganese, and potassium which recharges the enamel.

Eat vegetables

Include plenty of crunchy vegetables like apples, carrots, and celery in your diet. These foods are sharp, meaning they will rub against the surface of your teeth without damaging the enamel. Also consume plenty of milk and dairy products, as they increase pH levels and remineralize tooth enamel, leaving a dazzling shine.

Apple cider vinegar

Give your teeth a good massage with apple cider vinegar, rinse well, and repeat for a few days to get that bright white smile.

Brushing and flossing

Brush your teeth twice a day for about 2 minutes each. Make sure your brush has soft/medium bristles that will not damage the gum. Many Indians don’t take flossing too seriously, but it’s time they did. Flossing can improve all stains over time, especially those between your teeth.

Is the yellow color in children’s permanent teeth normal?

When children have mixed dentition, it is possible to see a different shade between the temporary and permanent teeth. This is because the “baby teeth” may be lighter in color and, being close to the permanent teeth, a greater contrast may be seen between the color of both.

Having the perception that permanent teeth are yellower than temporary teeth is not alarming or worrying, as long as the little ones follow daily dental hygiene routines and habits, and have their check-ups at the dentist.

Furthermore, although the universal image of completely white teeth has been sold, the truth is that the shade of permanent teeth varies from one person to another and that the most common original shade is yellowish teeth.

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How to whiten yellowish teeth from home?

Contrary to what you may find on social networks or other digital media, I’m sorry to tell you that the typical advice for whitening your yellowish teeth from home is not a good idea.

Surely you have been on the verge of being tempted to try baking soda, lemon, or activated charcoal, and they can indeed help eliminate some superficial stains. The problem? They achieve this effect by wearing down the tooth enamel since they are too abrasive. Instead, and always under the supervision of a dentist who tells us which products are suitable and how to use them, it is preferable to opt for:

*Whitening toothpaste.


*Whitening pencils.

Benefits of teeth yellow whitening at home

Many dentists provide their patients with effective Yellowish teeth treatments at home. Some known techniques may not be as efficient as those provided by the specialist.

Teeth whitening is one of the most effective ways to have a beautiful smile. Nowadays there are many ways to get perfect teeth at home. This is due to the evolution that has occurred in dentistry to create treatments that are safe and can be applied at home.

With whitening treatments at home, you can obtain the same results, but in the comfort of your home. They can even be cheaper than those done in the clinic.

Whitening your teeth with home remedies can also be a good option. However, it should not be abused, since tooth enamel is delicate and if not taken care of, it can cause serious damage to the teeth.

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What are the risks of whitening your teeth with home methods?

The most common products with which people usually try to whiten their teeth at home are activated charcoal, baking soda, lemon juice, and hydrogen peroxide. 

It is essential to understand that any unsupervised home whitening carries risks for dental and general health, and the subsequent costs may end up being higher than a well-done treatment at the dentist.

These are some of the  general consequences  that resorting to home teeth whitening without professional supervision can have:

*Tooth enamel abrasion

*Burns on the gums and mucous membranes


*Dental hypersensitivity

*Yellower teeth in the long term

*Tooth wear

If you want to have a whiter smile, go to the dentist. At the clinic, they will examine you and inform you if your mouth is ready to receive whitening, or if, on the contrary, it is necessary to carry out some prior treatment to heal your teeth and gums. Avoid taking unnecessary risks with home remedies and above all, take care of your yellowish teeth.

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How to remove yellow from teeth in one day?

Removing yellow from teeth in one day is difficult. Professional teeth whitening treatments offer faster results, but consult a dentist for safe and effective options.

How to whiten yellow diets in 2 minutes?

Whitening teeth in 2 minutes is unrealistic. Fast and safe results are best achieved with professional treatments or at-home whitening kits supervised by dentists, but not in such a short time.

How to whiten yellow teeth fast?

To whiten yellowish teeth quickly, consider professional in-clinic teeth whitening treatments. Dentist-supervised whitening kits also offer fast and safe results.


Yellow teeth are a very common aesthetic problem.

The causes that cause it can be diverse, however, good oral hygiene and healthy habits can help avoid, or at least reduce, this alteration in the shade of the teeth.

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