How to choose the best automatic feeder for cats and dogs

About materials and how to choose the best automatic feeder for cats and dogs: stainless steel, plastic, ceramic feeders, and more ideas: Before talking about types of dog feeders, it is important to review the materials these accessories can be made of. In the market, we can find stainless steel, plastic, ceramic and silicone feeders. These are its advantages and disadvantages:

Plastic feeders: plastic is the simplest, most practical, and most economical option. They wash comfortably and do not tend to break easily but keep in mind that some dogs may be allergic to this material. In addition, poorer quality plastic feeders could transmit toxins to the food.

Silicone feeders: this material is used only for travel feeders, which we will talk about in detail in the next section. Silicone is resistant, flexible, and easy to clean. There are steel, plastic, ceramic, and silicone dog feeders. Carefully consider the pros and cons of each material before purchasing a feeder for your dog.

Stainless Steel Feeders – As a material, stainless steel is probably the best option of all, as it combines strength, durability, and ease of washing. The fact that it does not transmit toxins to food is also important. Ceramic feeders: these feeders are easy to clean and often have very different and attractive designs. They’re heavy, so they usually won’t slide across the floor when your dog eats, but they can easily chip or break if dropped or bumped.

What is the best automatic feeder for cats and dogs?

It is not easy to choose a feeder from among all the models that exist; If you are looking for the best automatic feeder, I think you should make sure that it has a good capacity, that the rations are more customizable the better (in number and quantity), that it is a reliable feeder that does not fail, that it is clean and better if you have voice recording. 

Then the personal preferences of each one come into play, such as looking for a smart feeder that works from the mobile or that you need a double feeder for two pets. In this comparative table, you can see the main characteristics of the best feeders on the market.

Why use an automatic feeder? 

When are they useful?

Surely you think that the feeders only serve to feed our dogs when we are not at home, but in reality, it has many other advantages. Pay attention….They allow us to better control the amounts of food, better control our dog’s weight. They can be very useful for people with reduced mobility or for the elderly. Allows you to follow a meal schedule for your dog accurately.

It takes away the worry of whether we will get home on time to feed our dog. We don’t have to ask for favors from friends, family, or neighbors to do the work.

What is an automatic feeder and how does it work?

An automatic feeder is a device that is responsible for giving food to your pet independently and automatically, so you will not have to worry about their food if you are out of each. Normally, apart from programming the hours, you will be able to customize both the number of daily food rations and their quantity.

Advantages and disadvantages of the best automatic feeder for cats and dogs


   *As we have already mentioned, they are very practical for people who have little time or are very busy at work.

   *You will be able to have your food organized at all times of the day. That is, your dog will eat the amount that you have established.

   *The feed is better preserved in this way since bugs will not be able to access it and it will not be continuously in the air.

   *You will prevent your dog from eating too much feed by having it exposed throughout the day.


*The price: The price turns out to be high for several clients, who come from using a basic feeder and do not take into account the cost of the programming, timer, and structure so that they can supply the feed at the indicated time.

Types of automatic feeders:

At this point, there are only two alternatives: know the variety that exists and jump directly to the best feeders, or want to learn the different types and their functionalities. It is worth noting 2 types of feeders according to their functions: non-programmable and programmable.

Non-Programmable Feeders:

These feeders, not having a timer or any technology, do not need alternating current to work. Being more basic, they are usually cheaper and easier to clean than feeders that have a timer. They are perfect for people who seek the comfort of not having to configure it before starting it so that nothing else comes to you, you just have to introduce the feed and not worry about anything else.

This type also has its drawbacks, one of them is the inability to ration food for your dog since the operation does not allow it. Its function is to refill the feeder every time it is emptied, so if you have a gluttonous dog, if you are not aware… it will gain weight.

Programmable Feeders:

Unlike non-programmable feeders, before being used they must be configured and programmed to time your pets’ meals. Thanks to the timer, you can completely stop worrying and have your dog follow a more controlled diet. It seems that these feeders are made for dogs that are overweight or anxious for food, but this is not entirely true, because their main function is to manage the feed at times when you cannot attend to it.

A good example is when you go on vacation for a week and you don’t want to bother your neighbors every day so they can feed you. From my point of view, it gives you freedom that you couldn’t get any other way, by not having to keep an eye out, day by day, wondering if your dog has already eaten. If I had to put a but, it would be the price of these machines due to their high technology and the quality of the materials to avoid damage through bites.

What automatic feeder to buy

When choosing an automatic feeder for your pet, there are several aspects that you should take into account. Only then can you make the best choice: For one or two animals: It is the first decision to be made. Some feeders have two outlets and others only have one. Depending on how many pets you have at home, you have to look for one type or another.

Make it easy to clean: The more parts that can be taken apart for washing, the better. So you can clean the feeder with little effort and difficulty.

Deposit size depending on the size of the dog: Larger dogs need the largest tanks to get the right rations for what they need to eat.

With camera: Choosing an automatic feeder with a camera allows you to have greater control of the animals.

With Wi-Fi connection: They work with an application or with a Wi-Fi connection offering greater comfort for the management and programming of pet meals.

The animals cannot dispense food by themselves: The more hidden or difficult to press the control panel, the better. This way you prevent your pets from learning the location of the button that allows food to come out.

Price: The prices of automatic feeders vary greatly, depending on the manufacturer and the features it offers. In this guide, we have named the best automatic feeders on the market, according to the conditions of each person, about quality/price. Any feeder shown in this article will be very useful for your home, but it is advisable to read the descriptions of each product to see which one best suits the needs of your pet. The price of “best automatic dog feeders” is between 50 and 200 dollars.

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20 best automatic feeder for cats and dogs

(1) Iseebiz: is the best automatic feeder for cats and dogs with infrared

The Iseebiz automatic feeder is ideal for both dogs and cats. You can configure it to serve four meals a day without having to worry since it has a 3-liter capacity tank. The opinions of clients value it as a very good product to adjust their schedules and feed their pets. Automatic Feeder Iseebiz 3 L Automatic Feeder Cats, Dog, 4 Daily Meals of 195g.


*Food routine: This automatic feeder is ideal for your pets to maintain a few hours and a meal routine even if you are not with them. He feeds them the ration they need at the right time.

*Record and play the voice: It has a function that allows you to record your voice to use it as a call sound so that your pets come to eat.

*Capacity: It is a feeder with a large capacity deposit. You can leave it ready to dispense meals to your pet even if you are not at home.

*sensors: It works with infrared sensors. This is his way of measuring the amount of food that falls into the bowl.

*With buttons: It works with buttons, so your pets can’t dispense food by themselves.


No Wi-Fi: On the downside, this is not a feeder that has connections like Wi-Fi or a camera. If you want it to have these features, you have to look for a model from another range. It is not for large dogs: If your pet is a large dog, this feeder may be a bit small for you. With wall plug: For it to work it has to be connected to the wall, so you must find a hole near a plug. It is not suitable for all types of feed: Each of the feed balls must be of a medium size so that it does not get stuck. If you want to see more products like this, in the following comparative table you can consult a selection of the best automatic feeders for dogs and cats.

(2) WellRoBe, the best automatic feeder for two pets with wifi

Do you have more than one pet at home? No problem. With this automatic feeder for two, you can feed them at the same time and each one has its portion. Customers value very positively the convenience of programming the feeder to serve their pet’s meals without having to pay attention. 2.4G WiFi Automatic Feeder for Cats and Dogs and multiple Pets, Food Dispenser with APP Remote Control, 10s Voice Recording, Programmable Food Time and Portions.


*This feeder has two food outlets to feed your pets at the same time. You can control it remotely, through an application.

*The feeder has a Wi-Fi connection and you can program the time between each meal, as well as the amount that comes out in each of the portions.

*With this feeder you can program up to six meals a day at different times.

*You can record a sound by voice so that it sounds every time you want your pet to go eat.


*The tank capacity is four liters, which allows you to feed both animals. Although if they are two large dogs it may be a little short for you.

*It doesn’t have a camera: If you want to control how your animals eat and behave when you are not around, you have to look for other alternatives.

*It works using batteries or connected to the current. To forget about the battery running out, you have to place it near a socket.

Best Puppy automatic feeder

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(3) Puppy Kitty automatic feeder

We start with the best-selling cat food dispenser model and the one that is gaining the most popularity this year. It achieves this thanks to a repertoire of high-end features and its great functionality, offering total confidence when it comes to feeding your pet. The Puppy Kitty feeder has a very intuitive interface, is easy to clean, and is built with highly durable materials. It will become a natural fixture in your pet’s life, something the animal will accept and be glad to have by its side at all times. 

It stands out for the following:

Personalized programming: up to 4 meals a day can be configured, being able to choose 10 different quantities for each meal. It has a useful LCD screen where you can view all the information about its operation: programmed meals, meals served, quantities, time, battery…Voice recording so that it sounds up to 3 times each time a meal is programmed so that your pet can identify when it has to eat. The lock button at the top ensures that the animal does not access the tank.

Large capacity tank: 6.5 liters. According to the manufacturer, enough to feed a dog for 20 days or a cat for 35 days. Designed so that it does not get stuck and that no grain of feed is spilled. Two power sources, electric power or batteries, ensure that your pet does not stop receiving the food it needs even if there is a power outage. Available in 3 colors. The base is non-slip.

There is also a premium version in which it becomes a smart feeder and can be controlled via mobile, although its capacity is reduced to 4 liters and its price increases. As a negative aspect, I think it should be noted that the closure could be more hermetic to keep the food better stored.


  • large capacity tank  
  • Fully customizable programming
  • Very safe: two power supplies
  • Many sales and very good opinions


  • The closure is not 100% hermetic

Who should buy this automatic feeder?

This feeder is ideal for pet owners who are looking for a completely reliable feeder with which they can customize their portions and meals as much as possible.

(4) WellToBe double automatic feeder for dogs and cats:

Its high sales volume confirms that the WellToBe double feeder is one of the models with the best results within the high-end range. It is the ideal feeder for owners of two pets who are looking for an automatic feeder, something that is becoming more and more common.

This feeder stands out for the following:

A feeder with two bowls valid for 2 pets, divide the food equally. It allows you to configure up to 6 daily rations, and each ration can contain between 1 and 48 portions of feed, making it one of the most accurate feeders on the market. Voice recorder of a maximum of 10 seconds with which the animal will feel more comfortable enjoying its food.

It has an infrared sensor that detects and warns of jams, and if there is still food on the plates before serving a new portion. The power supply is dual, which guarantees that it works at all times and that your cats or dogs never run out of food. Good finish and quality materials.


  • A double feeder with 2 bowls  
  • Ideal for 2 pets
  • very customizable portions
  • infrared sensors


  • None in particular

Who should buy this double feeder?

I think this is the ideal feeder for owners of multiple pets who prefer to feed each one independently in their bowl.

(5) Sailnovo automatic feeder:

This dosing feeder for cats has one of the most original and modern designs that can be found on the market. This helps it to be very compact and fit perfectly in any type of decoration. Regarding the programming, you can make up to 4 meals a day of a size between 1 and 39 servings, each being 5 grams. Its voice recorder enables the recording of a message with which the feeder will call the pet so that it knows that it is time to eat. So, you will feel like you are at home. 

Compared to other models, it provides a very efficient feature: an infrared sensor that is in charge of detecting if, at any moment, a food jam occurs, and at the same time, if it detects that there is accumulated food, it serves to prevent it from being served. a new ration.

The Sailnovo feeder has an LCD screen to view the selected program and it is a machine that is very easy to clean, not requiring much maintenance. It also has the additional advantage of having a double power supply and being low consumption, helping to collaborate with the environment while promoting the health of your pet.

If we are looking for some aspect to improve, I think it must be said that the batteries wear out even if it is plugged into the light, although at a slower rate than usual.

  • Strengths
  • Compact size  
  • infrared sensors
  • very customizable portions
  • Weak points
  • Continuous battery consumption

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(6) Feeder for cats and dogs Honey Guardian A36:

The Honey Guardian A36 is another good recommendation, a feeder for dogs and cats that has a solid stainless steel container that helps the food to always stay in good condition. Its elegant and well-finished design helps it stand out from other models.

The bowl has a capacity of 600 grams, and in the programming, you can plan up to 6 meals a day, with a size between 1 and 48 servings, each serving being 5-10 grams. Like the Sailnovo feeder, it has an infrared sensor that warns of blockages, and if when serving a meal it detects that there is still food in the bowl, it does not provide more feed.

Its voice recording function gives you the option to store 10-second audio that will serve to let your pet know that the time has come to eat, thus creating a good environment for the animal to eat happily even when you are not around. home. It also has a double power source: electricity and batteries. Honey Guardian also offers a 7-liter double feeder variant with the same features, ideal for two pets.

As drawbacks, it must be said that it uses type D batteries, which can be a bit complicated and expensive because they are not exactly the most standard on the market.

  • Strengths
  • Design and finishes 
  • infrared sensors
  • High accuracy
  • Weak points
  • Use non-standard batteries

Smart feeder for cats and dogs

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(7) Smart feeder for cats and dogs petkit

The Petkit brand is committed to the most advanced technology, and what better proof than this smart cat feeder? Its good reputation is generated by how modern it is, both in its appearance and in the way it is used.

It is a premium design feeder that fits perfectly even in the most elegant and stylish home decorations. The structure is fine, detailed, and made with quality materials that have nothing to envy to those of the most luxurious appliances. 

But apart from its design, the Petkit feeder stands out for the following: A smart feeder that offers the opportunity to control the operation of the dispenser from the mobile phone through an app. The app is very easy to use, and you can program up to 10 daily meals of different amounts. Even if the WiFi goes offline, the feeder will continue to work.

It dispenses food without the risk of clogging and has anti-humidity protection with a desiccant system and a silicone gasket, which ensures that the food is always fresh. Compact, but with a 2.8-liter tank. It has a non-slip base to prevent shocks and falls.


  • High-end premium feeder  
  • Control from a mobile application
  • Very easy-to-use software
  • Anti-jamming protection
  • Up to 10 programmable daily rations


  • Not compatible with 5G Wi-Fi networks

(8) HomeGuaridan electronic feeder

  • LCD screen to program the time and amount of food to be delivered (in grams)
  • It allows us to record our own voice to notify our dog of the food delivery
  • Low battery consumption
  • Safety lock to prevent your dog from opening the tank.
  • Dimensions: 17 x 15.6 x 4.6 cm (approx.)
  • Capacity: 1.2 liters
  • Power source: cable and batteries

(9) TOPHGDIY automatic feeder

  • Record your voice to notify your dog of the food delivery
  • Lock function to prevent your dog from accidentally tipping over the device and LCD screen lock system
  • Its tank can be easily washed in the dishwasher.
  • Dimensions: 17 x 15.6 x 4.6 cm (approx.)
  • Capacity: 1.2 liters
  • Power source:  cable and batteries

(10) Amzdeal Automatic Dispenser

  • Voice or music recording to notify your dog that food is ready
  • LCD screen to program both the quantity and the delivery time
  • Easy-to-clean removable tank
  • Lid with security thread so that your dog cannot access the tank
  • Dimensions: 49 x 39 x 22cm
  • Capacity: 5.5 liters
  • Power source: 3 D-type batteries

(11) PetWant food dispenser

  • Control via the mobile application-
  • HD camera with speaker and microphone to see and communicate with your dog when your dog is eating. (need WIFI)
  • Your camera allows you to take photos and videos and share them with friends
  • Notifies you on your mobile when the deposit runs out of food
  • Deposit with magnetic closure with insurance to prevent its opening
  • Dimensions : 24.5 x 30 x 38.1 cm
  • Capacity: 2 kilos
  • Power source: cable and batteries

Auto cat feeder for multiple cats

(12) SAILNOVO – Automatic dog feeder with built-in feeder

  • Sailnovo Automatic Dispenser 4L of 4 Meals.
  • Storage capacity: 4 L
  • Also available in 1.6L, 6L and 7L
  • Dispenses 5 gr portions
  • Allows you  to program up to 4 meals a day
  • with LCD display
  • Allows voice recording to call the dog
  • Works with batteries or cable
  • Designed to prevent blockage of food  smaller than 1 cm in size
  • Infrared to detect the full feeder
  • Easy to clean
  • built-in feeder
  • Designed for feed, not suitable for wet or canned foods
  • Material: BPA-free plastic

This automatic feeder is very practical since it does not have a feeder that the animal can overturn. It has an adequate capacity to feed your pet for several days or weeks depending on their rations. Users say that battery operation is very durable and practical if you want to avoid cables.

(13) PUPPY KITTY – Automatic programmable dog feeder

  • PUPPY KITTY Automatic Feeder for Dogs and.
  • Storage capacity: 7 liters
  • Dispenses 10 gram portions
  • Allows you  to program up to 4 meals a day
  • with LCD display
  • Works with 3 D-type batteries (not included) or cable
  • It can be programmed at a fixed time to feed your dog.
  • Easy to clean

Customers say that it is easy to use and is very intuitive. Dogs quickly adapt to eating from the bowl. In addition, it is very practical as it has a large capacity since you can forget about having to open and close the feed bag for each meal.

Automatic feeder for dry and wet food

(14) LACYIE – Automatic feeder for dry and wet food

  • Lacyie Automatic Feeder for Dogs and Cats.
  • Storage capacity: 6 bowls with a capacity of 128ml.
  • Allows you  to program up to 6 meals a day
  • Each meal can be uniquely different. This feeder allows you to combine wet food with dry feed without the feeder clogging.
  • It includes a musical reminder that sounds to inform the dog that the food is served.
  • with LCD display
  • Works with 3 AA batteries not included.
  • Easy to clean

Comfortable, useful, and easy-to-use feeder, both for the dog and for people. It can be set for up to 24 hours, so you can rest assured that your dog won’t go hungry if you can’t come home.

(15) HoneyGuaridan 6.5L Automatic feeders for

A smart feeder with 2 bowls to feed 2 pets at the same time. 7-liter capacity.

The automatic dog feeder can program up to 6 meals a day and each meal from 1 to 48 servings of 8-10 gram kibble. Personalized sound recording, to call the pet, which can be deactivated at any time. Anti-blocking system, to avoid jamming the croquettes.

This device works through an adapter connected to the current, or through 4-D batteries. It has anti-touch buttons, which prevent the pet from accidentally dispensing food. This feeder is very intuitive and easy to assemble.

In addition, by having support for the bowls, dogs cannot move them or spill them, avoiding disasters around the house. Of course, pets must share the same type of food, since the tank does not have any type of separation.

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Professional outdoor automatic feeder

(16) PRODUCAN – Professional outdoor automatic feeder

isYoung Automatic Feeder 5.5 L Food. Storage capacity: 40 liters, for 17 daily servings Outdoor feeder, ideal for feeding several dogs on a farm or in a dog shelter. Ideal for large and medium dogs.

The weight of the galvanized steel hopper guarantees its stability, so the dog will not be able to tip it over to get more food. The built-in programmer maintains the memory in the event of a power cut, avoiding having to reprogram in the event of a power failure.

Customers appreciate that it is a heavy feeder, as it is ideal for heavier dogs that tend to lean against household objects. Especially giant breed puppies. In addition, the galvanized steel gives it a superior quality that protects the food even from the most inveterate biters.

(17) Automatic dog feeder – AONBOY:

This automatic food dispenser is packed with useful features: it serves 4 servings a day, makes voice recordings of up to 10 seconds, and has a sliding lid with a pet-proof closure. You can load up to 2 kilos of food (depending on the size of the feed balls) and it works with a battery or plug.

(18) Relax days

For people who want a cheap automatic feeder.  

  • Material: Plastic
  • Servings: No
  • Type: Non-Programmable Feeder
  • Capacity: 5 kg

If you are looking for a cheap automatic feeder that can be used to feed your pets without having to pay attention, this may be a good option. In addition to being an automatic feeder, it also includes a half-liter bottle that acts as a drinker so you don’t have to worry about water either.

The Relaxdays brand model is one of the most basic and practical products in this entire guide. Although it is made of plastic and generates some mistrust, it will allow you to leave home in peace, without worrying about whether they will be well served. Talking about its cons, it is a feeder that cannot rationalize food into portions because it does not have a timer. Which will not be a problem if you have a polite dog with no desire to finish all the food in one day.


  •    It’s value for money.
  •    No need to mount it.
  •    Easy to clean.


  •    It doesn’t have a timer.
  •    It does not rationalize food.

Cat food dispenser for multiple cats

(19) Balimo:

Ideal for people who are going to live only a few hours from home. Material: Very resistant plastic

  • Servings: 4 meals a day
  • Type: Alternating current or by batteries
  • Capacity: 4 kg

Third in this guide, we find one of the Balimo models. It is a brand that cares about improving the well-being of all possible cats and dogs, focusing on providing good quality products.

One of its features to highlight is the possibility of programming up to 4 meals a day, so you can continue feeding your pets even if you are traveling. In addition, you can record an audio of up to 10 seconds to notify your pets to eat when you are not there. It seems insignificant, but if your dogs get used to the sound, they will know when the bowl is full and, when they hear you, they will not feel alone.

The only drawback that we have been able to detect is that, when recording an audio message, you will not be able to deactivate this function. You will only have the possibility to replace that message with another.


  •    Easy to set up.
  •    Very easy.
  •    Up to 4 programmable meals.
  •    Perfect for dogs and cats.


  •    You can’t remove the voice function.

Best automatic feeder for cats

(20) WellToBe

  • For people looking for more storage.
  • Material: Plastic and stainless steel
  • Servings: 6 meals a day
  • Type: By batteries and alternating current.
  • Capacity: 2.5kg

If you want an automatic feeder so that your dogs do not miss you for a maximum of 6 days, this model is most likely for you. And it is that the WellToBe feeder has a capacity of 13 cups with the aim that you can escape for a weekend without worrying about the food of your pets. 

Depending on the size of your pet, it could feed a large dog for 3 days or a smaller breed for five. In addition, it has a divider with 2 outlets (feeders) so that, in the case of having more than one pet, they can eat at the same time without problems. This feeder almost always works with current light but, to provide you with more security, 

it has 4 batteries in charge of continuing to feed your dogs when the power supply fails. Speaking of its shortcomings, although it has an audio system to record your usual call and play it at lunchtime, some have not been able to configure it correctly.


  •    You can feed multiple pets.
  •    Recommended for small and medium dogs.
  •    How elegant and useful it is.


  •  Audio could be easier to set up.

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