What is syphilis miasma? ans- The miasma is the alteration of the vital energy of the individual that predisposes him to suffer certain diseases.

Syphilis is due to infection with Treponema pallidum, a spirochete that cannot survive for a long period outside the human body.

pallidum enters through mucous membranes or skin, reaches the lymph nodes within a few hours, and spreads rapidly throughout the body.

Classification of Syphilis occurs in 3 stages – Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Syphilis.

There are long latency periods between stages. Infected people are contagious during the first 2 stages.

It is interpreted as a pathological tendency with great affinity with the cardiovascular, bone, and nervous systems.

The diseases are often irreversible, with little reactive capacity and degenerative lesions, especially in elderly individuals, for example, atherosclerosis, sclerosis of the nervous tissue, osteomyelitis, and amyloidosis, among others.

In these cases, there is degeneration of psychic and somatic functions.

Intellectual capacity is reduced, with deterioration of the ego’s capacity for constructive synthesis of the personality.

Its organic substrate is given by the loss of substance (as seen in the ulcer and necrosis) and destruction as its main characteristic.

On the other hand, the destructive miasmatic predominance in a subject of apparent health is what is called latent syphilis or latent destructive miasma and it becomes evident

when in acute processes there is a clear predominance of destructive symptoms and when the psychological reaction shows these symptoms.

Environmental disturbances can lead to increased destruction.

What is syphilis miasma ulcers vs necrosis

***Perversion of functions and organic destruction.

 ***Expresses destructive characteristics of the personality: violence, drug addiction, AIDS, alcoholism, as well as degenerative diseases, perversity,

capricious and stimulating desires, nocturnal thirst, abundant menstruation, shortened cycle, exonerative tendency, the tropism of the respiratory system.

*** Psychosomatic manifestations with destructive tendencies, poor memory, necrotic degeneration, and destructive orientation in the organic.

What is syphilis miasma symptoms

*Mental: variability (travel, profession, thoughts, anxiety that turns to more specific fears), impressionable (frights due to noises and jumps), agile mind, that is, he always makes plans, but fails to carry them out, psychic symptoms alternate with respiratory ones; Likewise, they are indifferent, withdrawn, bored, sullen, lonely, taciturn, melancholic, they live thinking about past events, they are pessimistic, they have insomnia, a sad face, without crying, or anguish, the boys cry at night, they present anxiety of conscience and guilt and suicidal ideation.

*Period of state: little active psora, reactional slowness, desire to eat lettuce, vegetables, salty, legumes, milk, as well as meat and heavy meals.

*Hair:- alopecia, skull painful to the touch.

*Skin:- earthy, coppery, and dirty.

*Ears:- discharge and destruction.

*Mouth:-  canker sores,  suppurations, abnormal implantation of teeth. 

*Nose:- the destruction of cartilage, bleeding scabs.

*Eyes:-  neuralgia, lens opacity.

*Abundant and periodic headache, kyphoscoliosis, ulcerations, suppurative tendency, numbness, scarce and pruritic secretions, as well as the smell of old cheese.

Homeopathy remedies: Syphilinum, Mercurius solubilis, Phosphorus, Aurum metallicum, etc.

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