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Best Surgical Light For Operation Room New Collection 2022

An operating room is a set of structural sections, whose operation is directly related to the operation of the operating rooms since it provides specialized medical personnel, 

which is made up of surgeons and their assistants, the infrastructure, equipment, and instruments necessary to carry out interventions. 

operations efficiently and safely, under controlled conditions and strict hygiene.

Due to its design and operation, an operating room is made up of 3 sections with respect to the progressive restriction of the control of the generation and/or presence of polluting particles inside:

Best surgical light for operation room

LED light for operation room technical characteristics:

Unrestricted section: 

Medical personnel who may wear conventional clothing with a gown, 

as well as portable equipment that has not yet been disinfected should remain in this section. It is an area with uncontrolled access, 

where medical personnel entering the operating room are treated. 

In this section are located the offices, bathrooms, and dressing rooms of the medical staff and patients, as well as the reception area. 

The unrestricted section of an operating room is also known as the Black Zone.

Semi-restricted section: 

The medical personnel can have access with surgical clothing to the corridors and accesses for the preparation of the instruments and the necessary implements, as well as to the storage areas. 

The surgical scrub areas, anesthesia rooms, recovery rooms, as well as the X-ray room are located in this section. The semi-restricted section of an operating room is also known as the Gray Zone.

Restricted section: 

The restricted sections are the cleanest and most aseptic of the operating room, 

the means of access must be strictly controlled, as well as always be closed and only specialized medical personnel with surgical clothing may enter and remain, 

with surgeons and their assistants being authorized to enter. so do it. The operating rooms and some minor procedure rooms are located in this section. 

The restricted section of an operating room is also known as the White Zone.

An operating room of operating room is an interior, sterile, and closed facility, which is located within sanatoriums, clinics, hospitals, 

or medical centers and which is specially designed and conditioned for the practice of surgical interventions, 

which are scheduled for patients. hospitalized or emergency to affected injured, who require it.

The walls and internal surfaces of the operating rooms of operating theaters must be light blue-green,

 as it is the complementary color of blood; whereby the phenomenon of successive contrast is suppressed, 

which allows the vision of surgeons and their assistants to rest when they look away from the area of ​​surgical intervention.

3 Best surgical light for operation room idea

At Promedco we have the ideal lighting elements from the renowned Mindray brand to equip your office or medical center, and which will be the ideal complement for your procedures.

HyLED 760:

What stands out about this Mindray brand model is the possibility of adjusting the diameter of the light beam of 195 and 300 mm so as not to affect the surgeon’s eyes. 

Additionally, it has a central illumination of 160,000 lux or 130,000 lux, a maximum depth of illumination of up to 1,200 mm, 

a touch control panel, an integrated HD and SD camera, and an ultra-thin, ergonomic, and compact design.

At Promedco we have high-tech medical equipment that will guarantee excellent performance in the provision of health services. 

With us, you will not only find lamps for surgical rooms, we also have furniture,

ultrasound equipment, monitoring and life support, electrosurgery equipment, and endoscopic surgery and X-rays. 

In short, everything you need to equip your medical center and provide the best possible care for its patients. Do not hesitate to contact us.

*HyLED 960:

Excellent LED illumination, This model offers a long service time, and superior flexibility and maneuverability. 

They are designed to deal with emergencies, and minor surgery, and support the performance of specialists in examination rooms, treatment rooms, and operating rooms. 

*HyLED 860:

This presentation of the HyLED 8 series features state-of-the-art, high-performance LED technology, 

a lifespan of more than 40,000 h, an ergonomic triangular design designed to surround the surgeon’s head with the corners, 

and compatibility with the laminar flow that guarantees compliance with all hygiene requirements and low heating of the external surface.

Buyer’s Guide Best Surgical Light For Operation Room:

*A central circular casing made of high-pressure injected aluminum casting with a polyester resin powder paint finish applied by electrostatic process, 

which integrates the central independent optical assembly with a circular module with 8 LEDs with a unitary power of 2 W each. 

(16W power); with a central ergonomic handle for vertical 

or horizontal positioning, with an integrated control for dimming from 5 to 100% of the luminous flux emitted, as well as an upper circular opening for ambient lighting during endoscopies.

*Five circular lateral casings made of high-pressure injected cast aluminum with a polyester powder resin paint finish applied by electrostatic process, 

which integrates five independent perimeter optical assemblies, each one with a circular module with 7 unitary power LEDs. of 2 W each (power of 70 W of the five modules of the 35 LEDs).

*43 LEDs with a unitary power of 2 W each, with independent high-precision optics, with a consumption of 86 W 

(considering 16 W of the central circular module with 8 LEDs and 70 W of the five circular perimeter modules with 35 LEDs), 

white in color with a variable color temperature in three ranges: 3500, 4500 and 5000K, with a color rendering index of 90, 

the useful life of 50,000 hours (L-70) and zero emission of infrared (IR) and ultraviolet radiation (UV).

*Remote electronic controller with 90 W power to turn on and operate the 43 LEDs with a unitary power of 2 W each, 

with a supply voltage of 120 to 277 Volts or 347 to 480 Volts of alternating current and 60 Hertz. Including by design of a 5 kV high voltage surge suppressor electronic filter.

*Fixed circular handle for vertical or horizontal positioning displacement, 

made of extruded tubular aluminum profile with polyester resin powder paint finish applied by the electrostatic process.

*Lateral touch control panel for on and off functions, adjustment of the focus of the size of the light beam,

 ambient upper lighting for endoscopy, and depth lighting for total vision within the area of ​​surgical intervention.

*Emission of a high value of the concentrated luminous intensity of 160,000 Candelas by the 6 circular modules with the 43 LEDs of unitary power of 2 W, 

which allows the generation of high lighting levels of up to 160,000 lux in the surgical intervention area at a meter away.

*Aiming and directing system of the luminous flux emitted, by means of a laser beam indicator, 

which allows directing the total luminous intensity in a concentrated way towards the area of ​​surgical intervention.

*Totally independent and automatic electrical power supply backup system, through the incorporation of an uninterruptible unit (UPS) with a backup of 1.5 hours of autonomy.

*Suspended ceiling mounting by means of an adjustable retractable system for vertical or horizontal positioning, 

made of extruded tubular aluminum profile with polyester powder resin paint finish applied by the electrostatic process.

*Automatic control system of the luminous intensity emitted by means of independent sensors of high sensitivity and wide coverage, 

which allow increasing the luminous flux emitted in the areas of the area of ​​surgical intervention 

that is not affected by the shadows generated by the heads and shoulders of surgeons and their assistants; 

and in this way compensate for the level of illumination in the areas of light obstruction, 

to obtain a more uniform high light intensity without shadows in the entire area of ​​the surgical intervention.

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