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Health benefits of mushroom supplements

Health benefits of mushroom supplements

General parts of mushrooms

  • Mycelium.
  • The cap or fruiting body.
  • sheets.
  • Ring.
  • scales.
  • Foot or Stem.

What do mushrooms eat?

Plant residues are not the only food for the microorganisms that inhabit the subsoil of the forest. Far from it is the most important food.

The roots are responsible for both nourishing plants with moisture and minerals, as well as exuding moisture and sap, and these radical exudates,

Which is how they are technically known and are really the main food for microorganisms. They come to the roots to feed.

One of the reasons why mycorrhizal fungi help those plants in which they settle is because these fungi cover the finer root tips and prevent significant loss of moisture and sap through these areas, So plants that They have associated with mycorrhizal fungi,

Grow more and better and are more protected than the rest from attack by other parasitic fungi and diseases.

They also nourish these trees with mineral salts and water, and in exchange, they receive the sugars created by them.

The function of fungi in nature

It is none other than consuming organic matter, leaves, plant, and wood remains insect excrement,

Some species of mushrooms consume one type of organic matter, and others specialize in consuming dead wood,

Specialization makes each species more efficient with each type of matter. If fungi did not exist, plant debris would accumulate on the forest floor.

In short, they are recycling organisms, which return to the rest of the organisms the organic and mineral components that were in the dead organic matter.

Other fungal functions

They also have other functions, since they have the ability to solubilize certain minerals, such as phosphorus, iron, and manganese so that plants and trees can absorb them and enrich the soil with minerals.

Therefore, the function of fungi as fertilizers of the soil where they inhabit is unquestionable.

From now on we will surely know how to value the work carried out by the different fungi and mushrooms in the forest and we will understand why we say that all mushrooms, even the most poisonous ones,

Carry out important work in the forest and therefore we should not Neither touch nor kick these mushrooms since they also fulfill their function.

Reishi health benefits of mushroom supplements

The Ganoderma lucidum mushroom is not usually eaten as a food due to its hard texture and intense bitter taste. For this reason, Reishi supplements are marketed in three different formats:

Reishi powder: It can be found concentrated to obtain a powder extract. Or, on the other hand, the mushroom is dried and ground to a powdery texture.

To consume this format, it must be diluted in a liquid, be it water or natural juices, or other drinks to hide its bitter taste.

Reishi in capsules: Its interior contains powdered Reishi extract, but it is covered by a capsule. This capsule can be made of animal gelatin or vegetable cellulose,

So it would be suitable for vegans. The main advantage is that it has a neutral taste.

Reishi in drops: Contains fluid extract of Reishi concentrated in drops. Unlike powdered supplements, it usually has a more pleasant taste.

To consume it, a few drops are added to water or other drinks.

Are mushrooms good for you?

The Reishi mushroom, used as an ancient natural remedy, contains many properties. These help against some of the diseases of our times. Do you want to know what they are? Keep reading!

If we put a simile, for example of a fruit tree, basically the mushroom would be equivalent to the fruit of the tree and the fungus to the tree itself.

But in the case of mushrooms, they usually appear on the surface of the earth while the fungus grows underground.

As we have said, the mushroom would be equivalent to the fruit of the fungus. And also to the organ in charge of the reproduction of the species.

However, its main function is the development and dispersal of spores. For this, the fungus mushroom has developed different forms that allow greater production of spores.

The case of the mushroom known as a puffball, Lycoperdon perlatum, is curious. This mushroom spreads its spores when raindrops fall on it, ensuring that the spores find moisture for germination.

Mushroom supplement for cancer

It has anticancer potential:- This is because it increases the effectiveness of immune T cells, which fight cancer cells. Therefore, it can be an asset with the potential for cancer prevention.

Strengthens the immune system:- It is a good complement to improve the results of chemo or radiotherapy treatments. It also reduces the fatigue of people with breast cancer.

We are not saying that Reishi is capable of curing cancer, but it does support the immune system during treatment and improve people’s quality of life.

It is a natural antioxidant:- Its composition is based on acids, polysaccharides, minerals, and group B vitamins. As it is an antioxidant,

it prevents cell damage, which makes it anti-aging. In addition, it helps fight infections and toxic substances.

Anti-inflammatory mushrooms

It is a natural anti-inflammatory,  It prevents the release of the substance responsible for producing inflammation, thus reducing inflammation. It also reduces pain, for example, in joints.

It is antibacterial and antiviral:- The polysaccharides and triterpenoids of the Reishi mushroom are the antiviral components. While polysaccharides develop antibacterial activity.

This fungus prevents duplication and eliminates cells infected with some viruses, such as hepatitis B. It also promotes faster healing of herpes.

Contains adaptogenic properties:- it helps our body to recover and return to balance in situations of stress or physical and mental fatigue. In this way, it also improves mood.

Anti-fatigue properties:- As we have said, it reduces fatigue and also has sedative properties. Improves the quality and length of sleep, and prevents insomnia. Therefore, we will be able to rest better.

Lowers blood pressure:- Reishi intake does not lower blood pressure in people with mildly high blood pressure. However, it does decrease that of people with more severe blood pressure.

Protects the liver:- It helps strengthen the liver and protects it from harmful substances.

Main types of mushrooms


They are the most numerous fungi that exist, they receive this name thanks to the notable presence of the so-called asci, their reproductive organ,

They survive in different environments including underground, and they can have asexual reproduction and in the least cases sexual reproduction. It is to this group that food fungi belong.


This type of fungus reproduces sexually through basidia, the name given to the reproductive organ of this fungus, they can reach great heights.


These fungi reproduce asexually, a family of basidiomycetes and ascomycetes, they have the differential characteristic of the large size of their spores.


They are the oldest groups of fungi known, the spores of this type of fungus are capable of moving, which is why they were initially confused for animals, they are fungi that can be a latent danger for some animal species.


They are fungi that inhabit the earth’s surface, reproduce sexually and asexually, known to form mold on food and sometimes on human skin.

Types of mushrooms according to their use

Edible mushrooms

They are mushrooms suitable for human consumption, every day they are more used in the kitchen for having a comfortable preparation, apart from the fact that they are great sources of protein, vitamins, fiber, and minerals.

The best-known edible mushrooms are mushrooms, although there are many more such as portobello, oyster mushrooms, or truffles.

Another form of consumption is through the yeast that is applied to bread or beer, which is produced in ascomycete fungi.

Care must be taken with the identification of edible mushrooms, so as not to confuse them with toxic or poisonous mushrooms that, when consumed, can cause health problems.

Medicinal mushrooms

There is a wide variety of fungi that serve as a treatment for diseases, many used as anticancer and to prevent tumors.

And they are so beneficial that there are currently searches for an AIDS cure for the fungus.

The best-known fungus applied to the medicinal area is penicillium notatum from which penicillin is extracted.

Hallucinogenic mushrooms

They are mushrooms used as narcotics, there is a record that these mushrooms were used as medicine in ancient civilizations, and they are still used in sectors with specific religions to perform cults.

These mushrooms contain components such as psilocybin and psilocin, substances that cause hallucinations.

Fungi in agriculture

Fungi are an important part of the agricultural industry since they mineralize organic materials, thus being key in the biogeochemical cycle,

Conditioning the soils where they work, fungi today are also a natural alternative, to make fertilizers, and thus avoid chemical products.

Summary of health benefits of mushroom supplements

Reishi is a mushroom that has been of great importance for millennia in traditional oriental medicine.

This is due to its active ingredients, such as triterpenoids, polysaccharides, vitamin B, and minerals.

They help us improve our defenses, and prevent diseases and aging. In addition to reducing inflammation, controlling blood pressure, and other benefits.

However, it is not common to consume it as a food due to its bitter taste and hard texture. How can we take advantage of all its advantages?

Through the supplements with concentrated Reishi extract that are marketed. In addition, studies confirm that consuming it is completely safe for healthy people.

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