Best supplement list for different disease

The best supplement list for different disease such as health mentioned, the important thing is to know our activity and be clear about our objectives, so we can prepare our action plan.

Since we cannot talk about all the products due to the great variety of them, we will focus on the most common ones:

*Vitamins: Help strengthen the nervous and immune systems.

So far the best known but we could talk about many more.

*Creatine: serves to amplify the benefits of training, providing greater strength during the strength work phase.

*Casein protein: unlike whey, this is slow to assimilate and is taken at night to prevent muscle catabolism and promote muscle anabolism.

*Whey protein: it is used for the recovery of muscle mass, it is quickly absorbed and is used after training.

It has been shown that the body, as soon as it is finished, has between 30-40 min, where it assimilates the ingested protein very well to promote muscle anabolism.

*L-carnitine: is a transporter of fatty acids (lipids) to the mitochondria, responsible for the production of energy in the cell, it is the place where these fatty acids are converted into energy.

Increases the burning of carbohydrates, generating up to 20% more performance in training, being necessary to take it for a long time for better results.

*Branched-chain amino acids: are leucine, isoleucine, and valine. They are necessary for the regeneration of muscle tissue, they can be taken before training, during, and after training together with a protein shake. Measurements are between 50 to 130 mg per kg.

Best supplements list for top 22 diseases

Best supplements list for any weakness/ physical fatigue/ vitality deficit/ weakness of the nervous system?

Depression/ Failure to love/ insomnia/ Instability/ Nightmares:

Main symptoms of depression

A picture of clinical depression is usually associated with the following symptoms:

*Apathy,  *Hopelessness, *Emptiness.

*Tiredness, *Anxiety and irritability *Lack of energy

*Loss of interest, *estrangement from family and friends

Abandonment of usual activities

*Difficulty maintaining or falling asleep

*Changes in appetite

*Ability to enjoy and concentrate

*Tendency to isolation.

  • Five Phos 12x


Five Phos 3x, or 6x



Chronic headache

Different types of pain:

  • M.P-12x
  • Arnica

Chronic low back pain:

  • *Willow bark
  • *Vitamin D
  • *Devils claw
  • *Capsaicin topical cream


  • Vitamin D
  • Sleep-related supplements
  • Magnesium
  • Energy-related supplements

Neuropathic pain (important to test, and replace if a deficiency exists)


  • SAMe
  • Omega-3 supplements
  • Willow bark
  • Glucosamine and chondroitin
  • Devils claw

List supplements for burning fat 

Top supplements for weight loss:

Chromium PicolinateMeratrim
PowherLinoleic acid
GlucomannanRaspberry ketones
Green tea Instant Knockout
Green coffee  Trimtone
Guar gumHydroxycut
Bitter OrangeLeanBean 

Best supplements for lower blood sugar or diabetics

Essential supplements list for mental weakness or memory loss

Ginkgo SupremeBeans
Whole GrainsMental Alertness
Gotu KolaSpearmint
Vitamin CBacopa
B complexAvocados
Mind Spring

Best supplements list for sexual weakness

Male sexual impotence:

Also called erectile dysfunction, is the inability to maintain an erection long enough to enjoy sexual intercourse satisfactorily.

Sexual impotence is physical, that is, you can have the intense desire to have a sexual encounter, but either you do not get an erection, or you do not maintain it to complete the act. We must also distinguish between the inability to get an erection at a specific time, and not being able to have it regularly.

The main symptoms of male inhibition are:

 *lack of the sensation of pleasure of orgasm.

 *Mental displeasure.

 *lack of erection.

 *lack of ejaculation.

 *premature ejaculation.

Sexual relations are only one of the multiple expressions of the subject’s life, an alteration of them points to a pathological way of relating to the world.

Main causes of impotence

There are various causes that can cause impotence, some physical and others emotional or mental. Let’s see the main ones:

*Unknown origin: There is a part of those affected, for whom it is not possible to find a reason for said impotence, in these cases, solving the problem is complicated.

Symptoms of sexual impotence

*Psychological causes: It is one of the most frequent causes, being able to reach 10% of the cases.

The problems of work life, love, and situations that cause us stress, and depression, cause an increase in cortisol levels in the blood, which reduces sexual appetite and the ability to maintain satisfactory sexual relations.

Treatment in these cases involves a diagnosis by a psychologist or couples therapist, although combining it with medication can help overcome the problem more quickly and effectively.

*Age: As a general rule, age is a determining factor, since the older, the more difficult it is to maintain a full erection.

*Blood circulation problems: The usual problems of hypertension, hypotension, heart problems, etc. They often interfere with the ability to maintain or get an erection.

*Drugs and alcohol: Drug and alcohol abuse causes a false sense of security and superiority, but contrary to what many people believe, they are counterproductive to achieving complete relationships.

*Medications: There are some medications that directly cause erection problems. Consulting with the doctor or pharmacist can help us identify them.

The main symptom of erectile dysfunction is a change in erection quality, both in terms of stiffness and the ability to maintain an erection.

Infertility supplement

  • *Multivitamin
  • *Ashwagandha
  • *N.M

Essential supplements list for constipation

* 120 Capsules (NaturalSlim Constipation) Better digestion, Colon cleansing, Restores magnesium Level, improved metabolism with the olive extract.

  • Solgar magnesium citrate
  • Nux vom (Homeo)
  • Psyllium husk cap.
  • Carnitine 
  • Probiotics 
  • Aloe ver
  • Oral fiber supplements for constipation

List of best supplements for gastritis

  • Papaya
  • L-Glutamine
  • Marshmallow root
  • Probiotics
  • Ginger
  • Digestive enzymes

List of natural supplements for rheumatoid arthritis

  • Vitamin D D3
  • Chondroitin sulfate
  • Glucosamine
  • Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Curcumin

What are food-eating dislikes?

  • Amoloki
  • Lyco
  • vitamin



  • Ariella

Chronic cough

Mouth bad breath

The best supplement for muscle growth

  • Garden of Life Meal Vanilla Powder
  • RSP Nutrition AvoCollagen
  • Bodybuilding: Transparent labs mass gainer
  • Best for gain muscle: Thorne creatine
Fish OilOrgain Organic
Optimum Nutrition Vital Proteins
MomentousEssential Legion Plant+ Vegan
Vega Sport Muscle Milk
Cellucor Whey SportAmazing Grass Protein
Naked WheyDymatize ISO 100
Ascent Native Fuel Natural Force Grass Fed 
MRM NutritionIsagenix IsaPro
TRU PlantQuest Multi-Purpose
Rule One Ancient Nutrition 

List of best supplements for hair growth and thickness 

Top vitamins help with hair growth:

  • *Vitamin A
  • *Vitamin B, B7 (biotin) and B12
  • *Vitamin C
  • *Vitamin D
  • *Iron
  • *Zinc
  • *Keratin

Best cholesterol-lowering supplements list

Cholesterol is a sterol (a lipid or, colloquially, a fat) found in the cells and blood plasma of vertebrate animals and therefore of human beings. We need it to live because it fulfills some essential functions in our body.

75% of the cholesterol in the body comes from the cells of the body, and the amount depends mainly on genetic factors, while the other 25% comes from the food we eat and therefore depends on our diet.

It is in the liver where triglycerides, proteins, and cholesterol come together to form high or low-intensity lipoproteins that will distribute cholesterol to where it is needed or collect excess to return it to the liver.


FlaxseedRed yeast rice
Soy proteinNuts
Now cholesterol proPhytosterols
1MD CholestMDAvocados
CholestAidGreen tea
Beta-glucansVegetables supplement
Olive OilTurmeric

Top supplements list for chronic disease

It is a condition of long duration and generally slow progression disease. There is no consensus about the period after which a is considered chronic; but on average, any disease that lasts longer than six months can be considered chronic. 

Chronic diseases are more frequent in certain individuals, families, and communities, as a consequence of various environmental factors that interact with a vulnerable genetic profile. Key determinants are lifestyle habits that are detrimental to health.

it disease lasts the same as the patient’s life progresses slowly, and does not have to be the cause of death. Some chronic diseases are asthma, diabetes, arthritis, BP, etc.

List of top supplements for chronic diseases

*Vitamin BOmega Fatty Acids
*Vitamin ECarotenoids
Vitamin D*Garlic
Vitamin D3Nature’s Bounty Iron
CurcuminVitamin C
Vitamin AVitamin K

How dietary supplements work:

Nutritional supplements complement a person’s usual diet by providing nutrients and vitamins when they are not being consumed in sufficient quantities, this may be due to some disease or some specific circumstance.

These products contain ingredients such as minerals, vitamins, fatty acids, amino acids, and enzymes.

It is important to note that these products should not replace a balanced and healthy diet, nor the medications prescribed by the doctor, and it is advisable to inform the doctor of their consumption in advance so that they can approve their consumption in each person and maintain good control.

Risks of dietary supplements:

Also, if these products are used to replace medicines or a balanced diet, it can lead to harmful consequences for the body. And, if the person has to undergo surgery, he should advise what supplements he is taking.

*Tips: Taking all this into account, we will have to take a series of foods or others. The problem is that we eat without knowing what we need, thinking that it would be better for us because it is healthy, and that is a mistake.

Best supplements to take daily

Essential best supplements to take daily  define the objective and work based on it, but the recommendations such as

*And for girls between 1.5 and 2 g per kg to increase muscle mass. To stay between 1.5 g – 2 g and to lose weight less than 1.5 g x kg.

For example, an 80 kg boy who wants to increase muscle mass should eat 160 g of protein distributed over all meals (an example of a protein food: 100 g of chicken gives us 22.5 g of protein).

*Proteins: In the case of boys 2 g per body weight or a maximum of 2.5 g for the increase in muscle mass. This will activate our basal metabolism and we will begin to burn much fatter. 

*Fats: to lose weight less than 0.5 g per Kg of the body, to maintain from 0.5 g to 1 g, and to gain weight from 1.1 to 2 g per kg.

*Carbohydrates: from 1 to 2 g to lose weight, around 3 g per kg of body weight to maintain us, and to gain weight from 3 g to 7 g per kg of weight.

It is necessary to take into account that if we carry out long-term exercise, where resistance is worked on (preparing for a marathon, triathletes.), the carbohydrate intake should be between 10-12 g per kg, and even in elite athletes it could be higher.

Types of food supplements

There are various types of food supplements: botanical or derived from plants, minerals, vitamins, and fatty acids, among others.

Depending on their presentation, they can be in the form of powders, capsules, liquids, tablets, pearls, etc.

The benefits of food supplements

Some dietary supplements help ensure adequate intake of essential nutrients, which help the body function properly or help reduce the risk of disease.

Others help the recovery and reconstruction of muscle tissue, especially for athletes, to facilitate the digestion of meals, etc.

But, many other supplements that promise certain benefits, actually do not have conclusive studies to prove it. It is a science still in constant evolution.

*Nutritional supplements are especially important to cover specific needs in pregnant and lactating women, vegetarians or vegans, and people over 50 or the elderly.

*Food supplements for pregnant women

Food supplements for vegetarians

Since vegetarians and vegans do not consume foods of animal origin, they must guarantee a sufficient supply of certain nutrients through other foods of plant origin or through supplementation so as not to have deficiencies.

*Food supplements for the elderly 

Because they absorb fewer vitamins and nutrients and, due to the possible lack of appetite, nutritional supplements can be provided.

More information

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