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Supplements to help gain weight

These supplements to help gain weight main role in our health, there is a real craze for consuming protein for muscle building, which has developed in the world of sports.

Muscle-building and performance-seeking fanatics indulge in a high-protein diet and gainer, whey, and casein-based food supplements.

And they are so popular in the field of bodybuilding because they have a double effect on muscle mass. These macronutrients allow the development of muscle tissue but also its regeneration.

You know the horrible muscle pain after an intense leg or arm workout, right? Well, that’s a sign that your muscles have suffered minor tears during training. In order to solve it.

Diet to help gain weight

Carbohydrates are a food with a large amount of energy, therefore it will be advisable to slightly increase their consumption in relation to a normal diet. Foods like pasta, rice, or quinoa will be a basic complement to any diet to gain weight quickly.

In general, what we should do is look for foods that are not very bulky but that do have a large caloric intake.

If we fill up on pasta, we may not be able to eat much more.

The idea is to include a balanced menu that is rich in carbohydrates and fats. Foods such as avocado, peanut butter, raw oil, or others, are essential supplements to add a few calories without hardly knowing.

It is the same with sauces, however, it would be important that the sauces are healthy.

There is a common mistake that consists of thinking that gaining weight implies not having to take care of what we eat, and this should not be the case.

Without supplements to help gain weight

Let’s go with those little tricks that always make things a little easier for us. They all have to do with the way you eat.

The framing is for the same volume and more energy. So, a diet to gain weight does not necessarily mean eating more.

Add powdered milk to yogurt, smoothies, or the milk itself

Drink whole milk, as it is richer in fat.

Add powdered nuts to yogurt and other desserts.

Season any raw food with extra virgin olive oil.

Avoid high-volume, low-energy foods such as lettuce or watermelon.

Some foods that have little volume and provide a lot of energy are avocados, dates, and nuts.

Add dried fruits:

Remove liquid from food as these swell us and cause satiety.

Eat fast:

Eating with a spoon, since it is a way of deceiving ourselves by having a larger surface area.

Avoid foods with a very low caloric density such as broths, infusions, and skimmed milk.

Natural to help weight gain

include all food groups in your diet and emphasize the consumption of quality proteins such as eggs, fish, chicken, lean meats, or protein shakes, especially during the half-hour after your workout.

In this case, we really like the isolated whey protein from Be Levels, which is great and works really well.

This period of time is important because it is when your muscles are most receptive to the absorption of nutrients to begin their repair and growth process.

Best protein powder supplements to help gain weight

Take the best protein powder in the morning:

As glycogen stores drop at night, the body is forced to use amino acid stores to power metabolic processes. This puts the muscles in a catabolic (or breakdown) state.

Whey protein is a fast-digesting protein perfect for when you wake up, as it quickly supplies your muscles with amino acids and counteracts muscle breakdown.

Most experts recommend consuming a quality shake, such as Iso-XP, first thing in the morning.

This is due to its extraordinary biological value and great amino acid profile that prepares you for the day.

Take post-workout protein powder:

Probably the best time for athletes to consume whey protein is immediately after training. This is because the muscles are under a lot of stress and nutrients must be supplied to repair them and make them grow again.

A fast-acting source like whey protein is a perfect choice. Different studies show that after strength training sessions, your muscles are “hungry” so they act like a sponge.

Scientists believe that you can absorb more protein at this point, compared to any other time of the day.

Therefore, it makes sense to add a large serving after training. This serves as a good base for your shake and starts your recovery process.

Best protein powder for pre-workout: 

This is necessary to stimulate protein synthesis and increase muscle mass.

Protein is the foundation of muscle growth. Different studies have discovered that protein synthesis is increased when consumed just before resistance exercise.

For this reason, try to include 20-35 grams as the base of your pre-workout shake.

Best protein powder before bed:

At night, some people go for many hours without eating. When your muscles’ nutrients are limited, they are forced to use amino acid stores to power metabolic processes.

It is recommended to drink a shake before going to bed to prevent the muscle from going into a catabolic process.

Nourishing the body in this way ensures that nutrients are available at night and the process of muscle breakdown is prevented.

Due to its rapid-release nature, many nutritionists prefer to recommend casein protein over whey protein before bed.

Best weight gain supplements

Benefits of best weight gain supplements 

There are many benefits of taking isolated protein. Whey protein is thought to be the most important form of the best protein powder for the body to digest and use.

It is rich in glutamine and branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs). These are considered essential amino acids for anyone who trains, providing a source of energy to counteract muscle breakdown and aid recovery.

Whey protein can be used in biochemical processes and is essential for muscle contraction, growth, and repair. It is also used to maintain metabolic processes and to control muscle composition.


It is necessary to take certain precautions and avoid excess so as not to run health risks.

No matter where they come from, whether they’re from your “natural” diet or powdered supplements, you need to think carefully about your intake.

Often high in calories, consuming high-protein products can quickly lead to weight gain and increased body fat,

which is not necessarily expected based on the goals you have set for yourself. And always remember: excesses, of any kind, are never good for your health.

Some products consumed in too much quantity can be more difficult for your body to assimilate and cause certain problems. The consumption of creatine, for example, can cause water retention.

  1. whey protein supplements

The Whey brand is one of the best-known brands in terms of dietary and sports supplementation. If what you are looking for is a type of animal protein supplement (whey/milk powder), my opinion is that they do have some pretty good products.

Whey proteins are some of the most traditionally used. I prefer vegetable protein, although it is true that whey protein at the essential amino acid level is more complete and is considered to be of high metabolic quality.

Some also carry a small proportion of carbohydrates, which means that they are bad. In fact, what is recommended after an important workout would also be to take a certain amount of carbohydrates to regain strength.

However, it is important that they are not mixed with other things that we do not understand or know about. A suitable example of whey protein would be

  1. foodspring whey protein 750g

The number of grams of protein powder in the shake will vary depending on your weight.

However, if you’re a male with an average build and eating a standard diet, I’d say a cup of 15-20 grams of protein is more than enough. Doing it this way, a bottle should last you several months.

The protein packets themselves usually come with a meter so you can calculate the amount of protein you are consuming. These are the ones that I usually recommend to my patients and that are of 100% vegetable origin.

  1. Before or after training?

After training! When we train, we break a number of muscle fibers. After this, what we call an anabolic window opens. That is, the body is receptive to absorbing what we give it and thus, promote muscle reconstruction.

This window lasts approximately half an hour after the end of training. This is the ideal model for taking a shake or protein supplement.

Some people also take it earlier for energy. From my point of view, it makes much more sense if we want to get an extra energy intake to train, and take some fast-absorbing carbohydrates.

  1. And the mercadona protein shakes?

In Mercadona (and in most supermarkets) they sell ready-made protein shakes. Although the mercadona ones are not bad, honestly, the best option is to prepare them yourself.

Although it is true that they do not have added sugars, they do have another series of additives to improve the flavor, in addition, they are quite caloric since it is still commercial product.

The summary of supplements to help gain weight

is more than all the amount of protein consumed that you should take into account. Depending on your goals (gain weight or lose weight), you will not consume the same amount of protein every day.

The idea is still to combine well-thought-out training and a varied diet to optimize your performance and limit weight gain.

To do this, make sure that your meals are balanced: a serving of starchy foods for carbohydrates, vegetables rich in fiber and vitamins, and of course proteins to promote recovery and gain muscle mass.

If this seems complicated to set up, do not hesitate to ask your l’Orange Bleue trainer for advice or contact a health professional to accompany you.

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