Homeopathic justicia adhatoda q for respiratory problems details

Homeopathic Justicia adhatoda q is extracted from the plant of the same name, native to Asia, also known as Indian Walnut. The homeopathic medicine Justicia adhatoda is extracted from a South Asian shrub called  Justicia (also Basaka or Singh). Justice is named in honor of James Justice, a noted Scottish gardener. In Bangladesh and India, it has been used for centuries by Ayurveda Medicine, in the acute and chronic treatment of catarrhal symptoms at the respiratory level, with excellent results. This ancient therapy is considered one of the most important and valuable medicines.

Mental symptoms of homeopathic justicia adhatoda q

People who correspond to Justice Adhatoda usually have an irritable character, with frequent attacks of anger. They don’t like to carry on a conversation when they are irritable. She is frequently anxious and discouraged.

He is usually a very impressionable person in the face of external events. He is characterized by a strong hypersensitivity that leads him to feel vulnerable, and that ends up externalizing himself with pronounced irritability as if his discomfort were the result of a progressive accumulation of internal tension.

The anger, which can lead to true anger or violent anger, takes a long time to disappear and leads to a state of continuous moodiness that is aggravated by the slightest conversation.

Frequently there is also a great intolerance towards his family and a total refusal to talk about his problems and ailments. Characteristic is that Justice does not tolerate chatting or talking to anyone and if he is forced to do so, he usually feels very uncomfortable or can even manifest a general aggravation due to the conversation, with progressive body stiffness and a feeling of difficulty breathing.

With the passage of time and as the pathology evolves and worsens, patients who require this medicine tend to become significantly depressed, but their depression is distinguished by being mixed with very deep irritability, a kind of intolerance to life and everything that makes up your everyday environment.

They become very melancholic individuals, anxious to the point of anguish and fearful of everything around them due to the deep impression that, due to their sensitivity, everything causes them.

General symptoms of homeopathic justicia adhatoda q

Excessive thirst for cold water, due to great dryness of the mouth, but with marked loss of appetite. All mucous membranes tend to be extremely dry ( mouth, nose, larynx). The picture of cough and asthma, and in general the bronchial one, is aggravated in a warm and closed room, or due to dust, and at night. Cold with copious fluid and irritating secretion, with constant sneezing, nasal obstruction, swelling and sensitivity of the nose to the touch, pain in the forehead, and ulcerated nostrils.

Loss of smell (anosmia) and taste (ageusia) usually occurs simultaneously and accompanies the most typical respiratory conditions of the remedy. Catarrhal allergies with several of the symptoms presented here. Cough, often with burning and red face. Sometimes vomiting, stitches in the chest, and a feeling that it will burst.

Sometimes nasal dryness: Dry throat, with pain when swallowing empty, like a chafing. Homeopathic Justicia adhatoda q for Acute inflammation of the respiratory system, with congestion and catarrh of the mucosa, and spasms with a suffocating cough that appears and disappears abruptly. The sensation of pressure in the chest and chest, with bronchial noises, but without expectoration, or very little, thick and viscous, sometimes bloody. Bronchitis, pneumonia.

Homeopathic justicia adhatoda q for cough

Scraping cough, which hurts, tearing, hard. Tracheo acute bronchitis. Hoarseness with laryngeal pain. Dry cough with choking obstruction of breathing and shortness of breath.

Justicia q for Asthma: In asthmatic attacks, they cannot stand a closed and warm room.

Justicia q for tuberculosis

It is a drug that has been used with great success in the early stages of tuberculosis when there is much bloody sputum and the mucous membranes are dry, especially in the mouth and throat, with great thirst. Beginning of the flu and acute respiratory inflammation, with chills, fever, and tachycardia.

Homeopathic Justicia for Anorexia and Nausea:- Vomiting from cough. Mucous vomiting, followed by exhaustion and paleness. Loss of appetite with severe constipation can lead to liver problems.

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