Urtica urens uses in homeopathy

Indications of Urtica urens uses in homeopathy:- that will serve you well for any allergy, skin rash, itching, chickenpox, herpes labialis, Etc.

Acute gout:- which is repeated every year on the same date, often accompanied by hives.

Burnett, who was the introducer of this medicine in the Materia Medica,

indicated it in attacks in the form of a tincture, 5 drops in a glass of hot water every two or three hours, obtaining rapid relief with strong discharges of urates in the urine, which turned dark.

Rheumatic pain in the arms and ankles, worse on the right.

Right deltoid pain; can’t put on the sack; in the right arm, worse lying on it or moving it; muscles feel bruised,

can’t lift or straighten right arm because of pain; then the pain goes to the right wrist, and then to the arm, wrist, and fingers on the left side. 

Breastfeeding:- a drug used in the case of a lack or too little food after childbirth.


red and pink swelling of the skin with itching and burning, stinging pain that is made worse when cold.

*Burn – there is redness, but there is no swelling, the pain is aggravated by touch and cold compresses.

Urticaria:- Psoriasis, foodborne, allergic, toxic, iatrogenic, or contact. The sick person feels itching and burning that are unbearable and worsen under the influence of cold and touch. 

it ( perhaps the most important medicine) with very violent itching and intolerable burning,

which appears or is aggravated after bathing due to the heat and violent exercises or due to the ingestion of shellfish or fish; with voluminous papules; alternates or coincides with rheumatic joint pain.

Urtica pruritus is fierce, stinging, and burning, as if produced by contact with nettles, and is aggravated at night, by warmth in bed, or by heat in general. Quincke’s edema; serum anaphylactic reactions.

*Itching – a medicine used for itching that accompanies hives with a burning sensation. It intensifies contact with water.

Symptoms of Urtica urens uses in homeopathy

(Eye)  pain in the eyes as from a blow; as if he had sand in his eyes.

Menstrual bleeding:- Flow is very acrid and excoriating. Intense vulvar itching, with punctures and local edema. Large painful swelling of the breasts, with milk secretion absent, suppressed,

Or in the process of disappearing; in primitive or secondary hypokalaemia or agalactia during breastfeeding, it is perhaps the first drug to consider. You can stop milk production after weaning. 

Common symptoms of Urtica

* Worse: cold and humid air; by snow; by water or by getting wet; by touch; for violent exercises.

*Intense dizziness:-  with a tendency to fall forward. Head fullness. Headaches that predominate on the right side of the head, especially frontal, parietal or occipital, sometimes with stitches in the spleen. Urticaria of the scalp that appears suddenly. 

 *Burning in the throat, with throat clearing with frothy mucus; It causes cough with little expectoration. 

* Nausea, vomiting by suppression of hives. 

*Belly is sore when lying down and, when pressed, there are noises as if it were full of water. Liver tumors. Pain in the left hypochondrium. Spleen affections. 

*Anuria lasting several days, with edema especially in the upper half of the body. Bladder hemorrhage. Grit in the urine. 

*Intense itching in the scrotum, with stitches, which torments him day and night. Swollen scrotum.

*Diarrhea with umbilical pain and tenesmus; greenish brown, or white or yellowish stools; with blood and mucus; burning in the anus during the bowel movement and after; hemorrhoids, anal itching, and burning. ascariasis with great rectal irritation. 

*Pain from a blow to the left side of the chest; intermittent pain on the right side. Effort hemoptysis. 

*Rapid pulse.  

*drowsiness when reading. 

* Remittent or intermittent fever with pain in the spleen; febrile attacks reappear every year on the same date. Malaria. Tropical fevers. gouty fever Fever in bed.

Best insect bites medicine Urtica urens uses in homeopathy

It is an outstanding medicine for insect bites (bees (almost specifically); spiders, etc.) with local swelling and the pruritus characteristics already mentioned.

First-degree burns and scalds. Intense burning of the skin after sleeping. Heat in the skin with tingling, and numbness.

Urtica urens uses in homeopathy for arthritic:-  nodules in the joints of the fingers. Red, itchy blisters on the hands and fingers. Simultaneous rheumatism with urticaria, or alternating.

Rheumatic or gouty pain in a hyperuricemic patient with acid urine with excess urates and whose body gives off a urinous odor; the pains are worse in wet or snowy weather and from washing.

Rheumatic pains in both ankles. the swelling is reduced by heat.

Urtica urens uses in homeopathy dosage

The drug is usually used 3 times a day, 5 granules, but the doctor or pharmacist can prescribe a different dosage.

Interactions:- The drug can be used with other homeopathic or allopathic medicines. (q)

Urtica urens side effects

*Due to the content of sucrose, the drug should not be taken by people with rare, hereditary fructose intolerance, sucrose or isomaltase deficiency, or impaired glucose absorption.

*Due to the presence of lactose, the drug should not be taken by people with rare hereditary glucose intolerance, lactase deficiency, or impaired glucose absorption.


Urtica urens hypersensitivity to the active substance or to any of the excipients.

Adverse reaction:- Unknown.

Complementary: Sulfur

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