Garlic can be used differently, as they bring various health benefits of garlic supplement to the human body. Such as: regulating cholesterol levels, improving the immune system, strengthening the cardiovascular system, and weight control, among other things. Regarding the dosage, remember that it is necessary to follow a medical professional’s advice and, after that, check the indications.

To use them correctly and acquire all the positive effects, it is necessary to follow the treatment in a disciplined manner. Also, all kinds of information about garlic are mentioned in this post. You will know its pros and cons in detail in this post.

Health benefits of garlic supplement

Uncertain effectiveness cancer prevention: Numerous in vitro and animal tests indicate that sulfur compounds in garlic may have an anti-cancer effect. During the nineties, several epidemiological studies established an inverse relationship between the consumption of allies (garlic, onion, leek, etc.) and the incidence of certain types of cancer (stomach, colorectal, prostate, etc.)

However, the clinical data is not sufficient to conclude that garlic can reduce the risk of cancer in humans. The strongest epidemiological data refer to the prevention of colorectal cancer, although not all have established a correlation between this type of cancer and the dietary consumption of garlic. Some more limited data also point to a possible preventive effect of garlic against prostate, esophagus, larynx, mouth, kidney, and ovarian cancer.

World Health Organization recognizes the use of garlic as an adjunct to dietary measures against hyperlipidemia and the prevention of age-related vascular disorders (atherosclerosis). also recognizes its use to restore good blood circulation in cases of peripheral circulatory failure.

Uncertain effectiveness diabetes: Although animal studies indicate that garlic supplements may have a hypoglycemic effect, overall, data from human trials is inconclusive. However, according to Chinese researchers, garlic has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects and prevents or reduces glycation, making it an interesting agent to slow down the progression of diabetes complications. 

Preliminary testing also indicates that a specific garlic extract (Allicor®) had beneficial effects on fructosamine, a blood measurement that helps assess diabetes control over the past 2-3 weeks. Uncertain effectiveness Prevention of recurrence of infarction. In 1989, German researchers published the results of a 3-year trial in 432 subjects who had already suffered a heart attack. Subjects who took a garlic extract were less likely to have a second attack and the survival rate was 50% higher than the control group. However, the methodological quality of this study is low and the statistical analysis of the results is unclear.

Respiratory health benefits of garlic supplement: Acknowledges the use of garlic to treat respiratory tract infections. the few published clinical trials are insufficient to establish the effectiveness of garlic supplements. 

However, a good quality trial published in 2001 gave good results. Among the 150 treated subjects, those who took 1 garlic capsule for 12 weeks (between November and February) had fewer colds than those in the placebo group. Also, when they catch a cold, their symptoms are reabsorbed more quickly. A study carried out in Russia with 40 children also gave positive results, but its methodology lacked rigor.

Uncertain effectiveness atherosclerosis: A review published in 2001 focused on ten trials. The authors noted that garlic, in supplement form, slightly reduces platelet aggregation, but its effect on other factors of atherosclerosis (blood viscosity and clot formation) is unclear. Two trials not included in this review suggest that an aged garlic extract counteracts artificially induced platelet aggregation.

How much garlic supplement per day

Lowering of blood lipids, moderate hypertension, and prevention of atherosclerosis (as a long-term adjunct to dietary measures) Fresh garlic. Consume 1 to 2 pods (4 g to 8 g) per day. Dried garlic. Take 0.5 g to 1 g per day. Standardized extract (1.3% allicin, i.e. 3.6 mg to 5.4 mg allicin per gram of powder). Take 200mg to 400mg 3 times a day. Aged garlic. Take 600mg to 900mg per day. Note that some studies have used up to 7.2 g per day.

Garlic oil (steam distillation). Take 5mg to 8mg per day. Respiratory tract infections (colds, coughs) Fresh garlic. Consume about 4 garlic cloves (16 g) a day. Dried garlic. take 2 g to 4 g, 3 times a day. Tincture (1:5, 45% ethanol). Take garlic 2 ml to 4 ml, of (3 times a day) Standardized extract (1.3% allicin). Take 800mg to 1600mg 3 times a day.

Contraindications of garlic supplement

The use of garlic and its capsules for a short period does not usually cause side effects, however, in case you suffer from an allergy, you may have problems ingesting the capsules. Use in pregnant and lactating women is not recommended, but this will depend on the opinion of the doctor. Lastly, common effects that can occur are strong body and mouth odor, nausea, diarrhea, and a feeling of warmth in the throat or mouth. Remember not to take absolutely anything without a professional opinion.

The health benefits of garlic supplements for losing weight

Weight control is a quality that is already included in the properties of garlic, for this reason, taking the treatment of garlic capsules can help you with this, even if you consume it for other things. If you want to focus the treatment of the supplement on weight loss, you must take the process into the hands of a nutritionist to be effective. Usually, taking a capsule with garlic extract on an empty stomach can help with this.

Health benefits of garlic supplements for the heart

Garlic has been the subject of numerous studies to verify its traditional uses related to the health of the cardiovascular system. In general, although some trials have been inconclusive, their results have been modest at best, and several methodologies have been judged weak. In addition, the trials were heterogeneous, meaning, for example, their duration, subjects, and the type of supplements used varied greatly. Therefore, it is difficult to reach a clear conclusion about the clinical efficacy of garlic. Consult the opinion of our pharmacist on this subject.

Garlic supplements for high blood pressure

The World Health Organization indicates that garlic may be useful in moderate hypertension. The authors of 2 meta-analyses conclude that garlic can indeed reduce blood pressure in hypertensive subjects but in a very modest way. Uncertain effectiveness Hyperlipidemia High blood cholesterol and triglycerides are risk factors for cardiovascular disease.

Despite encouraging results up to 1995, the effect of garlic supplementation on human blood lipid levels has been modest at best (4% to 6% reduction). Therefore, the authors of several reviews consider the effect of garlic to be not clinically significant. Furthermore, most trials published after 1995 have been inconclusive.

The most recent meta-analysis (April 2009) analyzed 13 high-quality, double-blind, placebo-controlled trials. In general, the data is inconclusive regarding the effect of garlic extracts on cholesterol levels. This meta-analysis includes, in particular, a study carried out in the United States on 192 subjects and published in 2007. After 24 weeks of treatment, the results were negative, despite a dose higher than that tested in previous trials.

A more recent trial was carried out in Russia with 42 men suffering from hypercholesterolemia: taking a garlic supplement for 12 weeks very slightly reduced the cholesterol level of the participants.

Best brands that make garlic supplements

As mentioned above, purchasing brand-name garlic supplement capsules can save you from trouble down the road with high-quality customer service, and you may also get better resale value. According to me, these are the top-rated brands you should consider:

Hivital FoodsVegavero
Jarrow FormulasSaint Bernhard
A. VogelMarny’s
Essential NatureNaturcid
Natural SoriaNullure

Linden’s super garlic supplements

Linden's super garlic supplements

Lightproof, renewable, fresh foil packaging pouch – This protection helps keep your food supplements as fresh as possible, thus preserving shelf life, stability, and durability. A Foundation UK-based manufacturer in West Yorkshire – Lindens Health + Nutrition Ltd manufactures a wide range of quality health supplements.

Tilos super strength garlic capsules are 6X more powerful than alternative garlic supplements – Our powerful formula means you’ll receive all the added benefits of extra strength. Fully odorless garlic extract equivalent to 6000 MG of Fresh Garlic Bulb – Lindens These capsules are completely odorless meaning you can be sure to receive all the benefits without the unpleasant odor.

Odorless fairvital garlic supplement

Odorless fairvital garlic supplement

With a formula that provides 500 mg of garlic in each capsule, this supplement can be very useful to help you stabilize blood pressure, as well as to strengthen the immune system and contribute to your overall health.

For your greater comfort, the extract has been deodorized. This way you will not repeat the aroma during the day, nor will you perceive changes in your body odor.

Regarding its presentation, it comes in the form of small gel capsules, and its container has 100 pieces, being a sufficient supply for 50 days, following the dose of 2 capsules per day.

On the other hand, it should be mentioned that it is a German product, derived from plants free of pesticides and fungicides. But, in addition, it does not add other substances to the formula that offer no benefit to your health. Similarly, it dispenses with common additives, such as stabilizers, magnesium stearate, and silicon dioxide. If you don’t know which garlic capsules to buy, but you want to buy a quality product, this Fairvital supplement could meet your expectations.

Pros: Purity: It is a supplement that offers only the extract of the plant and avoids the use of other additives used in similar products.

Dosage: Its concentration of 500 mg allows you to cover your allicin requirements with two capsules a day, to contribute to your general well-being.

Convenience: This is a supplement in the form of gelcaps, which are smaller compared to other brands. Thus, they are easier to ingest.

Cons: Aroma: Although it is a deodorized extract, it still retains a bit of the aroma, but opinions suggest that it does not repeat itself or leave an unpleasant taste.

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