Ferrum phosphoricum all information

Ferr Phos = (Iron phosphate) anti-inflammatory

Ferrum phosphoricum uses

It has antipsoric and anti-tuberculosis properties Immunity.

The common name is a phosphate of iron, whose chemical symbol is Fe3(Po4)2] and the different name is ferric phosphate, abbreviated as F.P, and is most commonly used to treat various diseases and iron deficiency in the early stages.

It is called biochemical aconite. Homeopathy Dilution and Biochemic methods can be used.

Ferrum phosphoricum uses

Acute fever


Inflammation:- Inflammatory body and Muscle pain

Muscles Relaxant

Strength Nerves

Helps in First Aid as an Oxygen Carrier

Chest Congestion


Hair Problems

Increase in P.F:- When walking, talking excessively.

Relief:- By applying cold and keeping steady.

Symptoms of Ferrum phosphoricum uses

How to understand it is a patient of Ferrum Phos:-

In all types of fever, the initial stage is high temperature, rapid and restless, thirst, headache, eyes hot and red and painful.

Brain symptoms – headache and facial bleeding, indigestion, nausea, nosebleeds, hair root pain. Increases in movement.

Eye disease – feels like sand is falling into the eyes, redness, heat, and burning.

In diseases of the ear – the cold is unbearable and the pain increases.

In rheumatic pains – pain is increased by drinking tea, and is relieved by cold water.

Tonsillitis – pain spreads from right to left.

Throat inflammation – the initial stage and the voice of the speaker or singer is hoarse, broken throat, etc.

Stomach diseases – indigestion, nausea, stomach pain after eating a small amount of food, clear tongue, desire to drink cold water, symptoms of the disease appear due to consumption of various types of fast food.

Stools without difficulty with thin stools on hot days. Diarrhea if cold.

Vomiting of food in any disease and vomiting due to worms.

Diarrhea during teething, fever, red eyes, inflammation of the brain, startles during sleep, snoring, constriction, etc.

Urinary tract weakness – bladder weakness, urinary retention, urinary retention.

Gonorrhea is an early stage of the disease and may be accompanied by bleeding.

Blood is bright red in color and coagulates easily.

Symptoms are seen in primary pain due to trauma such as Anika.

Early stages of colds – runny nose, cramping pain, unbearable cold discharge.

Cough symptoms include – an increase indoors and chills at night with an unbearable cough. Blood can go with phlegm, hoarse cough, dry cough, chest pain with cough, etc. symptoms can be seen in cough.

In Anemic Diseases – Ferrum Phos is very effective after calcarea phos. or useful sequentially, even when given together gives good results.

1 to 2 hours a day, attacks of fever, fever with any disease should be applied immediately.

Ferrum phosphoricum side effects and dosage

F.P 6x, 12x uses
Ferrum phosphoricum 12x benefits

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