Silicea homeopathy uses: dosage, side effects & biochemic

Silicea homeopathy uses to treat ophthalmology, otolaryngology, gynecology, urology, dermatology, pulmonology, stomatology, and gastroenterology problems.

Silicea homeopathy works in inflammatory and infectious diseases and is also recommended in the case of behavioral and personality disorders.

Silicea is most commonly used for diseases such – Boils, Acne, and acts on the skin and connective tissue, hair, Nail growth, spasms, epileptic attacks, tonsils, Bone problems, Caries, Unhealthy skin, and Brittle nails.

How does silicea homeopathy work?

The absence of the body leads to the demineralization of these tissues and, also, to a weakening of the organic defenses.

Present in connective tissue and one of its characteristics is to give the tissue strength and hardness for both bones, dermis, and nerves. That is considered, among homeopaths, as a kind of cement for organic tissues.

The symptoms of silicea homeopathy uses

The lack of the body can lead the person to develop pus formation, abscesses, boils, tonsillitis, brittle nails, and even a bad smell in the feet and armpits.

It’s suitable for the nervous, irritable temperament. A person who has doubts and insecurity, anxiety about the future, especially in relation to her mistakes,

with intense feelings of guilt, fixed ideas, obsessive ideas, difficult concentration, mental prostration, and confusion that is aggravated by conversation.

it is also used to treat chronic headaches with strong photophobia. effective in treating children and adults with food shortages, malnutrition, and lack of sleep.

Silicea homeopathy works to promote suppuration and waste disposal, helping with skin rashes and cleansing the blood.

is usually indicated to treat chronic fistulas, abscesses, wounds with pus, irritated mucous membranes, chronic catarrh, and inflammation of gums. it can also aid in the expulsion of foreign bodies such as thorns, pins, splinters, etc.

In Homeopath pharmacy you can find Schüssler’s Salt, used to treat skin (acne), hair (including hair loss), nails, and excessive sweating.

Helps balance personality problems regarding psychic symptoms, it is also indicated for people who have personality problems,

such as insecurity and lack of confidence in themselves, in addition to mental exhaustion, irritation, and anxiety.

Treats rectal problems like irritation, and difficulty passing stool and relieves severe back pain.

Silicea homeopathy uses biochemic salts

Schuessler tissue Salts are mineral salts that balance the body, helping it to find a way to cure various ills. One of these 12 salts is Silicea homeopathy

Schuessler salts are also known as biochemic salts.

These salts are the result of Dr. Wilhelm Schuessler, a 19th-century German physician.

He did research on the ashes of people who had been cremated, to find out what minerals were missing in their cells and studied the entire history of these people, making a connection between the missing minerals and the diseases they had in their trajectory.

So he arrived at the 12 minerals that, in his opinion, should be present in the body, for perfect health.

Schuessler Salts tissues are made from inorganic salts and have in common with homeopathy the fact that they are dynamized and used in minimal doses. One of these 12 salts is Silicea homeopathy.

is considered the medicine of immunity. is also considered the salt of beauty as it helps to improve skin, hair, and nails.

Silicea homeopathic side effects

The dosage of Silicea homeopathy will depend on the symptoms of the disease being treated and the sensitivity of the patient.

From this information, the professional will define the appropriate dilution and dosage for each person’s condition.

It must be purchased at a trusted pharmacy. Like every homeopathic medicine, Silicea is mild acting and the pharmacist can clarify in detail why is safe from side effects.

Silicea dosage should be prescribed by the physician

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