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What is Biochemic Calcarea phosphorica?

It is an antipsychotic, antipsoric, anti-tuberculosis Preventive medicine. It contains calcium phosphate, whose chemical symbol is Ca3(Pa4)2], and the common name: is a phosphate of lime, which is most effective for improving the teeth of young children and infants.

Homeopathy Dilution and Biochemical methods are used.

Calcarea phosphorica benefits:-

Children can consume easily.

Currently, the pharmaceutical companies that manufacture calcium, are such a chemical substance that if consumed for a long time, gallstones are more likely to develop. But if this medicine is used for a long time, there is no possibility of gallstones.

Available in the market at affordable prices, in any homeopathic store.

Biochemic Calcarea phosphoric uses

Calcarea phosphorica for babies

Calcarea Phos medicine is mostly used in children. So some symptoms are mentioned, such as – the child being irritable, timid, very light body, underdeveloped bone structure, and always sick.

Brain bone is very thin, and cannot stand properly. Profuse sweat, some spinal problem, weak, can’t hold head up, always crying. The patient presents with gum problems, bedwetting, and various other symptoms.

Biochemic Calcarea phosphorica for adults

According to Biochemik, adult patients should not use low energy for long periods of time. If prolonged use is absolutely necessary, use 12X power or above.
Hypo phosphate of-lime syrup is available in all markets but long-term use has the potential to cause various caries.

Uses of Biochemic Tablet Calcium Phosphoricum: Hives, eczema, various skin diseases, pain in the ankles, tetanus pain, cirrhosis of the liver, swelling, diseases of the urinary system, the first stage of typhoid fever, pneumonia, epilepsy, hysteria, various dental and gum problems.

most commonly used in cases of anemia, malnutrition, indigestion or gastric, weak digestion, bone weakness, health deterioration, etc.

How to understand it is a patient of Calcarea phos
Or Symptoms of Calcarea Phos:-

Summary of Calcarea phosphorica 3x 6x,12x ,30x, 60, 2cx uses

Side effects of Calcarea phosphorica

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