Kali Phosphoricum all information

Kali phosphoricum all information 3x,6x,12x,30x,60x,200x Uses, Benefits, Side Effects.

What is kali phosphoricum?

Kali Phos is usually found in the presence of two miasms. Anti-tuberculosis and antipsoric.
It contains potassium phosphate, the chemical symbol K2HPO4], and the common name: the phosphate of potash.

More commonly used in patients suffering from mental depression. Homeo Dilution and Biochemic tablets are used in treatment.

Acts directly on the brain, muscles, nervous system, and blood cells.

kali phosphoricum uses



Breathing difficulty

Nerve Tonic

Mental Fatigue

Weakness of muscles and nerves


Sharpens memory

The symptoms of kali phos

Illness caused by grief, sorrow, and anger. Illness caused by grief, sorrow, and anger.

Mental fatigue and irritability.

Gets excited or angry very easily.

Memory loss, He doesn’t even remember his own relatives.

Reluctance to do physical work.

All types of discharge are extra foul smelling.

Weakness of the brain for mental exertion.

To bicker unnecessarily.

The only cure for all forms of insanity or mental illness.

Hysteria or Globus Historia.

Paralysis from any cause.

A weak person bleeds, the blood is dark, and liquid, and does not clot easily.

Bad smell: in stool, discharge, pus, saliva, vomit, ear pus, nasal congestion.

Intractable diphtheria

Cold sweat all over the body.

The best remedy for cholera, is very foul-smelling stools, drooping of the eyes and mouth, and deceleration of pulse.

Masturbation, dreamlessness without excitement, nervous debility due to excessive female intercourse.

Menstruation is scanty, dark in color, very foul-smelling, and non-coagulating.

Labor pains are irregular and weak.

Irregular heartbeat, nervous excitement.

Rheumatoid pains in places, hard, dull, and drawing pains

Symptoms of relief:-

  • Back pain when lying down is cured for some time.
  • Pain from the back and head, relieved by eating something.
  • Food, entertainment, company, a slight movement, fan air, outside.

Increase Symptoms:-

  • If you are alone or still.
  • in cold air.
  • After sitting, stand up.
  • When you wake up in the morning.
  • Eye pain when looking at the sun.
  • Labor pains – increased by drinking water
  • Ear pain when lying down
  • The pain in the back gets worse
  • Itching and pain – 2 am to 5 am
  • Excessive movement and sneezing.
  • If you make a noise, it’s hard work

kali phosphoricum dosage

Better results are obtained by using different potencies or dosages for different diseases.

  • 12x or 30x in hysteria patients.
  • In nervous system symptoms – 12x, 30x
  • In muscle dryness – 200x
  • 12x if there is ulceration inside the stomach, putrid fetid stool, diarrhea
  • Dr. Schussler says – 2x, 3x strength works well in dyspnea, cough
  • 6x in scanty menses, brain fog, weakness, fever, boils, spots on eyelids

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