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Mag Phos = (Magnesium phosphate) reduces pain, Biochemic Magnesium phosphorica uses.

What is a Magnesium Phosphorica?

It is an antipsychotic biochemical drug. Although it is made in homeopathic dilution form and used in different potencies it is abbreviated as Mag Phos. chemical symbol – MgHPO4,7H2O]

Magnesium phosphorica uses in homeopathy

Magnesium phosphoric dilation is used in homeopathy. Like 30, 200, 1M, etc. Used according to the symptoms of the disease, it contains three drops and can be consumed up to 5 drops.

If applied according to the patient’s condition, quick relief is possible. In the case of chronic disease, 10M, CM should be used every seven days.

It is easily and cheaply available in any homeopathic chamber. Both biochemical and homeo depend on the same symptoms.

Magnesium phosphorica uses

M.P is used for Headache, sciatica, epilepsy, convulsions, spasmodic pain, neuralgic pains, chorea, muscular pains, toothache, cancer pain, menstrual pain, difficult menstruation, spasmodic cough, heart pain, urinary tract pain, pain anywhere.

Toothache:- throbbing pain relieved by putting something warm in the mouth.

Symptoms of Headache:-

A very unbearable kind of headache, a puerperal headache after childbirth, coming and going with lightning speed. It starts from the back of the head and spreads to the eyes and scalp.

In the evening the pain is somewhat relieved. During the pain, the patient’s face becomes bright red. Nausea, or feeling like vomiting. The body feels great pain with chills.

Increases at 9/10 AM and 4 PM. Most sleep time increases. The pain is like tearing. Full full shifting pain.

Sometimes headache, sometimes neck. Sometimes in the forehead, thus the pain moves around. Relief of pain in heats its special symptom.
Also pressing or holding the head down gives some relief from the pain.

Also, traveling in the dark, and in the open air relieves. Agni fulki before eyes with a nervous headache. M.P. is better for heat and pressure.
Another important symptom is headache while reading.
Rheumatoid with a headache. Fingers trembling, scalp dandruff, and hair falling cold at 5 pm like a headache.

Muscle pain:

Possibly related to the nerves, the pain can appear anywhere in the body. It’s a sharp, cramping pain. The muscles may be stiff and numb, and you feel like you can’t control them as well.

Earache:- The same type of pain described for a headache also appears here. It is usually caused by cold wind and is better for heat.

Magnesium phosphoricum 6x, 12x, 30x, 60x, 200x

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