Homeopathic medicine china for stomach problems & more

Main uses of homeopathic medicine china or cinchona officinalis for anemia, weakness, hemorrhoids, stomach problems, Increasing appetite, and more symptoms.

The studies of the textbooks such as -Nash, Kent, Hahnemann, Allen Etc.

Complementary of homeopathy medicine china:

01. Calcarea Phosphorica,

02. Ferrum Phos.

Mental Symptoms of homeopathic medicine china

He Is very sensitive to noise (more during childbirth), and to the pains (they despair him).

You are tired and bored with life, he feels very unlucky and thinks that nothing is worth it,

he has the desire to die, and there is a strong suicidal tendency (to jump out of a window), but he lacks the courage to carry it out because at the same time, he is afraid of dying. 

He is afraid:- of animals, especially dogs. at night, to die, evil, fall off, to noises, to ghosts, to kill, to the people, from being touched.

Anxiety in the morning when waking up and at night, before chills, for the future or for trifles.

You see people or have visions when you close your eyes. He believes that he is being persecuted and that he is followed by his enemies.

Stunned, bulging, in the morning on waking, especially from fluid loss. He has an aversion to thinking, to mental work.

Instead, there is great mental clarity (especially in the evening), and joy in the evening, he even makes plans at such times. 

Reproaches others, and he goes back to remembering and talking about unpleasant past events. He is contemptuous and proud. stubborn; Disobedient, and dictatorial. 

He Makes a mistake:- when using words, when speaking, he misplaces them or inverts them; and when writing, he transposes some letters.

He Is apathetic (worse during fever), indolent (worse after eating, sleepy), with a tendency to always sit up, calm, taciturn, and sad, especially with chills or fever or sweats after eating.

Alternate sadness with joy. He dislikes the company. Discontent. He lacks self-confidence, and he feels cowardly. He is shy and blushes.

More mental symptoms of cinchona officinalis:-  Lewdness,  libertinism, Running through the streets. Anticipation disorders. Jump out of bed. nymphomania in the puerperium.

General symptoms of homeopathic medicine china

It is very sensitive to touch, to be touched, it is aggravated, especially by the slightest contact or surface pressure.

On the contrary, your discomfort improves or disappears the more intense the pressure is, or when you bend in two, which is a form of strong pressure.

The most important symptoms of china are its etiological indication, in disorders that appear as a consequence,

or from, important or prolonged losses of animal fluids, especially hemorrhages, in people previously robust and now weakened by these exhausting discharges,

as well as by excessive or prolonged lactation, diarrhea, sweats, suppurations, etc. anemia after hemorrhages. Leukemia. 

Tendency to hemorrhage from the orifices of the body, with noise in the ears, fainting, general cold, darkening of vision, and sometimes seizures. It is also one of the best hemostatics.

Worse:- drafts and outdoors (has an aversion to it); by eating fruit, by drinking too much tea, by milk or by acidic or raw foods; by movement (except pain in the extremities) and when walking; by cold, after cooling down; in autumn; in cloudy weather; at night; after intercourse; after sweating. 

Weakness:- from diarrhea, sweats, in women who breastfeed, nervousness, after intercourse, repeated pollution, after eating, when getting up from a seat, or walking He passes out with the loss of fluids.

internal pressing pains, like weight, or tearing, external and in the bones. 

The symptoms occur with a well-marked periodicity, every other day or every 7 to 14 days. Disorders of malarial origin, with marked periodicity, which return every other day.

More general Symptoms:- Convulsions, due to or with hemorrhages, the puerperium, with hemorrhage. distended vessels, especially during fever. Intermittent, irregular pulse, slimming and dirty.

homeopathic medicine china for wants and dislikes

  • Dislikes -Aversion to fats, butter, bread, meat, beer, and hot food. 
  • Likes – Desire for sweets, spicy foods, and cold drinks.

Symptoms particular of homeopathic medicine china q

Head sensitive to cold air and drafts. Distention of the blood vessels in the head. heaviness in the head. the feeling of looseness in the brain, as loose, of emptiness.

Sweats on the scalp, especially walking outdoors. 

Symptoms of Headache: from cold air, outdoors; during fever; periodic (every morning or every other day in the morning when waking up); by suppressed sweats.

with nausea and vomiting; worse by movement, by touch, sitting and walking (more against the wind), better by strong pressure.

Frontal headache when opening the eyes. Headache is like a wound on the vertex, worse from thinking or talking. Pain in the bones of the skull.

Occipital pain after sexual excesses; worse lying down Headache as if the head exploded, better when opening the eyes. Occipital pressing pain walking; at night and outdoors.

Pain as if the hair was pulled. Soreness in the head after a mental effort. Stitches that go from one temple to the other.

Hemicrania. Pulsations in the brain, as if hitting against the shell, as in waves; and at the temples. Head heaviness with fainting. 

Fever Symptoms of homeopathic medicine china q,30, 200 Etc.

Fever in the evening, burning, with itching all over the body. Continuous fever at night.

Dry or burning fever in the evening, and at night, with distended veins in arms and hands, without thirst, worse from movement, better eating and uncovering. then sweats.

Pooches to uncover, but want to do during fever. Intermittent fever without thirst, or thirst only between chills.

Paroxysms are anticipated by 2 to 3 hours in each attack and return every 7 to 14 days, never at night; sweat profusely everywhere when covered or in sleep ( Dr.Allen). 

Malaria:- tertian, quartan, daily. Measles. Scarlet fever. Sweats: debilitating; profuse on covered parts and places on which he leans or lies down; sleeping; for the least effort; when moving; walking outdoors or when anxious. Sweats: cold; oily (worse in the morning). Symptoms are aggravated after sweating.

China Vertigo:- cinchona officinalis due to loss of organic fluids, when raising the head, as if it were going backward, with nausea.

Pain in the eyes by light or as if it had sand. Photophobia due to daylight or sunlight. Burning pain, first in one eye, then in the other.

Burning tears. Heat in the eyes, mydriasis, sunken or prominent eyes; yellows.

Vision loss or blurred vision at night, blurred after pollution.

Shaky vision during headaches. You see floaters or sparks.

China Noises in the ears: during headaches, by loss of blood or organic fluids; like whispers, buzzing, doorbells, roars, and songs.

Hyperacusis or hyperacusis. Red ears, more in the Lobes.

Epistaxis:- in the morning after getting up. when sounding It is one of the best remedies for epistaxis. Cold sweats around the nose. Hot, red nose. Coryza is sneezing. 

Heat in the face when entering a room from the open air.

Distended veins on the face. Perioral cold sweats. Face: very pale, earthy, Gray; with marked bluish circles under the eyes, red, in circumscribed areas, during fever, black, bloated Lips, cut, dry, blackish, swollen, with burning pustules.

Parotid and submaxillary swollen and painful. Facial pain is better by strong pressure.

Tongue Symptoms of homeopathic medicine china

Dry or sticky mouth. Tongue dirty,  morning white, black, yellowish Bitter or putrid or salty or sweet taste. Food and tobacco taste bitter. Swollen palate and uvula. Dry throat. Burning on the tip of the tongue. Blood comes out of the tongue. Difficulty speaking.

Teeth symptoms of  cinchona officinalis

Pain in the teeth when touched, Black teeth. from drafts, while nursing, eating at night, during sweats, pulsatile, better by squeezing them hard or by external heat. Soothing teeth, black or dark, swollen gums.

Huge flatulent distension of the belly, worse after eating (especially fruit) and drinking, with great bloating, obstructed flatulence, and a feeling of fullness, a state that does not improve by removing flatus. Does not tolerate tight clothing. Pains in the belly; before passing flatus or during chills or from catching a cold; better doubled over and worse after eating. 

groin as if a hernia were going to come out. Umbilical cutting pain, with tremors. Pain in the liver, worse from pressure and when touched. Colic due to gallstones. Encysted ascites. Pain in the spleen. Hypertrophy and induration of the liver and spleen. Diseases of the spleen, Hepatitis Etc.

Increased or excessive appetite at night or before the chill, with great weight loss. Has no appetite in foggy weather.

Their appetite returns after eating a bite. Burning thirst for cold drinks, before and after chill, and during perspiration.

Extreme thirst in large amounts at once or small and repeated; or without thirst. Feel cold in the stomach after drinking cold drinks.

Eating fruit brings many inconveniences: indigestion, it produces acid eructations, fermentation in the stomach and intestine with great flatulence, and diarrhea with lienteric stools.

Feeling of fullness and heaviness in the stomach after eating, even if you have eaten very little; satiates very easily.

Gastralgia after eating or loss of animal fluids, better by movement. Pressing pain from eating a bite. Pulsations in the epigastrium.

Great distension of the epigastrium after eating, which does not improve by belching.

Eructations aggravate it, they are ineffective and incomplete, bitter, with a taste of food. regurgitations, Vomiting after eating, food, acids, blood, bilious during cough, sweats, and fever, with colic.

China Diarrhea Symptoms:-  afternoon and at night; after eating; by fruit; in hot weather; painless; at night, only after eating during the day; during smallpox; after weaning.

Periodic diarrhea on alternate days. The feces are lienteric, especially at night and after eating fruit, light in color or yellowish; putrid bilious; black; white. involuntary stools The stools, still soft, come out with difficulty.

Stitches in the rectum. oxyurus; anal itching. Foreign body sensation in the perineum. 

The frequent and ineffective urge to urinate, followed by pressure on the bladder. Enuresis.

Weak jet. Urine: cloudy; dark; limited; white and cloudy, with white sediment; greenish-yellow, with sediment like brick dust; hematuria. 

The impotence of China medicine:-  Frequent nocturnal ejaculations followed by great weakness. Sexual arousal with erotic ideas day and night.

Swelling of the testicles and spermatic cords. drawing pain in the testicles.

Female Symptoms of China

Uterine congestion with drawing down. Metrorrhagia with clots or black blood, with fainting and seizures. Scanty menses. Painful induration of the cervix. premenstrual; watery and bloody, with clots or foul-smelling pus, itching, and excoriation on the thighs. Cramps in the uterus. 

Hoarseness with laryngotracheal pain –  Glottic spasm. Breathing, short and fast, noisy, like a rattle, stertorous, hissing Constant morning cough, dry, as from sulfur fumes,

when laughing and by movements of the thorax, talking a lot, lying with head down, the larynx is barely touched, by a current of air, from fluid loss, from eating or drinking, suffocating at night, with pain in the chest and shoulder blades at that make him scream.

Soreness in the chest, worse lying down and percussion. Stitches in the chest.

Tendency to breathe deeply. Difficult and rapid inspiration.

Dyspnea, better lying with head up. Expectoration of white mucus with blackish particles; purulent. Hemoptysis.

Palpitations for efforts and before the chill.

Heaviness in the sacrum. Lumbar pain, cramp-like or crushing or tearing, when moving. Sweats in the back when moving; or cervical due to the slightest movement. Pressure like a stone between the shoulder blades.

The sensation of constriction in the leg, as by a league or band.

He has one cold hand and the other hot, or only one cold.

A tremor in the hands when writing. Pains in the lower limbs during the chills; in the muscles and bones.

Soreness in limbs during fever; in the joints; better by movement, renewed by any contact, and then gradually grows to a maximum.

Tearing pains in limbs during fever; in jerks, paralyzing, worse on touch.

The joints of the fingers of the hands are swollen, stiff, and painful. Red and hard abscess on the calf.

Restlessness in the extremities, worse in the legs.

Edema in lower limbs; legs and feet.

The hard red swelling in the thighs and right knee; hurts to touch.

Swelling in the soles.

Dilated veins in the hands.

Legs go numb while sitting. 

Drowsiness afternoon; after eating.

Yawns a lot and stretches.

Startles when falling asleep.

Grunt and snore asleep, even in children.

Sleep on your back, with your head back and your arms above your head. He dreams that he falls from a height. 

Chills: daytime only (never at night), afternoon or in the evening, worse in the open air, from the slightest draught, in bed, from drinking, from touching it, from uncovering it, shuddering and jolting at the slightest draft. Predominant chills. Violent chills with delirium.

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